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  1. Hey, I just signed up for Twitter a few days ago! You are followed.

    I can’t post anything, because I started following Stephen Fry, then he started following me back, and that’s way too much pressure to be witty in 140 characters. He used the word “pwn” the other day. It made my week.

  2. I’m boycotting twitter… for no really valid reason. Otherwise I would totally stalk you.

    I mean follow you,,,,,FOLLOW you. Because stalking is bad… and I would never do that…. it’s bad.

  3. WOO!

    I’m on Twitter, too, as drst surprisingly enough.

    I didn’t use it much and then I did Hack the Debate and got more used to it. It was really helpful when traveling because I could get the messages on my phone.

  4. I started following Stephen Fry, then he started following me back,

    So wait, does Twitter etiquette dictate that you follow everyone who’s following you?

    I don’t think you have to, but if someone makes an @ comment to you, you have to be following them to see it. So following everyone who follows you creates more conversation.

    That being said, it’s completely bizarre that Stephen Fry follows everyone who follows him, since he has about 10,000 followers.

  5. Yeah, Barack’s totally following me, too. I’m sure he was thrilled about my depressing weekend, and, like SM, all the fucking school work I can’t keep up with. :-) But I enjoy knowing that SM is out there, too, doing school work. I live vicariously through your boozing, just so you know. Can’t wait till I can drink again!

  6. Good grief, don’t try and follow everyone who follows you, there’s going to be bucket loads of us! Just follow people you either know or who twitter interesting or amusing stuff, you’re not obliged to pander to anyone’s ego :)

    So feel free to unfollow me for example ;-)

  7. harveypenguin I’m feeling the same pressure to be witty (and I am so not witty) after seeing that the lovely Kate Harding is following me now.

    The pressure. Dude. Can’t take it.

    J/K Kate, I’m so flattered and I’ll try to not bore you to death with updates about my cat or what I’m eating for dinner.

  8. No pressure, harveypenguin — I just removed you! :) (And Mimbles.) I’m sorry, I didn’t even see this or I totally would have left you. But I signed on to follow a ton of people today, then went holy shit, I can’t do this. So I removed everybody except folks I know personally and/or whose blogs I read, and a couple of reeeally longtime commenters.

    I will still follow your comments here and hang on every word, though. Even about your cat and dinner.

  9. OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE. This is why I can’t be trusted to follow that many people on Twitter — I just confused April talking about harveypenguin with harveypenguin hirself.

    I probably just removed April, though, too. :)

  10. Ok, so who here is twittering? I’d love to follow the awesome people here. I found a couple from Kate’s page already… I’m mamavh.

  11. Kate – no worries on following me back if you can’t swing it. I only have about 15 people to deal with, not dozens/hundreds. I dunno know Steven Fry does it.

    PS y’all – Sarah Haskins is on Twitter too:

    (I think Twitter is beginning to evolve into something it originally wasn’t. At first it was just a way to keep up with individuals, but channels like Current are starting to evolve that draw people in. It’ll be interesting to see what occurs in the next few months. )


  12. I don’t even twitter, I just have an account so I can follow all of the feeds I’m interested in on one page. There’s only one person I know in real life on there. Other than that it’s Stephen Fry, John Hodgman, the fake Mad Men accounts (there’s currently a battle between the two Betty Drapers, and it’s gonna get ugly), and now Kate and Sarah Haskins.

  13. Oh, great. You mean there’s another important internet mode that I’m expected to keep up with that I never will?

    I’m already not keeping up with facebook, myspace and all of that. I can just barely keep up with my email and regular blogs. I hate to say it, but I probably won’t be twittering, not even for SP.

  14. Well, damn. Thanks to you all, I just now set up a Twitter account.

    But wahh — the search feature is temporarily disabled, so I can’t find anyone! And how do you follow people? And what is Stephen Fry’s Twitter name?


  15. Oh never mind, I figured it out. (Search is still broken, though…..)

    Was way too easy for me to figure out, that’s why I initially couldn’t.

    LOL now everyone can see how boring my life truly is.

  16. I’m on twitter as marcelle42. Feel free to follow me, but I’m kind of picky about who I follow (like, knowing who they are).

  17. Amber de Katt, I went through the exact same thought/discovery process with Stephen Fry. Hee.

    And yeah, I would like the search function to come back now, please.

  18. I probably will.

    But until then, I’ll answer here Re Model Makers: wasn’t Torrid advertising a “boot-camp-style” models show on MTV?

    A plus size retailer for teenagers endorsing a TV show that MTV eventually deemed to hateful to air?!

  19. I’ve had a Twitter account for awhile and I hardly used it. Then like, a month ago, I got obsessed and it is now MY LIFE. It is particularly useful for the election (and was so much during the debates). Following you!

  20. ” At first it was just a way to keep up with individuals, but channels like Current are starting to evolve that draw people in. ”

    Have you been to election.twitter.com? It’s mesmerising.

  21. I just made a Twitter account some days ago specifically to follow Fry. His following me made me day (I know I am one among thousands, but still… yay!). And now lovely Kate and some of you are there. These interwebs, they iz amazing!

  22. Never too late? Just found this post (thank you, mamaVH), although I’ve been following you, Kate, for awhile.

    Looking to grow # of size-positive folks actively twittering, especially as we’re about to be bombarded with diet crap for the annual New Years resolutions season.

    So I’m following twitterers (tweeps? peeps?) I find in the comments here, and invite you to follow me, too.

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