97 thoughts on “Friday fluff: Save me, Shapelings!”

  1. It’s been record-setting hot here, which has made me sleep-deprived and cranky, but it’s had one silver lining – or tomato-red lining. Yesterday we picked the first handful of ripe, falling off the vines homegrown tomatoes, several weeks earlier than usual.

    Homegrown tomatoes taste like summer to me. The deluge is starting and I can’t wait. It made me all happy and tingly to eat one and realize that it was so full of flavor that my mouth was dancing.

    If only I had zucchini to go with it. (I’m one of those weird people who absolutely adores zucchini.) But we only moved into this house less than a year ago and there was no time to dig the vegetable garden for this season. Just wait until next year.

  2. There is always my fall back need a pick me up website (Cuteoverload. com) but I’m sure that almost everyone knows about that one. My other favorite is a web cam feed of a family of chinchillas at sleepychinchilla. com they don’t move around very much, but its the next best thing to being at home with my own pets.

  3. Sweet Machine, feeling lowdown and not fluffy isn’t at all surprising after you have put in so much work on something — and now whatever’s next is coming.

    Something good — you have a lot of fans here who love to read what you have to say. You’ve kept me sane lots of times in the last six months (which is as long as I’ve been here.)

  4. I made a delicious mocha pecan pie last night. A friend from Texas sent me pecans from her parents’ tree. I put a bit of cocoa powder in the crust and used coffee instead of water, so the crust would match the filling. So tasty.

    If you’re ever out my way, I’d totally make you pie.

    Also, I have more pecans.

    Oh, and a good friend called me last night. Her amazingly talented daughter just started an internship with BCBG last week. Turns out they love her so much, they’ve hired her on full-time!

    I’m hoping I can work out some sort of swag for pie deal, because they make some awesome purses.

  5. The James Gang, a group who were on America’s Got Talent a few weeks ago are brilliantly entertaining:

    Young guys from Harlem who sing and dance in a combination of styles from the 1930s to now. I’m so hoping they win, or at least get tons and tons of exposure.

    Watch this clip if you’re feeling down. I think it’ll make you smile.

  6. This will only work if you find babies adorable.

    This is one of my little cousins who will growl back at you if you growl at her. I almost keeled over from the cuteness.

    Also, I have a delicious cupcake I’m eating at my desk. Mmm…chocolatey

  7. All of the crazy in the world is getting to me, and I think I might need to stop reading about how much the world sucks for a little while. I feel you.

    In uplifting news, I recently painted my kitchen red (which is unbelievably awesome and I highly recommend it), it’s supposed to be all hot and sticky all weekend (perfect beach-going weather!), and I’m two steps from putting a functional band together (which could completely implode in no time, but I’m trying to be optimistic). Plus, hello, new Mummy movie with the ever-tasty Brendan Fraser!!

  8. I don’t know if it’s fluffy, but one of the sites I resort to when I’m feeling blue is Thog’s Masterclass:

    Just hit ‘I Feel Unlucky.’ Last time I did:

    Dept of Eyeballs in the Sky. ‘”Seigneur, I have invented forty new dishes for to-night’s banquet,” Francois said pathetically, his eyes creeping out until they hung on the rims of their sockets like desperate people wavering on the edges of precipices.’ (George Viereck & Paul Eldridge, Salome The Wandering Jewess, 1930)

  9. Good things:

    My blood work came back normal! (I’m assuming, since they didn’t call me back.) This means that the weird immune response thingie I’ve been laid up with for the past few weeks is either totally NOT serious, or SO serious that it doesn’t show up in a normal blood panel. I’m going with the former.

    I’m getting stuff together to apply for my VERY FIRST ACADEMIC JOB. (Anyone know what to put in a dossier?)

  10. Today’s indulgent dinner plan:

    pork tenderloin in a black and red pepper marinade
    deeply browned onions
    softened red and yellow peppers
    sugar snap peas

    If I really get my act together, I may turn it into a rice salad a la Mark Bittman’s ideas from this week’s Times food section. Not sure how I’d construct a dressing given the meat tho. Even done up plain, it will be yummy and yield lots of leftovers for quesadillas and other summery meals. Then I will feel less stressy, because most of the weekend will be no cook. (highs in the low 90s are predicted for this weekend so no heat in the kitchen will be a real treat)

  11. Chicken empanada from the farmers’ market for lunch today!

    Gooey chocolate espresso cookie fresh from the bakery yesterday! Even better, as I sat outside eating it, a skinny blonde chick jogs by and stares very longingly at my cookie.

