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Support the Big Moves Tour

Marina and Colette of Big Moves Boston are trying to raise money for a summer 2009 cross-country tour — and they need $4,000 by October 15 to make it happen. Since I really want them to come to Chicago, I’m happy to help them beg for donations, which you can make at their site.

Here’s the scoop on the tour:

Already known for its large-scale musicals and dance productions, Big Moves Boston is stripping it down and loading up the car for a fast-paced, in-your-face, two-person touring carnival of fun and fat-assery. Full-out dance moves, fast and furious semi-autobiographical sketch comedy, blistering rants, and random slingshots of tasty snacks into the crowd make Wide Load the summer show you’re going to want to see. We are fundraising to get this show to 6 Canadian Fringe festivals, plus stops in Minneapolis and Chicago; we need $4,000 by October 15 to make the Fringe entry fees! 

And here’s a video that gives you a little taste of what the tour will look like:

Go give them money!

8 thoughts on “Support the Big Moves Tour”

  1. That looks fun! You know, Madison is right between Chicago and Minneapolis . . .
    (PS – The link doesn’t quite work the way you want, I don’t think.)

  2. You’re right, Anita. To donate, you can click on the link to Big Moves Boston, and the details are there on the left-hand side.

    For those on our route (Montreal to Edmonton, and then dropping down through Minneapolis, Chicago and upstate New York), if you want to host us in an appearance or showcase or very own show, drop me a line and let’s talk. We got nothing else to do but drive, dance, and be fat. ;- )

  3. I don’t have time to go to the site now, and knowing me, I’ll forget, but where in upstate NY will you be? I have a nursing baby, but if it’s close, inexpensive, and not too long of a show, I’d seriously LOVE to be there! Wish I had funds to send your way, but in lieu of moola, I can send you lots of good energy and wishes. Those don’t pay the bills, though, I know…

  4. Okay I put in my 5 USD!!!!! I am so excited!!! I think I’ll love this show, and money may be tight (I’m a fulltime student) but this is surely a worthy cause!! Anything to make people rethink their attitudes!!

    Seriously, I think I’ve used up this week’s quota of exclamation marks right there -_^

  5. I’ll have to wait til next payday to figure out if I can contribute, but I just had to say: Thanks for the Video!!!

    I’ve been hearing about Big Moves for a long time now and I’ve loved the idea but never being anywhere you are, I was kind of out of luck. Now at least I got a little taste! ( Of course, now I wish more strongly than ever I could BE YOU….)

  6. Hey Kate – I haven’t seen anything about this on your blog, and this is totally OTT, but that was an awesome writeup in this month’s Chatelaine! Have you seen it yet?

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