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Best of

Check out what’s going on in the Shapeling community. We are pushing 700 members! If I could make virtual confetti and balloons drop on Shapeling #700, I totally would.

Tiffany shares a grossly food-shaming holiday poem/email forward, and fuzzyoctopus starts a chain of brilliant body-positive response poems.

Genevieve asks, What is/was your FoBT?

leafspeech looks for advice on how to deal with the aftereffects of her mother’s WLS.

Check out the meetup forum for upcoming events.

7 thoughts on “Best of”

  1. A Sarah’s holiday poem is so fucking great that I think we may have to make another post to feature it. It genuinely made me feel a little faint.

  2. One of those new memberships is because I had to sign up to read those links…

    (Also, hi! I have never commented here before! Though I have been reading off and on for a while.)

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