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Friday fluff: Fall fashion

Well, up here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s about to officially become autumn. Fall is my favorite season, fashion-wise, because it allows you to wear almost any item of clothing (except maybe parkas) so long as you’re willing to layer. And as someone who loves jackets, scarves, socks, and tights, I appreciate weather cool enough to let me wear them, but not so cold that I have to wear every single item I own just to keep my toes from going numb.

Right now I’m having fall shoe lust after a summer of wearing mostly sandals and my beloved Merrells (which it turns out are worn through so I’m totally justified in replacing them, right? Right?) — I want boots and flats and mary janes and just about anything I can get my hands on. Fantasy shoe shopping is seriously occupying way too much of my brainspace right now.

What’s your favorite part of fall fashion? What are you looking forward to wearing once the weather turns? What shoe goes best with a cup of hot cider? Discuss!

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  1. I like the textures that come with fall–summer brings a lot of jersey and floaty things, and I always enjoy the return to solid, cuddly fabrics that absorb, rather than reflect, light. One of my great Fatshion Quests is the acquisition of nubbly tights in rich colors for my fat legs. Wool skirt. Sweater dresses. Blazers. Tights! Tights!

    And the shoe that goes best with a cup of hot cider, obvs, is a knee-length boot, black, with a sensible but leg-extending heel, tailored neatly to its wearer’s calf.

  2. The jackets! I can’t resist the jackets. Also, I am craving some cute, colorful flats, which I am told are “in” and yet I cannot find in a single store. FASHION HAS LIED TO ME AGAIN.

  3. Oh I love Autumn. I have just started to wear a very thick cardigan and am looking forward to some shopping for tights and thick socks. I have no style but I like to feel cosy and covered up. I’m also going to buy some big pants/ knickers. They can have pictures on them and stuff not like thongs you have to wear in summer for worry of VPL. Yay. Wool and cord everywhere (apart from the pants).

  4. I love autumn, too…it’s my favorite season. But I moved to Florida in March so I don’t get to experience the cool, crisp air or the leaves changing or apple picking. Or the fall clothes, because it is definitely too hot to wear anything but t-shirts and short pants or skirts.

    Can’t wait till maybe I get to do jeans and sweaters again.

    And definitely OT: can y’all think happy positive thoughts for me? I went on an interview this morning for my dream job (in payroll; who’da thunk it?), and I REALLY REALLY want this job. I can use all the crossed fingers and prayers in creation. Thanks!

  5. I love everything about fall. The weather, the food, the clothes but especially those first cool and crsip mornings that say “It’s Fall”. As for the shoes, oh my, have I ever been obsessed this year. I have been working on my own fat acceptance and realize that for me, a huge part of it is looking my best. A cute outfit and sassy shoes do wonders for the self esteem. Right now, I am really loving my wine colored shiny penny loafers.

  6. *thinks happy thoughts for simply mac*

    I was totally just about to do a fluff fashion post. Except I really had nothing to say, so this is great. I hate fall, in that it inevitably leads to winter, but I do love putting on sweaters and boots again. It’s the needing sweaters and boots and coats and hats and gloves and scarves, and having to find at least mostly matching socks every day, for months on end, that makes me nuts.

    Sorry to bring the party down.

    I am excited about new lines of clothes, though! Also, can we go pick either apples or pumpkins at some point? Because that would make me feel a lot better about fall.

  7. mollie–100% agreement on the boots! my fave outfit for this fall will be (because i don’t have all the pieces yet) a sweaterdress in a rich color, tights, tall boots and a leather jacket. hooray for fall!

  8. It’s a toss up between boots and cardigans as my favorite fall must-haves. I keep trying to pretend it is fall here in the south by wearing cardigans in the morning but I inevitably have to take them off by 9 am or I’m hot. I also have a weakness for tweed which is totally silly for where I live. I think I was supposed to be CoCo Chanel but something got crossed in the wires of my making.

    I think the best pair of shoes to go with cider is a ridiculously comfy pair of fall colored flats (red, yellow ochre, deep green, purple) with a completely useless decorative button. Not to be specific or anything.

  9. *good vibez for simply mac*

    i second kate! i love the idea of putting on sweaters and boots…but hate the thought of needing ’em!

    and, a good cuppa cider is quite nice too….with a pair of suede knee-high boots (either traditional or the currently favored motorcycle look)!

    i just sent off for a few sweaters at newport news and my fall “wardrobe” (for what it is) will be complete! LOL (considering my wardrobe mainly consists of jeans and such, it ain’t too much of a stretch…)

  10. I have been drooling this year for houndstooth, checks and argyle–classic fall prints.

    I don’t really keep up with what’s “in” with fashion but at the same time, I do see commercials and tv shows and I hang out with people who do keep up with it so I’m not in a bubble either.

    So, I don’t know if those types of prints are in or not. But I want a pair of brown houndstooth pumps so bad I can’t stand it!!! :)

  11. Oh and I wish they made boots for fat people with tiny feet. I wear a size 6 but I think my calf is like 20 inches around. I haven’t been able to find a plus sized boot yet to fit me but I’d love to sport some knee-highs with a cute skirt!

  12. We don’t really have this “autumn” you speak of in Coastal Georgia, but when winter comes, such as it is, I am looking forward to wearing tights and sweaters. I also love me some eggplant and chocolate! I’m not promoting a recipe, those are just two fall colors I love!

  13. I’m looking forward to tights, boots, scarves, cardigans…layering is a lot of fun ;-).

    Merrell’s are good shoes, you are completely justified in getting new ones!

  14. Fallllll!!!! it’s my favorite! I am so excited to move back to fall clothes starting this week (it’s been cool here at night! Yay!). I indulged the shoe lust a little bit at Target and then got myself under control (though there are some shoes from that store in Baltimore that I still keep thinking about).