    Preparations for my friend’s wedding shower this weekend to include shopping and baking. Yay!

  12. Hmm, the spam filter seems to have eaten my last comment. Anyway, look up Swati on Myspace (the actual address is swatilive)…excellent music for questionable moods.

  13. A Sarah, I might not be much help to you, but I just did 10 academic job applications last year. Let me know if you want me to email you! :)

    SM, as you know, I am now drawing a real live paycheck, so I feel like living proof that It Gets Better and Bills Get Paid! Which is quite the feeling. Also, I just finished all of my chemistry (except cleaning up, which will take a couple weeks). Yippee!!

  14. I went and saw Mamma Mia! after reading the post about it. (I loved it, and I haven’t previously loved musicals or ABBA.) I forget who described Pierce Brosnan’s singing as a braying donkey, but that was SPOT ON. The first time he sang anything, everyone in the theater laughed. The next time he sang, there were chuckles. Sporadic snickering through the duet.

    At the last romantic song I was still chuckling, and my best friend turned to me and joked “You know, you’re ruining the sappy moment for me.” I said, “I’m laughing along with everybody else. It’s fuckin’ hilarious!” And the guys in front of us turned around to grin and nod at me, and the song finished to general amusement.

    It was one of those Theatre Moments I had to share.

  15. I’ll tell you a tiny story that has restored my faith in humanity today.

    Today I went down to my son’s bus stop to pick him up from his last day of Extended Year. Well the idjits down in the office locked the dang gate I use to get to his bus stop, and I don’t have a damn key. I have severe back problems right now. Basically I have a missing vertebra at the very bottom of my back. I had to walk ALL the way around the property in Houston heat and in severe pain. Half-way there I was sobbing I was in so much pain, cars passing me like crazy. Then suddenly salvation. A very sweet nurse turned around and asked if she could help me. Not being one to turn down help when I know darn good and well I need it I got into her lovely air-conditioned car, and she took me to the bus stop. But her kindness didn’t stop there. She sat with me at the bus stop, talked with me, and then drove my son and myself home. I swear I couldn’t thank her enough.

    If somehow you are out there, and find this, thank you again! You were my saving grace in an otherwise desperate situation.

  16. Er… I can’t think of anything.

    No wait! I can!

    We get a free dinner tonight courtesy of my father-in-law to celebrate his mother’s birthday!

  17. I close on my very first house two weeks from today, and three days after that I start my new job as Assistant Professor of Natural Resources Policy and Communication (fit THAT on a business card, I dare you!)

    Sweet Machine, didn’t you just finish your prelims? Perhaps you need some “laying in bed reading a good book” time?

    A Sarah- I can send you my stuff…It got me a job! my email is erthlvr78 at yahoo dot com.

  18. Karen, that’s a really sweet story. I adore wonderful people.

    In happy news I get to babysit my nephew this weekend and he reminds me I don’t want kids while warming my little black heart. It’s amazing and unbeatable.

    My husband cleaned the house while I was at work, bought me tampons, and bathed the cat.

    And speaking of cats, and this is a bit low brow, but whenever I’m feeling a little low I look at lolcats for 10 minutes or so and I just can’t help but beam.

  19. At this very moment, one of my best friends is in labor with her first child. I can’t wait to meet the wee babe, and am wishing my friend all the strength and fortitude and luck in the world, so that her labor goes smoothly and she and baby will come through with flying colors.

    Go Ottery and Taterbug!!!

  20. I love my cats. They are all getting baths this weekend. They are never thrilled with the idea, but tolerate it alright.

    My biggest one (the 3-4 foot long from tip to tail) does this adorable kitten routine where he cries and whines and digs his nose into my shirt and pads. It is so cute.

  21. Well, Entertainment Weekly actually included this line in a list naming movies with offensive characters:

    Jokes about overweight people are never really funny or clever, but they never got that memo at Big Momma’s House.

