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We are totally thrilled that over 300 of you have joined the freshly minted Shapely Prose community at Ning. If you haven’t joined yet, go check it out! Since it’s so active, I thought I would start a quasi-regular post highlighting some particularly active or fun discussions on the forums.

miakodajs relates the all too common experience of receiving compliments on her new thinness after a hospitalization.

Tari starts a discussion on “the hell fun of dating as a non-self-loathing fat person.” This is a hot topic — over 100 replies so far!

Fillyjonk asks for your favorite “Etsy sellers, small local shops, obscure online boutiques, and other places to buy non-mass-manufactured plus-size clothes.”

Knitmeapony asks what bikes would work for a fat urban commuter.

Keep them coming, Shapelings!

18 thoughts on “Weekly-ish best of”

  1. We are totally thrilled that over 300 of you have joined the freshly minted Shapely Prose community at Ning. And my mom was #300! I’m so proud of her for joining and writing what she has about herself. I’ve been trying to get her to this blog for a while. Maybe the community site is the way to get her involved in the community! Yay Shapely Prose!

  2. If you haven’t joined yet, go check it out!

    I just went to check it out, but only the front page seemed to be accessible to me. How can I check it out without joining?

    I guess I am an old-fashioned (if such term is possible wrt the Internet) lurk-first, join-later type of person. I can only see the front page at Ning and not any of the forums, so I can’t tell if I’ll like the graphic design or navigation scheme or if I will fit in with the topics. (Although I am positive the Shapely Prose people will for the greater part have good manners, good conversation, and be pleasant.)

    It’s the same reason I refused to even consider joining Facebook for ages. (Once we saw a demonstration at work so I got some idea of how it works, but then I found out some ex-CIA guy joined Facebook’s board and got skittish about that and still haven’t signed on.)

  3. How can I check it out without joining?

    You can’t. If you’re not willing to make the minimal commitment of joining something on a trial basis, then we will be sorry to miss you. We’re not going to allow non-members to see the forums or chat, for what I hope are obvious reasons.

  4. OK. I’m warming up to the idea; would it be possible to get an estimate of how many emails I might get in the first day or so? All my other friends who join social networking sites report getting 50-100 extra emails within an hour of joining. If the e-mail load is considerably smaller than that, I promise to sign up.

  5. From my experience, so far, you will only get an email that says you have joined. After that, you can choose to follow a topic and get emailed updates, but I haven’t gotten any automatic emails.

    Hope that helps.

  6. Yeah, I don’t get any emails from Ning ’cause I turned them all off. It used to email me every time someone responded to a thread I started, but I was having none of that. Now it only emails me if someone I invited joins.

  7. You know, it’s bad. I appiled and appiled with the archangels for those extra 4 hours in a day, and they did not reply.

    And I still signed up for an account over there.

  8. So far the new site is great! We’ve talked about everything from dating to mental health to clothes to exercise and I haven’t gotten one unnecessary email!

  9. I have banned myself from boards/forums because I cannot be trusted to use it in moderation. Not kidding.

    But … if somebody else would like to post this over there, I do know of a fabulous local shop that sells plus-size clothing (and very cute accessories). It’s called “Big Sister” (Phone: 360-221-7056) and it’s in Langley, WA (on Whidbey Island). The woman who runs (and owns?) it has always been really warm and helpful and knowledgeable. Pricey, but not particularly for a boutique.

  10. You paid to have the ads turned off? That’s great! I just started a Ning for my family (literally the day before the SP Ning was announced), and I hate the ads. They’re all “lose 1,000 lbs in 10 seconds!” and “you look gross! take this mysterious supplement!” So I installed AdBlock for Firefox, which is great, but I really appreciate you guys paying to make it safer for the FA types. You’re awesome!

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