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Help Us Pick More Favorites

So, as Sweet Machine already told you, we’re going to be reposting some old stuff over the next little while. We’ve got a few ideas of what else to put up, but I’m wondering what your favorites are. Was there a particular post that got you hooked on the site? Is there one you’ve sent around to your friends? Is there one you recall liking, but you can’t figure out what keywords to use to search for it? We’d love it if you let us know.

72 thoughts on “Help Us Pick More Favorites”

  1. I believe it was the thread about sharing the weirdest diet tips you’d ever been given that really hooked me on this site. I do credit the yogurt thread, however, for not only being entertaining, but leading me to Brown Cow yogurt–or as I like to call it, the ambrosia of the gods.

  2. The two posts that were like giant lightbulbs for me here are “Don’t You Realize Fat is Unhealthy?” (which is already in the sidebar) and “Diets Don’t Work But”.

    I embraced the idea of fat/body acceptance after going through a diet last year (a ‘lifestyle change’ type from SparkPeople) and gaining back *twice* as much and more in 1/10th of the time it took me to gain my previous weight. (In other words, I’d gained 2-3 kilos a year over the span of 10 years… and then I gained 25 kilos in one year.) At first I freaked out (I’m fat! I’m lazy! I’m stupid! I fail! I don’t deserve to be loved! The usual) but then I got angry – I realized this was the ‘yoyo’ effect I’ve heard of. It was the first and the last time I would ever try to diet. Even now, I’m still struggling with really accepting the fact that I’m fat but I do know I am never going on a diet, ever again. And when people ask me why, I point to that blog post: because they Don’t Work, that’s why.

  3. I missed “Diets Don’t work But” and when I plugged it into Google just now the suggested search term was “Diets don’t work but Jesus does.” Glad that’s settled.

  4. I really love “Devouring the World”; that was really the one that first made FA really click for me. Also, the one about vegetables still being good for you even if they have *GASP* calories from sauce or whatever. I totally can’t remember the name now, but hopefully I’m making enough sense that you’ll know which one I mean.

  5. *waves hand* “The Fantasy of Being Thin” is great and needs to be posted every two weeks. :-)

    I also really liked “On Dumb Luck”, which was already republished on Valentine’s Day.

  6. Also, the one about vegetables still being good for you even if they have *GASP* calories from sauce or whatever.

    Absolutely. I still think “But I’m eating a plate of fucking spinach!” every time I see a dish of greens. :)

  7. “The Rhinos are All Right.”

    Not perhaps the most eloquent piece ever posted here but I love that post because I also anthropomorphize cartoon animals all the time and the image of the rhino on the treadmill has stuck with me hard for months.

  8. The first piece I read – and the one that got me coming back – was actually about the time you thanked a man for leaving you alone. That was way back, when the blog theme was brown!

  9. I acutally think the Fantasy of Being Thin needs a tab next to Don’t You Realize Fat Is Unhealthy? I’m constantly googling to pull up a link to it.

  10. “Don’t You Realize Fat is Unhealthy?” will always be my favorite, but I second “Devouring the World” as well.

  11. “The Rhinos are all Right” drew me in many ages ago, but what got me hooked on SP is the BMI slide show. I’ve shown it to, oh, everyone.

  12. jazzy, I second the “vegetables are still vegetables even if you put calories on them” one. I was actually thinking of it yesterday as I made dinner (onion squash stuffed with lentils and mushrooms and bacon, served with salad and a spot of mustardy french dressing).

  13. Thorn’s posts about her mother’s death. While they make me cry, they are so moving and so important and demonstrate why we have to do something about the attitudes of so-called health professionals.

  14. It was a guest post, actually, about Treehorn syndrome. When I read the line “I realized that a society that teaches us a woman’s highest accomplishment is to disappear is fucked up at best,” anyone near me would have heard my year of intensive rejection of diets, embracing feminism, and learning to love my body slipping into place with a resounding, life-affirming CLUNK.

  15. I was brought here by the Fantasy of Being Thin–immediately bookmarked it. Then I came back and read the archive. Then came back and added you to my RSS feed.

    This is the first blog I cared enough about to comment on, to thank you for the Fantasy article and how it changed my life. I continue to comment here occasionally but few other places.

    This winter I’ll get into my new coat for the second winter (instead of going another winter without a coat because I was waiting to lose weight before buying a coat). That article was the start of my journey towards self/fat acceptance. Thank you again and please consider reposting for those who missed it the first time.

  16. Even though it’s not really related to humorless feminism or fat acceptance, I really really like “Twenty Ground Rules For The Wedding I May Never Have”.

    I went to a friend-of-a-friend’s wedding (at least the bride remembered rule #4!) last weekend, and it was lovely and reasonably low key, but still way more fussy and by-the-book than anything I ever want to do. That got me thinking about what I will and won’t include at my hypothetical future wedding. I came home and re-read the Twenty Ground Rules post and wrote a few of my own (Such as: I will not have my dad or anyone else “give me away” because the whole symbolic passing of the bride from one man to another thing has creeped me the hell out for as long as I can remember.)

