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Fall Fatshion: 40 Things Under $25

I’m feeling pretty brain-dead today, so I decided to turn my favorite brain-dead activity (online window-shopping) into a modicum of blog productivity. We’ve had lots of requests for posts on plus-sized clothes that won’t break the bank, so here’s an effort in that direction.

I chose items under $25 according to the following rules:

  • It had to be something I would wear, at least in theory. (Meaning there are things on this list that would look awful on my body, but which I still think are cute.)
  • It had to be wearable in the fall.
  • It had to still be available, as of this morning, in at least 3 plus sizes.
I did my best to include a wide range of sizes, but we all know how that goes. For the record, of the stores I included here, Silhouettes, JMS, Jessica London, Junonia, Ulla Popken, Zaftique, and B&Lu all carry at least some stuff in 4X and above, though larger sizes may or may not be represented on the list. (To be honest, I barely glanced at which sizes any given item was available in — I just made sure there were still three.)

Please feel free to add links to stuff you love for under $25 (or tell us about your best scores in that price range) in comments.

  1. Land’s End 3/4-sleeve empire waist tunic top, $19.99
  2. Land’s End half-zip fleece in hot pink and grey, $19.99 (oops, sorry, just realized this one’s only available in 1 and 2X)
  3. Land’s End bootcut jeans, $21.99
  4. Land’s End corduroy blazer, $24.99
  5. Junonia velour vest, $19.95
  6. Junonia striped tailored shirt, $19.95
  7. Eddie Bauer pima cotton turtleneck, $9.99
  8. Lane Bryant short sleeve cowlneck shirt, $9.99
  9. Lane Bryant belted trouser pant, $14.99
  10. Lane Bryant pindot jacket, $19.99
  11. Lane Bryant mosaic circle print dress, $14.99
  12. Lane Bryant colorblock hoodie, $9.99
  13. B&Lu Mathilda dress, $24
  14. B&Lu Harlow dress, $17
  15. Caslon scoopneck tee, $24.90
  16. Torrid brown bell-sleeved cardigan, $23.97
  17. Talbots scrunch-neck yoke tee, $11
  18. Silhouettes satin-trim babydoll dress, $9.99
  19. Silhouettes yoga pants, $12.99
  20. JL Studio dolman-sleeve jersey top, $12.99-$14.99
  21. Merona plus long-sleeved cable v-neck, $24.99
  22. Merona plus argyle cardigan, $24.99
  23. Mossimo Black ultra-soft v-neck elbow-sleeve sweater, $21.99
  24. Merona wrap sweatshirt jacket, $24.99
  25. Merona sherpa hoodie, $24.99
  26. Merona twill pants, $24.99
  27. Merona corduroy skirt, $22.99
  28. Mossimo Black pencil skirt, $19.99
  29. Merona tunic, $6.24
  30. Mossimo Black plaid trouser pants, $19.59
  31. JMS Salem cardigan, $17.99
  32. Bali satin tracings underwire bra, $15.99
  33. JMS Salem gathered v-neck sweater, $9.99
  34. JMS jersey a-line skirt, $24.99*
  35. Ulla Popken pinstripe stretch pants, $19.99
  36. Ulla Popken herringbone wool-blend pants, $9.99
  37. Ulla Popken suiting stretch skirt, $9.99
  38. Ulla Popken microfiber waterfall collar top, $9.99
  39. Zaftique beaded birdie top, $11-$12.20
  40. Zaftique cinched empire-waist dress, $23.70-$26.10

*This is available up to 6x, but 4-6 are $26.99, boooooo.

68 thoughts on “Fall Fatshion: 40 Things Under $25”

  1. Oh man, I just bought a medium coat (I’ve taken to wearing my union wind breaker which is functional but wowie zowie definitely not fashionable) that was definitely NOT under $25. And it’s too bad because there’s some good stuff on this list. I’m particularly smitten with the $19.99 JMS cardigans. Them’s stockin’ up prices!

  2. Oh! Thank you! It’s so hard to find good fall fashions without going broke. As OTM stated – cardigans for $19.99 – that’s definitely stockin’ up prices!

  3. I work at Lane Bryant, so most of the things you listed from there are cool. Except for that dress! I absolutely abhor most of our dresses that we have. For some reason, fashion designers think outrageous prints that dizzy the mind are high fashion for us. I swear, half the stuff we have, the designers must have been on crack, haha.

