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Guest Blogger Heather Bailey: Short Haircuts for Fat People

Yes, folks, it’s even more on hair! Shapeling Heather Bailey recently sent us the story of her latest haircut, and it was too good not to post. –Kate

My hairstylist for the last three years has been a guy who’s a bit of a wunderkind stylist in this town, awesome with the shears. The problem started when I came to him last summer wanting to razor off my shoulder length hair to pixie, and he flat out refused. He said, “I don’t think that would be right for your face.” What he meant was: “You’re too fat for a pixie cut.” So I conceded and got a chin-length shortcut, feeling a little ashamed that I couldn’t pull off a pixie (a professional said so!). I believed him and told myself, yeah, I need this bit of bang covering half my face to frame it properly.

A few months ago, I got my dream job working in a library, where I am frequently found pushing around 100 lb carts of books, doing deep knee bends and reaching high to shelve things, lifting tubs of books to and fro. And guess what? That fucking hair, it just kept getting in my face and generally annoying the hell out of me. I started keeping it in a constant ponytail and then I was like, fuck this. I picked a different hairstylist. It turns out that she has also got skillz, double-mad. Also, when I showed her the pixie I wanted, she immediately said, “That will look so awesome on you. You have great features to show off.”

Fuck me, I’ve been going to a stylist making me crazy with pixie-cut fear for the last 12 months, and now I find out that it was him, not me, all along? And that with longer hair, I look the same size as with short hair (fat, fat)? And now that I got the cut, I have gotten several thousand compliments from stray library patrons who never spoke to me before? Apparently, I have really great glasses, amazing eyes, a lovely neck, a fantastic outfit, good posture, and one charming and elderly patron thinks that I am “just beautiful!” Plus, I am playing more with makeup and styles for my new hair, and I am generally in love with the confidence it gives me.

I’m a relative newbie to FA, but I consider myself pretty solid in the “diets don’t work, and Weight Watchers is a diet” mentality. I dress well, take care of myself with exercise, relaxation and enjoying the food I eat. I don’t think badly of my fat. I stand up for my body when others put it down. I found a doctor who asks me my habits rather than my weight to determine my health level. But this one area tripped me up: I believed that hair can magically make you look fatter/thinner and I was afraid of that. We are what we are, and if our culture wants us to “blend in” and feel that we have to hide the fat bits on our hips, thighs, faces – well, it’s up to us to tell them we’re not obligated to make them feel better by feeling bad about ourselves, and we aren’t going to disappear anything about ourselves.

The moral of the story is, all those dos & don’ts of the fat girl fashion & beauty diktat? Add up to one big don’t. Don’t listen.

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  1. Gorgeous! I think you might have made up my mind for me in my annual “whack it off/grow it out” debate — I’ve gone both ways, several times, but every year I think, “What if whacking it off gives me tiny-head-on-enormous-body syndrome?” Which is lame. And maybe now I’ll schedule a salon appointment.

  2. well, it’s up to us to tell them we’re not obligated to make them feel better by feeling bad about ourselves

    Indeed! Awesome post and awesome pixie cut, Heather!

  3. BRAVO, Heather!

    Incidentally, you are a lovely woman all around, and I must agree the pixie cut showcases your stunning eyes like a couple of laser beams. Good for you for finding a new stylist that would listen to and work WITH you!

  4. Just wanted to say that you look beautiful either way. I realize you enjoy the convienience of the short hair more, but I think it’s natural that you would look good with it, because you are naturally beautiful.

    Anyway, I’ve found that lots of people get compliments with that kind of a haircut (the pixie one), regardless of size. (especially if they go from constantly having long hair to that kind of style). (Also, you have to have the right kind of hair to pull it off. Really wavy hair that poofs up (like mine) doesn’t work.)

    What’s the point of this post? Nothing really :)

    Great haircut.

