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Friday fluff: Signs of the times

Y’all, this morning has been weird: the heat in my building just got turned on and, inexplicably, a houseplant on my kitchen window has flowered. I didn’t even know it COULD flower! And certainly not in mid-October, when it’s gotten chilly enough that the powers that be decide we need heat. Weird.

I have some meaty posts in the works (meaning, in embryonic form in my brains), but I’m using all my brainpower for schoolwork and all my emotional power for being angry at John McCain, so those posts will have to marinate for a while. In the meantime, have an open thread! Do your houseplants mysteriously bloom? Is your heat on? What are your plans for the weekend? Have you seen anything awesome on YouTube lately? (I defy you to link anything more awesome than that one.)

Happy Friday!

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  1. It is so cold here but I’m actually happy because I dropped a small fortune on pretty autumn fashions just in time for it to inexplicably go back to 80 degrees in the middle of September after a couple weeks of cold. Autumn fashion totally makes up for the crappy weather.

  2. You would be amazed how many times people have told me to get away from thier magic frames!

    …Sketchy arm…

    Freakin’ hilarious!

  3. My dad makes his Christmas cactus bloom three times a year, starting around now. He says the keys are to make sure it has plenty of water and that it gets a little chilly at night.

    I, on the other hand, kill every plant that is unfortunate enough to come into my care.

  4. Curses!! The Office IT Gods deny me YouTube!

    On the one hand, I feel like I’m being taunted with mystery awesomeness, but on the other hand…you could all be linking to Rick Astley or something, and I ain’t missing nothing.

    Also, I am so with you on the rage-at-McCain tip. Holy cows, I am so mad I expect my hair to combust any minute now.

  5. I can’t even access You Tube from work but when I saw “I’m gonna kick some ass with my own pipe wrench”, I knew *exactly* what it was. The Tears for Fears one is pretty good, too. Though that song’s one of my all-time favorites and I had to fight to keep myself from hearing the “right” lyrics in my head.

    This weekend: gambling, angst, perhaps some bad poetry about said angst. I may branch out into haikus. There’s no telling…

  6. My chives bloomed this year! That wasn’t all that mysterious, though. Just surprising. Chive blossoms are tasty, too!

  7. Also, they haven’t turned on the heat for my building yet, so no, no heat here! I was getting desperate until the heat wave last week. I hope they turn it on soon, though.

  8. OH SHOOT.

    Now I’m torn between whether I want the name of the band I’ll probably never start to be Trampoline Dog, or my original idea, Radiator Spleen.

    CURSE YOOOOUUUU! *fistshake*

  9. I only have 3 houseplants: a maidenhair fern, some sort of small palm and a pot of basil. They all got left out in the garden with the garden pots when we moved house, and only got brought in when we got our first frost a week ago. Oops. I don’t think the basil is going to recover, although I seem to have got away with it with the other two.

  10. I’m on break from school this weekend! There’s no class on Monday and Tuesday, so I have a nice four day weekend ahead of me. :) I plan on watching lots of movies and reading non-school related books.

  11. OMG, I’m afraid I’m going to have to call the Tears for Fears one even better.

    It suffers because there are so many close-ups of TFF dude’s mouth singing other words, so the effect is ruined a little (though it’s twice as fucking awesome when it looks like the words fit), but the whole “I saw Ghostbusters/This copied that/Now, now, now play the keyboard (is that Dave Coulier?)” sequence made me piss myself.

  12. Yeah, our heat’s on. Every year on Oct. 1, the landlord generously cranks it up to about 102 F. Which makes dressing for the -20 C outside a bit…tricky.

  13. I need more plants! And I need to plant some more cat grass. And I need to look at the “c” on my keyboard, as it seems to be wonky. Sigh.

    I’m recovering from life-long depression (since I was 7, lucky me) and so it’s sort of like I’m trying to re-learn how to live. All the life skills and strategies that passed me by as a kid and teenager, and that I faked for so long because I was so desperately scared of anyone knowing that I had no idea what I was doing. Just the thought of how far behind I am is actually bringing me down. I’ve lost so much fucking time, and the culture I live in is so judgmental about mental illness (’cause you know, if I had just tried harder) that my constant worry is my lack of a verifiable employment record, as well as exactly zero credit history (at age 26) are going to doom the rest of my life.

    I mean, I still have no job, no retirement savings or plan, and I keep falling in love with fields and job prospects that are pretty much reserved for the economic elite (art history conservator for fuck’s sake what am I thinking???)

    And now that I’ve finally gotten up the nerve to go back to my doctor with my list of weird physical symptoms (anyone else have pretty much constant vaginal yeast and bacterial infections? for three years? following a really horrible bout of strep C infection? anyone?) I’m being sent to a hematologist and a dermatologist for the weird lesions I’m sprouting – the word lupus was mentioned. LUPUS?? I thought it was NEVER lupus! On the plus side my doctor got me an in with the impossible-to-schedule awesome gynecologist. God, I’m such a downer.