    I’m reeeeeally looking forward to these shoes that I ordered. (I tried them on in the store in brown to figure out my size, because they run crazy small, but I wanted the black ones.) Even in the store they were immediately the most comfortable outdoor shoes I’d ever put on. Plus they looked great. They’re furry!! Perfect for fall!!

    And omg hot cider, and apple picking!! I think I’m going apple picking in a week. New England was great for apples, but I have to say, the mid-Atlantic states are just way better in terms of varieties of apples in most orchards where you can pick. SO EXCITED about that.

  15. Tights and corduroy are my fall fashion faves.

    I like my hot cup of cider with a pair of hiking boots. Bonus if there’s a breath-taking view from a mountain covered in trees whose leaves are changing colors, a small camp fire, food grilled on sticks, and friends.

  16. A short list of things I love about fall fashion:

    fingerless gloves
    opaque tights in ridiculous colors
    jackets with enough pockets to replace my purse full stop
    SCARVES – the longer and more flamboyant, the better!
    touques, esp. with cables. short hair = cold head.
    Tall boots with chainmaille garters
    Texture! Velvet, denim, and corduroy, just to name a few.

  17. I can finally buy full-length pants again! Seriously, I mostly shop at Old Navy, because I’m not just fat, I’m Canadian, and we don’t get much choice in the over-size-16 department. And starting in about March, Old Navy replaced their pants with capris. And capris just make me (and almost every not skinny girl I’ve seen) look like my pants are short because MY STOMACH ATE THEM. Seriously!

    I love wearing stay-up stockings-the thicker, tight-like ones, and fishnets. They aren’t really a summer look, and you can’t wear them in winter or your undercarriage will get frostbitten.

  18. Good luck on the job!

    Fall is usually my favorite–I LOVE scarves, jeans, and jackets. But this year has the distinction of being my first in Arizona, so I really have no idea what i should be wearing around Phoenix. Mind you I’ve already bought some fresh jeans and scarves! It’s weird though–where’s all the corn? (I just moved here from the midwest 6 weeks ago).

    So what i’m *really* excited about is starting a new job next week, so I get to buy grown up clothes! I’m loving this season’s colors, and to have an excuse to buy them in nice fabrics and knits is wonderful!

  19. I love fall fashion. The deep, warm colors, the fuzzy sweaters, the layers, the cute shoes that don’t tattle on me if I miss a pedi… love it all.

    The best shoes to wear while sipping cider…none at all… just a warm pair of fuzzy socks.

  20. Channel Zero – mine too, right down to being in Phoenix. : Personally, I’m just thrilled at the idea of being able to walk around outside without wanting to keel over from the heat. :-)

    And, actually, I bought three new summery skirts and a cute sundress this year, so I’m okay with getting to wear them a bit longer, even if I’ll miss the traditional fall clothes I got to wear in New England.

  21. LilahMorgan–yeah, definitely! I’m excited to check out all the outdoorsy stuff it’s been too hot to see, which i’m hoping to use an excuse to buy some awesome leather boots to kick around in.

  22. As far fall fashion, I’m a freak for tights, and I love cardigans and scarves and boots and tactile fabrics. Fall is the best! Although I actually like winter, too, up until about late February at which point it just becomes ridiculous.

  23. I’m in love with my new fall shoes–I went looking for black work shoes and wasn’t crazy about the Sanitas/Danskos I thought I was going to buy. The guy suggested I try these. They’re Ariats, and apparently the company started with riding boots. These are clogs, and are quite possibly the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn–cushy inside, and with just the right amount of heel to make my (non)arch feel good…

    Oh–and fall is my favorite season too, though it’s not quite right in California and I get homesick for New England where I grew up.

  24. Trousers! We tend to have five months of summer weather here, and I love it when I can finally wear trousers instead of capris and Bermuda shorts.

  25. Okay, obviously none of y’all are slobs like me. The only shoes that go with cider are leather shoes or boots in cider brown for the inevitable spills!

    Lynne, those shoes are adorable! How small did they run? My Target is tiny so if I get any it’ll have to be on-line.

    The only thing I like about fall (other than the changing colors) is the clothes. Fall just means winter’s on it’s way.

  26. Fall is my favorite season, and it seems to be the only time of the year when I don’t dress like a hobo. I am so happy that it’s cooler now, so I can wear my totally fantastic Super Stripes Knee-High Socks again, and I just ordered a very cute cranberry cable-knit sweater that I hope will fit (always scary ordering from a catalog for me.) I also have a fleece pea coat that allows me the structured look, but not the overwhelming heat of my wool winter staple. I have wanted a pair of knee-high boots since I was in high school, but I have not been able to find any that will fit around my calves :(

  27. Oh–and fall is my favorite season too, though it’s not quite right in California and I get homesick for New England where I grew up.

    When I lived in the southeastern US, I would get horrifically sad in the fall. It didn’t cool down until November! One Christmas it was 60 degrees and raining. Man. I was bummed.

  28. I’m in Seattle, and the fall season that just started yesterday (literally, we woke up and the sun from the day before had been replaced by clouds!) will pretty much run until next May or June. So by then I’ll be so ready for summer clothes, and envious of all of you for having being able to wear them in some cases since April.

    But right now I’m so psyched for fall weather and fall clothes!! I was just daydreaming about pulling out all my sweaters and jackets from under my bed where they’re stored in those vacuum-seal bags and rotating out my summer stuff from my closet. That is totally tomorrow’s project!

    I just bought this jacket from LB for fall And I definitely need tights and maryjanes. I can see a sort of cozy fall but lady-like look in most everything I’ve bought lately. It may have something to do with my “Mad Men” obsession. I kind of want to be Joan, the office manager.

  29. Oh, and I’m throwing positive thoughts at simply mac!

    It’s important for someone to be excited about doing payroll or none of us would have the money to buy all these great fall clothes!!