    And while voters considered Big Momma to be only mildly offensive, they considered Rasputina from Eddie Murphy’s Norbit as “malignant”

    I know neither is a big deal or huge step forward, but hey, I’ll take any indication that people are starting to get the idea that fat jokes aren’t funny that I can get, eh?

  22. My cats have finally figured out a sleep schedule for sleeping on my bed. Morticia starts out the night, and I wake up with Harry. It’s very cute, especially since there’s no hissing.

  23. All of the crazy in the world is getting to me, and I think I might need to stop reading about how much the world sucks for a little while. I feel you.

    GAWD me, too. Plus I learned a couple of news items regarding friends/family that aren’t bad, per se, but are just mind bogglingly weird. Plus omg hot. Plus wtf allergies.

    But good things… I finished the laundry last night. The apartment is clean. My favorite cat had a terrible UTI/bladder infection but it is clearing up nicely and she is going to be okay and she’s acting like her old self again. We have central air and Guitar Hero so I am likely going to stay in the AC and drink beer and play video games all weekend, and that is hard to beat.

  24. Last Friday, I (on a whim) purchased a lovely 18k white gold, ruby, and diamond ring for half price! from a jewellery store in Toronto that sells beautiful stuff not found elsewhere, and anything with the birthstone of the month is half price for that month! Yay July rubies (not my birthstone, but I love the colour)

    It is currently being sized to fit my big fat size 9 finger. Next Friday, it shall begin to adorn me with its grace and beauty.

    I have decided that it is my reward for reaching 1 year (as of yesterday) at my gym, going at least twice a week, except for the rare occasions when I was out of town.

    And tomorrow I get to meet my brand new nephew, born July 22. His 20 month old brother calls him ‘baby’ and always wants to check up on him-probably to see if he’s doing anything interesting yet! I can’t wait to see both of them.

  25. A Sarah – best wishes for your dossier! (I’ll be there myself in a year or so)

    Right now I’m especially enjoying the slow pace of summer – not having to do anything urgent, taking time to just sit around (which is vastly different from sitting around doing schoolwork).

    Yesterday I sat in my garden (not as dead as last year’s garden!) and had some lemondade, which I made from actual lemons.

    It’s been nice.

  26. Great fluff ideas already here. (And I’ve been so riled up at everything this week that I heartily “Hear Hear (or wait…is it ‘here here’??)” the need for mindless fun and fluff. So I give you a few things I use:

    Muppets Stars and Stripes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDA9NbPAK8o (Although it has been slow to load for me the last two days…hopefully it goes quickly for you. Beaker never gets old for me!)

    Or you can read some old Weight Watchers recipe cards for a bit of snarky fun: http://www.candyboots.com/wwcards.html

    Also for fun I will share that I get to go whale watching for the first time ever this Sunday! I’m a bit leery of boats (scratch that…open water terrifys me and boats make me queasy) but I found out they make LESS drowsy Dramamine so I am still excited and hope I actually see some whales!

    OOO and I also finished reading FAT!SO? the other day and loved it. Let’s see…

    OH! And the house is all clean and I’m making a strawberry cake for the hubby’s B-day party tomorrow (I got him one of those remote control Dalek’s for his birthday and I can’t wait to play with it…uh…I mean watch HIM play with it…)

  27. In the vein of webcams, a few minutes of watching the elephants at http://www.elephants.com on their webcam always gives me a happy mellow feeling. They also have some neat videos if you want to hear the elephants talk to each other.

  28. Maybe it would cheer you up that you are now a quote of the day on Shakesville, complete with a declaration of love from Melissa!

  29. O.C., The James Gang was adorable, but the editing of that show was atrocious. I want to see them dance! Stop zooming around and don’t show me Jerry Springer!

  30. A Sarah – Iz an akademik, and has been on serch commiteees. If you want, I’ll stop by your blog and give you my email addy.

  31. Things I’m fluffy about today:
    Dr. Who. Homemade chicken tostadas- I’m roasting tomatoes and poblanos now for the sauce
    Igigi’s Summer Breeze cocktail dress in emerald green
    Upstate NY lake shores
    A new hair brush
    An old pair of jeans
    Jim Dale reading “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”
    An iron starfish door stopper I found in a junk shop

  32. @ Lynne and car – YES PLEASE! And Kristin, I’ll be emailing you.

