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Mad Men Open Thread

Okay, so this is a fluff post because I don’t have the energy to write anything else today, but it’s not entirely off-topic. Longtime Shapelings know Roberta and Deborah Lipp as two of our earliest and, for a time, most prolific commenters — they were here even before Fillyjonk and Sweet Machine, I do believe. They haven’t been around much in the last year, though, because they got busy with their now INSANELY popular and well-respected Mad Men blog, Basket of Kisses.

Last night, the sisters Lipp threw a Mad Men finale party in New York, which was attended by none other than show creator Matthew Weiner. I have stolen a photo of the three of them being adorable:

How fucking awesome is that? 

I am so excited for Roberta and Deborah that their Mad Men obsession has paid off beyond their wildest expectations. I’m also grateful to them both for hounding me until I finally sat down and watched the whole first season in just about one sitting. (I did get up to pee a couple times.) Seriously, if you aren’t watching this show, WHY AREN’T YOU WATCHING THIS SHOW? 

Anyway, the second season finale was last night, and it was terrific, as expected. Please use this thread to talk about Mad Men, the Lipp Sisters, projects of your own that have taken off like crazy, Jon Hamm on Saturday Night Live, and/or where to find clothes like Joan’s in plus sizes.

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  1. OMG so exciting! I have just started watching, and I am two eps away from the end of Season 1. I am probably going to have to stay away from this thread to avoid Season 2 spoilers… *dramatic sigh*

  2. Since middle age has hit me and I can’t remember when anything is on anymore, I now watch almost all my TV shows on DVD.
    Mad Men is currently on my Netflix queue and looks like I’ll have to move it up on the list.

  3. Wow! Thank you.

    Yes, we were here before FJ and SM. And yes, we’ve been neglecting you. On the bright side, you are no longer behind my firewall, so I can comment.

    And look at the two fat chicks cuddling with the famous guy. We love that. Very Shapely, y’know?

    Weight issues have actually been talked about because of Mad Men. Christina Hendricks, gorgeous goddess that she is, has been both praised for “bringing curves back to TV” and criticized for, you guessed it, being too fat. Which, hello? But we’re not surprised.

    Anyway, we are so happy with what we’re doing with Basket of Kisses, and thank you thank you thank you again for linking and stealing and shit.

  4. I actually downloaded the first season from iTunes and then got a season pass for the second, ’cause we were considering getting rid of cable and I didn’t want to miss it. It’s well worth the money, but the downside is, it takes almost a day after airing before new eppies show up. I was so glad I caught a late rerun of the finale last night so I didn’t have to wait until this afternoon.

    I keep thinking I’m going to do a ridiculously belated post about Peggy’s first-season weight gain at some point. We’ll see.

    Deborah, thank YOU for still talking to me now that you’re besties with Matt Weiner! :)

  5. I swear, the only good thing about the season being over is that Mad Men was ruining me for other tv. After an episode ended I’d just be stunned at how good it was. Particularly last week’s episode with Don in California.

    But I don’t have anything intelligent to say about the show, alas. I will say that I kind of hope they don’t do another huge time jump between this season and next – feels like I’m missing too much of these characters’ lives.

  6. As for where to find Joan-like clothes in plus sizes: I think this dress is very Joan. http://www.igigi.com/shop/index.cfm/fuseaction/product.display/product_id/661

    It was so good last night. I almost yelled at my TV when it ended at 10:50. They had ten more minutes! I don’t care about the wrap party, it just makes me sad that the female cast members aren’t as well-dressed in real life!

    I think I will go watch some clips of Jon Hamm on SNL again. His James Mason was so good. I think he might be the perfect man: good actor, very funny, seems smart, and hot like fire

  7. it just makes me sad that the female cast members aren’t as well-dressed in real life!

    You mean they don’t just wear their Mad Men clothes ALL THE TIME? I’m pretty sure I would if someone had made clothes that gorgeous for my TV character, studio regulations be damned. :-)

    On a side note, the only thing that really dissappointed me about this season was the lack of Rachel Mencken. Who’s for a Rachel spin-off?

  8. “Christina Hendricks, gorgeous goddess that she is, has been both praised for “bringing curves back to TV” and criticized for, you guessed it, being too fat. Which, hello?”

    I’ve never seen the show, though I’ve heard a lot about it. But I just google-imaged Christina Hendricks, and I’m infuriated that anyone could call her “too fat”. She’s not even fat, but regardless she’s drop dead gorgeous.