  30. OTM — damn, I thought I had it bad. I moved to Baltimore 2 1/2 years ago, and it’s snowed 4-5 times in two winters. It gets cold, and we get ice (and the city SHUTS DOWN in fear of WHITE DEATH FROM THE SKY), but it’s just not the same as Michigan winters where I grew up and went to college.

    Halloween is better here, though. You don’t have to wear a parka over your costume.

  31. Okay, speaking of fashion, anyone seen any good, conservative suits lately that I can wear to an important job interview in October (to be held in D.C., so I’m assuming fairly typical fall weather?). I’m generally a size 14, but the R.O.D. can make suit jackets difficult. I’m thinking maybe some of the mix and match Ann Taylor stuff? But something cheaper than that would be even better . . .

  32. I live in Texas for a reason, I dislike the cold.

    This year, I am looking forward to knee high socks, of all things. I am boycotting jeans and pants at the moments, and socks go with skirts well :-)

  33. This fall I’m obsessed with Hunter boots. even though I read that they have zero arch support. What is it about the cool weather that makes me think I have to dress like some country estate living equestrian expert? I’ve never been on a horse in my life. But, I do walk my Great Dane through the park when it’s really muddy sometimes and I have to listen to endless variations on “Is that a horse/got a saddle/why don’t you just ride him”

    *justifies spending money she doesn’t really have to spend at the moment*

  34. Wait, I don’t think I have my email posted anywhere – itsottermatic at gmail. Basically I have two conservative Anne Taylor suits that I have worn once or twice each that I will send you as a gift if you want them. They don’t fit me and I have been meaning to list them as a Friday sales post on Fatshionista but that is such a pain in the ass that I would really rather just give them to somebody.

  35. For me, fall fashion is all about one thing: LEATHER JACKET. I have the most gorgeous buttery-soft, zip-up brown jacket, and I can’t WAIT for the weather here in Philly to get cool enough to wear it.

    I’m a lawyer, so I have to dress conservatively at work, which means no teal tights for me. :( So it’s a good thing that I love wool pants, especially textured styles in herringbone or houndstooth.

    I also love turtlenecks. In the spirit of TR’s and Lesley’s and Joy’s recent posts about Fatshion, I’ve decided to stop caring that fatties aren’t “supposed” to wear turtlenecks (because of the double-chin issue, I guess). I think I look FAB in turtlenecks, and they look especially stylin’ with my swingy bob.

  36. It’s funny to hear/read northern lasses bemoaning fall because it leads to winter. I live in Texas. North Texas. It’s either scorching hot or slightly chilly. I desperately want to live in a place with four distinct seasons. I like Texas people and all, but the weather sucks and the landscape is scruffy and ugly.

    *waits to be killed by Lone Star Lightning Bolt, used to smite any who don’t pledge total and utter allegiance to Texas*

  37. I wouldn’t be feeling so blah about autumn if we’d actually had a decent summer in the UK. truly the only hot weather I experienced was in the US in July. And now the central heating’s back on and it’s pretty much all over for another year.

    I guess I’m looking forward to rolling out my coloured tights and doing the layering thing. This year I’m planning to wear more of my vintage scarves, and reinstating my ankle boots, since they appear to be making a comeback. For me, it’s a challenge to see how long I can keep wearing my summer clothes without freezing to death as I far prefer my summer wardrobe to most of my winter one.

  38. Delurking to throw in the totally off topic reminder:

    Ahoy, mateys! It be Talk Like A Pirate Day. Savvy?

    Where’s my parrot?



  39. Yay for fall fashion! I’m looking forward to wearing the supposedly ‘super opaque’ black tights and crazy pink, purple, and electric blue Betsey Johnson trouser socks that I bought last night at Marshalls. Boots with tights and a skirt is pretty much my favorite fall/winter look evah.

    I’m in desperate need of a new fall jacket though…pondering this one from Target, which is way cuter in person.

  40. Cindy! I completely agree with you about Texas, whenever I come home from travelling I think: Hmm, this place looks like the set for a nondescript, low rent, boring ass Western movie. That is not a sentiment that screams HOME!! to me.

    I don’t have much to add to the main topic, as I both not fashion forward and incredibly cheap. But I always, always, always forget to buy a coat in the fall, and then have to suffer through the two months of on and off freezing weather with completely insufficient jackets in varying degrees of strength.

    *Writes post-it: Buy a Freaking Coat!!*

  41. You sent it to “itsottermatic”, all one word like that, right? It kind of looks like I meant to say it’s “ottermatic” in that last post.

  42. I did not, though I have now – thanks. (Nor did I get an errror message; wonder who’s using the plain “ottermatic” address).

  43. Fall is when I start wearing my stockings in earnest. But since I hate stocking waists (makes me feel like breakfast links, and not in a good way), I just cut off the legs and wear those with a garter belt. This means that I can access the look of any mainstream stockings, without mainstream levels of belly compression and accompanying discomfort. I particularly like to wear shorter skirts so the garters actually show.

    I have witchy striped stockings in white/black, white/red, and red/black, which get a lot of play when I’m out promoting for shows. I have several pairs of opaque black ones, one pair with a little black lace inset at the top back edge, and another pair with cherry-print bows at the back (thank you, Torrid). My favorite cut-off stockings are a pair with flames roaring up the sides of my calves.

    I also get to play with my thermal stockings, that is, cut-off thermal pant legs, taken in on the outside seam to make them super form-fitting, and then attached to garters like stockings. Cool, hot, and warm, all at once.

    Stockings I’d like to get for this season:

    – red thermals
    – red cable-knit tights (again, cut into stockings for comfort)
    – something black with a red dot pattern

    Also, I need at least two more decent garter belts. My lone belt is beginning to wear out. Any suggestions for a cheap-ish but sturdy model (black) that will fit a 49-inch waist (w/no hips to speak of)?

