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Fat scrubs, anyone?

Shapeling RedSonja is hoping some of you have some expertise in finding some shapely scrubs.

I work in a veterinary hospital. Uniform is scrubs. Unisex scrubs. Unisex scrub pants that have a high waist in the front, and low in the back. This is just wonderful when I have to bend over to pick up a dog….. And unisex scrub shirts that tend to ride up as the pants sag down. Argh. So my question is — do any Shapelings know of any scrubs specially designed for fat people? Not just unisex sized up, but that can actually accommodate the Rack of Doom and the Thighs of Doom?

Since our bloggerly expertise is more along the lines of a different kind of Scrubs, I’ll turn this over to the commentariat. Any medical Shapelings out there who can recommend a scrubs source?

(This kind of request, which we occasionally get, makes me think we should have a category for basic “where do I find this fatty item” questions. Fat Google? Fatopedia? Any ideas?)

39 thoughts on “Fat scrubs, anyone?”

  1. has scrubs up to a 5X, women’s, men’s, and unisex. Don’t have a clue how they fit, and colors are limited above a size 3X. It’s an option to check out, anyway.

  2. All of the major sewing pattern lines have scrubs patterns, and JoAnn’s has fabric suitable for scrubs. Even if the querant doesn’t sew she could get some fabric and a pattern and hire a seamstress to make scrubs that fit her PERFECTLY. Then all of the other vet techs will be SOOOOO jealous.

  3. There is actually a scrubs STORE around the corner from my place in B-more. They have a bunch of cute stuff for women, in all these adorable prints. ANd who knew Babyphat made scrubs?

  4. Don’t know a source, but when I was temping I ended up working in a hospital and someone’s mother made money sewing custom scrubs for people. I seriously was considering having her make me some for gardening, but the job ended.

  5. Dunno about scrubs, but I would looooove a thickapedia. I’ve been looking for a good built in bra tank top for forevah. And some awesome panties. I do have okay undies, but the ass coverage isn’t nearly as consistent as I’d like…I would, of course, contribute articles about things I have found, like jeans and swimsuits. I’ll have to mine the hubby’s wiki know-how.

  6. The Lane Bryant catalog (separate from the stores) always used to feature a page of scrubs in the center, in amongst the shoes/lingerie/sleepwear section, near the order form. I don’t have a catalog handy and the website doesn’t seem to be returning any results searching for scrubs, but if you can put yur hand on a paper version, perhaps that might be a place to start, at least for the pants. (The tops, IIRC, were kinda bleh.)

  7. As a fluffy girl who has worn scrubs for 12 years, my regular sites of choice include,, and All of them go up to 5 or 6X. You may also want to experiment between the drawstring waist and the elastic one, as one may suit you better than the other.

  8. Go to Tafford’s. They have a website. The scrub tops are made EXTRA big. I got my exact size, and it’s big in the chest and bottom. Nice and comfy. Kinda hot though.

    Avoid the pants. Badly made.

  9. meowser, i really thought it said “batlike,” and I was trying to figure out what that meant!

  10. Personally, I would so love thickapedia. I just moved to Chicago, and I found myself on the way home from work, trying to figure out where in my new city I could buy a size 22 business suit.

    And if I were still in DC, a few min at the Pentagon City Macy’s would have gotten me the suit.

    And a whole bunch of other clothing at 75% off.

    Here? I’m faced with visiting every store in the metro area until I find one with a decent selection.

    Or i could just go to fatapedia, type in plus size womens clothing chicago and have stores pop up right and left….

  11. I don’t have any experience with online retailers, since there’s a scrub shop literally next door to the hospital where I did my internship (and hope to work, if a position will open up, God, I hate job hunting.)

    Anyway, my point is, look for Landau scrubs. They’re soft, wear well, and are sized generously. They go up to 5X, and I’m about a size 18/20 and wear an XL, if that helps any. The flare leg pants are a more feminine cut, come in a ton of colors, and have a bit of elastic along with the drawstring, which makes them way less likely to show your coin slot. And the tops and jackets are loaded with pockets for all your pens, treats, etc.

    If you have a really, really big butt, though, Cherokee might be a better fit. They have more tush room in their pants, but the tops are kind of boxy, and only have one, sometimes two pockets.

    Cute as they may look, stay away from the “designer” ones, like the Gray’s Anatomy line, etc. They will fall apart, and are not worth the money you pay for the label.

  12. Another lurker here, I have been having this very problem looking for scrubs for school. The answer to my problem is, (http://(
    I have their scrub pants which are just ok, but their “Only Neccesities” top I absolutely love. It snaps up the front and has a tie in the back to give a feminine shape. I am very large breasted and it fits perfectly.

  13. Recently found your blog and have been really enjoying the posts and comments.

    Just wanted to add that the Plus Size Yellow Pages Lynette linked to above is already a pretty good “thickopedia” for all types of clothes and other fat-friendly resources.