    I’ll add these links to show you what I mean:

    Geo print dress

    Another geo print dress

    Last one

    I don’t mind the shape of the dresses at all. I just would rather look at random splatters of paint on a wall in a museum than on a dress.

  4. LeAnna, I actually waffled a little on that one but ultimately decided I liked the print well enough to file it under Things I Would Wear in Theory. But I probably have a higher tolerance for loud prints than most. (Which works out for me, since loud prints often end up in the clearance section!)

  5. I am currently wearing a size 18 pleated skirt with a floral print in black, white, turquoise and olive. Sounds hideous, but it’s really quite cute. I bought it last week on clearance at Belk for less than $11. Those deals were hella good. 75% off, then another 50% off of that. And lots of availability in plus sizes. Not online, though, so I can’t give a link. Maybe I’ll post a picture of the 1x $8 dress I bought, just to gloat!

  6. Also, Zaftique has a bunch of things at 90% off right now. None of them are my style, but they are super super cheap.

  7. Thanks, Kate, for posting stuff on the lower end of the price range. My budget’s tight this fall but I might be able to swing one or two of these things!

  8. For shoppers on the European continent, I’d recommend Bon Prix and Miss Etam. I pretty much buy all my clothes from those stores. Both support clothes sizes up to EU 56 which is around 4X, I think.

  9. You should know that the Lane Bryant jacket shows up at checkout as $39.99 – it also doubled the price for all the other clearance items I put in the cart and did not update at all through the checkout process. I sent an email to LB about that.

  10. Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve been kind of bummed lately as the weather changes and last fall’s wardrobe doesn’t seem to fit this fall’s butt, and this fall’s budget is tighter too. I’ll have to do some i-shopping when I get home tonight!

  11. Anyone have any good places to buy plus-size halloween costumes? All I can find are the witch/ugly dead thing types.

  12. Torrid has some Halloween costumes, although IIRC they are all of the Sexy Mustard type. There’s another mainstream costume seller that sells costumes in “plus size,” mean one size that is larger than their standard size costumes, but I can’t think of the name of it.

    I’m helpful!

  13. For in-betweenies, try Kmart! My stepdaughter is a 16-18 bottom/XL-2X top and cleans up on the Kmart clearance racks (especially when they have the extra 40% off the lowest price)! Actually, she’s getting 5 pairs of jeans for Christmas (she’s 13, what do you expect lol) that I got for a *total* of $30! For FIVE pairs! And their jeans fit her booty-less apple shape SO well.

    And the juniors plus stuff is SOOOO cute. And the regular plus now has both “normal adult” and grandma wear, so you don’t have to go kiddie to not look like you dressed in a retirement home!

    Yeah, I shop at Kmart a LOT. The only downside is that their stores only carry up to a 24 or 26 bottom and 3X top (website has some things larger), and tall/long pants are kind of hard to find. Oh, and the tops are incredibly variable, I’d never buy one without trying on. Sometimes the 3X is too small for me, sometimes a 2X is kinda baggy.

  14. Oooh, thanks so much for that list, Kate! Eddie Bauer has some super-cute things on sale! Not all under $25, but still pretty decent. The “Long Sleeve Mandarin Dress” in the blue “Nordic” color for $29.99 is calling my name.

  15. Many of Land’s End styles are available up to size 18 or 20, including petites and longs, in “regular” sizes, so make sure you check there too – I’m normally a 16W but can wear an 18P in their jeans. There are a lot more styles this way than if you limit yourself to just what they’ve labeled “plus size”.

  16. I have nothing to contribute to this list, but it’s a great idea! Thanks for doing this, Kate, especially since I’d seen the B&Lu Harlow dress a few weeks ago in a time of less cash and coveted it. I just ordered it, with much trepidation, since dresses usually don’t fit me well. But at less than $25 even with shipping, I figured I’d try this one out.

  17. I took advantage of the Zaftique sale last week, and I am now sitting here wearing an awesome burned velvet top in gorgeous autumnal colors that looks like I swiped it from Stevie NIcks. What can I say? I do floaty, artsy, lush things better than anything else.