  44. Oh- I would kill for a bright colored pair of rain boots/wellies like those. Never yet met a pair that was up to the awesomeness that are my calves of steel though.

    The best part about fall was getting to put on my Frye harness boots again. And I wore tights again yesterday. Tights! I was so happy.

    Though you know, mostly I’m sad to see the summer over. I only got to wear my Jane Bon Bon maxi dress three times. And I just got this amazing vintage sleeveless shift dress in an obnoxiously bright floral print. It’s like a Jackie O dress on acid. And then there’s the vintage yellow tiered hippie sundress I only got to wear once. And the acid yellow print housedress, etc. In short, I’m kind of glad it’s the high seventies here in Chicago and I can probably eek out a few more wearings of some of this stuff before I’m forced to pack it away for the year.

    I mean, as much as I love my Frye boots, summer fashions are where its at for me.

  45. I am also coveting cute tights. But what to wear with the cute tights? I have nice brown knee-high boots from last fall that I couldn’t wait to wear again — put down a bundle on them so they’d last — but then that first crisp morning when I got them out of storage to try them on…

    …they wouldn’t fit over my calf muscles.


    On the plus side I have for some reason been having crazy good luck with jeans lately. Of course I have to have them hemmed, but I’ve found several pairs that fit my ass and hips without gaping at the waist or having inches and inches of extra fabric in the lower thigh.

  46. I love corduroy. Loooooove. I have a grey bell-shaped corduroy skirt that I would wear every day if possible. And I love the colour palette of fall – dark reds, oranges, golds, browns. They look fabulous on me, too. And I’m an avid crocheter/knitter so I like to make myself a new scarf each year. This year I’m going to do a whole set – hat, scarf, convertible fingerless gloves/mittens. And maybe a sweater or five.

    Too bad I live in Hong Kong and it won’t get anywhere near cold for at least another month and a half. Right now I’d settle for being able to wear jeans without having sweat pour off of my legs and soak them clean through.

  47. I moved to Texas this year after previously spending my entire life in Ohio. And honestly, I wasn’t homesick in the slightest until this week. When I realized that, if I were back in Cleveland, autumn would be starting to creep in. And I’m never going to really see fall again. Now, I’m going to LOVE wearing flipflops in December. But right now I am actually aching for autumn, and knowing that I’m not going to get it. Honestly, it’s the only thing I miss.

    So fall fashion is sort of not a concern right now, because I’m not going to really have to worry until November.

    Maybe I will buy myself some hard cider tonight to pretend. Assuming you can get decent hard cider in Austin. I’m sure you can. But I’m suddenly panicked that I’ll never get hard cider again because I don’t live in Johnny Appleseed state. Ridiculous, I know.

  48. Lynne, those shoes are adorable! Good thing Ann Arbor has a Target, unlike Falmouth…. (Back to moving denial. I am not moving. I am not moving. I am totally starting a new job and need new grownup clothes and a full wardrobe overhaul and lots of toasty sweaters, but I am certainly not moving.)

  49. So, here’s what I want to know. Is it possible for a short, fat chick with a big rack to wear this without looking like she’s in a bathrobe?

    And if so, anyone want to loan me $159?

  50. Simply Mac, I am sending positive thoughts out to the universe for you!

    I love fall…this year, my favorite thing about fall is getting to wear my Cubs hat into the cooler months…

    Other than that, I am glad to switch from my Chacos to my Keens, and put on a knit hat.

    And, Sweet Machine, thanks for the tip on boots! I never thought of that! Perhaps both my boots and A Sarah’s can be saved!

  51. Ooh, Kate, I love that cardigan. I think Francesca put it up on Manolo for the Big Girl the other day.

    I think if you have a relatively defined waist, it will look great.

  52. Kate,
    Where would the 27″ hit you? Also, if you tie it low and spread the top open to show your “rack” more I bet you could rock the look! I love the sweater, though not the price.

  53. femmeknitzi and wish – in the UK last year I discovered Duo boots ( – they’re amazing. They’re an online outfit (although they do have ‘trying on shops’ in a couple of locations in the UK – they sell boots by foot size and calf size, by the half inch. So there’s an almost infinite selection. Magic!

    I’m pretty sure they ship to the US (although with the exchange rate being what it is they’re going to work out quite expensive) – in the UK they’re not much more expensive than your average pair of leather knee-high boots, but considerably more than the type of boot you might pick up in Topshop (they’re upwards of £100 generally). I persuaded my Dad to get me some for Christmas last year, and I’m so in love with them! I got the sexiest pair of classic knee high black leather boots last year (these ones: They also had about nineteen other pairs I wanted, including an incredible fuscia pink suede pair but, since I only had the money for one pair, I decided to go for classics first.

    They also do width fitting shoes (sadly they don’t do the ultimate 3-way combo of width fitting/shoe size/calf width but I guess that would just be too many permutations of boot).

    They give you tips online on how to measure yourself properly to make sure you get a good fit, but actually I went to their fitting shop in London and the staff there are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable… I told her I had stupid wide duck feet and pointed out a few styles I like and immediatly she said ‘well I think xxx will be the most comfortable boot for you, but let’s try a few on…” and she was totally right. The ones she mentioned fit like a dream. The ones I pointed out she said would pinch, and they did. And there was no hard sell.

    I realise now it sounds like I’m being paid to promote them, but I’m not! I was just really excited to find them! Boots for fat (and thin) legs! Yay!

  54. Wow, I thought I was the only one who got fall fashion fever. I’ve ordered 1 pair of black pants. I’m forever searching for the perfect black pants…they have to be comfortable, not attract kitty hairs, and nice enough to wear to work.
    I also ordered fall-coloured shirts (eggplant and garnet) and 2 pairs of shoes, brown and black. Both are Clarks, but I like the Merrell’s too.
    “All” that shopping is v. weird for me–my friends actually thought I had to wear a uniform to work. I was utterly embarrassed to tell them that, no, I *choose* to wear khaki pants and polo shirts every day. So since then I’ve been trying to branch out.

