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Buffpuff is Diva of the Week!

I’m late in getting to this, so you may have already seen it, but our dear Shapeling (and so much more) Buffpuff is Diva of the Week over at Diva Lookbook! I was admiring Buffpuff’s style on LJ Fats long before I started this blog, and she never disappoints. Check it out.

Also, Monsoon needs to start opening stores in the States immediately.

12 thoughts on “Buffpuff is Diva of the Week!”

  1. And check it out, stitchtowhere was Diva of the Week in early November and she DIDN’T EVEN TELL ME!

    And I want her skirt!

    Give me that skirt and we’ll call it even, stitch.

  2. want to be even more annoyed about Monsoon?
    There was 1 Monsoon store in the US. It happened to be in my local mall where I grew up. (actually, I got my prom dress there!) They (just the US division I think) got bought by Charming Shoppes (yes, the same one that now owns LB, etc. and is closing a bunch of stores), who wanted to expand it, mostly (only? don’t remember) the Accessorize brand. They expanded too fast and didn’t manage the stores well, so then it folded completely. GRRRRRRR @ stupidity!!!

    they need to come back, for sure!

    also, yay for fun colors! Her outfits are always awesome to look at.

  3. Monkey, a similar thing happened to Monsoon in Australia. They opened a scattering of stores (including some Accessorize stores), but didn’t get the pricing right – it seemed like they simply tripled the GBP price to get the AUD price, resulting in dresses at over AUD$400, which couldn’t compete with the local, more reasonably priced labels. Not surprisingly, the stores didn’t even last a year.
    But I miss Monsoon, even if I only shopped there at sale time!

  4. Yeah, for as much LB shit as I own, I can’t imagine being bought by Charming Shoppes is good for anyone. But I can’t believe there WAS a U.S. Monsoon, and I missed it!

  5. I don’t remember exactly when it closed, but yeah, it was sad. I never got all that much stuff there cuz it was pretty expensive, but it was such a neat store, and I definitely had some fabulous accessories from Accessorize (they had both sections). A friend of mine worked there for years (pretty much until it went out of business I think) so that’s how I know about the whole CS being stupid thing and stuff . . .

    ooh, look, I found a photo!

  6. I only shop at Monsoon in sale time here in the UK! And even then spend far more than I would in other stores. I think I am not their usual target market, but oh do I love them, even if I am pretty borderline on their largest size.

  7. Yes, I remember the US Monsoon stores! I was living in NJ at the time, and there was one in I think the Short HIlls mall.

    I may still have a skirt or two from there in the Basement Tub of Clothes Too Old to Wear and Too Good to Give Away.

    The selection was nothing like as good as the UK stores. And as Eleanor says, their sizes only go up to the equivalent of 18/20 US.

  8. not to inspire, um, hatred? but there’s a DISCOUNT monsoon here in belfast. 70% off everything! *flees*

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