Igigi Bubble-Hem Dress: Love It or Hate It?

Shapelings, I need a ruling on this dress. Do we love it or hate it?

I’ve never been much of a fan of bubble hems, but I love the color and like the cut. (It’s one of those that could totally go either way on my body, but I think it would work.) And the bubble isn’t obnoxiously bubbly. And there are pockets, which is pretty awesome, except I fear they’d fall too low on me to be worth it.


ETA: WTF is up with those shoes? They’re fine by themselves, but really not working for me with the dress.

121 thoughts on “Igigi Bubble-Hem Dress: Love It or Hate It?”

  1. I love the colour and the neckline and the length but I hate hate hate hate HATE the hem. That’s only me, though, and I’ve had the same personal style for about ten years now, so don’t take any notice of me.

  2. You’re a fellow shorty, right? Keep in mind that the bubble hem is going to be more difficult to alter. If you decide not to alter it, I’m not sure how bubble hems look below the knees. It’s a cute dress, though.

  3. I love the color, the bubble isn’t too bubbly, and great neckline. I’m not usually a fan of that sleevelength, but it seems to work with that dress. So go for it!

    But yeah, those shoes are way off.

  4. I love the colour and the neckline and the length

    Yeah, it occurred to me that the length would probably be much longer on me, and shortening a bubble hem wouldn’t be simple. I suppose I could have it taken up from the waist — which would also fix pocket placement issues — but it might be too much of a headache. Now I’m eyeing the Neapolitan dress (again) instead.

  5. I second shinobi’s bubble moratorium. My personal opinion is that nobody looks good in a bubble-hem dress, and I find the hem so distracting that I don’t notice how great the rest of the dress is.

  6. Oh, dude, I love it. I think you just went shopping for me, actually. *grin*

    Damn their pricing structure.

    I’m going to disagree with y’all and say I love the shoes. I love the shoes on their own and I love them with that dress. I have been kind of aggressively pursuing a policy of not matching lately, though.

  7. Don’t think I can get beyond the bubble, personally. It’s like, even a pair of really beautiful, impeccably tailored formal shorts is still formal shorts, you know?

    That color would kill on you, though.

  8. I like the color and bodice a lot and I don’t mind the hem, but I’m confused by the pockets. I think they’re just random and could ruin the lines of the dress. Unless you have a fantastic coupon code, I say no.

  9. I love it. Even with the bubble. It’s just not an obnoxious bubble, you know? Perhaps like a champagne bubble as opposed to a 7-up one. Assuming that you like champagne, that analogy works :)

  10. No unless you can alter it to a regular, higher hemline. I hate bubble hems so much I don’t know how they are constructed, so I have no idea if that’s feasible. But I do like the color and bodice, so it might be worth it.

  11. I love everything about it except the hem, which is kind of the point of the dress. I’m just really over bubble hems. Actually, I was never into them to begin with. I think they look awkward.

  12. I’m not well-versed in sewing, so maybe someone else would have more expertise, but if you want to have it shortened perhaps you could take the bubble hem off entirely? It would be a different dress then, for sure, but it would still have that lovely color and cut.

    Personally I love the bubble, but as a fellow shorty I can picture the hem hitting at a frumpy length instead of the cute one where it is now.

  13. I don’t like the bubble hem, but with everything else being so good, and with it being a kinda long skirt anyway, I’d consider buying it and re-hemming it without the bubble (making a lined skirt).

  14. OMG I loooove the Neopolitan dress. If I didn’t have tuition payments due, I would totally buy it myself. You should definitely get that one.

  15. I guess my take on the hem is that as a trend they started showing up last year (I think?) and they’re not exactly all over the place this year, so I wonder how much longevity the dress would have in your wardrobe. For igigi prices, I want to be able to wear it for a good couple of years (or at least a couple of big events) to make it worth the money. That aside, the color is BEAUTIFUL and I think it would look great on a rack of doom!

    (And I’d love the shoes more if they didn’t have those blasted flowers on the toes.)