  5. Okay, I already had a big crush on you from the BMI project. A totally feminist and non-objectifying crush of course. AND NOW IT IS WORSE

  6. I think the pixie cut looks way better than the first one, although you are of course beautiful in both. I wish I had your eyes and jawline. One downfall of my own fat is that I do thave a double chin and lack of neck. I long for a well-defined jaw! Your stylist was crazy, that haircut compliments the shape of your face perfectly!

    Bravo. :)

  7. Holy Hot Haircut! I think both cuts are great but the pixie is amazing. I also like the glasses.

  8. I long for a well-defined jaw!

    But of course the point is that you’re not gonna have one, even if a stylist swears up and down that a cut will “frame your face” and “define your jawline” and so forth. Yeah, and vertical stripes are slimming, blah blah, people know you’re fat. So why not have a cut that is objectively awesome?

    I wish I’d had this mindset when I was younger and really wanted short hair so I could change the color every few weeks. Now I dig my longish hair and don’t want to change, but in my teens and early 20s I wanted to go short but didn’t have the guts because I thought it would make me look fat.

  9. But of course the point is that you’re not gonna have one, even if a stylist swears up and down that a cut will “frame your face” and “define your jawline” and so forth.

    And might I add, it’s also entirely possible that you wouldn’t have one even if you lost a bunch of weight. I think we had this convo on the FoBT thread, but let me repeat myself… Al, for instance, is fat with a double chin/ill-defined jaw line. But he gets that directly from his mom, who’s relatively thin, with exact same neck and jaw. And when he was younger, he was skinny with the exact same neck and jaw. Meanwhile, I am fat, and I don’t have a double chin unless I put my head down. Like everything else, I think the shape of your chin/jaw/neck is largely genetic, and while fat might highlight a double chin, it doesn’t necessarily create it.

  10. I have a bit of the opposite problem. I’m very fat, but I have truly, madly, deeply terrible hair — ultrafine and wispy, stick-straight, and cowlicky — so the only advice I ever get from any stylist is to keep it really, really short.

    But I wish I could rock the pixie cut like you can — you look great!

  11. I agree that the pixie cut flatters you more than the longer style. Not everyone, fat or thin, can pull of a pixie cut. Kudos to you for knowing what looks good on you and having the guts to make that decision in the face of opposition.

  12. Heather, this is a fantastic post and you look absolutely gorgeous with your pixie cut. I’m glad you found a kickass stylist! And I am a huge fan of the pixie–I’ve got a shaggy bit-longer-than-a-pixie cut right now (see my icon in the HILARIOUS NEW BANNER) and it’s possibly my favorite haircut ever. Though not today since I’m due for a trim. ;-)

    When I was a kid, my mom always insisted that I should have bangs because my forehead was huge. I didn’t try to grow out my bangs until college; even though my mom is woefully unstylish in every respect, I still believed her magic bangs-will-shrink-your-forehead rule. And you know what? It turns out that, having had both, I still have a big forehead either way. And so does every other fucking person in my family. I like having messy bangs right now, but I don’t feel the desperate need to have them forever. I just wish I hadn’t had to go through years of unfortunate too-thick bangs to figure that out!

  13. When I was a kid, my mom always insisted that I should have bangs because my forehead was huge.

    Man, I have an equally huge forehead (big brains!), but my mom wouldn’t let me have bangs throughout my childhood. I have no idea why, really — I think she just didn’t like them. Or, possibly, she realized that bangs on me would poodle up and look ridiculous, which is what I learned when I finally wore her down.

  14. Isn’t transforming your hair awesome and powerful!? I’ve grown mine shoulder length and it’s brown at the moment (very conservative for me). I have to say, having short hair as a fat woman is a big “up yours” to a culture that tells us to hide our fat selves away anyway we can. So for me, part of the power when I cut my hair short or dye it pink or whatever is being openly rebellious without having to say a word. And I think I look hawt either way. Another openly rebellious thing to do, walking around like I’m NOT ashamed. I say always go for what you want, no matter what it is. And, of course, I love your haircut. What eyes you have!

