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Big Moves needs your help

Marina of Big Moves — even if you don’t know Big Moves, and you should, you’ll remember her as the author of “28 Days to a Bikini Mind” — wrote to us today with a request for support. Here’s her email:

Here’s the deal. We’ve been going to the Montreal Fringe Festival for the past three years, getting better and better audiences, etc. This year, everyone was like, are you going to any other Fringe festivals? You should totally go to other Fringe festivals! And we, swept away by some excellent net buzz (, were like, hey, why not?

Well, it costs money, and we need homestay everywhere we go, and etc…. But this year we thought we’d give it a shot. We’re creating an all-new camp-themed spring revue for Boston called Fat Camp (“leave your baggage at home”), and then we’re taking it on the road. We’re investigating everything from the relatively sedate ThreeFer East Canada version (Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto) to the full-on Party-Size SixPak (those three, plus Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton). In the SixPak, we have further options for doing appearances in CHICAGO and/or Minneapolis (I did say CHICAGO, didn’t I?).

Every Fringe that we do costs about $2500 to put together, plus there’s the 205 gallons of gas per car for the 6 pak tour. So, we’re looking for folks in those cities who would be willing to help…

1) find us groups or organizations that would put up some money (in Montreal we got two donations this year from two queer student organizations).
2) organize a fundraising event or online campaign for us
3) find us a producer (in Chicago or Minneapolis) for early to mid-August that would pay us for doing our own show or participating in someone else’s showcase.
4) do serious homestay!
5) just outright donate money.

If you can give in-kind contributions — time, contacts, organization help, space in your home — email Marina, marina at bigmoves dot org. If you can donate money, go here. Big Moves is an amazing organization and is doing so much to shatter myths about fat people (while having a great time and being artistically awesome in the process), so let’s help get them as much exposure as possible!

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  1. I’ll donate money if you’ll come to Calgary instead of Edmonton! Okay, I’ll donate money regardless and consider driving up to Edmonton to see you. Good luck raising the money.

  2. Thanks to the SP Machine for moving so quickly on this call for help! And thanks, Becky and Shinobi, for piping up. All such offers will be followed up on promptly.

    I just want to point out that this is a 2009 tour that we’re planning. So the dates are summer 2009. Roughly, we’re talking Montreal and Ottawa in the latter half of June, Toronto in first half of July, then the rush through Chicago (One Night Only! Live Fat Girls!) and Minneapolis, to get up to Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Edmonton. and wind the whole thing up by mid-August. Actually, we could catch Chicago and Minneapolis either before or after the 2nd leg of the Canadian tour.

    The scary part is we have to come up with entrance fees in advance for any fringe we want to do. If we do all six, that’s almost $4,000. Gulp. Yes, I’ve got an email in to Addition Elle right now.

    SPECIAL CALL OUT TO PEOPLE WORKING IN UNIVERSITIES, especially in the US locations: university gigs have been very kind to us, and we’d like to do at least one of those on this tour. If you work in a student activities office, or know someone who does, please let me know.

    Thanks, all!

  3. Hi! I just want to recommend the Halifax Fringe Festival – I had huge amounts of fun when I performed there, entry is first-come-first-served so it’s super egalitarian, it’s cheap ($50 to enter, and then $220 from your box office) and I could most likely hook you up with somewhere to stay.

    Check it!

  4. Toronto Shapeling here, willing to help out with a fundraising event or similar, but also planning my own wedding for summer ’09, so I’m not going to commit to organizing something – but helping, yes! I’m there!

  5. You know, I’d love to donate some money, especially if there’s a likelihood of an NYC show.

    But I sent Marina a series of emails several months ago and I’m not sure she’s getting them, ’cause I haven’t had a response.

    Then again, I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. For a Friday things sure are wonky around here.

    And speaking of something wrong and wonky, everyone who hasn’t heard the groundswell might want to batten down the hatches for WALL-E talk, Part II:

  6. Wow, talk about spectacular miss-the-pointage… Gawker actually links to the Slate article about how the link between fat and overconsumption and between fat and environmental decay is spurious and offensive, and then says “but the point is, people are fat because of overconsumption, and look at what it’s doing to our environment!”

