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Long weekend fluff: Belly up to the bar

It’s a long weekend here in the US after a fraught week, politically speaking — and I don’t know about the rest of you, but I need a drink. So here’s your Friday-night-that-lasts-all-weekend fluff: what’s your favorite drink? My standard is a G&T, but I don’t know if that’s actually my favorite. FJ introduced me to chocolate cake shots a few years ago, which are a miracle of modern chemistry IMHO. I tend to enjoy really delicious girly drinks but then forget what they were next time I go to a bar.

So, Shapelings, pick your poison. (Bonus fluff: I promise to try the most delicious sounding drink tomorrow when I’m out with Kate!)

122 thoughts on “Long weekend fluff: Belly up to the bar”

  1. If I’m up for serious drinking, it’s Absolut and Cranberry. But for tastiness alone, it’s gotta be a Bong Water (which looks as gray and dingy as it sounds, but is hella delicious). I don’t recall exactly what goes into it, but I did a search on and the drink they call a “Dirty Bong Water” looks about right.

    1 oz Chambord raspberry liqueur
    1 oz Malibu rum
    1 splash Sour mix
    1 splash Pineapple juice
    1/2 oz Blue Curacao

    Serve as shot or over ice – I prefer over ice.

  2. Southern Comfort, Dr. Pepper, & lime. Or Bailey’s. Except that I am breast feeding, so I will be a non-drinker for the next 2 or 3 years. Somebody drink one for me! Oh, I love Sloe Gin Fizzes, too, and SoCo Manhattans.

  3. I’m a big fan of Vanilla Stoli and coke – tastes like cream soda. If I’m feeling really shi-shi fancy britches, I get a pomegranate martini.

    Back in my hard core barfly days (translation – when I was drunk all the time in college) my favorite drink was “give me something interesting for $5. That was always an adventure.

  4. My favorite cocktail right now is the rum ginger gimlet at Rioja in Denver. Housemade ginger syrup, fresh lime, rum, sugar rimmed glass. Oh, it’s heavenly – a little tart, a little sweet, a little boozy, and a bit of heat from the real ginger in the syrup (that ends up in the bottom of the glass).

    Even though they’re a bit dated right now, I also still enjoy a well made Cosmopolitan or Mojito. Or a good microbrew. Colorado is a beer haven and there are gazillions of wonderful microbrews around.

  5. I like draft beer (like good beer; mostly microbrews but I’ll drink Sam and Guinness-brand stuff). I also love TGI Friday’s mudslides. I’m going out drinking with the ladies tomorrow night (semi-bachelorette party) and I might even get one!

    My other faves are amaretto sours and screwdrivers. Incidentally, my fiance swears that Sunny D makes a better screwdriver than orange juice. Anyone else ever tried it?

  6. I usually go for G&Ts in the summer and Manhattans in the winter, but my absolute favorite girly drink is a modified Mudslide: equal parts Frangelico, Bailey’s, and Kahlua with a splash of Amaretto. An excellent stand-in for dessert.

  7. most alcoholic beverages taste pretty vile to me, unless there is barely any alcohol worth mentioning, but I once had vodka cranberry that I found pretty tolerable, and two managed to get me fairly tipsy. Earlier this summer I attempted to replicate it, using 100% cranberry juice. That was a mistake. It’s definitely a cranberry juice cocktail sort of drink.

  8. I usually go for scotch, no rocks, but occasionally I like a whiskey and lemonade. But because those are boring answers, I’ll share my favorite shot recipe–it’s called a Quick F*** (it’s better than the name implies). It calls for equal parts Kahlua, Bailey’s, and Midori. Tastes like delicious!

  9. I don’t drink often, but when I do, it’s gimlets. My favorite is with Tanqueray No. 10 and lime juice, not the Rose’s Lime, which is so sugary-sweet. But pretty much give me gin and I’m happy.

  10. I recently created a drink I rather like:

    * Diet root beer
    * Shot of good scotch
    * Iced, in a tall glass.

    For no reason, I call it an “Angry Bisexual”.

  11. LEMON DROP! lemon juice, vodka, and sugar rimmed glass.

    But like SM & AS, I am a total G&T fallback girl. Smooth & clean – you get nice real quick w/o half-realizing it. A Sarah, SM & I need to meet up for a blind date women’s night: I’m in Milwaukee! Everyone’s invited! Yar!

  12. My two favorites, from my college drinking days are Red Headed Sluts, which is usually served as a shot, it is 1 part Jager, 1 part peach schnapps and 1 part Cranberry. It’s pretty… drunkmaking.

    I also enjoy Caipirinhas (pronounced cap er in ya, as best as I can figure out.) It is a brazillian drink made with a brazillian liquor and sugar and limes. Gooood times.

    Tomorrow night however I will be having Captain Morgans and Sprite, which reminds me of when I went to Vegas with a bunch of friends. Isn’t it funny how some drinks have memories attached to them?

  13. Mojitos, for sure, and it’s so disappointing to me how many bars don’t stock fresh mint!

    Also, I never thought I was a margarita person but I had a gift card to Williams & Sonoma (dangerous, because I will always exceed the card) and they were giving out samples of margaritas made with some margarita mix they stocked. So good I had to buy it, despite the annoyingly high price. Then I remembered I don’t have a blender. Either the margarita was just that good or I’m just that dumb. Take your pick.

  14. Sadly, I am a beer girl. For you and new drinks, I mean. For me, it is awesome – you can get a beer anywhere, usually even a good beer, and yum, yum, yum, nothing like a nice cold Newcastle on a hot day. Or a cold day, for that matter. I’m also a big fan of margaritas on the rocks – tequila is surprisingly yummy mixed with all that limey goodness.