  15. I like both the cuts on you, but even from just the pictures I can tell how much more you like that second cut and that you KNOW you rock it! Your instincts were dead on!

    I had to laugh when I was reading your story, though – all my life I was told that I should keep my hair short because it was so much more “slimming” and “made my eyes stand out” and “made my face look less round”. So I did, and I hated it.

    When I finally said the hell with it and grew it out got a nice cut in a longer style), I got a lot more compliments: “your face looks so great with that hair” and “it does wonderful things for your eyes.” ARGH.

    Now if only I could find a kickass stylist again….we’ve moved and I miss my old hair guy!

  16. Wow, that is fantastic. I know we keep hearing all these “balance your hips” and “frame your face” things; even in the first FA book I read, Carol Johnson’s Self-Esteem Comes in All Sizes, she told fat women they’d look better if they didn’t cut their hair too short. Fuck that, it’s an individual thing; some, like you, rock supershort hair. (I do not; like Cherie, even when I had a full head, a pixie cut used to result in it sticking out all over the place like Ed Grimley’s.)

  17. Man, I have an equally huge forehead (big brains!)

    I hereby declare the first meeting of the Giant Forehead Club! Bangs optional.

  18. The pixie cut looks ~*AWESOME*~ It makes your eyes really pop. I love it. You’re making me want to cut my hair off again!

  19. Bridey.

    Love the movie “Truly, Madly, Deeply.”

    Thanks for making me remember that movie.

  20. I have been yearning for short hair for a long time now, but I always chicken out because of the maintenance. The thought of getting a trim every few weeks makes me break out in cheap-skate hives.

    I love the cut on you, though! I will imagine it on myself and wistfully sigh.

  21. When I was younger and with a boyfriend who liked long hair, I really really wanted to get a pixie cut! I asked the boyfriend what he thought of the idea and he said only skinny girls can pull off really short hair. Woe is me for I was FAR from being a skinny girl and was sad that I would not get my hair cut short. Until, that is, I saw a fat and beautiful woman on the bus one morning rocking some really really short hair. The next day I went into the local salon and asked the stylist to cut off my mid-back-length hair into a cute pixie cut. She almost fell over she was so excited! The pixie hair cut looked amazing and I felt like I could take over the world with my adorable hair! The boyfriend was less than pleased but I dumped him a month later so his opinion no longer mattered to me. Why would it? I had awesome hair!!

    This post is made of awesome! :-)

  22. The pixie cut looks AMAZING! Um… can I ask… are the glasses, you know, used? For seeing? Because I think they’re a really cool part of the whole look. And I really like how glasses look. On me. because they balance my freakishly square jaw. But, I don’t need glasses for seeing.

    I envy you big-foreheaded people. If I had a bigger forehead maybe it would balance my huge nutcracker (*snicker*) jaw. I reckon I am evolutionarily adapted to eat very tall sandwiches.

  23. Does it count if I was personally convinced I was a member of the Giant Forehead Club until I was about twelve and realized I wasn’t so much? I have not had bangs since then, and I never will again.

    I’m afraid of pixie cuts, mostly because that’s a lot of commitment (what would be chopping off a foot of hair for me). I can’t even commit to a hair dye (never used permanent); I cried when I chopped my butt-length hair up to my shoulders. Yikes.

  24. Holy crude bucket you’re hair looks FANTASTIC…. I liked it in both pictures but you look a million times more confident with the short cut

    I wish I had your guts, but I don’t BTW you have some of the most OMFG pretty eyes very intense that ROCKS

  25. OMG–what a great haircut on you! Stylists, even well-recommended ones, can’t seem to get my hair to look like they/I want it to look–mb I need someone who works with Latina/o hair? I have better luck with just cutting my own. It’s wavy/curly so it hides cutting mistakes…I’m actually looking at a pair of my kids’ safety scissors right now…

  26. Ultimately, you don’t know how you’re going to look until you chop it off. I don’t think your weight or the shape of your face has as much to do with it as your perception of how you look with the cut. If you think you look good, you’ll work the do, and people will embrace it on you. If it doesn’t work on you, it’ll grow back, and you’ll enhance your hat collection in the interim. I did the short hair thing when I was younger, and it was 10x the work of long hair, but I had less styling options. My hair is relaxed, and it tends to grow quickly, so maintenance of a short do is a nightmare. Some haircuts work against you, and some work with you. You found one that obviously works well for you. I, personally, have always wanted super long hair, and I’m growing mine out (while making sure it’s healthy).

