10 thoughts on “Happy Halloween”

  1. My husband carved the “change” pumpkin. Although right now it isn’t looking as spiffy as the one pictured…

    Obama/Biden 08!!

  2. Awesome. One of my good friends carved an Obama-faced pumpkin for Halloween. Did an amazing job of it, too. Looked exactly like a vector piece of him, Only, well, pumpkin-y.

  3. Y’know, the coolest part about these Barackolanterns is the pictures that have the light inside them. Blub.

  4. Some of them are AMAZING. I made a Barack O’Lantern myself with one of the stencils from the site. Just a simple design, but it was a lot of fun.

    GObama ’08!

  5. I wonder what it does to a persons’ ego to see themselves as pumpkin stencil?

    Lovely job on the pumpkins and good luck with the election! *crosses fingers* Canada wants Obama to win!

  6. I haven’t had trick or treaters in at least 6 years. We got some at my friend’s house when I lived with her in Berkeley back in 2001, and that was probably the last time I saw any. I’ve been in apartments in neighborhoods with next to no kids for a long time.

    We got DELUGED last night. Because I live in the middle of nowhere, I hadn’t expected that, but I realized, after watching many cars pull in and park and families get out, that a lot of people around here live on rural roads with no sidewalks. Of course they drive into the tiny college town to take the kids trick or treating. Also the other nearby town had their trick or treating last weekend.

    There was one little girl in a Tigger costume. Cutest. Thing. Ever. OMG. It even had a little tail. I just wanted to cuddle her to bits (I didn’t, obviously because that would’ve been creepy).

    Also this one 13 year old kid was required to do a trick, and he did a backflip off our front stoop!!! He was justly rewarded.


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