  16. Hah! that would be Neapolitan. Neopolitan makes it sound like new age politics or something. :-)

  17. Even ignoring the bubble hem, the back of this dress seems to lower the model’s obviously nice ass with the clinging and falling trick it’s doing. Even on the black one, although there appears to be a sudden wide belt showing up?

    The dress clings like an infant marmot at an awkward looking angle.

    Do marmots cling? Maybe I mean lemurs?

  18. I normally hate bubble hems, but I’m good with that one. The color and shape are awesome.

    The part that’s not working for me is the sleeves, actually. They don’t seem to fit the model very well.

  19. YES. I couldn’t figure out quite what was wrong with it, but it’s definitely the sleeves.

  20. Big yes. Usually I don’t dig bubble hems, but the length on this one is helping it work for me. And I *love* the pockets…I wish all my dresses had pockets!!

  21. Thumbs down. I like the dress, but not the hem. Lose the bubble hem and it would be a thumbs up.

  22. I love the color, but I wonder about the cut on a shorter frame. You could always order both dresses and see which looks better on you. If you love the bubble hem dress, you can always have the hem changed when that goes out of style.

  23. Bubble hems come from hell. To there they must return.

    And to there they inevitably will return. And you’ll be stuck with a cute wrap dress in a cute color that cost too much that you can’t where anywhere because it has a frickin bubble hem.

  24. Not a fan. I’ve never liked bubble hems in the first place, but with it being a subtle bubble (hee) it looks more like the model got the edge of the hem caught in the top of her hose when she was coming out of the bathroom. Not that I’ve EVER done that. Ahem.

  25. The Neopolitian will work really well with the Rack of Doom. And it makes me think of the Simpsons, “Do we have any more of that chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream left?”

  26. I think the point of the hem is to add interest and keep the eye moving. In this case, it might actually be good for a short person (at the right length) because the eye will be drawn up and down, making you look taller (maybe). It’s cute and not too bubbly.

  27. I’m in the minority because I love bubble hems. They just feel good. Unfortunately, they look pretty crap on me as well as everyone else, so I own only one mini bubble that I wear in the privacy of my own home, with electric blue leggings. Bubble hems are a trend that never really caught on with the above 22 crowd in the first place, and have been petering out ever since they were introduced. It’s so very sad, though, because the green is sublime and the cut would most definitely suit you. My vote is for Neapolitan. It has staying power.

  28. Mmmmm…..maybe.

    I’m not completely against bubble hems as I once was because I tried on a black sleeveless dress with a very modest bubble hem and instead of making my short, wide legs look shorter and wider, the softness of the hem kind of blurred the line and looked fantastic. (Yes, I bought the dress.)

    But the pockets and sleeves…I just don’t like what the pockets are doing to the skirt in that picture.

  29. Maybe, but probably not.

    The bubble is pretty subtle (try saying that ten times fast) and no totally overdone and outrageous, and I love the color, and I LOVE that it has pockets but I agree with you that they’d probably hit too low to be much use.

    And… that model is undoubtedly very tall, so what’s knee-length on her would be the universally unflattering slightly-longer-than-mid-calf-length on a short person like me.

  30. Hate. Bubble hems have never been and will never be a valid fashion choice.


    Officer Buttercup of The Obnoxiously Opinionated Fashion Police

  31. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone pull off a bubblehem. I do not want them here or there, I do not want them anywhere.

    I just think they look messy and finished wrong, like someone tugged a wrong thread while hemming it. I don’t like the bunchy look.

  32. I can’t see how the bubblehem dress flatters anyone, although the girl in the photo looks pretty good. I think it’s the neckline that flatters her rather than the hem though. And I just want to put it out there that skirts with pockets look bad, don’t ever put your hand in the pocket of your skirt for photos. I’ve seen so many stars doing this in red carpet photos, it looks bad…just very bad… do the teapot thing, not the hands in pockets thing.

