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  1. Hilarious! Because I totally was, while the cameras were scanning the crowd I thought you might be the only person I happened to recognize:)

  2. Hey look, there I am towards the back!

    I’m bummed I didn’t run into you all, but as soon as I saw the crowd I knew it was not going to happen. Also, for some reason, even though I had five bars on my phone, I wasn’t receiving any text messages (as soon as I left Grant Park, I got nine texts that people had sent me all night). Anyway, I’m still glad as hell that I went, even though today I’m exhausted and sore from standing all night. Woooo!

  3. While on one hand I was jealous you were there, when I saw how dense that crowd was, not only did I know we’d never see you… but I was glad it was you and not me there, because I think that would have been a leeeeetle too crowded! :)

    Still, knowing how great it felt to be a part of the moment if only by television broadcast, I hope you were glad you went to experience it in person… because it must have been *that* much better.

  4. I’m bummed I didn’t run into you all, but as soon as I saw the crowd I knew it was not going to happen.

    Oh, totally. Like I said, it was a fucking miracle that I found Colleen and Brandon. We knew we were in roughly the same location, but when we talked, it was kinda like, “Yeah, and knowing we’re somewhere in the same half a block means NOTHING in this crowd so, you know, let’s have drinks next week or something.” And then we just fucking bumped into each other. Awesome.

    Actually, that’s part of why I left early, too. It occurred to me that if I had to pee (Colleen can attest that I was obsessed with figuring out my peeing strategy the whole time), I would either have to drag them with me to a porta-potty or forget about ever finding them again. And then it occurred to me that if I left early enough, I could get home easily and pee in my own damn toilet. Which I did.

  5. Hah! Like others, I am a tiny bit envious of you but also glad I wasn’t being squished in that crowd. Just wow.

    Has your high worn off yet? Mine totally has not.

  6. I kept turning to the folks around me at our local HQ last night and saying, “I love you guys, but I wish I was there!” I do miss Chicago in general and Grant Park specifically.

  7. Yeah, the texting situation was weird. Anyone with an iPhone wasn’t getting anything….and mine kept coming in waves every fifteen minutes.

    I gave up trying to find anybody…in the crowd, I had enough trouble keeping track of my own self.

  8. I’m glad we stayed but man, getting home was not fun. It wasn’t a total nightmare (which would’ve involved walking the whole way) but yeah, we had a long walk to where the street was open and we could get a cab. Add me being sick and Brandon being tired to that and, well,. we had to have a little “BE NICE” hug when we got home lol

    Time to load up on cold meds and cry some more :D

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