  17. Oh Kim, I’m glad you are getting another coat, because your original comment about your coat made me cry, and then I read it to Mr Machine and it made him cry too. To hell with tiny coats!

  18. The “Fantasy of Being Thin” and “Devouring the World” are the posts that have affected me the most and the ones I’ve recommended to other people.

  19. I love everything people have already named. And…ok, I feel a little weird. But. You had a guest post a looong time ago that was how I found the site. It was by a man who discussed how he actually liked fat women. Not in a fetishy, “chubby-chaser” kind of way, not despite the fact they were fat, but because he actually found them attractive. I found it again a long time after I started reading SP, but now so much time has passed I can’t remember where to start looking…

  20. (pricks up eyes)

    Twenty Ground Rules For the Wedding I May Never Have sounds like one I’d definitely like to read!

    What? I write about weddings as well as plus size issues. I have a professional interest that has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with my lifelong love affair with weddings.

    And you really can’t go wrong with The Fantasy of Being Thin or Devouring the World. Then again, it’s difficult to imagine what you could go wrong with. Pretty much every day I come here…which is pretty much ever day, I find something of interest. And I usually spout off about it, too.

  21. Oh Kim, I’m glad you are getting another coat, because your original comment about your coat made me cry


    You had a guest post a looong time ago that was how I found the site. It was by a man who discussed how he actually liked fat women.

    Oh, that was Brian of Red No. 3. I’d almost forgotten about that one!

  22. “Fantasy of Being Thin” , “Devouring the World” and one called something like “to hell with tight pants”


  23. I loooooooooved the post about eating vegetables with fat, and how THEY STILL COUNT AS VEGETABLES! Awesome comments, too.

  24. Hey Kate- Totally OT, but will your book be out in time to give it for holiday presents in December? I have absolutely no idea how long it takes to publish a book.

  25. Kristin, unfortunately, it won’t. The pub date is May 2009. (And sadly, that’s actually kind of fast for the industry.) Thank you for wanting to make Christmas presents of it, though! There’s always next year.

  26. – It’s Not Food, It’s Yogurt! I just watched that video, too. Hee!

    – Devouring the World. I think about this one every time I start criticizing myself for taking a second helping or, more recently, one of those “Fun Size” Snickers bars that they’re selling now because Halloween is so damn close to September. (If the small ones are “Fun Size”, is it a punishment to eat a normal-size Snickers? Does the “King Size” come with actual grown-up responsibilities?)

    – Dani’s Treehorn Syndrome post, for the line about making women disappear.

    – To hell with tiny pants! Just the subject line is reminder enough. :)

    – And, yes, the Fantasy of Being Thin post.

  27. Two things come to mind – one specific and one not-so-much:

    Definitely the post about how women’s eating habits affect other women…is that the fake lady lunches post?

    Non-specific: Something with some “talking points” on how to respond to people saying “BUTBUTBUT heart disease and diabeetus!” I need stats, stat, more than what’s on the “but don’t you realize” page. Well, I could also use logic and narrative…damn obesity-haters are often stat-lovers!

  28. once that book hits stands i intend to buy as many copies as possible and start handing them out year round. i may just stand outside the local weight watchers and offer them to people as they leave. i am also planning to place copies in strategic locations like doctor’s office waiting rooms.

  29. i was hooked in by the one where you talk about crossing the street and being called a big cow, or something equally appalling- it was the one where you said that even smaller Shapelings can be part of the FA movement. That was a real eye opener for me…

  30. Heh. My blog’s SIDEBAR has the BMI project.

    My “about fat acceptance page” has the BMI project and “but isn’t fat unhealthy”

    I recently linked to “devouring the world”… and Friday’s post will link to it again.

    Maybe I should add “I am not Kate Harding” to my site?

  31. Your entry Devouring the World was one of the first that got me hooked to your blog, and a very important early step in my own journey to FA. I’ve got it bookmarked, and read through it often in those early FA days.

  32. Hahahaha sorry my comment above doesn’t quite read right. I should’ve said:

    “Good heavens, I found it most inspirational”

    *sigh* I’m rubbish at swearing in written form.

    You should hear me in person though. DAMN.

  33. Fantasy of Being Thin.
    To Hell With Tiny Pants.
    The one from SM about being “in between” and being in the FA movement, and the recent one by Kate about why she keeps doing this even when it seems daunting.

  34. I have to second the Fantasy of Being Thin – like LilahMorgan, I’m constantly sending the link to people.

    Just re-read To Hell With Tiny Pants – that would be a great one to re-post.

    Also, I can’t remember the title, but an entry written by Kate on being an FA activist but still struggling with FA sometimes.

  35. I like the one about imaginary bodies that wasn’t too long ago… when the idea that “SURE I’d love to fit into society’s appearance norms once in a while” is discussed.

    FOBT was what drew me in here and the one about size 14 jeans means you’re a liar is one I refer to often as well. :)

  36. I second all the ones above, plus one that maybe someone listed already — it’s the one about the tee shirt with the rhino on the treadmill looking at the picture of the unicorn Everybody wrote a story to explain what was going on there.