    I know that’s bleak, but it’s where I’m at today. And I forgot – just plain FORGOT – a 15 page research paper due in just over a week. I have never ever ever forgotten anything like that before; I’m too much of a perfectionist, and I’m dreading the next week.

    Ugh. I’m cheerful. And I am really sorry about dumping this here; usually I write and delete, write and delete, but I really need to get this out there. Argggggh.

  14. *giant hugs for Lucizoe*

    *weak attempt at cheer*
    For what it’s worth…I can get you lollipops. Gummy bears. Heck, even Swedish fish. Anything you want. You just say the woid, er, word.

    *eyebrow wiggle*

    *gives up, hugs again*

  15. I have one houseplant, a flowering cactus, which last year flowered on my birthday. I forgot to bring it with me when I came back to uni at the start of this term, and I’m worried my dad will neglect it and it will die.

    My plans for the weekend include reading about the Conservative party for an essay due in next week (boo), and going to a Queer Studies Circle discussion on ‘When sex(uality) sells’ (yay).

  16. Please send some Swedish Fish this way! I FUCKING LOVE SWEDISH FISH. What flavor are they?!?!? I DON’T KNOW AND I LOVE IT.

    That’s really all I have to add.

  17. Aww, thanks SugarLeigh! Virtual hugs actually do help. I’ll pass on the Swedish Fish, but can you have someone whacked for me? Your slip into “woid” has me suspicious.

    *plots with steepled fingers*

    *looks at clock, is going to be late for therapy, runs out door*

  18. After a few days of lovely cool weather (I even made soup one day for dinner!) we suddenly got a heat spike yesterday which looks like it might continue today. Humph. I’d just gotten out my tapestry boots, too.

    I have the opposite of green thumb. I look at plants and they curl up and die. It’s a not so secret sorrow of mine.

    On the far more awesome side of life, the thursday night chorus I joined is kicking the ass out of some really fun songs. And after Mama Cass showed up everywhere I turned yesterday, I suggested to our director that we add California Dreaming to our repertoire. She got excited. Dudes! The fatosphere has influenced ART! Thanks to all the bloggers who chose yesterday to laud the fabulous Mama Cass. It just felt like a sign.

    Also? Though only four of us (out of seven) made it to chorus last night, we sounded fucking AWESOME! I know this because we got ourselves on tape…er…Garage Band, anyway, so we got to hear ourselves and we were badass. Piggy Moo, here I come! Anybody want to make me a stage wardrobe heavily influenced by Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin?

    I don’t know that either of these is necessarily better than the vid linked in the article (damn funny stuff, that), but I’ve got a couple of funny faves to share with the class.

    Seriously. It’s worth it for the hotpants wearing boy dancers in the background alone. And then there are the lyrics….

    And one of my great personal faves for chasing the blues away:

    If you’re a big, honking sci-fi con attending geek like me, you’ll love this. Christopher Judge of Stargate:SG-1 learns about furries.

  19. For a very reasonable fee (a half-pound of quality Canadian chocolate), we in the Sweetshop Mafia can indeed have someone soundly whacked with a rubber chicken.

    I’ll let Big Scary Tony do it, the jerk’ll have bruises for a MONTH. No foolin’.

    Also, Yorke, I see you are a discerning sort of person. You go for the good stuff. We will meet you in the dark alley with those cherry fish-shaped ones and I’ll even throw in the blue wildberry dolphins. Bring a cute baby animal (we dabble in other trades). Come alone.

  20. I don’t have any mysteriously blooming houseplants, but when I was cleaning out a planter at the beginning of the summer, I found a tiny little succulent that had been abandoned and was pretty much dead. I transplanted it to a sunny planter (and then to my front yard when I moved) and in just over 3 months it is HUGE and has budded new tiny succulent plants.

    Usually I freelance in animal rescue, but apparently I’m good at plant rescue, too.

  21. I haven’t any flowering plants. I always try orchids, but eventually kill them. Right now I have a largish evergreen tree-type plant that seems to be doing well. Probably because it is on a high shelf and so I forget about it for long stretches.

    But other than that, I’m freaking out about having promised to have a party in my tiny apartment.

  22. lucizoe – First, {{{Hugs}}}

    Second, yes, I actually have struggled with almost constant vaginal yeast infections for over 2 years. Ugh and YUCK! Anyway, after countless creams and oral anti-fungal meds, what solved the problem for me was 1) getting the heck off birth control pills and 2) making sure I never, ever, never wear underpants w/exposed elastic. I have weird allergies, and once I finally connected that exposed elastic triggered allegic reaction which in turn triggered yeast infection flare up. Since switching up underwear, no more flare ups. Not sure if it’s applicable to you, but I thought I’d throw it out there. Good luck figuring stuff out.