  55. OH! Also, over-the-calf boots. My mom has never been able to find over-the-calf boots that actually fit over her calfs in her LIFE until Land’s End started selling wide-calf boots. I don’t see any on their website now, but I expect there will be some later into winter…

  56. Ok so this is weird..I have always hated Uggs and Ugg like boots. I thought they were so ugly…this year I want a pair so bad I can taste it. For those night where my toes are freezing off..maybe one of knitted pairs in a nice soft pink. Oh and I am looking forward to a pair of cool pj’s I bought at target a couple of weeks ago. They are big on me..big and cozy with cool mexican skulls and flowers on them. I cannot wait to curl up on a cold night in them.

  57. I need to hit thrift stores, but I’ve been too busy, plus it’s no fun alone and none of my friends have time either.


    But it was chilly enough in new york today to wear my boots and jacket – I wore brown leather knee-high boots that lace up the back, and olive green high high high socks, a brilliantly orange and red linen skirt that hits right at my knees, light cream colored top and brown corduroy jacket. I was smokin’ today, and I haven’t been smokin’ in a reaaaaaaally long time, so yay for me! has boots, although I’m not sure how well they take into account tiny feet and big calves. I wear an 10-11 wide, so I have no clue.

    And I had zero luck finding someone to stretch my riding boots out a few years ago. Seems the cobblers I spoke to can stretch the foot but not the shaft, so I wound up stuffing them really hard with old sheets and big pieces of fabric, and it did make them wearable. However, they should be able to add gusset panels along the tops to give them more width up there.

    Heh. Gusset.

  58. Lady Mercy-

    I think Uggs are ugly, but I had a pair in graduate school, and the were the BEST for getting through Ohio winter. No joke. I absolutely loved them, not for their appearance, but because they were soooo warm.

  59. Where would the 27″ hit you?

    Not sure, but probably around the same place it hits the model. I’m shorter than the standard “petite,” but my boobs and ass will take it up.

  60. Dorothy, we’re talking a full size off. Reviews on the website suggest this isn’t the case for everyone, but I’m normally an 8 and had to buy size 9. I’d definitely try to try some on if you can, before placing an order.

    And the shoes came today! They are just as great as I remembered! Though I’m noticing that they don’t have any real arch support, which means I probably won’t be wearing them every day. fyi.

    Isua, a new job so you can pay for clothes is SO AWESOME I cannot even tell you. I donated 6 or 7 bags of clothes to charity. I think that alone made it worth the awful hassle of moving, seriously.

    Any shopping is better than Falmouth!!!

  61. Mmm, I love fall, and fall fashion. My favorites are:

    * Stripey tights, in all colors
    *velvety skirts and dresses in purple, red, black, and any other color that is rich and shimmers in velvet.
    * peacoats, again in deep, rich colors
    * stripey, long scarves
    * silky camis with velvety skirts under supersoft, ribbed
    cardigans. Mmm. I am ridiculously tactile.

  62. I want skirts that work on my body type (relatively narrow waist, wide hips, SHORT SHORT rise, short legs, lack of ability to wear skirts below my knee without looking like I’ve got no legs), but they don’t actually seem to be for sale anywhere. I guess I should just hit up my seamstress friends. (Yeah. I have two of them. They both do costuming, one for a living; the other mostly alters wedding dresses.)

    Oh, I saw a bunch of Ralph Lauren houndstooth stuff at Marshall’s the other day, and coveted. Except of course 99% of what RL has is pretty much guy-shaped, which wouldn’t work for me at all. But a houndstooth vest with a zillion pockets! And matching pants! *WANTS*

  63. Lynne, thanks! I’ll look and see if they happen to have any to try, but if I have to order a pair without trying them on I’ll order a size larger. I wear a 9 but that sometimes runs a little bit small on me and I go with a 9 1/2.

    Kate, I truly think if you tie the waist a little below your natural waist and don’t tuck the top part together you’ll look great in it. The only way it would look “robe-like” would be if it was too long. I love the wrap sweater look.

  64. Thanks SM et al! I will see about having them stretched. I just need a wee extra bit of room. They even have zippers up the side, so I suppose there would be some feat of sewing engineering that could save them too.

  65. hoodies! i love hoodies! happy, happy hoodies. (altho i generally wear a hoodie layered over a thermal shirt in the dead of winter, too, i dont like bulky coats). and my new fleece jacket from an island on the bay of fundy with the whale tail. and tights w/ skirts, occasionally. miss mismatched knee socks! slinky black pants and plaid flannel pants.
    i need to find some vegan boots that are comfortable and fit well with my wide ass feet and large calves. any suggestions?
    excellent fluff!

  66. Lynne Miles: That’s a great link! It looks like they may have some shoes that might fit me (slender feet in a size EU 35 (US5)), and I almost never find shoes that actually fit. I’ll have to pop into their London shop sometime as I want some heels for when I start working, and those I have to try on before I buy.

  67. Tights and sweaters are definitely my favorite bits of fall fashion. I wish I could say boots, because I love them, but I have yet to find a good, leather knee-high that will fit my calves without having to take them to get altered.

    But seriously. I love sweaters and tights. I never get to wear them here in California, but once I get off to school in Oregon, I’m breaking them all out again. Tights with skirts, tights with dresses, sweaters with EVERYTHING. I love winter/fall.

  68. I’m going to be the lone voice of dissent who is sad sad sad about putting away her summer fashions. But I do like tights, jackets, and sweaters. And I am so excited about the gorgeous purples I’ve been seeing everywhere for fall.