  33. When I saw this dress this morning, I thought to myself “what in the world made IGIGI think that a bubble hem would look good on any fat girl?” But then I thought that the bubble is not so severe. I concluded that it wasn’t for me because I am short. But if you are tall and not pear shaped like I am, that it could be pulled off.

  34. I think it’s fine, but I also think that bubble hems will be outmoded in a year whereas that same dress with a straight hem will still be wearable. Basically it’s got a whiff of trendiness that makes me not like it.

    And bubble hems will always and forever remind me of Angela from Project Runway.

  35. Ick, I hate bubble hems. Never mind flattering or not, I just find them ugly. Get the Neopolitan dress!

  36. Colour: Yes.

    Bodice: Yes.

    Bubble: A resounding NO.

    Christian Dior himself wouldn’t look good in that.

  37. I don’t get all the comments that indicate you couldn’t wear this dress again once the bubble hem is no longer in style.

    Is there an actual expiration dress that will cause the dress to self-destruct when a new hemline is the new hotness?

    Somehow, I doubt that.

    Trends are trends and it’s all well and good to be aware, I think, but I’m not going to let a trend stop me if I really love something. Screw a bunch of that.

  38. And I have to disagree with Pattie – skirts with pockets are the HEIGHT of usefulness. I don’t carry a purse with any degree of regularity and a pocket in a skirt makes me 12 times more likely to purchase said skirt. Cleverly made pockets will not ruin the line of your garment.

  39. Trends are trends and it’s all well and good to be aware, I think, but I’m not going to let a trend stop me if I really love something. Screw a bunch of that.

    Yeah, seriously. I mean, who decides these trends anyway? Isn’t it the same folks who so often contribute to fat hatred? Do I care what they think?

  40. that model is undoubtedly very tall, so what’s knee-length on her would be the universally unflattering slightly-longer-than-mid-calf-length on a short person like me.

    Kate actually looks reasonably good in that length, IIRC. The bigger problem I think is that bubble skirts are not meant to be that length, and that would probably look weird.

  41. Hey- I was at Macy’s two weekends ago, and they are clearancing the hell out of all of their dresses. I tried on a dress very, very similar to the bubble hem one (unfortunately, it’s not on Macy’s website) that was about 35 dollars on clearance (marked down from 110, I think). If you aren’t totally set on getting a dress from Igigi, I highly suggest checking out the Macy’s clearance rack. At least you could see if you even like the style of the dress before going through the trouble of shipping, etc.

  42. Very, very cute dress — I love the cut, the drape of the fabric, and the color. If it works for your body, I say hell to the yeah — go for it!

    I agree that the shoes are awful, though.

  43. The shoes are the wrong color. And as many others have said (basically) unless you LOVE the bubble, then it’s a no-go. It won’t be wearable for much longer (I’m thinking maybe a few months?).

  44. Hmm. I adore the color. I like the drape of the front (at which I had to stare in order to detect the bubble hem), but I really hate a bubble hem. However, the back? The back makes me want to run screaming for my baby flavored icecream and donuts. Helllllllo Watermelon Butt*! Did they put atrocious lighting in that picture on purpose?

    I love the Watermelon Butts of the world, but don’t see the need to accentuate it quite so glaringly.

    ** upon review, perhaps the butt accentuation isn’t quite so obvious as it had first appeared to be. Still hate the bubble hem though.

    *** Love the Neapolitian dress, even if I can’t wear an empire waist.

  45. I’m kinda *meh* about the hem. It’s the sleeves and the neckline that I hate. Those of us without a Rack of Doom (and, bizarrely, my DDs do not constitute such) would have to get it altered or wear camisoles underneath, which kind of ruins the neckline. And the sleeves should just be cut off.

  46. I LOVE BUBBLE HEMS. I also love those shoes, particularly with the dress – I think the color combination is spectacular.

    Clearly, Igigi is trying to seduce me back into the fold.

  47. Here’s a question from the fashion-challenged me. Would the shoes be better if the colors were reversed? Darker green predominating with the light green accenting?