    Sweet Machine – The video is totally awesomesauce.

  23. lucizoe, I’m so sorry. 26 is really young. It really is. You have time to figure it all out.

    Also, I found swedish fish to hand out for Halloween!

  24. This might be long because I have lots to share, sorry in advance. :)

    Yesterday was my birthday, 28th. And it was awesome!! Some of my student workers bought me a card and monster thing made out of cookies. Then, I went out to dinner with some friends and the guy I’m seeing made me a homemade cream puff, b/c I had never had one before. It was pretty good, I had a couple of bites and then we wrapped it back up and smashed it!!! Which was awesome.

    Today, dude brought me some homemade cookies at work. Yummsies! He’s a keeper.

    Last year, my boyfriend of four years and I broke up two days before my birthday. All of my friends were really sweet and wanted to take me out to birthday dinners and cheer me up. I really just wanted to sit around and be miserable, but kept trying to put on a happy face for thems; this year has been much better.

    And!! On Saturday, I am having a massive blow-out party, where we will be carving pumpkins and shooting bb guns and drinking adult beverages and shooting pumpkins with bb guns. Work and school are suffering a bit due to my commitment to revelry, but whatever, I say.

    So . . . if anyone’s around the Dallas-Fort Worth, North Texas area, and wants to come to my party. Please, lets me know :D!!!

  25. It’s a mystery to me why my African violets continue to bloom. This past year has been rough, and I’ve neglected them pretty terribly, but even though I’ve lost some, most of the remaining plants are hanging in there. They tend to bloom en masse twice a year, and it looks like they’re gearing up for the December bloom. I should do something nice for them.

    I had a fuzzy wandering Jew (a variety of the more common version that has a fine layer of fuzz on its leaves) that liked to bloom. I didn’t even know wandering Jews could bloom, but it had all these tiny little hot pink flowers on it. I think my mother still has that plant.

    I do have a golden pothos that’s 22 years old. I named him Lazarus because he’s died back to nothing several times but then took off again. He’s currently covering the whole fireplace mantle.

  26. There’s ANOTHER literal video?? I’m watching the TFF one as soon as this conference call is over.

    I can take credit for showing SM the A-Ha video, and in turn she can take credit for showing me Ian McKellan on Extras, omg omg lol.

  27. My mother bought an aloe plant for 3.99 (or about that) at our local grocery store. It was maybe 8 inches tall. Over the years it has grown to be 3 feet wide and at least that tall. One year in the spring, it suddenly sent up a tall stalk probably 6 to 8 inches taller than the rest of the plant….and flowered.

    since then it flowers every other year, and in the mean time makes so many baby aloes that we’ve run out of people to give them too.

  28. Maybe you already know about Leslie and the Lys, but someone forwarded me this link and it is awesome. The remix is by someone else, but it is great:

  29. Sometimes I forget that other places in the world have NORMAL WEATHER, where you turn the heat on in October. We just turned our air conditioning off, like, four days ago. Then it was too hot, so yesterday we turned it back on.

    Must. Leave. Arizona.

    Tonight I’m going to a haunted house with a bunch of lovely people. Other weekend plans include cleaning my GORGEOUS NEW TATTOO.

  30. Lessee…weird thing that have happened to me recently?

    Well, aside from the fires near Northridge (which were about two miles from my dorm) which left us having the following conversation:

    “Wow, it’s smokey.”

    “Do you think we should leave?”

    “Nah. Where would we go?”


    “Weren’t they supposed to be testing the fire alarms today?”

    *fall over laughing*

    everything’s been pretty normal.

    My friend did talk me into going to a free Hannah Montana concert, where they were filming music videos. While standing in line we started reminiscing about old TV shows (it started with the observation that Jett Jackson/Silverstone was really the first Miley/Hannah Montana – but way better, and then devolved into discussions of Flash Forward) and wound up in line singing “HAVING FUN ISN’T HARD / WHEN YOU’VE GOT A LIBRARY CARD!” and lots of small children looking at us like we were crazy, and we were all like, “Hey, when we were your age, this was the height of good music.”


    A Bit of Fry and Laurie

    The people at the Obama National Headquarters wind up with free time, a camera, and very little acting skills. The result is I fall over laughing.

    How to Open a Book

    *runs away*

  31. Yups, Linz:

    I am still running the air occassionally here in Texas. It has cooled of a little this week, but I am sure there is some more swelter in the forecast somewhere.