  69. The shoe that goes best with a cup of hot cider is a wellington boot with a sturdy heel in leather-brown, so that you can stand around a fire looking like you’re wearing proper in-period boots and still have dry feet.
    Admittedly, real in-period leather boots would also keep my feet dry, but they would not have cost a fiver.

  70. The shoe that goes best with a cup of hot cider is a wellington boot with a sturdy heel in leather-brown, so that you can stand around a fire looking like you’re wearing proper in-period boots and still have dry feet.
    Admittedly, real in-period leather boots would also keep my feet dry, but they would not have cost a fiver.

  71. My feet are super-wide. I wear a size 12 WW to a 13, and I have cankles. Over-the-calf boots are something I will never be able to wear. I have tried several pairs for extra wide feet but can’t get zipper past my ankle. The only leather boot I was able to find was a stretch ankle boot in black, and it is too short to pair with skirts unless it hits at the ankle or lower. I found those at Rack Room Shoes, so I will definitely go back up there to see what they have this year.

    I hate wearing closed toed shoes. If I could, I’d go barefeet 24/7. I wear sandals for as long as I can until I figure my toes would fall off from hypothermia. And since I live in Maryland, it could be December and be mild enough to wear open-toed shoes. We really don’t start seeing the bitter cold until late January.

    But I do love sweaters and sweatshirts, and walking outside without breaking a sweat. My favorite month out of the fall is October. First of all, we get really amazing weather here that month usually. The air is fresher, lighter, and the skies can be really blue. Also, I’ve always liked Halloween and fall activities like picking pumpkins and buying fresh apple cider. So bring it on!

  72. Bree, Ros Hommerson boots at come in size 12WW with a 21″ calf circumference. They’re expensive but beautiful. If you have thick ankles, they’re probably perfect for you – I have narrow ankles and that’s my one complaint I have with them, they bag and sag at the ankles on me.

  73. Ah, here in the deep South we don’t have autumn. Maybe for two or three days before the very short, damp, mildly chilly, brown time we call winter.

    The upside is that I can wear “autumn” fashions straight through February, when it starts to get warm again.

    I’m having almost the opposite problem from Bree above. My feet aren’t tiny delicate things (size 10 or 11) but they’re impossibly narrow, and I have teeny tiny ankles, but gigundo calves. So, I try on boots, and they’re all baggy at the ankle, but digging into my calf muscle. I have one pair that almost, kinda fit, but I have to zip them with pliers, and they’re still pretty darn roomy at the ankle and foot.

    I still can’t for the life of me figure out the genetic interplay that gave me my mother’s feet and my dad’s legs. It’s like big old tree trunks being supported by tiny ants. I’m thinking of skipping the whole boot idea, and just getting some nice mary janes and colorful knee socks.

  74. I love wearing scarves, and as fall has already set in here (it’s sunny, but cold in the Netherlands) I don’t think you’ll see me without one for quite some time. Also, I like wearing cute tops underneath corduroy jackets – especially when picking up chestnuts or walking through the fallen leaves… although weather wise, give me summer any day. We don’t get enough warm weather here as it is, and this summer was absolutely awful.

  75. Well, I recently realized I dress like a male hipster. I wear straight-leg, tightish jeans in varying colors (I have black, gray, red and basic blue) with a 3-row pyramid belt pretty much every day. And on top I usually wear a t-shirt with a band, graphic, or sarcastic/ironic phrase (threadless is my new best friend). With Chucks on my feet, which will probably become my big brown Uggs when it gets really cold.

    I was sitting waiting for a book reading and all these hipsters were walking up (yes, hipsters at a book reading…it was Chuck Klosterman), and I was just observing and realized that I didn’t look a thing like the girls (phew) but I was wearing very similar outfits to the guys. If I could afford to live in Williamsburg (Brooklyn not VA) I’d fit right in.

    It doesn’t really change with the seasons, except I’ll add a cardigan or something when it’s cooler.

  76. P.S. I totally blame you guys for my obsession with Threadless. I went on to buy the running rhino shirt and bing bang boom, I had ordered that and three others. I think you owe me $60…haha.

  77. Hm, this thread is fascinating. I kind of hate fall and fall clothes, so this is a good way for me to see the good things about them!
    (Why do I hate fall? Because it’s so close to winter!)

  78. The best part about fall was getting to put on my Frye harness boots again.

    Ah, same here! I ordered mine (new) via eBay a couple years ago, and bought them for about 1/3rd of the price. Hence, a reminder to all that if you know your size and the brand, eBay is a way to ensure your students will never, ever believe that grad students need a raise. (“Omg, are those Frye’s?”)

  79. FALL. Oh my god, I have such clothes lust. I want jackets and sweaters and tweedy trousers and skirts and tights and boots.

    But I am unemployed, so I will be rocking the Hot Topic knock-off Doc Martens and the hand-me-down blazer for another year. Sigh. Anybody got a job in the Five College area for a fast typist?

  80. Fall means Doing More Laundry More Often. It can typically be near 80F during the day and fall to 45F at night, which means I change clothes a lot. So I’m wearing summer clothes and fall clothes and the laundry just piles up so quickly because pretty much all my wardrobe is being worn on and off at the same time.

    I am looking forward to wearing my black suede ankle boots with the 3″ heels again, though.

  81. Checked out the chocolate and shoes store link, and they sell Lake Champlain chocolates! I went to their factory once! They are also featured in the Steve Almond book Candyfreak, which is a fabulous read. Fun, fun, fun book.

  82. I just bought this pair of shoes from Naturalizer–in black and brown.
    Yay for shoes that are slightly funky/hip, dressy enough to wear with skirts and tights, but casual enough to wear with jeans, and–wait for it–COMFY! Who knew!? Women’s shoes that are attractive AND allow me to walk all over campus without my feet bleeding at the end of the day.