  48. And bubble hems will always and forever remind me of Angela from Project Runway.

    Hah – I think this is the root of my general dislike for them. “It’s a counselor at a children’s art camp in Paris throwing a birthday party for her dog!”

  49. You know what would be the easiest thing in the world to do, if the bubble hem didn’t look good on? Cut it up and re-hem it normal style.

  50. Not loving the bubble-hem – to me it looks like it was accidentally tucked in somewhere underneath.

    Love the cut otherwise, and the color. And, I like the shoes with it – sort of a multi-hues of sea-foam blue / green thing going on. But I’m known for my, um, spirited taste in color combinations :)

  51. Lesley, I realize I’m one of the few to whom this is news, but this is the first picture I’ve seen of you. You are gorgeous, and I love your style! If I were rich I would hire you to buy me a wardrobe.

  52. Yeah, but Lesley you look good in everything.

    Seriously. NOT a properly controlled scientific investigation of the wearability of bubble hems, there.

  53. Damn, that’s incredibly kind of y’all to say, but it’s not true: you’ve never seen me in something drop-waisted, or a pencil skirt, or, truthfully, pants. There are lots of things that look dreadful on me, I promise.

    But with bubble hems, like trapeze dresses, I often feel compelled to defend the styles I feel are wrongly maligned!

  54. Bubble hems are usually just attached to the lining of the skirt. It oughtn’t be too hard to detach the hem and re-do it straight, really. Hmmm.

  55. I don’t really have a bubble-hem opinion (in fact, before this thread I did not know what they were. Thanks for the Educational blogging.) but I would like to say that Lesley makes a pretty compelling argument.

    That’s all. Toodles.

  56. The top half of the dress is fantastic but the bubble base is revolting. This is one of the better versions but still…

  57. I’ll be the voice of dissent and say that I don’t care for the Neapolitan dress. It looks to me like you forgot to button your jacket and went out in just your bra and a skirt.

    I’m agnostic on the bubble – I would have to see it move – but I love the color and neckline on the green dress.

  58. I don’t love the bubble hem.

    On a side note, everytime I wear my new faux wrap shirt from Ann Taylor loft (with my gigantic rack of doom) I feel like you, or Joy Nash. (link to the shirt)

  59. I’ve never likd the bubble hem, either, but I have to say, lately I have a serious thing for non-matching shoes. I think they look great in this picture!

  60. Lesley, this is true. You look fabulous in the dress. From the front. I maintain my position that the back of the dress is less flattering, although that could be due to (what appears to my non-photographer eyes) some overly harsh light.

    I wish fuller skirt cuts would come back and be more available. I look great in full skirts with roomy hip cuts and postively horrendous in straight or pencil skirts. What is driving me insane clothingwise these days is that the jeans I have pull in the front and make the fabric at the inside part of my front pockets become visible. Serious annoyance here. I remember having jeans that had tounges of denim that went towards the zipper to prevent this sort of thing. The designer of these jeans clearly didn’t feel that was necessary.

  61. I would have to see it move

    If you follow the link and click “Watch video” you can see it move.

  62. i think its a lovely color, and the bubble is a little more bubbly and a little less OMG PUMPKIN as some dresses tend to be these days. I think you’d rock it!!

  63. I love everything but the hem. I like the hem but I think a swinging A-line would be more flattering. I really like the waistline. I think I’d like this hem if it were sleeveless.

  64. Oh, dear. There’s that whole “if you can’t say something nice” thing working against me here, so all I’m gonna say, since you asked, is that I really don’t care for the dress. It is worse than the sum of its parts.

  65. You shouldn’t spend that much money on something that has a quality that you must tolerate. I think bubble hems are adorable and serve a purpose to create nice draping and volume, which this dress doesn’t really use. The dress you’re eyeing is a better choice.

  66. I’ll go on the record as stating that I love the bubble skirt part of the dress. I don’t have one, but I’m definitely on the lookout for a bubble skirt dress. Though maybe I should avoid it. I was a teenager in the eighties. I didn’t ever have one back then, but one of sisters had a formal that had a very poufy bubble skirt.

