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DC/Balto Shapelings: Call me!

Hey, Shapelings in DC, Baltimore, and environs, please contact me! Shapeling Kate217 is setting up a meetup next month, and I don’t want to put the details right on the site, so I need the contact info of anyone who’s interested. (Then I will probably pass you off to Kate217, who is about 29305802 times of a better planner than I am.)

Brand-new email address is babyflavored at gmail dot com.

22 thoughts on “DC/Balto Shapelings: Call me!”

  1. Yeah, I felt weird using shapelyprose at gmail, because it was supposed to be for all of us only I ended up being the only one using it. But fillyjonk, babydonut, AND piggy.moo were all taken! I like this one a lot, though.

  2. All variations of Sweet Machine were taken too! What is up, gmail copycats/superfans?

  3. I’m figuring fillyjonk was taken by a Tove Janssen fan, but piggy.moo? That’s GOT to be a Shapeling.

  4. Right, I mean, I’ll buy that there are other Mark Doty fans out there, but every possible variation of the same poem title? Piggy.moo is for sure a Shapeling — or the person who originally wrote the graffiti! Maybe there’s a real Piggy Moo!

  5. Kate, if anyone decides that they want to have a meeting
    in Detroit, can you post something? I tried to start a
    size acceptance group and got no responses? I was
    kind of surprised but then again, I wasn’t. Of course,
    you have my email address but lately, I have been
    having problems receiving emails. I think if net neutrality
    is erased, then maybe people will finally start to believe
    my conspiracy theories or maybe not. Anyway, glad that
    you guys are having a meeting.

  6. I inspired someone’s email addy! Wowza!

    Re Ehrenreich: I’m pretty sure she meant to be unintentionally ridiculous, but that’s not really her long suit as a writer. That piece was a pretty serious elevator-fart.

  7. That is, “I’m pretty sure she meant to be intentionally ridiculous.” Damn, I wish these posts were editable sometimes, I typez faster than I thinkz.

  8. That is, “I’m pretty sure she meant to be intentionally ridiculous.”

    I think so too, but it was still pretty damned nasty.

  9. Re Ehrenreich: Unoriginal–the Kids in the Hall were touring with a sketch with that exact premise all summer. I think they captured the ridiculousness more appropriately.

  10. Barbara Ehrenreich is disappointing me — I loved Nickeled and Dimed. I wondered if she was doing a Modest Proposal-ly thing, but it fell flat, imo. Anyhoo, sorry for bogarting this meet-up thread!

  11. I’m in the DC area and would enjoy meeting other Shapelings.
    You can email me at jrho.jrho at gmail dot com.

  12. Hi all,

    There’s a group of us meeting in Old Town Alexandria on Saturday the 19th. If you want to be included and haven’t already let me know. please e-mail me at capaciouspantaloons at gmail dot com.

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