    (car, please tell me in the comments if my blog isn’t properly outfitted for email addresses to be left… Because I don’t really understand my own blog or all the things it can do. I need Our Blogs, Ourselves to help me out. But I don’t think it exists. helas.)

  33. Did you notice that The James Gang’s lyrics seem to praise thunder thighs? YAY!

    Oh, another good thing (sorta): In an interview with Victoria Beckham in August’s Allure magazine, a reporter tries to goad Beckham into insulting fat people, but she doesn’t take the bait. She says something like people are people, some are fat and some are thin and that’s the way it is.

    On the one hand I’m pissed off at the reporter for picking on fat people just out of the blue, like it’s a normal, appropriate conversational topic. On the other hand, wow! Posh Spice actually might be cool!

    (I’ll be writing a letter to the editor this weekend, if anyone would like to join me.)

  34. April D., dingdingding!!!! Smiles abound here both in mother and daughter due to the penguin and Beaker in the Muppet video. Thanks!

  35. A Sarah – I think that you should put into your dossier all of the top secret, double agent documents you have asserting your “feministic” (thanks idiot troll from Shakes) leanings and your attempts to subvert the skinny paradigm. :-)

    My good news is that we will be traveling to the Catskills tomorrow to attend my best friend’s (of 20+ years) wedding! He and his man-friend recently went to California to make it legal, too. I will also be in the wedding. Needless to say, I’ve have been reading the archives for support and trying not to think about the fact that I will be the fattest one there or that my dress shows more of my legs than I am totally comfortable with because, as has been said here before, everyone knows I’m fat and he wants me in his wedding anyway! (I am paranoid b/c my sister didn’t have me in her wedding because I wasn’t thin and pretty enough. She had been my “maid of honor,” in as much as she could be one in what boils down to a legal handfasting, several years before.)

    So, good news, kinda’ fluffy. I haven’t been this excited for anything since my youngest was born a few months ago.

  36. HSBC Direct – yes, a bank – has a cute, and I think fat-positive, ad about wanting “fat savings” instead of skinny savings! It has an adorable pig (like a piggy bank) who gets bigger and cuter with all the money in it. This video isn’t the exact one I saw but you get the picture. I didn’t want to put a link in to the bank’s site because, well, I don’t want to encourage people to want the product…just the cute piggyness.

  37. A Sarah, I left you my email address in the comments at your blog, but maybe that isn’t what you meant? I couldn’t find your email address. :)

  38. I have a new Macbook and I LURVS it!

    Garlic is the cure for the common cold. Seriously! I took ridiculous amounts of raw garlic (swallowed whole to avoid the burning and breath of death) for two days in a row and the Cold That Would Not Leave is leaving! Finally! I love garlic! :-)

    My house smells like jasmine because I clean using water, vinegar, and jasmine essential oil. And now that the evil cold is going away, I can clean my disgusting house of pestilence. That’s good news right?

    There was a post up at Feministing with a Youtube video about choice. It made me go *wow* out loud and I got chills up my spine. It was amazing.

    I am taking a course (for a prerequisite) on the linguistic history of English. Now, as amazing and wonderful as that sounds, I have to learn (and understand!) Old English grammar. It be HARD! So, feel good that you don’t have to! :-)

    Hope that helped a little!

  39. Okay, maybe this is me being weird again, but here is an anecdote that just made my day. It’s long, but I’m still LOLing here:

    A few weeks ago I was standing inside a busy public transportation hub in Chicago waiting for a friend set to arrive on the train, minding my own damn business, farting around with my phone. A random guy, probably early 20s, short-ish, white, blond buzz-cut, wearing baggy shorts and a complexly tangled array of half-doffed t-shirts and tank tops approached me and asked if he could ask me a question. I very warily said yes, and he thrust his wrist towards my face and said, “Smell my arm.”

