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Boston fatties: Want to help out a student?

The other day I got the following request from a lurker named Meredith:

I am taking a sociology class this summer that is looking at personal narratives, and our final project is to interview someone about a topic we would like to do some research about, and I would very much like to interview someone about how they got involved in fat activism. It would only be a 15-20 minute interview, and the interviewee’s identity would be kept confidential. I think that the fat acceptance movement is a social movement of real significance, and I am hoping that doing this paper could lead to further work in grad school.

I was hoping that one of you might be willing to post a brief message asking if there are any people in the Boston area willing to speak with me briefly in the near future. You can include my email address as contact information.

It’s always a little weird to get a request like this from a random person — one doesn’t know what to do about it, since you don’t know whether they truly mean well (see: everyone’s understandable paranoia about the magazine’s request for BMI photos. Meredith was fully aware of and apologetic for this in her email). But, as it turns out, Meredith isn’t a random person; she’s a student working with frequent Shakesville and Pandagon commenter (and God of Biscuits) MAJeff. I still can’t vouch for Meredith personally, but I highly doubt that Jeff would be steering her wrong. (And she seems very nice.)

If you live in the Boston area and are willing to meet for a short interview, you can email Meredith at merramac at gmail dot com. If you’re dying to help out with her project and don’t live in Boston, you might as well shoot her an email too — maybe a phone interview would be of use.

10 thoughts on “Boston fatties: Want to help out a student?”

  1. FJ–I’ll e-mail her! Though my route to FA was pretty damn public, so it will be amusing to see how she manages to keep my identity confidential.

  2. Hi Kate and FJ and Miss Conduct,

    Thanks for posting this (and responding), and also thank you to everyone else who has emailed me! I’m actually suffering from too many generous offers to share stories at this point. If only all researchers had this trouble! I’m going to reply to everyone, but I just wanted to say thank you and that hopefully I won’t be such a terrible lurker in the future…


  3. Hey Meredith — if it turns out that you need more interviews, I’m happy to help out. You can email me through my blog.

  4. All the Boston peeps in the house say yeah!… YEAH!

    Is anyone interested in creating some sort of group in the Boston area that meets to discuss fat activism? I would LOVE to get together with others to share ideas and well, just get to know people in the area who are fired up and interested in Fat Acceptance/Fat Activism.

    I am currently in graduate school getting my masters in social work at Smith College. I have actively read many FA blogs for over a year but never really piped up because…well, I don’t know why…I guess I was just enjoying the reading…

    I am currently trying to formulate my master’s thesis topic around FA and weight bias. I feel strongly that there should be a much larger (no pun intended-or maybe it IS intended) presence in social work curriculum addressing weight bias and all it commensurate bigotry and hate and subsequent ramifications for psychological health.

    I digress a bit…back to the original point of this comment….

    if you are interested in making a plan to get together, I would be really into it. You can correspond with me about this at bostonfataction(at)gmail(dot)com.


  5. Hey Sweet Machine,

    I went to Smith undergrad too… so it is kind of a hoot to be there again!


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