59 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sweet Machine!”

  1. The Ides of August! I always wish I’d been born on the Ides of something. Color me jealous.

    Happy birthday!! Congrats on being nearly out of your 20s!

  2. Happy Birthday, SM!

    Will would thank you for your wishes himself, but he is currently sleeping off a kid-hangover caused by too much Diet Pepsi with caffeine last night, plus extreme excitement over it being his birthday eve, which combined to create an almost sleepless night, followed by a 5:30am awakening to FINALLY OPEN HIS PRESENTS.

    Did you get a new bike, too?

  3. how old is Will?

    12, which you might not have guessed from that description, but since I’m the same way at 33 (only with an actual hangover), it’s probably genetic.

  4. HOORAY!

    Thank you for being born, the world appreciates it (if not the world, then at least your loved ones and of course the Shapelings). Have an awesome anniversary of said auspicious day.

    I really hope it involves baby-flavored cake and ice cream. :)

  5. Happy Birthday, Sweet Machine, I hope you have a wonderful year! Happy Birthday to Will as well. I think when I was his age I’d have enjoyed having a whole bunch of people wishing me happy even if I didn’t have a clue who any of them were.

  6. Happy birthday to Sweet Machine and me! It’s also the birthday of Julia Child, and in celebration of that I suggest we all eat something covered in butter.

  7. It’s also the birthday of Julia Child, and in celebration of that I suggest we all eat something covered in butter.

    And engage in international espionage! Happy bday, B.S.A.G.!

  8. Happy birthday Sweet Machine.

    I knew a girl growing up (our moms were BFFs) Who was born on August 15th 1981 (I can’t remember how old you are but it’s close to that right?) So I can vouch for it being a very good birthday.

    Many more!

  9. As my grandmother told me with a whack each time: Happy birthday! Here’s one to live on, one to grow on, and one to make you fat!

  10. Somehow my comment didn’t get through…you might want to Google the blog Cake Wrecks because I tried to put the link into the comment and it might have gone to a spam file.

    There are baby cakes there…I know, Happy Birthday!

  11. Yay! Happy Birthday! I hope you get a pony!

    (“pony” = “whatever you want most, up to and including an actual pony”)

  12. Happy Birthday SM!!!

    Here, have three completely unrelated videos. Well unrelated except that they’re three videos that I enjoy. Oh, and I guess they all feature music, thinking about it.


    Happy Birthday, yo!

  13. Arwen: “Hippo birdeye two ewes!”


    And Sweet Machine – I’ve got a whole flock of ewes here on the farm – take your pick. May you get what you wish for… and then find that it really IS what you wanted!

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