  15. Negroni: more or or less equal parts Campari, gin, and sweet vermouth. On the rocks and easy on the vermouth for me. Shake of orange bitters or a twist of orange rind finishes it off.

    If I want a tall, cool drink: Campari & soda; G&T, but only if there’s decent tonic (not the supermarket crap) and fresh limes; Gin Rickey, or a Tom Collins made fresh– none of that bottled mixer nonsense.

    Also nice: Jigger of apricot brandy, big squeeze of lime juice, top off with club soda.

  16. That’s my big problem – I never went out drinking when I was younger (I was a Baptist!), and I really don’t know what or how to order when I am out. I’ve liked just about everything I’ve tried, so I guess I’m easy, but I just don’t know the lingo or what brands to ask for in specific drinks or anything. It’s a bit intimidating.

  17. Oh, and one more: fresh lemonade (home-made, that is), tinted pink with a little juice from a jar of maraschino cherries and a few cherries tossed in. Spike it with gin and serve over ice. Oh-my-fucking-god delicious. Be careful with these, though– they go down so smooth it’s easy to get shit-faced, especially if you’re sitting out in the sun (ask me how I know).

  18. Car, I was a Baptist too! Props to Roger Williams. I had my first drink at 25! At schmancier places, I suggest that you ask for the drink menus and try something that sounds like a good dessert. In my experience, liquor brands don’t matter when you’re ordering whiskey & coke, vodka & tonic or gin & tonic. Anything basic, ask for rail. Much cheaper and still just as lovely. Worry about brands only when you’re either a) drinking something straight (no mixers) or b) eating filet mignon, and then you should probably just order a nice red wine anyway. I mean, I’m a vegetarian now, but I still remember filet mignon. Nice.

  19. That’s my big problem – I never went out drinking when I was younger (I was a Baptist!), and I really don’t know what or how to order when I am out. I’ve liked just about everything I’ve tried, so I guess I’m easy, but I just don’t know the lingo or what brands to ask for in specific drinks or anything. It’s a bit intimidating.

    That’s why I drink scotch. I lucked into a free scotch tasting once and decided that was yummy (although the fact that one of the drinks was Johnny Walker Blue probably helped! Like angels dancing down my throat, it was.), so I’ve pretty much stuck with that. And I just ordered the Quick F*** because I figured that Bailey’s and Kahlua would be pretty yummy, and I didn’t know what Midori was. (And now that I do, that sounds disgusting, but I promise you, it is not.)

  20. Car,
    You don’t have to have a set drink to drink successfully. I usually order off a drink menu if they have one, just because you get to try lots of good stuff that way. (CHicagoans, I recommend the Asian Pear Martini at Flat top, AMAZING.) I also just recently had my first pop rocks martini. It was hilarious.

    Also, if you’re really stuck, ask the bartender what their favorite is. :-)

  21. Mmmm I’m with Stephanie on the Amaretto sours but my other favorite mixed drink (if I can’t get a good fruity glass of Pinot Noir) is a Toasted Almond. Disarono with Kahlua and a dash of Godiva Dark Chocolate liquor with Cream. And if you love almonds who can go wrong with a name like “Toasted Almonds?” Sounds as good as it is! ^^

  22. I don’t drink anymore… but when I did, I was a Whiskey Sour, Kamakazi, or Long Island Iced Tea kinda gal.

    But single malt scotch whiskey?? Is like a massage from the inside out, drink it straight up at room temp. AAAaaaaamazing but wicked pricey.

  23. I am currently obsessed with anything that has pear in it — pear vodka, pear puree, pear juice, whatev. If you have a PF Chang’s nearby, the Asian Pear Mojito is tits, although I’ve looked for the recipe on the internet and discovered it might not even have actual pear in it.

    I am also in love with the “Gatsby” at Fat Cat — gin, white cranberry juice, and cucumber puree. Best summer drink ever.

    G&T is also my fallback in summer. I have yet to find a winter drink I love. Maybe that’s why I hate winter so much.

  24. I like gimlets and whiskey sours and gin-gins (gin and ginger beer) and Black Velvets (champagne and Guinness) and mojitos and capirinhas.

    But one of my favorite summer drinks is the Bellini, and I should go have one tomorrow before summer’s officially over. Prosecco, pureed fresh peaches, and a raspberry or two. Yum!

  25. My drink is definitely vodka and cranberry juice. Sometimes vodka and grapefruit juice (but only if it’s fresh). Long Island Iced Tea, when I want to get sloshed quickly.

  26. Thanks for the tips! Laughing about harveypenguin’s Scotch, because I’m kind of the same way. I tried it on a friend’s suggestion once and liked it, and it’s a fairly easy thing to order, so it’s almost the only thing I know to do. However, once I made the mistake of asking for a Scotch, the bartender saying “Straight?” and me saying “Um, ok. (?)” Didn’t know how much of a difference an ice cube or two makes. Whew! And of course, everyone there I knew had seen me order it that way and was all “Oooo, look at her being a big drinker” about it, so I had to choke it all down to save face. :)

  27. I have the opposite problem–everyone assumes that I want ice, but I want mine straight up.

    Am I the only one who hates G&Ts? They taste like Christmas trees to me.

  28. My standards are dark beers and white wines, though I’m with you on the chocolate cake shots- they are divine. I’m also a fan of just about anything cream or chocolate liqueur based- mudslides, white russians, coffee and baileys, etc… Bartenders makes an exceeeellent mix called Hot Sex (this is not the same as the mixed drink Hot Sex). It’s cream and chocolate and many other flavors… better than Baileys, cheaper than Baileys, and excellent in coffee or on crushed ice.