    I drew back and said, “What? No!” He encouraged me to “Come on! smell it!” I responded, “I am not going to smell your arm. What is wrong with you?” He swore that he wasn’t being weird, and he had just purchased a few different colognes and he wanted my opinion on which one was the best. I told him that asking a random stranger to smell his arm was most certainly weird, and strongly encouraged him to get the fuck away from me, Junior, like pronto. He sulked off, called me a bitch over his shoulder, my friend arrived, and we went for drinks and many laughs at this ding dong’s expense.

    So okay, yesterday I read a post on Feministe, which led me to this post on Hoyden About Town, which led me to follow some links to various “seduction communities” (which are creepy but completely fascinating places but don’t go there if you are already feeling somewhat displeased with heterosexual men in general), which I was reading today that led me to a description of a pick up strategy known as the “Cologne Opener” to which I shall not link, but will copy and paste and abridged version thereof, as follows:

    Ding Dong: “Hey guys [ed. note: by which he presumable means “women”], I want your opinion on something. See, I have two different colognes on my wrists, and I want to see which one you like better.”

    (Let them smell the cologne. Be cocky and funny, neg the target [ed. note: that is some seduction community speak for obliquely insulting a woman to win her favor], etc.)

    Ding Dong: “The reason is, I have so many colognes from my ex-girlfriends on my shelf, and I want to give some of them away and keep the best ones.” OR After she picks one, you pull out a pen and make a mark on your wrist, next to five or ten others. OR “Thanks. I have all these old colognes around the house, so I’m having a face off.”

    And I’ve spent yesterday wondering exactly who tries these seduction strategies (my husband and I decided people probably do this stuff at “clubs” and as I am a “seedy dive bar” kind of person, I have always avoided such foolishness) and now I know the answer from first hand experience: Ding dongs in train stations who lack sufficient brain power to actually put their shirts on all the way.

  40. Breaking Dawn will be out in less than 5 1/2 hours. Lots of reading and smiling ahead. Already smiling a great deal.

  41. Can I add another happy?

    I finally found the bookshelves/other shelves I’ve wanted for the master bedroom and the downstairs bath. The right size. The right color. The right price. ON SALE.

    At the grocery store, of all places.

    And the purchase was enough to earn me one of their gas discounts.

    And much of the packing material used in the boxes can be reused for when I need to pack items for mailing.

    This was a win.

  42. I just found a recipe for bacon infused vodka. Bacon. Vodka. The bloody Marys I’m going to make with this stuff when it’s done… Like, Whoa.

    Also, I have a JOB INTERVIEW on Monday, with my first-choice hospital!

  43. I finally got all of the expansion packs and the stuff packs for the Sims 2, so I’m about to get ovaries deep into some serious simming.

    Also, watch “Women Deserve Better” by Sonya Renee. It was on Feministing a couple days ago, and it brought me to tears and chills.

  44. April D and Mindy, those are awesome! I did some searching, and they appear to be official new Muppet videos, done in that newfangled viral style. It looks like there are four altogether according to Muppet Central.

  45. There’s gay marriage in California, SM. Actual and for real marriage. Did you think we’d see that in our lifetimes? I didn’t. No matter what else happens, you know, there was that.

    So yeah, California marriage photo slideshows and the ones of the Heathrow international arrivals gate (like in Love, Acutally). Never fail to make me cry in the best of ways. Maybe give them a try.

  46. We got our obligatory summer bat!

    Yes, a bat, the small flying furry creature. A yearly visitor, anticipated by me as a rite of summer (and dreaded by my mother). At least one bat per summer finds the way into our house, probably not by design, especially considering how much confusion they experience once they get in– a sort of, “oh my gosh, this does NOT look like the 7-11 AT ALL.”

    Fortunately, like most practical families we keep a bat net in the laundry room next to the brooms. So I grabbed it up and prepared to undertake the hunt. On the way to my mother’s room she said, “why do you have the net?” and I said, “to get the bat out of your bedroom.” I was hoping to spare her, but, she asked. While I chased the hapless animal into a closet my mother stood on the other side of the door anxiously offering such encouragements as “have you caught it yet?!”

