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  1. I think it means some church or other should be contacting Joy about her forthcoming deification. I mean, they do that based on popularity now, right?

  2. Well most of us here are bigger than Jesus.

    (<family guy>”What? People were shorter back then.”</family guy>)

  3. Shinobi- isn’t the Kwisatz Hadarach by definition male? Eh- never mind… those were sexist books anyway. Plus they got pretty unintelligible after about the third one anyway… Give me Kyle MacLachlan any day!

  4. I want a Joy Nash fish on my car! Will it be lusciously curvy and have some wonderful attitude and self-confidence?

  5. hehe thanks. i felt inspired. now i keep looking at it and cracking up at fillyjonks genius for thinking of the idea.

  6. cggirl! I love it!

    Do you want to take a crack at that Piggy Moo logo? I still haven’t even attempted it.

  7. oooh hehe is that for the piggy moo band that was imaginary but then turned out to be true?

    i’d be happy to give it a shot. i’ll post a comment if i come up with anything good, right now i’m headin to bed but maybe tomorrow inspiration will strike :)

  8. thanks guys. u know she looks so pretty in red in that picture i thought i’d give us the same thing in red too…

    that color feels joy-like to me.

  9. ah thanks fillyjonk yeah i was just reading up on that.

    i will have to go through the threads to see what instrument is left for me to play in it :)

  10. Don’t be shy about grabbing an instrument someone’s already got. We could have multiple touring companies, or just a really big band. I don’t think anyone is playing the sackbutt yet, though.

    I wonder if joyfish should have “Joy” written in her tail a la Jesus/Darwin. It would work on two levels.

  11. People are going to pile up all of your work and steamroll it in the street. Isn’t that what they did with the Beatles?


    Of course, none of us are bigger than Jesus if you count that scary one coming out of the water on I-75 (?) in Bumblefuck, Ohio.

  12. The Joyfish rocks! I have to admit that Joy should have more friends than Jesus…I introduced myself at NAAFA and she was as sweet as she is beautiful!

  13. ah fj i just saw ur comment as was closing up for bed.

    well in case i never get to make a really NICE version of it, here is a quick first attempt –

    u see the whole thing is simple enough that anyone can draw it as well… and i like the lipstick red.
    makes me wanna get some red lipstick so i can draw this on my bathroom mirror :)

  14. by the way if you guys ever want to make actual bumper stickers and t-shirts with this lemme know. i’d like to at LEAST improve the writing (nicer font, fit it nicer into the logo)

    then i could send it all to you in vector graphics so u can resize it to whatever you want without losing quality.


  15. I want a Joyfish patch to sew on a messenger bag for college (in six weeks! I’m moving out and going to college in six weeks! OMG! What if I die? What if it’s more awesome than I’m capable of handling? What if I meet a hot a guy at this school where the ratio is 3guys/1girl, which means as a cisgendered lass I totally have my pick? What if I suck at public transportation? What if I am/have a bad roommate?

    But see, I feel like all of these problems will disappear if I have a Joyfish and a messenger bag. So you should make a Joyfish right away. Really.)

  16. What if I meet a hot a guy at this school where the ratio is 3guys/1girl, which means as a cisgendered lass I totally have my pick?

    I’d like to point out that while the ratio is correct, the rest of this statement treats romance as a bit more…product/service/need/objectifying people than I usually go in for. Because, of course, I won’t have my pick if no one there likes me, which is also a total possibility. Or if they only like me as friends. Or if it turns out the be exactly like living here, which means most the ones I get along with will be gay. In any of those cases, I will no longer have my pick of anything. And if I do wind up being able to choose between multiple people who are interested, they’re, you know, people, and not, like, apples or bicycles. Plus, they might end up liking me but I then I think they’re assholes, and so that wouldn’t work either.

    OMG, What if no one likes me?

    I need to stop posting comments when I haven’t slept and am getting a fever.

    But more than that I need a Joyfish. Joyfish solves EVERYTHING. Make the Joyfish.

    Make the Joyfish, and then make some pudding. Doesn’t pudding sound good? Pudding always sounds good when I’m sick. I need to stop typing.

  17. Oh, also, what that means is I finally have a reason to be sad that I deleted my myspace account. I want to get a new myspace for the sole purpose of friending Joy.

  18. What if I meet a hot a guy at this school where the ratio is 3guys/1girl, which means as a cisgendered lass I totally have my pick?

    Ok, this is totally off-topic, but Time-Machine, you bring up a point from my own early dating days that still hits home.

    I graduated college and moved to Silicon Valley when the computer boom was just getting started (1986). As a straight computer nerd girl in a target rich environment, I should have had male attention coming out the yin yang. Especially since I’d discovered the internet and Usenet shortly before then (yes, there was an internet before the web, but that’s even further off topic!).

    Instead, I had a number of first dates, some second, but nothing more until I met my ex (who I still hold in very high regard, we broke up mostly because we wanted different things out of life) who lived in Southern California at the time we started dating. We drove a lot of miles on the weekends.

    So I was basically hit over the head with a large baseball bat upon which was written “it’s not quantity, it’s quality”. It doesn’t matter how many potential partners are swarming around, if none of them click with you, it’s about the same as having no possibilities – or maybe worse.

    Of course, you may end up at college and meet your soulmate during freshman orientation. Who knows? It’s all wonderful possibilities.

    OMG, What if no one likes me?

    If you’re anything in real life like you come across in your comments here, I don’t think you need to worry about this at all :-).

  19. BAAHAHHAHhahahhaa~!! JOYFISH!!

    My mother is going to kill me.

    and Time-Machine, if they don’t like you it’s because they are IDIOTS.