  29. My standard drink is the G&T (Bombay Sapphire, please). One birthday, three different friends bought be a bottle of the Sapphire — each scaled to that friend’s stage of life (grad school, non-profit work, up&coming lawyer) and proportional income. I still wish I’d taken the picture I wanted to of those three bottle lined up like the three bears. Poppa, Momma and Baby Bombay!

    But I absolutely second Mo’s vote for the Dark & Stormy! Had my first one at a pirate-themed event in May, and it has become my new favorite summer drink. Last weekend, we realized that we were out of the dark rum, so we mixed the ginger beer with basic Bacardi. Matt jokingly dubbed that drink the “Partly Cloudy” :)

    And having said all that, when we’re out at a place that has girly flavored martinis? I’ll order whatever catches my fancy that night….

    (The funny thing, considering all of this drinking reportage, is how infrequently I do drink these days….. sure doesn’t sound like it……)

  30. harveypenguin asked: Am I the only one who hates G&Ts? They taste like Christmas trees to me.

    No, you’re not the only one! In fact, I dislike all gin drinks, mostly because I deeply dislike gin. I’ve tried everything from rotgut to top shelf, and gin just isn’t my drink.

    Neither is Scotch. I had the opportunity to taste an $800/bottle single malt recently. Those who loved Scotch thought they’d died and gone to heaven. My reaction: it’s the best Scotch I’ve ever tasted, but it’s still Scotch. Whatever.

    I prefer bourbon. Preferably Pappy Van Winkle’s 20 or 23 year old reserve.

    It’s all about your individual taste buds :-).

  31. I think this may actually be my first comment here, but I’ve been a long-time reader. It’s possible that I’ve finally been inspired to post simply because I’m currently *drinking* that favorite drink… I remember the first time I had to explain this drink to a friend of mine – she asked what I was drinking, and I said, “Bailey’s.” She asked, “Bailey’s and what?”
    My answer: “Bailey’s… and ice.”

    I’m also a big fan of Bailey’s & Jameson’s, Bailey’s & chocolate soymilk (especially with a splash of amaretto), Bailey’s and/or amaretto or mint schnapps with hot chocolate, or basically any combination of these things. Though I’ve never tried the mint/amaretto/hot chocolate combo…

    And G&T’s are great too – I like mine with a splash of cranberry juice. And sometimes on a hot day there’s just nothing better than a good mojito.

    OK, now I sound like a total lush and I’m going to shut up and drink my Bailey’s… er… that’s Bailey’s and ice. Right?

  32. I love a fuzzy navel, nom nom nom. At home we make fuzzy screwdrivers, but I can never get one to taste as good at a bar.

  33. I don’t drink much at all, since I don’t like the taste of many alcoholic beverages, but my favorites are screwdrivers, vodka and cranberry juice, margaritas, and cosmopolitans.

    A fuzzy screwdriver? That might be right up my alley.

  34. I’m not a big drinker, but when I visited my aunt and her daughter this June, we went to the Rehoboth Beach Applebee’s and after seeing their summer drink menu, I had to try a Red Apple Sangria. It was very delicious, like drinking grape juice with some bite to it. It has Sutter Home Cabernet, DeKuyper Luscious Red Apple liqueur, tropical fruit juices and lemon-lime soda. They also give you a slice of lime, an orange, and a cherry.

    I also like screwdrivers, White Russians, mudslides, and a frozen Grasshopper, which tastes like a Thin Mint. But not a lot of bartenders know how to make it around here, or even know what it is!

  35. Technically I’m underage, and even if I wasn’t I don’t react very positively to depressants (or stimulants, or anything brain-fucky, for that matter), as I’ve learned from various medical crises in the past. And so while I wish I had the luck of brain chemistry that works well with alcohol, seeing as that’s not the case, I’m probably never going to drink. Unless they can invent an alcohol for People Who Have Panic Attacks And/Or Start Crying For No Reason Under The Influence Of Cough Syrup, For Fuck’s Sake.

    But if something were to break my Come On, You Know This Isn’t Going To Work Out For You no-alcohol vow it would be this.

    Go to Sonic Drive-in. Order an orange juice. Drink one third, and then refill your drink with vodka.


    But that’s not for flavor.

    That’s because I’m a big nerd.

    (and for those who get what I’m referencing, Congrats!, because I’m being way vague — but this is seriously and idea that tempts me sometimes because I am super easily amused)

  36. I’m not much for mixed drinks. I mostly drink red wine, sometimes cider if I’m not in the mood for wine. I do enjoy margaritas though.

  37. In autumn when I’m in a chocolate, steak, and dark wood mood, a Maker’s Mark Manhattan.

    In winter when I’m in a chilled oyster mood, a Tanquery 10 martini (though I’m growing more fond of Hendrick’s, lately).

    In the hottest humidest Lucinda Williamest part of summer, Maker’s straight up.

    In the chaotic fertility of spring, I’m fickle. Though that’s when I love any drink made with herbs or flowers, preferably one of these.

  38. Tonight my poison was Yeunging Lager. My coworkers and I decided to fix an overabundance of blood in our beer streams. The bar at the Watergate where we drink has a tendency to pour on the heavy side of balanced so if I’m having more than one there, I always choose beer.

    My favorite summer drink is a margarita, on the rocks with lime juice (not sour mix like so many bars around here seem to do). I might order a mojito for a change of pace or a gin and tonic because it’s hard to mess up. My favorite winter drink is bourbon with port a close second.