    What i hate about the dress is the neckline. The surplice/faux wrap thing. I’m so over that. It seems at times that it’s the only style you can find in a fat girl dress. I get so freaking bored with it. I’d just like to see something different. Make the same dress for me with a round neckline and I’d be all over it.

  67. I hate the bubble in every way. I hate the way it adds bulk, I bet it feels hotter in the summer, and I can’t stand where it hits the model in the middle of the knee. I like a tapered finish, not quit pencil, but something along those lines.

    Bubbles are for baby rompers and not for grown women of any size.

    To recap, HATE.

  68. Rose, you make an interesting point about the neckline. I generally like it, but man, would I ever love a plain v-neck version of this. Or a boat neck! I love boat necks.

  69. Really cute, but I’d have to try it on to know if it’d work on me.

    I wonder if they have it at Lee Lee’s…

  70. It looks quite nice on the model, but…
    I’ve noticed that the bubble dress can have a strange way of not moving when the wearer moves. It almost acts like a hoop skirt might. I prefer something a little more flowing.

  71. Bubble skirt + pockets = odd little “dog ears” that poke out from one’s sides. Trust me on this.

    I’m not a fan of bubble hemlines, but I don’t automatically hate the bubble. I think the dress is cute, actually, but the pockets will ruin the line IMHO.

  72. I wonder if they have it at Lee Lee’s…

    Don’t know, but for Chicagoans who are interested, Stephanie says it’ll be at Vive la Femme soon. (She doesn’t have the Neapolitan dress in my size, though, dammit.)

  73. Neapolitan dress has my vote, and the pink ba BOOM on the Rack of Doom would be sweet action.

    Bubble dress, not so much. The color would rock on you, though.

  74. Lesley you look so cute! And so does your cat!

    And by the way you made me want to give trapeze dresses a chance…

  75. Hey kate i do love how that dress looks in the picture, and after all this talk about it aren’t you curious to try it? :) I don’t know what Igigi’s return policy is, but if you can get your money back without spending a lot on shipping why not go for it?

    I actually love the idea of bubble dresses or skirts but have yet to find one I like on myself. But I might keep trying them on, and I don’t care when they go out of style. I still wear dresses over jeans all the time even though I’ve been told that’s so out.

    And people like Lesley inspire me to try things :)

  76. I am not digging it. The slight bubble hem would be super-cute with a smoother, non-wrap, sleeveless bodice. With the funky sleeves and the same old Igigi “hey boobs look good in wrap tops” neckline… Meh. Also, this may be blasphemy, but I don’t love the color. It’s too hospital-lobby-sofa.

  77. With the funky sleeves and the same old Igigi “hey boobs look good in wrap tops” neckline…

    Hey! I love that neckline! Though yes, even I am sort of sick of it. Not really, because it looks fucking great on me, but it would be nice to see other necklines for fat girls, especially there.

    And yes, cggirl, I’m curious — will probably stop into Vive when they arrive.

  78. I’d never heard of a bubble hem before, and the hem does look a little eh, but otherwise it’s a gorgeous dress.

  79. I’m definitely sick of “the boobs look good in wrap tops” neckline. Yeah, my rack looks great, but it does look good in other stuff too. And there’s always the danger with a wrap style top that you look a little too hoochy. And yes, there are cures for that (camis, well placed little stitches, safety pins in an emergency, etc). But I want options. I want round necks and plain v-necks. I want boat necks.

    I wouldn’t say I’ve gone so far as to get rid of the wrap tops that I have, but i’m not really buying any more. I’ve definitely been feeling very meh about the look these days.

  80. I don’t quite see who this dress would be flattering on. There’s something very frumpy and dated about it. Way too much going on on the bottom.

    Humble opinion from a single, 36 year old, guy.