    Also Kate put up a bibliography a while back — I’d love to see that again.

    I’d also like to see the reports about various kinds of activity that people have tried and what they thought about it.

  37. And in the Department of Redundancy Departmernt: The Fantasy of Being Thin – I agree with one of the commenters above that it should have its own tab at the top.

  38. First time commenter (though at least several month, maybe a year, reader). Definitely the fantasy of being thin. That’s the only one I forwarded, but there are many that I liked. I plug the website often on urbanbaby (and *awful* place in terms of sexism and fat prejudice, but I still frequent it…) — I kinda stopped as there are too many upsetting posts there, I just stopped reading the weight related ones.
    And if it wasn’t obvious: thanks for the awesome blog!!

  39. Oh, and Everyone’s An Expert and Nobody’s Right – love that post, Fillyjonk!

    Holy shit, so do I! I just reread it and I can’t believe I wrote it.

  40. I’m with Emily: The blog was called “How It Works” and it summed up all the small things that build up and make you feel fat – even if you’re bantam. Classic!

  41. I was linked to this site originally from on the “28 days to a bikini mind”

    From that I started going through the archives and checking back every few days. Then this post came up:

    It’s the post about the quote from Susan Bordo, and sweetmachine sums it up as “dieting is the ultimate act of repressive femininity. ”

    This just… explained so much to me that I had been trying to figure out for so long but had never been able to put the pieces together before.
    It also brought home to me the guilt connection between food and sex and for women. My mother, who I know loves me but nonetheless screwed me up royally on body image/eating/dieting, managed to overcome her religious feelings and teach my sister and I about sex without the “sex is dirty/nasty/only bad girls like it”. Instead I was subtly taught that fat is bad, and food is “bad” and if you eat bad foods you need to feel guilty about it and diet to lose that extra weight.

    I realized there *is* a religious connection to my mother, because our bodies are “gifts from god, and we have to take care of them.” Even if you accept that as fact, shouldn’t God know that he designed my body to be a size 14 or 16 and not a size 8? (My mother is a tiny short person by nature and wears about a four). Shouldn’t God want me to take care of my body and not starve it and screw up the metabolic process and damage my internal organs, etc?

    I just want to say that this site has been an amazing discovery for me and has helped me in figuring my brain out so much.

    I also like the “To hell with tiny pants!” post a lot. I read it when I need to feel happy.

  42. Oooh, if nothing else you’ve just reminded me that I wanted to copy some of the recipe-sharing from the veggie thread. I was at work when I read it and trying very hard not to drool.

  43. In addition to “The Fantasy of Being Thin” (not that it needs another recommendation), I love the one about getting out of breath going upstairs, and how it happens to most people regardless of weight, and to many who are in fairly good athletic condition.

  44. What is it about, this conviction that eating food and occasionally reading nutritional information qualifies you to lecture about human physiology? I use gravity, and I could even tell you some figures and formulas about it, but I don’t pretend to be an expert on physics. I can do basic numerical calculations, but that doesn’t mean I have a valid position on Fermat’s Last Theorem. So why would participating in nutrition and exercise, or even reading a Cosmo article about them, possibly justify me in spouting off my views on such multivalent issues as food, fat, and fitness — issues on which even real experts don’t agree?

    Fj, this is the point at which I get really sad that you are married, because I need you to marry me.

    I can already tell I’m going to use that point about gravity pretty much every day for the rest of my life.

  45. “An Anthropologist on Mars” by Fillyjonk. I love the piece itself and the comments equally. I have tended to beat myself up for not doing exercise -” if I just did X 5 times a week I would already be thin. Why can’t I do that? I am so lazy”. The theme of an anthropologist on Mars, that health and self-love are seen as opposing ideas in our culture, really hit me. I realizing that I didn’t do good things for my body, like exercise or dressing well, because I didn’t love my body enough, and therefore tried to ignore it. This change of paradigm, from hating/disciplining myself enough to be healthy, to loving myself enough to be healthy, is a work in progress.

  46. Not that they’re directly on topic, but I really liked “On Dumb Luck” and Kate’s anniversary post for Al. It’s so easy to get lulled into “If I could just be thinner, I would have a significant other and if I had a significant other EVERYTHING WOULD BE BETTER,” and I think those two post were…instructive on the matter. I mean, I have a boyfriend now, and I’m not thinner and my life isn’t perfect, but I don’t think I’d even have the confidence to have told a long time friend that I really liked him without those two posts.

  47. I want one that i’m not even 100% positive is actually from SP… It’s a discussion of why/how we as a society might have grown fatter because of diet culture, and basically says:
    Take 2 groups of people.
    Leave group 1 alone.
    Mess with the heads of group 2 such that they engage in all sorts of diet behavior.
    Which group do you think will end up fatter overall? Group 2 it is!

    Does anyone know what this is or where I can find it? It’s been bugging me like crazy.

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