  39. Recently, a friend got me hooked on PIMM’s and Gingerale, with a slice of lemon and a slice of cucumber. SO DELISH.

  40. Arwen, ooh yes Pimm’s Cups are great! A British friend of mine introduced me to that this summer, but he used Sprite rather than ginger ale. What was weird to me was the cucumber – you wouldn’t necessarily expect that to be good, but it would be totally missing something without it!

  41. Um, I haven’t read a single suggestion I wouldn’t drink…. so I guess I’m not picky. All the ginger beer drinks, sigh, so perfect for summer. But the last two drinks I had were a very cold limoncello with cream (tonight after dinner), and a pomegranate mojito (last night, out with friends). So I’ll throw those into the menu.

  42. Chocolate Cake Shots are the best! It’s amazing how they really taste like chocolate.

    I like wine coolers (I’m a lightweight), Cosmos, Margaritas, Hot Chocolate with peppermint schnapps.

    Oooh, try a Pineapple Rum Cake. It’s vanilla vodka, pineapple juice and grenadine, layered all pretty. SO YUMMY. My nearest and dearest are getting together tomorrow night for a party sans kids- we all have overnight baby-sitters, so I think I’ll bring the fixin’s for just such a drink.

  43. *scoots over on the couch* Plenty of room, Christine, and plenty of other things to drink!

    The gin lovers expand the couch any time it’s needed, because the more of us that are over here, the more gin there is for them :-).

  44. I’m in the bourbon for winter, magarita for summer crowd. However the best drinks I ever had were back when my friend tended bar…

    Russian Quaalude: One shot each Bailey’s, Absolute Vodka and Kahlua, plus one half shot Frangelico. Shake over ice and strain into a short glass. Mmmmmm…

    Also lovely a Champagne Cocktail — One shot Chambord, in a sugar rimmed flute, fill the flute with champagne.

  45. Ginger beer, straight up or on the rocks.

    What? I never took up drinking.

    I figure I’m often wired backwards and people generally wonder what I’ve been into. If I started drinking, I’d probably just sober up and be no damn fun anymore.

    Besides, there should always be one sober person at every party to profit off the blackmail potential. ; )

  46. Well. . . .

    We used to do gin martini shots every Friday at 5:30 at work. Of course the first 3 months of the mission we did that every day and you could smell booze down the hall. Yay drunken astronomers and major space missions.

    But tonight- it’s an In n Out chocolate shake stuck in the freezer to get extra thick and then a crap ton of Kahlua.

    On and when I go back to Minneapolis it will be a Berry Cuban- like a mojito but instead of soda water, you use cava. Holy shit did I get drunk on two of those whilst eating tapas last January when doing my thank god I got through written quals celebrating (I had passed the orals 5 months earlier with no reservations which is apparently a big deal in our dept).

  47. I have several, alcoholically speaking (which I truthfully don’t do too often): the classic White Russian; the tart and refreshing Midori Sour; and Buttery Nipple, the lip-smacking girl shot. Vanilla vodka and Coke goes down pretty easy, as does regular vodka and cranberry-pomegranate juice.

    Most of the time, I just go for iced tea, very lightly sweetened.

  48. I loooove anything involving Rumple Minze. The stuff is really strong, but it tastes like liquid candy (due to the fact that it’s 110-proof peppermint schnapps). One shot that I really like is called a “Dead Nazi” — it’s a combination of Rumple Minze and Jagermeister. As the name suggests, the combination of two very strong German liquors is something around which to be careful, because it will get you very drunk very quickly, but it is oh-so-tasty.

    When I’m in the mood for something less strong, I really like a good microbrew, although unfortunately beer often hurts my stomach, so I have to be feeling a pretty specific way to drink it (I can usually tell beforehand whether or not the beer is going to wreak havoc on my GI system). I also really like red wines, especially Merlots.

  49. Am I the only one who hates G&Ts? They taste like Christmas trees to me.

    Hee! I love this description! And yes, I would totally drink a Christmas tree if I could, so that may explain my love for the drink.

    (But on the other hand, if one were to set out to make a drink that tasted like a Christmas tree, I think a great name for it would be the Tannen Bomb. …Oooh!!! And then it could be a really GIRLY drink, playing off ideas about gender difference a la Deborah Tannen. Hmm. I think I need to research this further.)

  50. Navy rum mixed with Coca Cola Light

    Light because it tastes less of syrup and is fizzier, not for any bullshit “health” benefts.

    Must be PROPER navy rum. Lambs, or Pussers, or Mount Gay or some other delicious, rich and well-rounded rum. None of that spiced crap.

    Also, love irish cream, and LOVE amaretto, peppermint liqueur, and clove cordial. And Tolon Tolon, which my mum always gives me when I go visit her in Spain!

    When I was a wee one, my favourite boozy drink was snowballs; small amount of advocaat in a long glass, topped up with lemonade.

  51. Beer! When it comes to drinking, I’m not very girly. (In fact, when it comes to a lot of things, I’m not very girly, haha.)

    I do sometimes give cocktails a try, but can never remember their names. It also depends on what I’ve eaten before that; sometimes I’ll want something fresh like a mojito, other times I’ll opt for something more sweet and creamy.

  52. Fortunately, I have a COMPLETELY AWESOME bartender who will make up new cocktails (or make the ones I make up) if I ask him to. And of course, I can’t be satisfied with any drink unless it’s something nobody else is drinking.

    This isn’t technically a cocktail, but beer with a small amount of raspberry soda is the kind of thing that sounds disgusting until you try it. I call it a Raspbeer.