    Anyway, I just wanted to note that the construction of all three pieces I ordered (two tops, one dress) are exceptionally good. The seams are strong, the hems are even, and the sizes run precisely the way the charts do. What’s more, I placed my order on a Friday morning, paid for regular ground shipping, and was able to try them all on by Monday night. They even sent a nice confirmation notice when my order left the warehouse.

    I will definitely order from them again, when another good sale hits.

  18. Living400lbs, that skirt is wicked cute, and I can’t believe I forgot about the LB catalog. (I also forgot Fashion Bug. And Catherine’s… unless some of these feed into

  19. Ooh, jeans! I need jeans so badly, but I’m always so hesitant to buy them online. (Jeans, bras, and shoes. Always feel like I should try them on.) Has anyone bought the Land’s End before? Do they run pretty true to size and fit?

  20. eBay. All the time.

    UK wise, Monsoon, in the sale – their fit is very generous, I’m a UK 20 – 24 (depending on what bit they measure) and wear a 16-18 in there. Evans can be worth a look but they tend to cut for tall people. Country Casuals sales can be very good for bargains, they really deep discount.

  21. Thanks Kate! I saw the Target skirt (#27) at the store this past weekend but they did not have my size. I did find it online after you reminded me :) It’s on it’s way to me now!

  22. I love Lands’ End, but I have to warn people about those particular jeans that kate linked to. They’re 100% cotton, so they do not stretch.
    I bought some in my size a few weeks ago, and they fit exactly right, but that’s only good if I’m standing. They don’t stretch enough so that I can sit comfortably. I returned them for the next size up, but then the leg was so big it looked silly.

  23. I thought I should mention this here; Many people have mentioned before that they are jealous of us Canadians and our Addition-elle. Well, Addition-Elle is now shipping to the US, and everything in their store is actually available online!! I hope this is helpful!!

  24. On the topic of good fall/winter clothes, has anyone seen a good reasonably priced gray wool coat? I had this killer knee length pea coat from back when I could shop at Old Navy. (You know, when they had plus sizes in the stores.) But my cat peed on it, and the stank won’t come off. I’m sure I can bring myself to finally throw it out if I can find a replacement, but it doesn’t seem that gray wool coats are in this season.

    (Yes, I am going to throw it away. It’s too awful to donate, unless there’s someone out there who digs reeking of cat wee. I find that hard to imagine.)

    Help me, please. I’m willing to look even at non-gray coats. Purple is good, or red. But I really do need it to be wool. It’s the only material that breathes and insulates in the right balance for a wet, humid winter like we have here.

  25. Tights-related question — I’m short (just over five feet tall) and a very apple-y shaped (small butt, big tummy) — around 220 pounds and wear a size 20 or so — and I’m usually too big for equivalent of 1X tights and too short for the equivalent of 2X tights — anyone have a recommendation for medium-weight tights in black and a few other colors (grey, brown)? I like stretchy, lycra-y ones.

  26. I second etsy. It isn’t always the cheapest for clothes though, but many of the shops i’ve looked at have really generous return policies (always a plus in my book!). I basically love etsy for anything though!

  27. You know, Kate, I probably should have given a more specific number, huh?

    I tend to get a lot of wear out of my clothes, so in the range of about $100 for a coat is reasonable to me.

  28. emmy, you didn’t mention the size you’re looking for, but there are a number of wool and wool blend coats near (or slightly above) your price point on the Jessica London site: I used to have one of their navy blue wool peacoats, and it was quite warm. Their current pea coat even comes in charcoal – I don’t know if that’s the shade of gray you had in mind, but it’s a gray!

  29. Lisa: re monsoon: I suspect their generosity depends a lot on your shape as well as size. I have a very large waist, so while I mostly wear a size 22 I can only just squeeze into their skirts and dresses, and that’s the biggest size they do. I certainly couldn’t get into anything smaller.

  30. For shoppers on the European continent, I’d recommend Bon Prix and Miss Etam.

    Additionally, do you all know that Evans now ships to several countries, at a very reasonable price? You need a credit card to pay, but I might get one, just for them. Wide calf boots for 35£!

  31. Eleanor Blair – I agree that Monsoon’s cut doesn’t seem all that generous to me. I’m a UK 18 and in Monsoon I fit into… a UK 18. I’m apple-shaped, however, so I have a wide waist and smaller hips – maybe if you’re the classic pear shape (small waist and bigger hips) the fit is more generous.