    I finally netted the little guy, and then came the awkward part, which was picking up the bat in the net without the bat escaping… once wise, a caught bat is difficult to re-net. This is delicate, because they’re tiny and have thin, almost papery-looking wings, which I’m sure must snap like twigs if handled too roughly. They also screech in abject terror when attempts are made to coax them in one direction or another, a noise that sounds something like a very upset cricket: “chichichichichichiiiiir!” They bare their teeth, hoping to frighten off what must seem like an enormous attacker. Their teeth are so minuscule as to be barely visible, little white toothpicks that have been sharpened to points. It must be incredibly intimidating if you are an inch tall.

    By sliding a manila envelope under the net and bat, one can then carry the creature outdoors for release. And then run inside before being eaten alive by the various biting insects that don’t seem at all afraid of being so close to their hairy arch nemesis. Probably because it’s in the process of flying as far away as it can possibly get.

    It always makes me wonder what they tell the other bats that night.

    “OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS. I was trying to find the way out of the chimney and holy crap I ended up in this smelly brightly-lit hovel where these terrible giants scooped me up and I was sure they were going to eat me! I was terrified and I screamed obscenities at them and they let me go, none too gently I might add. If they ever catch you, cuss like a sailor! They must not like it.”

  47. An Engineer’s Guide to Cats. :)

    Also, I went to Ashtanga Yoga class last night. It kicked my ass, in a great way. Also, I got to watch a probably-gay bald yogi do the Ashtanga Primary Series shirtless. I think I love him (in that gay boyfriend sort of way).

  48. IF you are a Roger Federer fan, Rogi will carry the flag for Switzerland, on his birthday, in the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony (they don’t usually let the same athlete do it 2 Olympics running, but Rogi is special). He’s got a score to settle – then #2 Thomas Berdych gave him silver in 2004, and everyone knows a Lion’s color is gold. I certainly wouldn’t bet against him.


    If you are a Rafael Nadal fan, Rafa defeated Nicholas Lapentti 7-6 6-1 this evening to cement his new World Number One ranking, after 153 weeks @ #2 behind Roger. His official start date as #1 will be 8/18. If he defeats Djokovic tomorrow in the semis, it will start the 11th. If he defeats Karlovic (or Murray) in the final and wins the tournament, it will begin the day after, on the 4th.


  49. If you aren’t sure you care either way, check Rafa out versus the Djoker around 5 tomorrow – try ESPN2, or the Tennis Channel, if you have it. I’d always followed Venus, Serena and Andre, sporadically, but I can’t believe I spent so many years absorbed by other stuff in my dramatic life, missing this type of stuff. Hot men GALORE.

    Takes the edge off. :D

  50. During a seasonal promo changeover this week, I rescued three posters from the plus-size clothing store where I work. They are long and wide, pink with an orange stripe, and inside the orange, in white text, the sole text of each poster reads (respectively):

    Be who you are.

    Be body proud.

    Never walk. Strut.

    I’m totally putting them up over my bedroom mirror.

  51. Things that had me feeling fluffy today:
    1. There are 2, count ’em TWO, packages on their way. Both from people in the top 5 of my Favorite People (that I actually know) On Earth list – which really takes the baby flavored donut! One is from my cousin living on the other side of the country, who’s sending two books that she raved about (and that I’ve not-so-patiently been waiting to read), two antique blue mason jars (which I cannot wait to fill with daisies), and a pair of her favorite kind of gardening gloves (on account that I can’t find a good kind to save my life, and have suffered many a painful blister over). Another from my mom’s best friend, who lives in the Cayman Islands, and who I do not get to talk to nearly as much as I’d like to (thank you so very much, Verizon… can you hear me now? NO! :P). She sent a bucket load of pictures, which I can’t wait to go through, as I haven’t seen her in over a year! So YAY on both counts!
    2. I spent the day with my mom. It was a gorgeous day outside, so we spent a good while in the garden. We brought in some DELICIOUS tomatoes — Brandywines, and Cherokee Purples, and Sungold Cherries, oh my! Then I showed her this song/video by Ben Kweller that always makes me grin from ear to ear: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvuRN-mfM4g We then proceeded to dance through the living room, and (because we’re both horrendous dancers) had quite a good belly laugh :D It was a lovely day! We didn’t even argue :D
    3. In 2 weeks I’m going on a road trip/vacation to Florida with my best, best friend! Before I found this site & FA I was feeling really anxious about it. I’m typically very self-conscious about my body, and Florida in August ain’t exactly where it’s at for da fatties. At least that’s how I was feeling before, but now I’m starting to feel so much more secure. If people don’t like the sight of my pale, fat self then they can look the fuck elsewhere! For pretty much the first time, I’m feeling comfortable in my own skin. That is so effin huge (no pun intended) for me! I’m so glad that I found the FA movement, and this site (which is like a haven for me everytime self-consciousness and self-doubt creep back into my head… this is where I come to find the fluffy :D) — there are not enough thanks for what you guys do here!