    I made up a new drink the other day at the bar, made of pear Absolut, peppermint schnapps and lemonade. I don’t know if it’s been made before, but if I actually am the first person to invent it, it’s called an Interesting (for the interesting taste) and I CLAIM IT. If it’s already been invented then there goes my feeling of self-worth. Damn.

  53. When I was an undergrad I used to drink lots because a friend of mine was a bartender at this really good cocktail bar and he would have me try a lot of new stuff, sometimes just making it up for me, so I actually don’t know what half of what I drank was. However, I did get some favourites, especially something called Strawberry Dawa and Frozen Daiquiris (tried them in diverse tastes, won’t recommend cucumber).

    Unfortunately (or maybe rather fortunately) I couldn’t find a cocktail bar that was any match for my old regular place (they made everything from scratch, always with fresh fruits) when I moved to do my Masters, so I more or less stopped drinking altogether as nothing tastes the same anymore.

    Nowadays I mostly just have some port every now and then, and I’ve also come to love Pimm’s with lemonade (British thing, I understand).

  54. If I’m staying in, I’m normally drinking beer (corona or yuenglings) but if I go out, I’ll be ordering the swedish fish. It’s a fantastic drink that most bartenders have never even heard of, but when I find a bartender that knows how to make one, I’m a happy girl : ) It’s made with equal parts blackhaus, cranberry juice and sour mix. I highly recommend it!

  55. My standbys:

    Grownup Cream Soda: root beer plus vanilla vodka.

    Cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and vodka

    Malibu and diet coke

    Version of an amaretto sour: amaretto, Sprite, and a splash of lemon or lime juice.

  56. In my hometown, my fave martini at the local bar is the Bettie Page, which is a raspberry lemonade martini. I know fuck-all about what they put in it, except agitated raspberry pulp.

    (What’s odd about it, is that all the other martinis are named after dead celebrities, and yet Bettie Page? Still alive.)

  57. I have a thing for cocktails with a milk or cream base, like White Russians. I was a total girl-drink drunk. I had an embarrassing moment at the liquor store once, buying enough booze to fill a crate. What bar was it for? the cashier wanted to know. Uuuhhh…just for home. Having a party? Uuuuuhh…no. Just me.

    Now, I drink mostly beer. It’s just simpler, and they can’t really water it down on you if you’re at a crappy bar. Rogue brewing makes some fun ones — like chocolate stout!

  58. I’m usually a wine drinker. White in summer, red in fall and winter. Pink never. But I have three signature cocktails that go over well at parties.

    The Pink Pirate. (AKA The Ann Bonny)
    1 part good rum, may be fruit flavored if you like.
    2 parts fruit juice, single fruit or a blend, but it must be pink or red.
    1/2 part raspberry or strawberry Pucker.
    2 parts ginger ale.
    Drink it and shake your booty, yarr.

    Samurai Mojito.
    Just like any other mojito, but skip the rum and use sake instead.

    Lime and Elderflower
    1 part lime flavored vodka
    2 parts elderflower presse
    splash of Rose’s Lime Juice.

    I’ll cop to having only invented the Pirate. The other two came from But they’re all really good. Unless I feel like a more serious drink, in which case a vodka tonic or a good classic martini, a little dirty, would be in order.

  59. But on the other hand, if one were to set out to make a drink that tasted like a Christmas tree, I think a great name for it would be the Tannen Bomb

    And A Sarah for the win…. ;)

    All the vote for vanilla vodka + coke reminds me of the years in grad school when I did that the other way: straight vodka + Vanilla Coke. Called it a “V&V”

  60. I can’t believe nobody else mentioned a chocolate martini. Just like a regular martini, but you use vanilla or chocolate flavored vodka (Van Gogh makes a great chocolate vodka) instead of gin or vodka, and chocolate liqueur (dark or white, your choice) instead of vermouth. Garnish it with a cherry, rim the glass with vanilla sugar and cocoa powder if you feel really fancy.

    I don’t go for people who try to put cream, Bailey’s, and other crap in it. A little chocolate syrup swirl if you like the look, but don’t try to fancy it up, just booze and chocolate, please.

  61. Definitely beer, or red wine. If i had to pick something outside of that, I’d go with either a delicious (fresh) lime margarita or a really good tequila to sip. but that always makes me long for a fabulous tropical vacation in the way that drinking 40s of malt liquor reminds me of college!

  62. I second the clear chocolate martini. I also enjoy cosmos, amaretto sours, and yes, the G & T.

    It’s funny that people are saying gin tastes like Christmas trees and that’s why they dislike it. That’s why I love it. My mum and I always drink gin and tonics at Christmas.

  63. And here’s my delurk post – I’ve been lurking here for about a month now – you’re all awesome!

    Definately the chocolate martini – I agree, emmy, I’m suprised that no one else has mentioned it yet. I also love a gin sour if I’m in the mood for something tart.

    “I remember the first time I had to explain this drink to a friend of mine – she asked what I was drinking, and I said, “Bailey’s.” She asked, “Bailey’s and what?”
    My answer: “Bailey’s… and ice.'”

    cornflake, this reminds me of a friend of mine, whose favourite drink is vodka. She is often asked “what do you want it with?” and she replies “ice.” This response often gets some pretty surpised reactions.

  64. I make a kick-ass Sangria, too. That’s definitely my drink of choice when I have friends over. For some reason I can drink this stuff all night and maintain the *perfect* buzz – never getting knackered or headachey/sleepy. The same stuff puts my best friend – who is a much heavier drinker than I am – under the table. Go figure. Anyway, it tastes like Hawaiian punch with a kick, which is why I love it.