    I’ve been avoiding a post about Wall-E because Pixar partisans are obnoxious, and I dunno if I want to post this one because I just feel like Gawker doesn’t need traffic from us. Might lead to some good discussion though.

  7. DUDE! A Chicago show would kick ASS.

    Any other Chicago musicians around? Maybe we could do a house concert fundraiser or something? I’d be down to both perform and help organize…

  8. Hey, littlem:

    please re-send your email and I’ll get right back to you. my computer had a spectacular meltdown several months ago, and it was a struggle to piece everything back together again. And I’m SURE I’m still missing a chunk of emails.

    A New York showing of Fat Camp isn’t on the slate–although the New York branch is working up other performances for fall or spring, so stay tuned.

    Tari! Send me email and let’s talk!

  9. I would LOVE to get you here, but I’m in Cleveland, which isn’t exactly near anything you mentioned (unless it happens to be on your way from Chicago back to Boston), and the last time I tried to organize a dance event (bellydancing, taught by a very size-diverse group of women, at my college), no one came. :(

    I can link to your stuff, though, if that would help.

  10. Yes, I’ve got an email in to Addition Elle right now.

    Also try Pennington’s, if they turn you down. And in Toronto, Maximum Woman.

    As for Chicago, is Stephanie from Vive la Femme lurking on this thread? Hellooo? She’s awesome at organizing fab fatty events.

    And of course I’ll do what I can to help. (Short of offering up a homestay, because nobody wants to share a bathroom with Al and me, trust me.)

  11. I’m way the feck over in the UK, so I know there isn’t anything real I can do.

    But do you have a button for Big Moves? I was thinking I could put a button on my blog and maybe that would help somehow? I’d put a link on my blogroll, but I think a button would be more attention-grabbing.

    If you don’t have one, do you want one? I’m fairly good at PSP (considering I taught myself), and I have it on my laptop, so it wouldn’t be difficult for me to make one myself.

  12. Yep, Kate, Stephanie emailed me within minutes of the post going up. Wow! BAM! Fatties on the move!

    We don’t have a button, no, and I’m not quite sure what that means, you mean, something linking to the donate page? But if you want to make one for us, sweet! Please send me your email address and I will send you our little graphics, if you want to work from that.

    Wow. I love Shapelings. You are so helpful and on it and wow.


  13. I’m in Columbus so I’m pretty much useless to do anything but donate, but that I will do!

  14. Yeah, I mean a small graphic (usually something like 20 x 60 pixels or thereabouts) that links directly to whatever it’s advertising. In this case, y’all.

    I just sent you an email. The first part of my addy is the same as my username here, FYI. Send me the graphics and I’ll see what I come up with. :D

  15. I donated, and I can help organize a Chicago fundraiser–I probably can’t take the lead as I’m not someone with lots of contacts here (new to the city, blah blah). So, I hope Stephanie or others will lead something, and I will WATCH THIS SPACE or something!

  16. Wow, a shoutout from the ONE AND ONLY KATE HARDING! Holla!

    Marina and I have already put some plans into play and are going to touch base regarding the salient details in the near future.

    vive la femme will FER SURE be involved with BM and the Fat Camp hootenany!

    Here’s a klickass idea: ow about a shop-a-thon at vive la femme? I am currently working with Girls Rock Chicago and am donating a dollar for every sale between July 1-August 10.

    We did a collaborative marketing campaign to optmize cross-promotion, and it looks as if vive la femme will be able to partially fund a scholarship to Girls Rock Summer Camp!

    Would also be open to othee ideas from Shapelings, Fatshionistas, etc.

    Okay, I go home now.

  17. I want to post one more item to this thread:

    If you’ve responded to this thread, but not contacted me by email, PLEASE do so! Or if you haven’t responded to the thread, but you are interested in getting Big Moves’ Fat Camp to points in Canada and the Midwest during summer 2009, email me now! We’re still very much in the visioning stage of planning, but I’d like to add you to our new 2009 tour yahoogroup mailing list. That’s where we’ll be talking with our supporters all along the potential route, strategizing, etc.

    Thanks again for your words of support, and hope to talk with you soon!

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