9 thoughts on “OT: Shameless self-promotion”

  1. Yes, thanks for writing that! I’d been having a hard time putting that issue into words while being badgered by my conservative relatives.

  2. SM, I have also been having this nagging feeling of disgust at all the praise the anti-choicers have been giving Palin and I’m glad that you put into words.

    Especially because they were smart words. Great article.

  3. SM, I could cry reading your words. I feel all of that and more.

    There is something rotten in this state of Denmark, and it extends so far beyond what I have been able to put my finger on that it frightens me. I sense that it has to do with identity politics, sure, but it also touches on some sort of brute, human hatred that I don’t understand, mainly because I’ve been using all of my privileges to protect myself from it until this last week.

    I really could cry.

  4. SM, that was fabulous. You have this amazing way of writing things so clearly and succinctly that a reader can’t help but say “of COURSE! This is exactly right; why couldn’t I understand it this clearly before?!”

  5. Fantastic post, SM. I doubt most people even know there’s such a thing as “ableism,” since it’s so integrally woven into the collective societal psyche.

    Thanks for a brilliant summary of the facts.

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