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Quick Hit: Post-Wedding

I’m sure there will be more of a wrap-up and at least one photo later, but I just want to share a couple of things.

1) Fillyjonk’s wedding was AWESOME. Really, they don’t get much better.

2) And I say that even though I’m sober, ’cause I got stuck driving. Which is a long story I will not share now, but I do have a shorter story.

3) In the cab on the way to the airport, I said to Al. “I forgot something. I forgot something important. I know it.” But I couldn’t figure out what the hell it was. I knew I had my i.d., dress and shoes, so I figured I could buy anything else I was missing in Baltimore. *shrug*

Sitting at the gate, about 5 minutes before we boarded the flight, it hit me. I FORGOT TO PACK BRAS.

And wait, it gets better. Because I recently read this story about a woman with a rack o’ doom whose underwire set off the metal detector at an airport, I was wearing a sports bra. That was the only bra I had with me. To go to a wedding. In a low-cut dress.

Fortunately, the miracle of the internet led me to this place, which actually had some of my size in stock — and on sale, no less. So it all eventually got sorted out. But seriously, of all the fucking things I could forget to pack, bras rank pretty much right under i.d., in terms of replacement difficulty. My cup size is too big for straight lingerie stores, and my band size is too small for plus stores, so if I’d been in a city that didn’t have a specialty lingerie shop like that? I would have been at the wedding in a goddamned sports bra.

Also, the second I realized I didn’t have bras with me, I texted Fillyjonk, because what every bride needs to deal with the day before her wedding is a friend’s underwear crisis. And bless her heart, she actually took the time to ask everyone she could think of about local lingerie shops. (I just wanted to know if she knew of a place off the top of her head!)

All of which is background to this: Just one of the many things that made this wedding unique and memorable is that about half the people I introduced myself to immediately said, “Did you find a bra?!?”

You just don’t get that at every wedding, y’all. You just don’t.

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  1. Kate, this story is so me — I have been in situations where I had only the bra I was wearing to last me. And that you were the friend who needed a bra was a great ice-breaker, I’m sure.
    Best of everything to the amazing couple. I’m so glad you had a great time.

  2. ha! I once forgot to pack bras, socks, and pj’s for thanksgiving with my inlaws. I know, I know…I’m not sure what I was thinking. A stop at wal-mart on the way (we drove, they live in alabama, choices are limited) and picked up socks and pj’s, but I was stuck wearing the same bra for the long weekend. Fortunately, it was a decent bra, and I didn’t have to worry about any formal wear!

    Glad you got everything sorted out and YAY FILLYJONK! Congrats! and have a GREAT honeymoon!

  3. Congratulations, fillyjonk!

    And Kate, if a guest at my (hypothetical future) wedding told this story, it would be Exhibit #1 on why my wedding was totally awesome. :-)

  4. I had to read this story out loud to my husband because of one memorable trip where he forgot to pack underwear. And so not only did we have to find underwear, we had to wash it, because apparently men’s underwear is not fit to be worn before the first washing.

    So now when we go anywhere, I always ask, sometimes two or three times, “did you pack underwear?”

    I’m so glad to hear FJ’s wedding was happy and fun and unique and all those good things! Congratulations to them both!

  5. (OMG, when did we start being able to see our monsters on our comments? Yay, monster! I will now no longer be able to take anything anyone says seriously. Hee!)

  6. Yay for weddings and wuv, twu wuv.

    I traveled for work once (big presentation) many moons ago and remembered everything but the shoes that matched my dress. Didn’t discovered til 7am on morning of conference, so I wore glitter black doc martens (lace-up boots) with my black dress.

    I was one strategically placed safety pin away from being able to pull that look off.

  7. Congrats to Fillyjonk! I’m so glad to hear that it was happy and fantabulous and a bucket of fun – exactly the sort of thing that we all wanted for our FJ :-D

  8. Hah! I always forget something on a trip. This year it was jammies to wear at cub camp. I stayed close inside my sleeping bag at night!

  9. I am guaranteed to forget something on a trip. I do my best, but I don’t bother worrying about it until the car is packed and we’re at least five minutes from home. I will spend those five minutes frantically reciting lists of everything we might possibly need, until I discover what’s missing. Then I can relax, because what good is worrying going to do? :D

    Last time, I forgot the sour mix. Given that it was a camping trip, that’s among the least problematic things to have forgotten. (It was a good trip, even without whiskey sours.)

  10. I went to a friend’s wedding in a strapless bra. The dress wasn’t strapless, but it had sheer panels above the breast, framing the neckline.

    This was a good strapless bra – rubber to help “grab hold”, molded cups, etc – and in a 44DD, which is the absolute tightest I can wear. (Normally I’m in a 46DDD.)