  14. I’m sorry I don’t know about scrubs but redblossom I have gotten a good built in bra tank top from solutions catalog and an even better one at bravissimo- both on line. Although I don’t consider a good bra “fluff” maybe we can have a Friday Fluff along the lines of “where did you find…”?

  15. has the best customer service of the mentioned sources. I don’t wear scrubs, but I’m a purchasing agent for a hospital so I have to deal with companies constantly.

  16. If you are at all interested in sewing your own scrubs (or have friend/family member who you can bribe into sewing you some), Simplicity Patterns ( has a number of patterns for scrubs. There are unisex, women’s/women’s plus, and maternity patterns, some of which go up to 50″ bust size (actual garment measurement of 55″ bust).

    Just make sure you look at the measurements and not the size number when choosing a pattern. Pattern sizes are not the same as ready-to-wear sizes.

  17. Wow, thanks for all of the suggestions! I’m afraid the possibility of my sewing my own scrubs, while practical, is unlikely. In home-ec, while making the mandatory little duffle bag, I went through 3 spools of thread – mine, someone else’s leftovers, and a spare. It was bad. :-)

    I think what I will have to do is order one set and try them on before purchasing a bunch. Also, we are limited to khaki, charcoal, or black, and they’re embroidered with the company logo. All to make it more complicated.

    And of course my skinny coworkers are mystified by my aggravation…. Ah well. That’s why I come here!

  18. RedSonja, if you can find even a reasonably competent tailor (like, dry cleaner is fine), you can probably have some made for cheap. I recently took a Jane BonBon dress, which I FUCKING ADORE, but which was not cheap, to my tailor for alterations. She looked at it — all cotton, pretty simple — and said “How much did you pay for this?” I told her, she rolled her eyes and said, “I can make you the same thing for [a small fraction of that].” Now, I love the dress and love supporting an indie fat girl designer, so it was worth it, but yeah… having stuff made is not necessarily that expensive. And I imagine scrubs are a piece of cake.

  19. Why do unisex scrubs have such a high rise in front? To make room for men’s giant penises? The giant penis fills it up, pulling the waist down to waist level?

  20. @JPlum,

    Honestly, this is a new development for me. In the past, I’ve bought my own scrubs and not had this problem at all. But this particulary brand, for whatever reason, looks like goddamn maternity pants. (I only got them because that’s what the company ordered…) I spend all goddamn day hiking up my fucking pants in the back, and it’s irritating.

    sorry for the swearing, but today was particularly bad. Perhaps if I just tried diet and exercise, my pants would fit well like everyone else’s?

  21. The Scrubs that makes up your knowledge base also dominates mine. And now I’m singing “everything comes down to poo,” thanks. :)

  22. I love Iguanamed scrubs. They go to a 3X and they have spandex!!! Which helps with the boob problem for me. Then you don’t have to buy the next size up because of boobs, which is my biggest part. And when I tried on the traditional landau, dickies, etc. scrubs I always had to go to the next size, and it looked like a tent. They are soft of the shelf and come in nice colors and are cut well. The “unisex” works fine for me (the pants are bootcut) and the women’s styles don’t scream cutesy. They are just cut different and come in more colors and have cooler pockets. You have to go try them on. And when the skinny girls at the store look confused when you ask if they have bigger sizes, make sure to look in the unisex, by color area if they are out of the women’s styles.
    I found this because I’m looking for a how-to for tailoring scrubs. I am getting a job at a hospital where you can only wear urbane or one of the other brands I mentioned as traditional. I would have to wear steel gray. and they make the steel gray in the most horrible looks like a barn cuts. And urbane is made with junior’s sizing. Since when did people that need juniors sizing work in hospitals?
    And the low rise in back problem. All men have flat butts, from sitting on them all day. : )

  23. I myself also work in the veterinary field and I am plus sized… moreso thicker bottom half. I wear Landau unisex scrubpants with drawstring, I do have to fold the waist down once but with the drawstring you can tie them nice and tight and they do cover the derriere when bending over to pick up a dog, stretching to reach into a cabinet, etc…. I normally order my pants through because they usually have amazing deals on the pants and the best color choices, and the pants last a long time… I still have pants in my clothing routine from 2 years ago that chub rub hasn’t ruined yet. I do have to have them altered because they are about 5 inches too long. Now for my scrub tops… I only wear animal print (dogs, cats, dogs & cats etc) so the best places I have found for those are: sizes goto 5x and great prices!! (They have alot of H.Q. brand scrub shirts and these run definately true to size) is another affordable website with sizes upto 3x tops are a bit pricey and you pay additional for plus sizes, and I have been disappointed with a few tops that I have gotten from them BUT OVERALL I have been happy with most tops I’ve received. I have found their scrubs run larger than size (which is nice) their scrub tops also seem to run a bit larger than size

    Can you order pants online that fit you and have whatever company does the logo do the logo on the pants for you?

    Good luck, I hear what your saying sista!

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