    Into a 2-quart pitcher:

    1 cup sugar
    1 cup light rum
    1 cup orange juice

    Mix well until sugar is dissolved (which happens fairly easily in the alcohol). Add:

    1 sliced lime
    1 sliced orange
    1/2 small jar marachino cherries, with liquid

    Crush fruit lightly (I use a potato masher).

    Fill pitcher to the top with bottled Sangria wine. Chill 1 hour before serving over ice.


    (1 standard-size bottle of wine will yield about 2 pitchers with this recipe.)

  65. Well, I’m not dotty about alcohol, just never cared for the taste, but I love hot drinks like coffee, tea, and hot cocoa. So the one circumstance in which alcoholic beverages totally float my proverbial boat is putting things like Bailey’s or Kahlua and cream in coffee. Oh yeah, and once I had a touch of butterscotch Schnapps in hot cocoa and that was also delicious.

    Basically, if it tastes like candy and I can put it in something hot so there’s not a lot of alcoholic bite, I’m totally there. ^_^

    I don’t like soda pop either and never have, so I’m something of an anomoly in the popular drinks world.

  66. I just don’t go for mixed drinks. I adore ruby port, it is the ultimate alcohol to me. I also like, to a much lesser extent, very wet red wines. A good wet white wine is great, especially if it has a little bit of something else in it — pear or peach. I don’t care for champagne.

    I enjoy that cheap Arbor Mist blackberry wine a LOT.

    Vodka goes with anything, and I’m fond of mixing it with sparkling red grape juice and pomegranate juice (okay, so I guess that counts as a mixed drink).

    A good bourbon/whiskey is not something to be enjoyed because it’s tasty, but because the flavors are so interesting, and because it will mellow me right the fuck out.

    Rum and apple cider are a mandatory mix around the holidays.

  67. I can’t believe nobody else mentioned a chocolate martini.

    I had one for the first time a few weeks ago. Wow. It was definitely pretty freaking good.

  68. There are a few drinks I only drink in the summer:

    – Pimm’s cup, as described above, though I often make it with half Sprite and half seltzer to cut the sweetness. The cucumber slice is mandatory.
    – Dark & Stormy: spicy, kicky ginger beer with Gosling’s rum and a generous squeeze of lime.
    – gin and lemonade. My sister turned me on to this drink a few summers ago; at her house it’s gin and pink lemonade, which is a truly silly-looking prinked-pinky teahouse kind of drink. When first she pressed the drink upon me, I winced, imagining that it would taste like Victorian hair tonic. It’s delicious: refreshing, cool, tart and sweet with just a tiny zing from the gin.

    I keep promising myself I’ll try a kir royale. Maybe this weekend!

  69. Depends on the season:

    Spring &Summer: Cadillac Margaritas or something like a mai tai. Cosmos

    Winter: Chocolate Martinis and Vanilla Chocolate martinis.

  70. My standard is Stoli O and tonic. I keep a handle of the vodka in my freezer at all times, and there’s always tonic in the fridge. We never run out of ice cubes.

    When I’m out and feeling fancy, I usually go to the White Heart- a fanastic bar here in Portland that makes the BEST drinks. My favorite is the Blue Buzz. It has muddled blueberries, Stoli blueberry vodka, cinnamon, lemon, and club soda. It’s Portland’s signature drink, according to the menu, and it’s perfect in the summer when the blueberries are fresh from a little further north.

    Maine is so good. (:

  71. I rarely drink, but my choice when I do is a Whiskey Sour (a little on the sweet side made with Bourbon) or a Caipirinha. But the yummiest drink I ever had was called an Oatmeal Cookie. There are a lot of recipes for that one, but they are usually a mix of Bailey’s, Cinnamon Schnapps, Kahlua and Jaigermeister.

  72. Mohitos are always good, especially in the heat of Summer.
    But my favorite is a Chamborde Margarita. Found at Chili’s and for cheap.

    If I’m looking for a quick drunk, Bacardi Razz with Sprite. Yummy and you can’t taste the alchohol so you drink more than you probobly should…

  73. Ohh almost forgot! For us chocoholics Grasshoppers! Godiva Dark Chocolate Liquour, Creme De Menthe and Kalhua. Layered in a chilled shot glass. Or blended with ice cream into a smoothie….lol.

  74. I enjoy the following responsibly *hic*:

    *Lemonade, 7-up/Sprite, and vodka all mixed together into a refreshing concoction

    *A blend of vodka, bitters, Sprite, and Rose’s lime juice, also a refreshing concoction

    *I love drinks where I can’t taste the liquor, so tropical drinks are waaaaay up my buzzed alley. I was in Vegas a couple of weeks ago and while it may have cost me $17, it was a large pilsner filled with frozen strawberry slushie, a fuckton of rum (I…think), plus two shooters of some other clear liquor. By the time I was finished, I was quite…let’s call it “happy”. (And then I proceeded to win $100 on a nickel slot machine, so clearly, DRINKING MAKES ME A WINNER.) Kahunaville at Treasure Island if you’re in the neighborhood.

  75. My fall back is always cranberry and vodka. Those who can do gin and tonics are better men/women than I.

    One time I went to an open bar where they had these things with mint ice cream, booze of some sort, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. SO AMAZING! But I don’t know what they’re called (because I had about 5 that night on top of a few other things).

    And at an open bar the next night (I’m in college, it’s allowed) I had something else I can’t remember the name of that was like a midori slushie of some sort. Also amazing. Sometimes I think I dreamed these drunks.

    Arbor Mist sangria is pretty awesome. :)

    Can we put this post somewhere special? I think I’ll be needing it in the near future.