    I’m also really pissed that so much of the celebrity world seems to think that you can only be attractive if you’re really thin. Bah.

  9. I LOVE Mad Men! I also devoured all of Season 1 within a few days, right before Season 2 started. And what a season – so beautifully written and plotted and acted. i was so invested in every single episode. And I can’t believe that such a subtle show has left me with so many cliffhangers! (Will Pete leave his wife anyway? Is Duck really out of Sterling Cooper? Is Betty definitely having the baby? Is Joan really going to marry that bastard?)

  10. I hadn’t worn dresses in YEARS and I credit a combination of this site, fatshionista, and Joan Holloway for my new dress obsession!

    I can’t remember if this came from a Shapely Prose comments thread or the Television Without Pity forums, but I have this image as my wallpaper now (http://www.flickr.com/photos/nobodyssweetheart/2728248750). The woman who made that has a whole great series of Mad Men images on flickr.

    I heart Joan, and she inspires me. But I have to admit that the person I really identify with is Peggy.

  11. What is this you speak of and why do I sense I have a new obsession coming on? My kids already get _so_ annoyed that I have to have the TV on Thursday evenings for Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy. The only TV I watch all week but those are the only times they’re typically allowed to watch TV so they don’t appreciate the hostile takeover.

    Anyways off to the google…

  12. Oh yay it’s on later anyway and it looks captivating. I do recall seeing commercials for it but have never watched an episode.

  13. Kate, thanks so much. Especially for forgiving our disappearance. I actually didn’t realize that Deborah had disappeared. I hardly read other blogs anymore; just keeping up with the comments on ours is enough (I’m a pretty slow reader).

    Who would think that one little blog could grow such a big readership and gain so much recognition in just one year?

    Who indeed.

    Kate, you remain the model.

  14. Ah, Mad Men, how I love thee. This is one of the best shows on television – beautifully shot, well written, and while I wasn’t there the first time around, it seems to be an accurate depiction of the times. (I can sadly picture myself as Betty, struggling to break free but not knowing how!)

    I’m off to watch my iTunes download of the finale now!

  15. So the skit on SNL that was “Don Drapers Guide to Meeting Women” (or wev) was fantastic, and I’ve never even watched the show. But now I want to.

  16. I have been enjoying Mad Men for two seasons.

    I am so old, that I remember actually wearing dresses like the ones the women wear. In fact in the first season, Betty wore a dress very much one I sewed as a project in home-economics class in 1960!

  17. I tried to watch an episode of Mad Men and just couldn’t get into it. (Call me when y’all do a Life on Mars topic).

    But, it is nice to see people talk about a TV show that has nothing to do with voting people off or watching so-called celebrity judges make disparaging remarks. I think competition shows should be like old school Star Search—where the judges are not seen, not heard, and the public doesn’t get to vote.

    OK, enough derailing the thead.

  18. I went to high school with Christina Hendricks and was a fellow drama geek with her. She’s always been a curvy girl, in fact some of the mean older drama girls nicknamed her “the freshman with boobs.” She has never been anywhere approaching fat and on TV it’s almost confusing to me how someone so thin can look so – hubba hubba curvaceous. I love the show and I’m incredibly happy for her.

  19. This is totally OT, but I just posted something in the “Help Us Pick More Favorites” that I can’t find, and since that thread seems to have died out, I’m hoping someone reading this thread will be able to help me out.

    I am not in fact actually 100% certain that post I’m looking for is from SP… It’s a discussion of why/how we as a society might have grown fatter because of diet culture, and basically says:
    Take 2 groups of people.
    Leave group 1 alone.
    Mess with the heads of group 2 such that they engage in all sorts of diet behavior.
    Which group do you think will end up fatter overall? Group 2 it is!

    Does anyone know what this is or where I can find it? It’s been bugging me like crazy.

  20. Hey, since this is an open thread, and I know a lot of you also read Shakesville, can I ask if anyone else is unable to read the comments there? I can read comments here, obviously, and at some other blogs, but they won’t come up at Shakesville.

    Alas, I have not seen Mad Men, so I have nothing of substance to add to that discussion.

  21. I tried and wanted to like Mad Men because all the cool kids said I should, but I couldn’t get into it, alas.

    I embrace being a statistical anomaly.

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