    The first hour was fine. The bra pushed things up and out and quite nice. By the second hour I was making regular trips to the bathroom to readjust. By the 4th hour? I told the bride I was leaving before my bra ended up around my waist….

  11. Mazel tov, Fillyjonk!

    Although I don’t forget clothing, I tend to forget little things like toothbrush, shampoo, etc. Usually, this isn’t so bad because there’s a drugstore everywhere, right? Well, my mother and I travelled to Barcelona in July and forgot my toothbrush yet again. Since the hotel we were staying in didn’t provide toothbrushes, I decided to go look for a drugstore. I swear to the FSM, it took THREE days for me to find a drugstore/supermarket that sold toothbrushes! I know that it’s unbelievable, but it seems that I only went to tourist attractions that only sold postcards and paper fans. *shrugs* On the third day (and I was longing for a toothbrush), we decided to go for a walk and just around the corner from our hotel was a supermarket that had cheap toothbrushes. Argh!

  12. My cup size is too big for straight lingerie stores, and my band size is too small for plus stores.

    I feel ya on that one. If you’re ever in New York, you should check out Linda’s Bra Salon on Lexington. It makes my 34G’s very happy. And it’s not too ridiculously expensive like some specialty lingerie stores are (*cough*Intimacy*cough*). I got two bras last time I was there and the grand total was a little under $100.

  13. Ha. When my best friend got married I forgot to pack my strapless bra and I also only had a sports bra.

    AND I didn’t realise until I had arrived on the Isle of Wight, a tiny island off the coast of England in which there’s only one lingerie shop.

    AND we arrived on the Friday evening and the wedding was starting at 2pm.

    AND I am a 36G, which is not exactly an easy-to-find size.

    On the other hand, I am now the proud owner of what I am assured is the only 36G fleshtoned strapless bra on the Isle of Wight.

  14. Congratulations Fillyjonk! And just a big thank you to this site and all the posters as well. Last week I went on a helicopter trip which was an absolute blast and this week I took part in a 10K run for charity – myself and my partner raised £2000 for Breast Cancer support. This are things that I could never have had the guts to do unless I stopped feeling like I was selfish, disgusting and wicked for being fat and started getting out and living my life and taking great pleasure in my lovely, strong, fat body! And this site has helped me so much so thanks again.

  15. As soon as I saw “Baltimore” I shouted “Lingerie Lingerie!” I’m glad someone else was on it. That’s the store where they found me a non-underwire size 36H nursing bra, and if you think those are easy to come across…

  16. I just wish I could actually buy more bras … anywhere. Why do even plus-size bras stop around a 46 band size? I pretty much never see anything 50 or above, even in specialty stores/sites.

  17. Good thing you found something! Also, thanks for sharing the url of the lingerie shop– I definitely know someone who will be checking them out!

    Well, I had a similar security incident at SFO. I guess I’m just humiliation-proof, because the (female) TSA worker asked if she could do a pat-down, I let her, she found nothing, and I went on my way in about a minute. I can totally understand why women in this situation would mind, but the possibility of setting off the wands with my underwires is not going to change what underwear I wear on a flight.

  18. Ha I agree that this is an AWEsome story. And congrats to you fillyjonk, i wish you all the joy and love in the world :) yay!

  19. Living400, I had on a strapless at my wedding, and believe you me, as soon as the first dance was over, I was in the hallway undoing that sucker-no WAY was I going to wear it for the whole reception!

    And congrats, Fillyjonk. Much happiness to you and yours!

  20. So busy…haven’t commented for a while but had to say that having half the pple at the wedding ask if you’d found a bra brought tears to my eyes!! Can’t wait to read the book!

  21. Congrats, Fillyjonk, on finding the love of your life, having an awesome wedding, and having a reception where everyone was wearing the appropriate undergarments. :-)

  22. Haha, sorry I outed you to everyone! :) There was a great deal of concern for your lingerie.

    And hey, now I know the answer when someone sends me an emergency “where do you buy a 36H in Baltimore” text message. There’s some great shops in that city, for sure. SM and I went to one in Hampden on Friday that sold exclusively shoes and chocolate.

  23. Congratulations Fillyjonk :)

    Hubby once went on a week long business trip with no pj’s. And he was sharing a room with a workmate. Worst bit was he was so flat out with work there was no time to go shopping, thank goodness he wears boxer shorts.

    I now ask whether he’s packed pj’s every time he travels, about 1 in 3 times he’s forgotten. Slow learner :P

    (He’s gone off to Brisbane this morning for the week and I forgot to ask…)


    **throws confetti, blows on a kazoo, dances the tarantella by the light of a full moon in a hula skirt while singing We Are the Champions by Queen and beating a drum**

    … what? weddings call for traditional celebrations, ne?

    Seriously though. Luck, hugs, and happiness to you and yours, LJ!