  27. Haha, A Sarah wants personality glasses! Don’t worry, Sarah, you’re not the only one — there wouldn’t be a term for it if it didn’t happen all the time. I do reserve the right to find it totally hilarious, though.

    Actually, though, maybe I need some too. I look cute in glasses frames, but my eyes are so bad that glasses that are actually used for seeing have to have extremely thick glass, that overwhelms the frame and also makes me look like a have a big dent in my head (can’t explain it, but you know what I mean — inside the glasses, my temples look like they’re about two inches from the actual side of my head). I could wear contacts and non-prescription glasses! Yes!

  28. I’m a big fat woman with very short hair. My hair is naturally curly and I look like the frizz monster in summer, so it makes sense to keep it short. It’s also much easier to work with–just gel it or mousse it and go.

    Your stylist was obviously wrong about short hair. You look fierce!

  29. I know I’m about to commit a faux pax here of the ‘you’re not fat’ variety, but the pixie actually makes your face look slimmer rather than fatter! It calls attention to your eyes and forehead, whereas the longer short-cut draws the eye to the cheeks. Your face looks much better-defined with the pixie cut. I think the visible ears help a lot, too — you have cute ears. Screw the old stylist; this cut is perfect for you!

  30. I love your new cut and you look fabulous in it.

    I live in a town, two towns in the past two years actually and one quite large, where absolutely no stylist I went to, and I went to many, would give me the short cut I wanted. I’ve taken the cut they’d give me (horrible helmet head usually) out of intimidation and also walked out on a few and never looked back.

    I’ve also had the uncomfortable conversation that goes something like, “Look, I know I’m large, you know I’m large, and the people out that door know I’m large. A couple inches on my hair isn’t going to magically change or hide that fact, please give me this cut.” The result of this was firsthand knowledge of how annoying it is to have your stylist cut your hair while sighing, scrunching up his/her nose and shaking their head.

    A stylist that listens to what *you* want is golden. I suggest putting her on your Christmas card list.

    As for the rest of your post, right on!

  31. Cute, cute, cute hair! Lurve.
    I’m very actively attached to my longish hair, I think mainly because I was made to have short hair (not good short, Dorothy Hamil short) until I was about 12. But I absolutely love a good pixie cut on other people.

    Yay for personality glasses! I have contacts, but I’ve worn my glasses almost exclusively since a random guy in a bar told me that I shouldn’t wear them because they say ‘fuck you, I’m smart.’ I thus decided that that was an excellent message to send to random people who feel it appropriate to comment on my appearance. :P
    (Ok, that comment totally turned into me psychoanalysing my own fashion choices!)

  32. I’m going to echo all the people who say you look amazing with the short hair. You looked pretty with the chin length hair too, but the short hair seems to suit your personality better, and it does put the emphasis on your gorgeous face.

    Sweetmachine, I used to have that haircut and I loved it. (Love the banner btw!) It was perfect fo my wavy not quite curly hair. I like my long hair right now, and my fiance likes it too, but I may have to return to that haircut one day.

  33. Your pixie cut looks absolutely amazing on you, cheers for finding a stylist who would do it for you, and not try to talk you out of it. I took the short-hair plunge too, recently, and I must say, despite all the fears I was raised with about fat girl, short hair, the cut looks amazing, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. So good on you for insisting that you get the cut that you wanted.