    I already have a cute fall outfit in mind for the chocolate brown shoes–a brown corduroy skirt, some wild orange, crimson, and brown paisley tights, and an orange fitted sweater. So very autumnal. Seriously, though, Naturalizer has a lot of cute-yet-comfy shoes right now. Not cheap, alas, but worth it, I think.

  83. Carolatina…

    I just ordered a bunch of cute, basic but VERY bright-colored and funky opaque tights from The Joy of Socks (google it–it should be near the top of the list). They don’t have a big selection of plus sizes, but for some basic-yet-eye-catching color stuff, they’re good. Also, very responsive customer-service. I had a question, and they emailed me back in under 2 hours.

  84. A Sarah, I took my to a good shoe repair/cobbler place and they actually added a leather strip (about 1/4″ wide at the top, kind of triangular in shape) right along the zipper. Kind of like a bra expander. Now they zip up perfectly, with a lovely, snug fit (no bagging at ankles). Cost me about $30 (on top of already pricey boots), but worth every penny, since I wear them ALL the time. Give it a try.

  85. I am so jealous of all your talk about apple cider and boots. I live in Phoenix, AZ (which I love!) and it won’t get to be sweater weather until the middle of November. It seems like we have one week we can wear coats! I have never had the four seasons so it seems like a delicious fantasy.

  86. I can join on this one, yay! Normally in Australia at this time of year I’m sulking because it’s getting warmer (erk), but being in Japan means that yes the cool weather is coming!

    And yesterday I bought my first ever autumn-weight jacket! It’ll be a nice winter jacket for when I return to Oz (doesn’t get real cold in Brisbane), but I’m thrilled, one, because it’s double breasted and with my big boobs and belly I never though that would look good on me, and two, because my thin Japanese friend came with me and was really helpful about choosing with me (and didn’t complain about having to go to the plus size section, which I’ve had happen to me before).

    Anyway, it’s black, hits just below the butt, lined poly fabric with doublebreasted buttons, a big open portrait collar, and a belt. I love it!

    I also love skirts and tights and chunky scarves and hats for fall. Yay!

  87. Hi Car–if you do order them online, they fit pretty true to size. I wear a 6.5, and that size fits perfectly, with plenty of room for tights, or socks that aren’t super-thick.

  88. Trench coats (wilsons leather carries guess at a discount-marciano makes the best trenches). oxford heels, hi-tops…patent EVERYTHING with perforated/patterned or opaque tight. most of the year i try to avoid wearing black (i can get stuck), but when fall rolls around, i often wear head to toe black. Short cut sweater dresses that cut off at the booty with said leggings and patent shoes are practically a uniform. I also like to break out the tartans, houndstooth and argyles. i leave leopard prints and polka dots for summer.
    Lots of zipper and grommet details too. fall brings out the 13 year old punk in me.
    vintage necklines, lots of bows, ruffles and high collar shirts…
    god, just writing this has got me salivating.

  89. Honestly, shoes make me a little depressed. Even super wide calf boots won’t fit me — I measured my calves today and they’re 23.5″. Plus I can hardly wear anything other than sneakers because 1) I have flat feet and 2) shoes that fit the width of my foot are so loose in the back that they scrape up and down and give me blisters. It’s like a hinge or something, I don’t know. Even before I started trying to dress more cutely I was sad about shoes, because everyone knows that that’s where fat girls really get to shine. (*rolls eyes*) I felt left out of even that little bonding ritual.

    But hey, I have some amazing purses.

  90. liza, i now have a lustcrush on you. i dress like a crusty drag queen, we’d be perfect

    *this is meant to be interpreted with just enough humour to not be creepy*

  91. I got my hands on a full length black leather trench coat and the *cutest* fluffy white scarf. I figure between now and autumn, I’ll have time to sew a fleece beanie with cat ears – and then I’ll be pseudo-stylish for winter. Granted, I live in Arizona, so winter is something of a mythical concept. Still, I’ll be ready.

  92. Damn you, littlem and Kate! It took me forever to get through laughing at bad dates on that Feministe thread, and now I have to go read over 160 comments on Broadsheet too? :D

    Lindy, I’m totally ordering those shoes. Thanks for the link. :)
    I went and tried on some other Naturalizers at the local shoe store (darn that they didn’t have that style) so I think it might work. My only fear is that they might feel better if they came in wide, but I think it will be ok.

  93. I’ve been going a little nuts with my staff discount at Penningtons/Addition-Elle….in the last month I’ve bought: 2 crisp new tailored white shirts, a tailored teal shirt, 3 new camis to wear under jackets and my shirts (aubergine, raspberry pink, and black), 2 t-shirts for the same reason (teal and black), and 2 pairs of new pants (black dress pants and a subtle grey plaid pair that make me feel totally like Mick Jagger circa 1968). Okay, well, my mom paid for the pants, by virtue of waiving the money I was going to pay her back for helping me out with the telephone bill last month. *sheepish grin*

    I also hit Value Village on Friday and found a lovely rib knit black zip cardigan, and a black zip-front collared shirt that will actually serve as a jacket. I already wore it last night to a political fundraiser, with the plaid pants and the aubergine cami. ;)

    And of course, I’m digging out my boots and scarves and my black leather ‘n’ chain rocker belt. :D

    I have a “list.” I very rarely buy anything that’s not on it…..even working in a plus-size store, I’m very fussy and sort of “hold out” for the things I want to come in. Does anyone else shop like this?

  94. Dorianne, I totally make a list. I also draw the outfits I want to keep straight in my mind what exactly I mean by “skirt” or “cardigan,” since I’m so damned ADD I get distracted in stores and flustered and wind up not getting anything because I’m so scattered and unfocused. Plus, sometimes it’s not a good day and I feel self-conscious in both “normal” and plus-size stores, being that I I’m at the high end of one and the low end of another.

