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Note to WordPress 2.6 Users

This doesn’t affect Shapely Prose, but Lindsay asked that I pass along this note about a bug she’s encountered in WP 2.6, since much of the fatosphere is probably using it.

There is a bug in the recently released version of WordPress (2.6). As far as i’m aware, it’s not affecting blogs hosted on, but it will create interesting problems for people using the standalone version of WordPress on their own domains.

Basically, if you’re using a custom permalink structure, when you upgrade to 2.6, the links to posts, pages, and the RSS feed will leave out the “index.php” part of the URL. This means that if you’re on the main page and try to click on a post or page, you’ll get a 404; if you’re subscribed to the feed, any posts that have already come through will give the same errors if you try to access that post directly. If you’re subscribed to the feed with the broken URL, no new posts will come through.

There’s a workaround that can resolve the problem as far as the posts and pages are concerned, but i have not yet found a resolution for the problem it creates with the feed. The word on this issue is that it will be fixed in the next release of WordPress; so i would HIGHLY recommend that anyone wanting to upgrade their standalone blog would be well advised to wait for 2.6.1.

More information can be found here.

And yes, i did find this out the hard way, lol.

2 thoughts on “Note to WordPress 2.6 Users”

  1. The wordpress forums are full of threads about problems with upgrades to 2.6 (and even new installations too).

    It appears the rush to get it out ahead of schedule hasn’t worked out as planned. I, for one, will be waiting a while yet.

    Now, how to get rid of the mocking “WordPress 2.6 is available! Please update now …” text that follows me around my admin panel *hmm*

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