  32. Kate, this is awesome — as one of the people who’s been asking for a cheap plus-size post, thank you so much! I’m going to read through the comments now to get an idea of cut, fit, etc. Kickass post!

  33. The Avenue has crazy-good cardigans this season:

    I bought the cable knit hoodie cardigan in deep magenta for $30 (over your price range, but many I linked to are cheaper). Many of these are nicely made in great colors.

    I adore cardigans and the stores haven’t been showing them for like 3 years. I think they are an ideal layering piece for a large woman, because they can hug the figure and show some cleavage, or they can be a trapeze style. And I think they’re an ideal garment for those of us who work in offices, where temperatures are often changing like crazy.

  34. Okay, I lied, a lot of these are $30-50. But it’s the fucking Avenue, if you don’t have a 20% off coupon, you just aren’t trying. No one slashes prices like they do.

    By the way, their knit suits are crap. I’m heading to Lane.

  35. Thanks, TC. That site has some really pretty coats. The rest of their clothes are dangerously cute, too. I’ve already found a suede skirt I think I need to own.

  36. Emmy, depending on your size, I’d also recommend checking the Lands End overstocks — they’ve got a few wool coats for $99 right now. I’d give specific links, but I should be working instead of commenting here right now.

  37. But it’s the fucking Avenue, if you don’t have a 20% off coupon, you just aren’t trying.

    Truth. If you order anything from them online or give them your information in the store, they will send you online coupons and coupons in the mail forever. I mostly use them on the bras, since they have a particular style that fits my Rack of Moderate Peril (I haven’t enough for Doom) like they were custom-made for me.

  38. I know this is old but Lane Bryant only responded to me just about an hour ago about the issue I had with prices.

    They said that there was a technical difficulty and that everything should be working now but if not then to go ahead with placing the order and they would credit the difference.

    Thought I’d pass that on in case any of you have that trouble.

  39. Thanks so much for the post and links aIcan’t buy clothes right now, but I love having a buildup of things I could get so I can strike quickly when the time comes.

    Anyone have ideas on plus-sized Halloween costumes? :)

  40. I am currently wearing an Old Navy size either 18 or 20 (I don’t remember and don’t feel like twisting and self-groping to check) denim mini skirt that was $14.99, a Bitten size XL pink t-shirt that was $4.98, gray ribbed tights from Target size 1x/2x that were $5.99, and an H&M necklace that was $6.98. The only pricey thing I’m wearing (excluding my bra…grrrr) is a pair of Torrid boots that were $44 (but compared to the $200+ Uggs they imitate, that’s a bargain).

    So, boots excluded, my whole exterior is about $32. Woot.

    I realize that being an “in-betweenie” I can buy cheap straight-sized clothes that others may not be able to (Bitten goes up to 22, but the 22 pretty much equals an 18 in any other brand).

    Also, I was in Buffalo over the weekend and got to go into a Torrid (because for some off reason NYC doesn’t have one). With the 10% off I got for my diva style card, 10% off for donating $1 to cancer research, and 15% off for opening a credit card, I still spent almost $200…which is almost my entire last paycheck. But I hadn’t been in a Torrid in over a year (because, again, for some reason Savannah, GA has one and NYC doesn’t, so I haven’t been in one since I moved from GA –> NYC) so I don’t feel so bad about it. Plus I got this incredibly hot gray sweater dress. Not under $25, but I felt compelled to share.

  41. Thanks so much for this post! I find good stuff in the “outlet” at the Coldwater Creek website. They seriously discount the clothes, and it’s pretty good quality. The sizes only go up to 3x, but I find them true-to-size or larger, never smaller.

    Also, sometimes I find cool stuff in, but not on their non-outlet website which is outrageously expensive. I only bother with their really ornate, bohemian-looking skirts and jackets, because the more standard-looking tops and pants can found in better quality elsewhere, for cheaper. Their sizes mostly run a little bit small (for me).

  42. “Anyone have ideas on plus-sized Halloween costumes?”

    I wanted to dress as a beautiful plus-sized Belle (yes, Disney geek here) but the Disney store, even online, barely has a selection of adult costumes and the sizing is pathetic.

    If you’re at all crafty with sewing I would TOTALLY suggest hitting up a JoAnn fabrics (or Walmart if yours still has a good fabric section) to get a pattern in your size and whip up a costume. It is much more certain that you will get fabrics you like and aren’t chintzy and likely that you’ll spend less than you would on a costume from a Halloween shop.