  52. Also, I totally bought a gorgeous silver bracelet on my staff discount today. And a nice big pair of silver hoop earrings. Which makes….er….the eleventh pair of big silver hoop earrings in my jewelry drawer.

    Okay, they’re the only kind of earrings I wear.

    I also bought a red thong in anticipation of the weekend.

    Okay, I only wear thongs, too. But mine are all black. It’s the red that will give my undies that extra push into deviance. (My theory of underwear: they’re going their anyway; might as well work with it.)

  53. Well if I were feeling emotionally secure I’d be blogging instead of avoiding. :)

    But something good: while I was out with my belly dance friends on Thursday, Dan cleaned the upstairs bathroom and washed the bedding and vacuumed the bedroom and MADE THE BED (an almost unheard-of occurrence in our house), because I’d been worried that I might be feeling dragged out because of a dust and mold allergy. Our bed is still on the floor so we still look like squatters, but it’s made and the room is relatively clean and the sheets smell nice! I usually don’t have the energy/motivation for cleaning so it was an awesome surprise.

    Something else good: I’m going to see you this week!

  54. Deb, thank you, thank you for Cake Wrecks. I actually had to wipe the tears off my face. I can’t even say which was my favorite, I loved them all. Well maybe the fireman from Costco that looked like a little girl with a red bow and a loooong, long wang…

  55. My hazelnut bushes have their very first ever nuts this year, not too many, maybe a dozen or so per bush; but I’m happy. They’re still green, little round marbles.

  56. I have new roommates and they’re really, really lovely! After everything was moved in the other night, we all sat in the living room drinking rum-and-Coke floats and watching Serenity. I think I am going to like them.

  57. My sister got the job she wanted! Yeehaw!

    She always acts like people are doing her a favour by employing her, but if I had a job going I’d employ her in a heartbeat. She totally rocks what she does.

    A big YAY for sisters! And for shapelings everywhere!

  58. Congratulations to everyone who has accomplished something awesome, or is anticipating something awesome, or just feels good! You all cheered me up mightily.

  59. lol, lol, lol your fat
    gently down the stream…

    baby donuts, baby donuts
    taste good with whipped cream.

  60. After being sick and in pain for two months I’m finally starting to get better! To celebrate I went out and bought a silver pendant of the spiral goddess- a symbol that femininity is a sacred thing. The body positive atmosphere you’ve helped create has inspired me to do so!

    Thank you Sweet Machine.

  61. I wasn’t sure where else to put this, but I just wanted to thank everyone at this blog, authors and posters alike. I’ve been (mostly) lurking for months now, and you guys have helped me out a huge amount. In fact, I just had the doctor’s visit from hell (“You should only eat 1700 calories a day. That’s not a diet.” and he even brought out the BMI), and I credit y’all and a few other blogs with the fact that my reaction was anger and horror at his ignorance rather than shame. You guys keep me sane even when I feel like I’m the crazy person in the real world. Even when I’m surrounded by people who think 1700 calories sounds right (even for a tall person with a very active job! sheesh!) or that eating only every other day sounds like a great diet. And even when I’m trying to explain all this to my normally-reasonable best friend, and she suggests counting calories or joining Weight Watchers.

    And, for my own contribution to fluffy, cheerful things: Oldies but goodies from Youtube!

  62. Good thing follow up: the new red underwear was definitely worth the money and I’ve had a very good day off work. :D

  63. Fluffing belatedly because I don’t know where else to put this: Canadian Shapelings, esp. those in Winnipeg area (but I think perhaps also Victoria and one or two other places out west) – check your Fringe Festival listings for Amy Salloway, “Circumference.” Fat + funny = awesome.

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