19 thoughts on “NOW’s Love Your Body Day”

  1. I celebrated preemptively last night by getting a professional massage in which I had to take off all of my clothes but my undies, and for the first time in my life, I didn’t feel a bit self-conscious. I was all, rub my nakedness, please. Then, I went to the LCBO and got myself a $20 bottle of wine to finish the night right (a step up from my usual $8 bottle). I drank the wine and slept for 12 hours.
    It was the perfect gift of indulgence from me to me. *self-hug*

  2. Today I’m wearing a really cute outfit — and planning my weekend of pampering, primping, and party-going. So I’m going to stretch “love my body day” into the weekend. I’m even getting my hair done just for a party Saturday. Yay! Witches Ball time.

  3. I generally love my body, but today of all days I’m kind of mad at it, since I have managed to develop the worst case of bronchitis/sinusitis/strep I have had in about a decade, which means I’m missing days on my (how appropriate) Ear, Nose and Throat internship, that I’ll have to make up for in my study/holiday break. So I’m postponing the celebrations until Oct 30th, when I have booked myself and a friend into a spa for the day, something I have never ever done before!

  4. Carleigh, I’m getting a professional massage today! I didn’t know it was love your body day, but now that I do, I’ll be sure to love it extra hard while it’s all relaxed and shit.

    On a sadder note… I’ve been kind of nervous that the masseuse will be grossed out by how fat I am. But in the name of Lovee Your Body Day, I’ll STFU and get a grip :D

  5. I guess I’ve been in my cave too long, never even heard of this but now that I have I am embracing it. Not for me so much as I got this lovin’ myself shit down pretty good, but for my daughters who are 10 and 7 and no matter how many times I tell them how beautiful and perfect they are just as they are, I don’t think it’s enough and I could always use a little reinforcement in that arena. I am about to drop a small fortune on books from that site. I’m blessed to have a couple bookworms so it’s a good venue to get a positive message across without them feeling like that’s I’m doing. Sneaky…

  6. WOW. What a cool day! I didn’t even know. I’ll be at work for most of it. But I’ll remember to love my body even while it’s being reduced to shapelessness by an apron.

    I’ll adore it for all the awesome stuff it can do. The other day my boss got up on a stool to check something on a high shelf, and wanted down, but I didn’t want her to jump because she recently had shots in her legs to help with painful varicose veins. So I totally picked her up! I felt very proud of what a short, fat girl’s body could do. I’m working truck today so I’ll have more opportunities to revel in that. :D

  7. Plans for Love Your Body Day:

    -Wear insanely cute new skirt

    -Get a cheese Danish and a cup of hot chocolate before class (most of the food in my student union is crap, but for some reason the Danish are REALLY FUCKING GOOD)

    -Walk home from school because the weather is FINALLY cool enough that I don’t feel like keeling over if I’m outside for more than three minutes

    -Get a tattoo! I’ve been planning this one for more than a year–it’s actually just the beginning of what’s going to be my biggest tattoo yet

    Of course, my very favorite method of Loving My Body involves triple-A batteries. So there will probably be some of that as well.

  8. Cool beans! I intend to get myself a really great lunch and lol my fat while wearing my finest velvets.

    And tomorrow night the celebration will continue when I go to my community chorus and appreciate my big damn singing voice and how good it feels when I support those notes from the diaphragm. I may take brownies for the class.

  9. Wow, I didn’t even know this existed!

    I ordered some Lunapads this morning, which I will count as celebrating even though I didn’t know today was LYBD. Because non-Kotex/Always menstrual products actually make me *gasp* not hate my period, so the purchase will definitely help contribute to my loving my body.

    And then I will go to yoga, which I have been skipping recently. My practice needs to be reinvigorated!

    I have a full day of work and a full night AFTER work, so maybe I will extend the celebration into tomorrow as well.

  10. Cool! I’m with Twistie — Wednesdays are when my community chorus rehearses, so I’ll be celebrating tonight by using my body to make (hopefully) beautiful noises.