  20. Time-Machine, if they don’t like you it’s because they are IDIOTS.

    The Joy speaks truth.

    You will meet people. They will like you. You will have fun. You will master public transportation.

    Seriously, if you want to e-mail me, I’ve got more to say… and depending on where you’re going, I might even have advice on transit. :)

  21. Bumper sticker. CafePress. Need.

    Is there any way there could be a version that’s big enough to have her whole name in the fish without sacrificing font readibility? It would be awesome if she got more publicity from it as well.

  22. I MUST HAVE A JOYFISH SHIRT IMMEDIATELY. (Bumper sticker is more appropriate, but I don’t have a car.)

    TM, where are you going to college? You totally don’t have to tell us if you don’t want to, but I’m excited for you! I loved college.

  23. You will master public transportation.

    Heh! So true. I come from Teh Stix and I figured out bus and train routes to everywhere in the first semester. There’s probably a transit center on campus – grab all the schedules you can.

    Also, Joyfish would be very easy to stemstitch on a backpack or jacket.

  24. I need a Joyfish!!

    TM, I met mine first semester, freshman year. Of course, I didn’t actually start dating him until 2.5 years after graduation, but it was worth the wait. (Sort of. Sometimes I get pissed that he wasted so many years on irksomely WRONG ex-girlfriends, when he COULD HAVE HAD ME!!)

    But generally speaking, college is 200000000000 times more awesome than high school, because you might actually find people who like the same things as you. No, really. And Public Transportation? Well, if it’s just buses, that’s a mess, but if there’s a metro/subway system, you will be golden. I promise.

  25. OMG I love the JoyFish! Is like happy rounded mermaid!! :D I would rock a Joyfish shirt! That red is so vibrant ^^

    And Time-Machine pudding sounds fucking amazing right now! (hasn’t eaten since 7 last night and won’t get to again until abou 6 tonight thanks to a 3 hour long fasting-required breath test today. *drools*)

    Also, college; a MILLION times better than High School. Even if some people are jackasses, the chances are high you won’t be in the same classes. And if you are, good time to meet some of the other, NICE folks in the class. Public transport will come too. ^^

    Man I’m like twitching about having a fun looking Joy Fish! Could be the lack of food. Or the lack of sleep. Or the craving I now mysteriously have for pudding…

  26. And Time-Machine pudding sounds fucking amazing right now!

    Mmm Time-Machine pudding.

    Wait, was that creepy?

  27. Time Machine pudding. Time-travel deserts…. *refuses to consider naughty interpretation of TM pudding* ;)

  28. okay fillyjonk.

    i worked a little bit on the text, i like this font better and i like the way it fits in there better but it’s far from perfect… i mean feel free to work on it as well if you like.

    I replaced the previous texted one with the new one so it’s still up there… http://www.shmonster.com/joyfish_red_text.jpg

    also i shall email the blog’s email with a psd file, and we can discuss technical issues via email if need be.

    i think you should do refrigerator magnets too, if cafepress has those! and i think u should offer with and without the text, and maybe additionaly colors if people want… hehe

    thanks everyone i’m glad u like it.

  29. oh and FJ here is a little sketch for Piggy Moo.

    The Y is still messed up visually but that’s the idea – make it pink with a tail. If you like the idea, you could a. work on it or b. wait for me to get around to working on it.

    if anyone has suggestions… other styles or fonts that you like that would better capture out band :)

    Oh and for black backgrounds we could just keep the Y pink and make the text and spots white.

  30. (oops i made it sound like the idea is for the Y to look messed up. but no the idea was make it pink with a tail, but i’d try to make a smoother design for that transition.)

  31. Please, Time-Machine. If you were going to college anywhere near me I’d be, like, climbing over people to get to be your friend. You have far too much awesome to be worrying about that — people are going to love you.

  32. Time-Machine
    I went to a school that was 3 guys/1girl. (we used to calculate the Female to Dave ratio as it was closer to 1.)

    You’re going to have an awesome time with your awesome self! I am so jealous, I wish I could go back to college x1000. Enjoy it!

  33. Okay, I have to run out the door so can’t post a long comment in reply, but thanks for all the support and sorry for hijacking the thread. I’m going to school in L.A. (a little accredited film school that I think suits me perfectly) and am freakin’ stoked. And I’m actually going as a Junior, because being from Washington I was in the Running Start program where I started going to college my junior year of high school for both college and high school credit. Wheeee!

    More later. Must run. Facial time!

  34. 1) What does cisgendered mean?

    2) Joyfish is sublime.

    3) Piggy Moo logo is soooo clever.

  35. cis- vs. trans-, just like in chemistry!

    (so it means your gender identification aligns with the outward biological sex expression of your body.)

  36. 1) What does cisgendered mean?

    It means my gender agrees with my sex (I was born female and identify myself as a woman). I also should have mentioned that I was straight for my sentence to really make sense. Because my being heterosexual and cisgendered means, basically, that I’m a straight woman (who didn’t have to transition to be that way). Whereas, truly, being cisgendered alone might not have made a difference in that context. Because if I was cisgendered and heterosexual than the male to female ratio wouldn’t have been to my advantage in the slightest. That was my mistake.

  37. Because if I was cisgendered and heterosexual than the male to female ratio wouldn’t have been to my advantage in the slightes

    Change that to homosexual and then maybe I’ll start to sound sane.

  38. aw hehe i’m glad u guys like the logo. when i have more time i’d like to perfect the piggy moo one but im glad the idea works.

  39. I didn’t want to offend Joy, but the first thought that went through my head was “Maybe Jesus is de-friending people.”

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