    If you’re not as sewing-crafty but still can manage straight lines with a machine I’d still suggest taking a look at some Simpliticy Patterns for making your own. Some actually are quite simple if you skip steps that refer to “interfacing” and such.

    Otherwise I’ve found that pre-costumes available in anything other than “XL” tend to be “Giant Geisha” outfits or “Big Black Cloaked Goth Vampiress or Something” so best of luck!

  43. I live in Phoenix and the queen of all discount store is here. It is called LAST CHANCE and it is where all the returns from all the Nordstrom’s and Nord. Racks come. It is amazing. I bought a Svoboda coat for 9.97. (The knit one with the flounce at the waist.) Since Nordstrom’s has such a liberal return policy, LAST CHANCE has many things can have a tiny rip or a button off…but there are many things that are perfect because of overstocks or the change in the seasons. This has changed my shopping for ever…shorts for 4.97, dresses 12.97. Marc Jacob dresses for 49.97. And shoes…oh my ,the shoes. People take vacations to Phoenix just to shop here.
    It is changing everyday all day long so it has become an addictive treasure hunt!

  44. I just wanted to post another shop, in case it’s not known about. City Chic is a chain store in Australia, and I think there’s one in New Zealand. The website (with online shopping) is Most of the clothes are gorgeous, I think, and I love it because, at 20, I don’t want to be dressing like my grandmother, and the clothes they offer are actually young.

    They go up to a Australian size 24 ( US size 20, I think), which isn’t that big. (And the smallest is a 14, or US 10). They’re not cheap, by any means, because they have no competition so they feel they can charge what they like. Clothes range from $29.95 for belts and plain tshirts to $149.95 for evening dresses, with most things (like tops, jeans, etc) between $60 and $90. BUT, I was thinking with the whole <$25 thing, if minimum wage in the US is $5/h, then $25 is 5 hours pay. Minimum wage in Aus is about $17/h (call it $15 to make the maths easy), so 5 hours pay is about $75. So some of the clothes (sort of) fit in that price range.

    Anyway, they’re nice clothes and might be a good place to look for those of us down under.

  45. Oh, and I forgot to say, the sales at City Chic are fantastic – everything is at least 50% off, and you can get things like $130 coats and evening dresses for $20.

  46. The Harlow dress arrived yesterday. It’s been a long time since I wore a dress, and I’ve never worn one this style before. Now I just have to find out what shoes go with it.

  47. Oh! Bless you. This is super-useful. I always need jeans that I can roll up in case I need to bandage my knee, and my local store selection is unimpressive.

  48. Last Chance…omg. How did I not know about this? I certainly can’t haul ass to Phoenix just to go shopping right now, but if there are any work conferences or anything planned there in the future, I am going to beg to go!

  49. Making It Big has plus size clothing, in natural fibers, from sizes 2X- 8X! Woo hoo!

    Their website at They have a Fall Clearance Event going on with an extra 25% off sale prices, including some tops under $25.

    San Francisco Bay Area Shapelings can also visit Making it Big’s showroom and store in Cotati – North Bay/Marin County. They are previewing their winter clothing Friday and Saturday Oct. 10 and 11. I will probably go check it out. I am SO tickled to see attractive, well made clothing in sizes above 3X! This has long been a pet peeve of mine.

  50. Ok, thank god for this. I have spent hours this week online looking at shapewear, trying to find what will make me feel like I look okay. ARRRGH. (I go online because I live 1.5 hours from any real store, even a Wal-Mart.) And I hate things that squish my tummy. I have an awesome baby and therefore a baby tummy and I want to just get over it all ready.

    Sorry. Please return to your normal, not rant-y clothing fun. I’m a buzzkill.

    PS- Ooohh, Land’s End has cute stuff and I thought it would be super expensive. I’ma have to try that…

  51. I am a plus size girl and I hate buying jeans. I went to a goodwill to buy some inexpensive jeans and I found the perfect pair. The tag said Leemo USA jeans. they were stylish with a flare leg and felt stretchy but didnt look that way. I was so happy I found the perfect jeans and also fearing they were maternity and thats why they fit so well. I cannot find this brand anywhere and was wondering if anyone knew. Thank-you.

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