14 thoughts on “Holy Crap”

  1. I’ve been telling the ‘My president is black!’ story to people at work (in Vancouver, Canada), and people are loving it.

  2. My mom told me that some people at her job were bitching about black people “gloating” about having a black president and I was just…baffled.

    In spite of any problems I might have with some of Obama’s actions and proposed policies…seeing the faces of these young men…watching Jesse Jackson silently crying…watching the Obama girls standing on that stage in front of a cheering crowd…I doubt I will ever be able to think of any of these things without tears rushing to my eyes.

    Obviously Obama’s election doesn’t mean that racism is dead, but…it does mean we’ve at least given it a sharp kick in the nuts, and that is something to celebrate IMHO.

  3. I had a similar encounter last night, only it was a woman shouting from a car in Philadelphia: “My president got elected!” My friends and I obligingly went “WOOOOOO” – because for us, too, it was the first time we’d voted a president into office.

    So awesome.

  4. That is an awesome picture. :-)

    Is it very shallow of me to say that I also think he’s kinda cute? :-)

  5. You know what? I may not be able to exactly *get* the “my president is black” guy’s feelings (white privilege and all) but I’ve been thinking the same thing since it was called.

    My president is black.

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