  81. LOVE IT.

    They added video to Igigi’s site now and it looks great in motion, too. On my to-buy-when-I-have-some-money list. :D

  82. I have a dress similar to that in silver. I’m short, busty and I love how it looks. I generally am against revisiting the ghosts of fashion past (I wore bubble skirts in middle school), but with this dress they have managed to skirt all the unpleasantness about bubbleness and highlighted its awesomeness.

    I’m not feeling the color, but then I don’t like bachelor pad green as a rule. Though I’m sure it’ll look lovely on you.

  83. The bubble dress is could be great. I bought a bubble shirt recently and found that with the inside section acting as a smoother under the outside layer, that it hit lost of the problems that I have on my body from the constant diet yoyo. The shirt helped to make me feel better about myself and even a little bit sexy – the problem was that my shirt got bally. Bummer!
    You are right about the shoes… they really suck with that dress!

  84. oh help. I think you need to try it and see. I have concerns about the sleeve length, I think they could finish at an unflattering length.

    If the dress looks fabulous but the bubble is in the wrong place, then theoretically it’s easier for someone to make it shorter at the hemline than at the waist.

    And of course, there is always the option to ermm… de-bubble the skirt into an A line at a later date.

  85. I vote for seeing if a tailor can re-hem it without the bubble. Love everything else about it.

  86. I hate hate hate bubble dresses. i wish they’d pop and go away. So I can’t offer an unbiased opinion. The Neapolitan I heart very much, but it looks unable to hold up a Rack of Doom, IMO. If someone can prove otherwise, I’d love to see the snaps, because, oh how it tempts me. (This is kind of my overall concern with buying stuff from Igigi..I wish they’d put some of the dresses on some juggylicious gals to help us other juggylicious gals know if it will work on the girls BEFORE I buy it..)

  87. Kate, if you’re still thinking about the Neopolitan dress, it’s on sale.

    Saw that yesterday and bought it, Becky! I do believe that’s what I’ll be wearing to Fillyjonk’s wedding.

    The Neapolitan I heart very much, but it looks unable to hold up a Rack of Doom, IMO. If someone can prove otherwise, I’d love to see the snaps, because, oh how it tempts me.

    I’ll let you know when it arrives. I’m quite sure it won’t hold them up, per se, but I think it should cover a relatively decent amount of them (and a plunge bra), judging by other Igigi stuff I’ve tried on. FWIW, if you watch the video, that woman is a little more “juggylicious” than the still photo model.

  88. I think it’s very pretty. Though it’s $90. And I can’t quite get my mind very far past that it’s $90 for a dress.

  89. The shortness isn’t working for me, but on a petite woman it would be way cute. The shoes though…not so much. I’d like to see a vintage inspired closed toe with it, and a similarly vintage clutch.

    I got this great linen shirt-dress from Lane Bryant and I’m trying not to panic over the fact that the hem hits me mid calf. I feel so exposed! $15 though, I couldn’t pass it up.

  90. HI gals..
    this bubble dress is not “any bubble dress” … and the pockets doesn’t look bad…I just find an interesting design…I like things that are different, that’s just me…so I got it….

    but I had some trouble ordering it.

    I bought that dress in green in size 14/16 , based on their chart….and\\ it was toooo big….maybe because the fabric being stretchy contributes to that….

    I reordered in black, size 12, and guess what…

    I’m a 5’4, and that dress is clearly for amazon tall women…I love the dress, because is so well done, but the empire waist doesn’t look like an empire waist on me LOL it goes over the belly…and the V neck…oh boy, is way down LOL..

    So, I think I will find a seamstress to adjust the dress ,.Maybe the seamstress will have to take out the sleeves, take off the shoulders and then…..and sew the sleeves back on..I don’t know….But I love the dress., what can I do…I live out in the country, so I buy clothing online…and I love Igigi workmanship, choice of fabric and the fact that is mostly done in the US….

    I am thinking of buying the green version too….

    OH I wish they made dresses for petities,….I hope the dress can be adjusted

    Have anyone tried do adjust a dress?



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