    I’m trying really hard to stick to only buying those pieces which I love love love. I had a period of time when I tried to just buy things that fit correctly, and while it was nice to have some shirts that didn’t stretch across my ginormous boobs, they really were not my style and I couldn’t mix and match any of them. If I wasn’t so busy I’d get my sewing machine out, but I don’t have a whole week free in which to just bang out skirts and pants, you know? Plus, usualy the fabrics I fall in love with are insanely pricey, and my miserly little soul just won’t let me do it. So everything gets assembled slowly, so much so that I will likely just be ready for fall when the snow starts falling.

    I really need to go to the damn thrift stores this week.

  95. Dorianne, I also have a “list”, but it’s not written or formal or detailed. I only tend to go clothes shopping when there’s something actually on the list – I don’t enjoy it enough to do it recreationally.

    But when I am out clothes shopping, I do keep an eye out for pieces not on the list which catch my eye. I leave a little flexibility for serendipity, like when I found the perfect black dress that I didn’t really NEED, but knew if I didn’t get it right then and there I would not have a second chance. (And yes, I have worn it.)

    I’m also with lucizoe: in general, if I don’t LOVE something, I don’t get it. I am trying hard not to have a dresser full of “A” clothes and “B” clothes – I want them all to be A’s. There are exceptions, though, like when I need something by a certain date and it’s become obvious that I’m going to have to settle for good enough if I’m going to make the deadline. Fortunately, those situations are few and far between.

  96. I’ve tried to train myself to be that way. Most of my life my main clothes buying concerns have been A) it’s cheap and B) it fits. Looking good never really played into it much. I didn’t have much style, and didn’t know what looked good, and thought I was lucky enough just to find clothes I could afford that fit. Now I’m trying to just get things that make me feel good, that give me a little happy Ooo when I look in the mirror trying it on. I don’t have as many clothes now, but most of them do make me happy. Not all, still, but I’m trying.

  97. I’m dreaming of donning my ribbed turtlenecks again! I don’t care that Stacey and Clinton would say no to me wearing a turtleneck; guess I’m defiant like that!

    Shoes are a little harder. I seriously need to win a shoe lottery, because the only decent fall shoes I have are some black penny loafers and unfortunately, much of my wardrobe right now is brown.

  98. I love wearing footless tights under dresses. I have light & heavy tights, and 4 black dresses with different sleeves/ lengths. I look the same almost everyday and I like it! Layers make me happy. All I do is change the top part – jacket, sweater, open shirt. Loves it! So easy to get dressed. Scarves and flower pins change daily, too. I just busted out my awesome flower pin made from sweater material. Too cute.

  99. I actually have a fashion question/issue/potential bitchy rant. It’s the Perennial Boot Issue. Capitalized because…well, yeah.

    I really want wellies. Tall ones (I have a pair of little short ones and they annoy me). CUTE ONES. I have large calves and skinny ankles (thank you, mom’s genes and running for that combo), which makes boot shopping a beeotch, especially for boots made out of an unforgiving substance like plastic.

    Last week, for shits and giggles, I tried a pair on in DSW – I’ve lost a bunch of weight recently, so I figured, hey, maybe I can buy boots somewhere other than mysterious online stores now. No luck. While I got them farther up my leg than I would have at this time a year ago, there was still about 2 or 3 inches at the top that didn’t quite make it.

    I haven’t measured my calves recently, so I don’t know how large they are (pre-weight loss they were somewhere between 18-19″, so my guesstimate is that they’re closer to 17″ now but I could be totally off). My best description is they are slightly larger than what boot makers consider “normal,” at least at the top.

    Buying boots online scares me ever since my Woman Within incident – I ordered boots that claimed to be 18″ around the top, and after getting them and not being able to zip them I measured the top, which was 16″ around. Bloody liars. Torrid doesn’t have any listed right now (though I am loving the lumberjack boots if for no reason other than the blatant Monty Python reference in the description).

    If anyone has tips that don’t involve taking my Swiss Army Knife to a pair of wellies or duct taping my calves, I’d really appreciate it. I’m sure there are others here with the same problem too.

    (SWF with big calves seeks tall, attractive wellies for a good time. Loves to play in puddles and get all wet…lol)

  100. I love fall fashion because I can start thinking about what I’ll be wearing to those holiday parties. Right now, I’m contemplating a lovely Igigi wrap dress, in deep green velvet with silk charmeuse ties around the waist. The one thing I hate about dressing up is feeling uncomfortable, but this dress looks like it will feel like I’m in my favorite bathrobe–while making me look super glamorous.

  101. Fall has definitely not arrived here yet (Israel). Plus I’m entering my ninth month of pregnancy and I’m HOT. I’ve also worn the same three things practically the whole of the last few months because most of my maternity stuff I bought isn’t cotton and so the material is too hot for me… so I’m looking forward to Fall so that a) it gets cooler and b) it means I’m giving birth soon and will hopefully be able to return to my regular clothes and not have to wear the same 3 things all the time!!

    I like coats. I have one coat in particular from Anthropologie, that’s quite light weight and so perfect for Fall, usually not warm enough for winter. I doubt I’ll be fitting back into it in time to wear it this year though :( Although I’m nearly at the end of my pregnancy and I’ve only gained 26 pounds, so maybe I will? Who knows! This is the first time I’ve been pregnant – no idea what my body will do afterwards!!

  102. I have returned to Minnesota (because I got fired, aha) and it’s SO NICE. I’m looking forward to hauling out my sweaters and not just sweating through a Florida winter. :D

  103. I saw the Elena Miro stuff (and liked the colors and the nods to structure). Those models are “plus” in the Crystal Renn-Kate Dillon-Ashley Graham sense, which means they are inbetweenies. I subscribed to and read Mode when it existed and the largest model I ever saw was about size 18 or 20.

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