    Even in the days when I hated my body, singing was the one thing that made me feel good about myself and my body. And the chorus that I’m in now has such a huge variety of ages, shapes, and sizes! It’s so cool to realize that all these different types of people are joining together to make beautiful music.

    [On tonight’s schedule: Verdi’s Requiem. I’ve never sung it before, so learning it now is such a HUGE TREAT. It’s gorgeous and challenging and SO MUCH FUN.]

  11. Yay! :-)

    I started off the morning with a wonderfully invigorating 1.5 mile swim and weights at the gym, I put on a cute skirt, and I’m going to get to try to go to bed early tonight and get the rest I need.

  12. i am having a difficult time loving my body today. i am chronically ill, and having a hard time lately…so i’m not exactly in ‘yay, my body is so super great!’ mode.

    but i want to be, even if i’m fat and in extreme pain. i want to be. and i think that maybe wanting to be is possibly the first step.

  13. Unfortunately I’m with Emsy on this one – massive head cold and an earache equals looking at my body and going “WHY SO GROSS AND WEIRD?” Blech. Also, I used a neti pot for the first time today. That was bizarre. And gross. Did I mention how gross it was yet?

  14. Cool! Didn’t know about it, but I got a good night’s sleep, took a nice invigorating walk to Target and bought some absolutely awesome cute undies and have bras on the schedule for this evening after the hubby gets home with the car (cause I can only walk so far, and besides, it’s raining now). Oh, and I had a very yummy sandwich for breakfast, and some cheese for lunch (probably have something else here in a bit, but all I wanted earlier was cheese).

    After I get done bra shopping it’ll be time for a nice pampering session- break out the bath goodies and lock everyone out of the bathroom!

  15. I didn’t know about this either, but let me tell you how it was celebrated on Virgina Tech’s campus:

    Students set up a table on the Drillfield (a field you have to cross a couple times a day) with a flyer that translated the cost of various “beauty” procedures into other neat things. A breast augmentation = a trip overseas. They also had a flyer about Plan B, wearing condoms, and two HUGE displays about poisonous beauty depictions in popular media. One was the “Bad” the other was the “Good”.

    But the BEST thing they had was homemade chocolate lollipops in the shape of vaginas/vulvas. They had HUGE signs with “VAGINA POPS!” on it and had flavored them in several delightful fruit flavors. If you’ve seen the molds used for making lollipops then you’ve got the general idea. It was a flat, oval base with all of the relevant parts on the front.

    Relaying all of this to my mother, we decided that while the fruit flavors were a nice touch, they could have had a lot of fun with dark chocolate and white chocolate and mixing them together to get differing skin tones. Sadly, I did not see anyone walking away with one of these pops and declined myself on the basis of diabetes. But really, on second thought, that is a pretty good reason to have high blood sugar, yea?

  16. LauraAnne, they sell chocolate vaginas on my campus every February, to raise money for the Vagina Monologues. The chocolate they are made from is SO GOOD. I wish they were available year-round.

    Also, one year there was a girl selling them by singing “Chocolate Vagina” to the tune of “Waltzing Matilda.”

  17. (((Stellar Dendrite))) I’m so sorry! I have chronic pain from arthritis which gets worse every year (I’ve had it for about 16 years and it’s pretty much in every joint by now) so I know it’s hard. Mine’s osteo at least so it could be lots worse. I know it’s hard to have your body not work the way you want it to and to be in constant pain. My pain isn’t that bad, mostly, and I’m blessed with a high pain tolerance but constant pain drags you down. I know you hurt far worse than I and are far sicker and my heart hurts for you. I wish I could make it better for you. Might it help at all to find one thing you could love about your body and just really focus on loving that part? Or maybe being glad you can do x, whatever x might be? I don’t know what the problem is so I don’t know how limited your choices are. I think at least wanting to love your body is indeed the first step and maybe that’s the only step you need to take right now. If things are especially hard please don’t add not loving your body to your list of things that are making life difficult. I hope things get better for you and I’m sending good thoughts your way.

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