  76. I am going to use this thread as a to-do list on my 21st birthday (WHICH IS IN ELEVEN DAYS)!

    Some things I love:

    Sweet white wine, especially Riesling. If I were only allowed to have one drink for the rest of my life, that’s probably what I would go with.

    Fruity tequila-based things, like tequila sunrises and margaritas.

    Bailey’s and coffee.

    Bailey’s and Kahlua.

    Bailey’s and Bailey’s and more Bailey’s.

    My friend’s homemade apricot vodka, mixed with a little bit of Sprite.

    And the drink we invented to celebrate our first successful attempt at grantwriting. In honor of us turning in the proposal online at the last possible second, it’s called a “Submit at Midnight,” and consists of equal parts vodka, aronia berry juice (very sour), and peach juice (very sweet). The two juices balance each other out and are delicious.

  77. I’m a Scotch drinker almost exclusively, for ‘hard liquor’. I used to like Chivas, but they changed it and made it sweeter and less smoky/peaty. I’m still looking for a replacement. For those who drink their Scotch with ice, try warming it, like you would a fine brandy instead.

    For anyone with a chill or touch of a cold, make a cup of hot tea, just a little sweeter than you’d normally drink it, and add a tablespoon of Scotch. A good night’s sleep is almost guaranteed.

  78. Any and all whisky except the peaty ones – I love me some JD, and I have a 25 year old bottle of Highland Park just waiting for me to stop breastfeeding.

    Until then, I have the occasional half-glass of red wine. *sigh*

  79. I don’t like to drink (the taste of alcohol is yukky to me, and my body just doesn’t like it), but on those rare occasions that I do, I order Baileys on the rocks. Everyone teases me about it because it’s probably the least sophisticated drink one can order, but I like it because it’s delicious and I barely taste the alcohol. I’m also the Cheap Date Extraordinaire because I get supremely tipsy on one drink (because I rarely drink).

    I was out with friends recently and they all ordered Car Bombs. It’s a mug partly filled with Guiness (or some other stout); alongside the mug, you get a shot glass with Baileys and Jameson whiskey in it. You drop the full shot glass into the mug and then chug the drink before the cream curdles. I didn’t have one, but my friends like them and say they are great for getting drunk.

    When I lived in eastern Europe, I used to like champagne mixed with cherry liqueur, which I learned from the locals. The drink tasted like candy soda and not too alcohol-y, so I could really enjoy it.

  80. I drink red wine, champagne, vodka tonics, and true martinis. That’s… pretty much it, because I am boring; mixed drinks don’t do much for me (I get distracted by all the color and flavor and whatever), bourbon and SoCo smell like vomit, and beer makes my tummy hurt.

    When I worked at a bar a couple years ago I had a custom-drink named after me that customers loved, but I’m damned if I can remember what went into it. I suppose that can be my excuse to go out this weekend. ;)

  81. It looks like I may need to make some Hurricanes this weekend. :) My parents live just north of New Orleans, and mom says if they lose power, they’re coming to soak up my AC here in central MS. Something with two kinds of rum sounds like just the thing to help me deal with my mom, dad, and their three small yappy dogs. (Who will no doubt get along famously with my two small snuggly kitties. Not.)

    Don’t worry, though. We’re all far outside the flood zones, and have weathered (ha!) much worse than this.

  82. We have 750 ml of grey goose vodka, 1 cup of fresh rasberries (from the farmer’s market), and 1 cup of fresh blueberries (ditto) and 2 tbsps of honey marinating right now. Tomorrow, after straining, we are going to mix with some ginger beer. We haven’t had this before but got the recipe out of the local paper (we made a few modifications) and it sounded so good we decided to try it. Let you know if it is good. Otherwise, it is a top self margarita or a tequila sunrise w/ anejo tequila all the way.

  83. Okay – so you won’t be able to find this at a bar, but still – YUM. It’s called Amarula, and it’s from South Africa. Search it out, find it, drink it. YUM. It’s made from the Marula nut… imagine Baileys that wasn’t Baileys but was instead… well, nutty. So so good. Over ice, straight up, whatever. I made some into truffles and they didn’t last very long.

  84. Far too many to count! Generally not the girly range, though. Peaty scotch, bitter ales and stouts, wines of all sorts, martinis, sours.

    I’m partial to a negroni, if it’s a cocktail evening. Or a real margarita. Not frozen, no mix. Just tequila, lime juice and some sweet citrus liqueur. Kir royales.

    But what is a chocolate cake shot?

  85. I can’t go past a good Bloody Mary, don’t skimp on the Tabasco. Though I generally prefer them without ice, which can be difficult to get, and don’t get me started on the strange place I went to once where they put mint in my Bloody Mary. It was foul.

    Failing that, my standard is a scotch and coke, which is often hilarious because so many of my male friends prefer ‘girly’ drinks, and when we’re at a pub, the bartender will put the scotch in front of them and the strange pink concoction in front of me, and I will glare at them mightily.

  86. I love my dad’s margaritas (triple sec, tequila, lime, no sugar, some crushed ice but not vast quantities, salted glass). Actually I like a lot of drinks with tequila in. Tequila sunrises, tequila and bitter lemon – I don’t particularly recommend tequila and absinthe, though it seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Generally I prefer my cocktails not too sweet, and Archers (peach schnapps) does have a tendency to make me grimace. I’m fairly partial to anything with ameretto in though. Caipirinhas (I so can’t spell that) and mojitos are both very nice.

    G&T is hard to beat for an aperitif, but gin and orange juice or gin and grapefruit are nice alternatives, as is grapefruit and tonic.

    I like real whisk(e)y, neat, or with a dash of water, preferably something mellow rather than the really peaty ones. I like blended whisky like grouse or Jamesons with lemonade or ginger ale. I wouldn’t say no to JD and coke.