  25. I remember in high school I took a trip a few months after the 911 attack. I made the unfortunate mistake of wearing an under wire bra (it was my first airplane flight ever, and did not know better). And I was felt up 4 times on the way from Tulsa OK to Corpus Christi TX. Now mind you i was 110 lb and 5′ 5″ at the time and completely cooperative, so i was in no way a threat to anyone. They checked me at every security gate and every plane loading gate but kept telling me they were random checks. Another passenger later informed me it was because they had marked my ticket, probably because of the under wire.

    I completely understand the need for security but I ended up with bruises on my wrists and arms from one particularly rough security officer that kept grabbing me and spinning me around like I was not a person that deserved any respect at all. To this day I almost have a panic attack just having to go to the airport.

    OH…anyway back to happy talk …

    Gratz FJ!

  26. congratz 2 fillyjonk!

    geez, kate……i guess next time you travel you’re throwing in the rack-o-doom holders in the suitcase first, eh?

    glad all went well tho…..

  27. That sounds like a wedding to remember. Congrats Fillyjonk, and Mr. Fillyjonk’s Spouse, and many happy years to you both.

  28. I went on my honeymoon and forgot to pack pants. PANTS! Just shirts and my wedding dress. And we were in this little resort town in the mountains so I wore my husband’s dress slacks into town and could still only find snow pants to wear in all of the little shops. So all of my honeymoon pictures are me in my husband’s slacks or fuzzy snowpants. The joke is always “who needs pants on their honeymoon?”

  29. Congrats to Fillyjonk and Mr. Fillyjonk.

    And it’s not a trip unless you forget something. I went to Pittsburgh for a week and forgot to pack any cool weather clothing, because it was so hot here in Maryland. I also forgot socks.

  30. Now I have a new place to shop for bras yay!!! And if my dad wouldn’t have had a heart attack on Saturday, I’d have stuck around to ask you what new shop you’d found. I’m glad you posted it and I’m happy everyone had a good time at the party.

  31. So far yes, dad is okay. He had a stent placed this morning for the new blockage, but of the quintuple bypass he had 14 months ago, 4 of them are completely blocked again. They’re going to try to treat him with medication, but who knows what will happen now. We’re all hanging in there…

  32. OMG, Weighless One, glad to hear he’s okay for now. Keep us posted.

    For those who don’t know, Weightless One was the officiant, and she kicked 10 kinds of ass.

  33. Fillyjonk – congrats on the wedding!

    Kate – LOL your bra!

    And Weightless One – hugs to you and your dad xxx

  34. SM and I went to one in Hampden on Friday that sold exclusively shoes and chocolate.

    That ginger chocolate I got? To die for. They had such awesome shoes…if they also sold awesome bras, it would be even perfecter.

  35. Sheesh. I guess I’ll batten the hatches for a troll influx.

    That whole list is bizarre. It’s not that I disagree with their picks, but the writeups are atrocious. Check out this description of the Althouse/Boobgate:

    A blog post about bloggers, breasts and Bill Clinton? How could this not have become the media sensation that it did. A great insight into a small moment — or a mean-spirited slam on a professional writer who was photographed in the wrong place at the wrong time — depending on whom you ask. We suggest you ask Jessica herself.

    Seriously, who the fuck wrote that? A “great insight into a small moment”? Through my great insight, I’ve discovered that Jessica has boobs! Behold my keen mind!

  36. I don’t understand why they would make such a big deal about underwires, which can happen with any underwire regardless of bra size. At work I have to go through a metal detector, it usually won’t go off, and once did, the guy wanded me, it went off around my chest area and told me I was fine. But I was confused because I couldn’t think of any metal on me and asked what set it off. He told me underwires will set it off. When I talked to my co-workers they all said it can go off or not for underwires depending how close to the side you are when you walk though. So anything slightly off from center for me, means it goes off. (which since then it does all the time.)

    But the thing is. They know this! Anyone working at a metal detactor knows that a bra can set it off! So I don’t see why on planes it’s made to be a bigger deal than when I’m at work.

  37. Thanks for all of your well wishes! My father is home now and doing well despite the fact that he has 4 completely bocked arteries and 4 completely blocked bypasses. When my mother asked the cardiologist how he could possibly be doing so well (his color and circulation are both good) the cardiologist just said that his heart had found another way–somehow it rerouted the circulation of blood around the blockages. So while his heart has some reduced function (4 heart attacks and a bypass later) and he’ll need to slow down some now (he’s 73). All of this lead us to remember that my great aunt actually grew a new vessel around a blockage when she was in her 70s.

    My father fits the obesity paradox here…he has survived 4 heart attacks in as many years and somehow his heart is still pumping.

  38. weightless 1: glad your dad is ok and:

    “…. his heart had found another way–somehow it rerouted the circulation of blood around the blockages.”

    now i DAST someone to tell me that the human body ain’t the smartest machine ever made!

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