  32. Some of us had snow (yuck! worst 4 letter word out there) last weekend and have needed the heat at night for weeks now. I’m in southeastern Idaho and it’s gotten cold earlier than normal and we had a fair snowfall Saturday and Sunday both last weekend (a couple of inches both days). Someone told me Saturday’s snowfall was a record breaker. I do know it’s early even for here. I think we’re at about 4000′ elevation. And it’s desert so even if it’s in the 40’s during the day it drops way down at night. This week it’s warmed up to maybe the high 50’s during the day. We didn’t actually have summer weather till the end of June. So we basically had three months decent weather and the rest was winter or wintery. I am *so* in the wrong part of the country.

  33. OK the Christopher Judge video is full of awesome. Saw it a while back and he’s so cutely nieve! But he always seems so boyish and innocent in interviews and such, total contrast from the Teal’c character! Of course that video did send my stepdaughter into a week’s pouting because of the whole Micheal Shanks is married thing (that’s his wife sitting between them)!!

    But if we’re going to have fun videos, we have to have this one:

    Not only is it insidiously addictive, but Net Neutrality is one of my pet issues, and besides that I love her voice!!!



    I’m making cookies tonight. I wish I had more experience with bread since I’d like to have some home made whole wheat rolls now that the grocery stores deny me the Pepperidge Farm Artisan breads to go with my home made soup. (Sorry, I’m hungry.)


  35. As for funny, I checked The Salmon of Doubt by Douglas Adams out of the library. I’m on my second reading of it already.

    I can’t really keep plants alive. Someone once gave me an aloe plant, saying they were very easy to take care of. Mine died. I have these four hooks in my patio ceiling, and I want to hang something from them. I can’t think of anything besides plants or wind chimes. See above about plants, and as for wind chimes, my neighbors would kill me if I hung four wind chimes out there.

  36. It’s been in the 50s here (Cleveland), but we’re a hardy bunch (HAH) and refuse to turn on our heat yet.

    (OK, it’s more like we’re a dreadfully poor bunch and we refuse to waste money like that yet.)

    (And by ‘we’, I mean ‘everyone I know, plus the people I work for, so I’ve been wearing lots of sweatshirts.’)

  37. OMG. I love the literal videos. Kate is right about the TFF one, his mouth doesn’t match most of the time. (BTW, TFF dude’s name is Roland Orzabal, which I remember solely because it sounds like the name of the most awesome supervillain of all time to me.) “Do you like my mullet?” had me cracking up.

    My heat is not on. My heat will probably not be on. Our furnace runs on natural gas, which is just insanely expensive this year. It’s costing $60 a month just to run the water heater, and I don’t even want to think about how much central heat would cost. Everybody who wants to hang out at my house between the time it actually gets cold out (in South Mississippi, who knows?) and the time it warms back up had better just get comfortable with wearing thick socks and cozying up to the electric blanket. Cause I’m way too cheap to pay that much for hot air! (shakes fist)

    Oh, and happy bday bellacoker!

  38. I plan to watch some more Bill Bailey on youtube (big thanks to those who recommended him on the comedian thread from a few days back, he’s AMAZING, and really, not cruel, which is so rare in comedy!).

    Then I eat and nap. Then I’ll go pick up my stage manager and we will go early to the theater where our show, Hot Buffet, is running (Boston area readers, you want to come to this show! details and advance tickets at Our official opening night was last night, and we kicked some serious ass, with a reviewer in the audience! Tonight, if we can keep it together, it’ll just keep getting better and better, but we have to pack up our set between weekends, so we have to lay down the strike plans for tonight. Gah.

    But yay! Hell week is officially over, and we have an amazing show. Tomorrow I get to sleep in, wake up and eat, and sleep some more. Maybe rewatch “Secretary”, the greatest pervy love story ever to make it to the silver screen. Sigh.

  39. Old, but still maybe my favorite viral video in the history of ever. Way better than the Take On Me one, anyway.

    I didn’t get to post this as Friday fluff because yesterday was my sister’s birthday! I got her a trio of 80s movies that came out before she was born. I’m so old. D:

  40. Late for this….but, just a little info on the houseplant, well plants in general…several factors go into plants flowering. Most plants require a certain amount of time from seed to flower and usually that time frame is predictable. BUT, the key factor is day/night length aka photoperiod. Plants flower when the time is right, this is especially true for things like poinsettias, christmas cacti, and mums. And these are usually manipulated commericially. Also factoring in with this is when and how leaves change color. It has little to do with temps, but rather the day length. As days get shorter, the chlorophyll recedes from the plants leaving behind the natural pigments of the leaves. However, plants also respond to stress by flowering, basically because they think the end is near and they need to reproduce. So in your case, SM, the plant may have responded to the heat and being dried out by flowering. This is especially true of spatiphyllum, the peace lily. Okay, done with plant science talk now.

  41. I just have to say, not only did that video SM linked to make me the hit of my friend list, when she posted it there were only 7000 views and now there already over a million. Sweet Machine surfin’ at the head of the meme!

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