    I like real (alcoholic) cider and perry, and real ale (and mild, and stout), and the occasional glass of lager on a hot day or with curry. I drink wine though I’m no connoisseur, generally preferring dry whites and rich fruity reds.

    But on a hot week when I’ve been cycling hard and am in need of refreshment, and hence my current favourite, what I really go for is a pint of lime cordial and soda water with ice. Sorted.

  87. Totally off topic, but thought you might like to see this. I posted it after finding your site, and was kind of surprised about the lack of ‘omg go on a diet’ (something I get a lot offline.)

    More on-topic; I don’t drink often, but something I had the other night that I loved was apparently called a strawberry pulse–it was equal parts V and vodka with something strawberry-flavoured in it and it was awesome. (The worst drink I have ever had came shortly after that. Someone was trying to replicate a pulse and offered me something which was later revealed to be Baileys mixed with Red Bull. It was awful.

  88. Vodka and tonic with lime, margaritas heavy on the mix (I don’t like tequila, what can I say?), or mead. Those are my favorites.

    Especially mead.

  89. To Elliot-
    I love Amarula! I’m a military wife and around christmas time I can find it at the on post liqueur store. I will usually buy about 3 bottles to last through the year til the next christmas. This past year they were selling a gift box of it with little shot glasses that had elephants on them. Very cute.

  90. black & tan, thanks. Not so much for the mixed drinks, although a bloody mary’s awesome on a hot morning.

  91. Seabreezes are my favorite but my then new husband claimed to still be able to taste the alcohol in them so a bartender we knew recommended cosmopolitans (before Sex and the City) as a compromise. My husband still makes the best cosmos we and our friends have ever had. My other favorite is single malt scotch (the peatier the better) with a few drops of water to open it up.

  92. Sweetness – it was a retired military friend who got me addicted, and I bought several of those gift boxes – one for me, others for gifts. Yum.

  93. In college my friends and I used to search the interwebs and make drinks with the most disgusting names we could find… I remember the Lactating Green Monkey and the Bloody Frog Cum–both had creme de menthe and I think we made them the same night. Yuck. And I accidentally set a friend’s face on fire–who knew you were supposed to blow out the flaming shot before you drank it?

    In my experience, when you start out drinking you love the sweet stuff (Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill, anyone?) and then shift to liking more bitter brews.

    I’m boring and mostly a beer and wine person now, but if I get a mixed drink it’s usually orange-flavored vodka and soda, which is flavor-y but not too sweet. My Brazilian friend pronounces caipirinhas Key-preen-yas (along with making dee-licious ones!), but I’ve gotten weird looks at bars saying it that way.

    In comically bad mixed drinks, my boyfriend recently ordered the Catch-22 from Orson in San Francisco. It has: batavia-arak van oosten, rhum clement creole shrubb, manzanilla sherry, and house chocolate liquor. That’s from the website–I don’t even know what half those ingredients are. He said he would gladly pay another 12 bucks to not drink it, which is my test for a truly bad meal or beverage.

  94. Ego, that self-portrait and your commentary pretty much rocked, and I found it awesomely reassuring — judging by the picture, you & I are built pretty much the same way, and I kept thinking… man, she looks great in that bathing suit! Maybe I look great in a bathing suit too!

    (Please note: I am teh crazy. But that picture really is rockin’; I love your hair.)

  95. Sarawr–thanks! xD I think it helps a lot that I’m wearing a bathing suit that fits pretty well (which was really hard to find because the vast majority of bathing suits sold near me are meant for much shorter, smaller-chested women. x3)

    Go put your bathing suit on! It’s not too cold to swim yet! =D

  96. sorry y’all….i’m late to this party! LOL

    mine is Captain Morgan’s “Tattoo” Rum and either cream soda or ginger ale

  97. My standard order is a vodka tonic, it’s pretty hard for a bartender to mess up.

    I make a killer chocolate martini, though:

    1 shot vanilla vodka (you can use plain, but vanilla is best, and I actually use a little less than a whole shot, maybe 3/4 or so)
    1 shot Frangelico
    1 shot Starbucks coffee liqueur
    2 shots Godiva chocolate liqueur
    1 1/2 shot half and half (milk works in a pinch, though I’d avoid skim – it tastes better with some fat in it)

    it’s delicioso, and you can play around with the exact amounts of each based on tastes – I prefer it extra chocolatey, so I use pretty much twice as much Godiva as anything else, and less vodka. My dad likes a boozey taste, so he uses more vodka than I do. You can also take out the chocolate and use more Starbucks and have an espresso martini. Wev. The ingredients are a little pricey, but it’s worth it to get the name brand stuff, cheap chocolate and coffee liqueurs taste a little nasty.

  98. Yes, yes, late to the party… again! But I have to add my voice to the chocolate martini chorus… but with an addition. We went to a party one night at a club where one of the signature drinks was a white chocolate martini and my husband the choco-holic had to give that a try. I think the only diff between that and the other was white chocolate liqueur. Divine, really.

    The other things I tend toward are great for summer: Bocce balls (amaretto and orange juice) and mojitos (but with simple syrup infused with mint in addition to the muddled mint leaves). Come to think of it, Amaretto and Coke is tres yummy… as is plain old Amaretto on the rocks. A trend? Why, yes!

  99. Later to the party – one more vote for any good microbrew beer served very cold. Beersicles, anyone?

  100. Ahh I am so happy to see someone found this marvelous Kids In The Hall sketch that I’m always referring to when I get girl drinks…and no one knows what I’m talking about.

    Hats off to you!!!

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