  34. Eee! I just did the exact same thing, cut off shoulder-length hair after tons of people told me not to and went short short short. I can’t believe the compliments, and believe I notice a difference in attitude from people, from strangers to friends. Everyone seems more respectul, like I’m suddenly smarter or something. It’s amazing. Short hair is powerful.

    And you look wonderful in that cut. Great for you!

  35. I recently got an awesome haircut, and it is truly amazing how great it makes you/me feel. For a while I had gotten stuck in thinking that longer (i.e., shoulder-length) hair would “elongate” my face and make me look thinner. But all it did was make me look blah, because my hair is very straight and very fine.

    Now I have a chin-length, layered bob, and it’s quite kicky, if I do say so myself. I like how it swishes around my face when I shake my head. And my husband thinks it’s super-cute, which is just icing on the good-hair cake.

  36. Hee! My glasses are almost that bold.

    You are rockin’ the pixie cut so hard I am having second thoughts about keeping my long hair.

  37. @fillyjonk, we always called that the alien facial reduction effect. When you have exactly the perfect thickness of coke bottle glasses, it’s a pretty cool effect. Not that I’m a glasses wearing geek or anything. :)

  38. You look beautiful and fierce in that picture!

    I’m one of those that so would love a pixie cut, but for whom they don’t work (because I’ve tried and it didn’t). The problem with my hair short is its asset when it’s long – there is so much of it. So I keep it long and it makes me happy.

  39. Looking at the first photo I thought “well, you’re so beautiful, it wouldn’t matter what you do with your hair.” Then I scrolled down. You look scorching HOTT in that photo.

  40. the alien facial reduction effect.


    I think my glasses are thicker than would be optimal, though… glasses make my eyes look like they were spliced in from another picture taken from further away. I feel like the precise right thickness would just make it look like your head buckled in in the middle.

  41. Cindy: “Truly, Madly, Deeply” is one of my favorites, too. “Ghost” for grownups, but way, way better!

  42. Awesome haircut! Gives me renewed vigor to cut my hair short again. I think I got a similar reaction to a request for a nearly-pixie cut this past fall…and now I feel I can make a reasoned decision without fear of Fat Face Haircut or whatever it is we’re meant to avoid.

  43. Mmmh, thinks are quite different in Germany…I was always told that I shouldn´t wear longer hair, shorter hair would make me look taller and less fat. That´s why I refused to get a hair cut for years…. ; – )
    A few weeks ago I had enough of pony tails and 30 min. blow- drying each morning and now I have a nice bob haircut. I love it! It hasn´t changed my size….but I got a lot of compliments!

  44. OMG! This issue *just* came up in my life last week. I was in the doctor’s office, and a very mildly fat woman complemented me on my short haircut. I wanted to say, ‘listen, for $113 I’d better look like a goddess’ but I refrained. Then she lamented that she’d always wanted to try it but basically felt she was too fat, and then the woman behind the desk said the same thing about herself. I was struggling with how to respond in an FA manner. I came up with ‘I’ve seen this type of cut on so many different body types and it always looked great’ but that seemed awfully weak sauce to me. It’s so hard to figure out how to help people affirm themselves without seeming pushy/crazy.

  45. Oh my god, you look amazing. When I scrolled down and saw that second picture, it stunned me.

  46. Tres chic, makes me want my short hair back again. I’ve loved this kind of short cute haircut ever since I watched old movies of Leslie Caron and Audrey Hepburn. They looked so cute, gorgeous, and so elegant. Short pixie with dark fitted jeans and full white shirt top and ballerina flats rocks!!!

  47. The funny thing is, my family (mostly hairdressers with a few professionals thrown in for luck) insists that fat women should only wear pixie cuts.

    After years of going back and forth from chin length to 2″ pixie (and a memorable day when I Bic’d my head) I have shoulderblade-length wavy layerd hair now, and I’m ‘specting on my trip home in two weeks to hear a lot of crap about how I should cut my hair off because it makes me look ugly and old and fat.

    Shuck that fit, yo. I’ve built up a group of caring friends whose judgement I trust in matters of fashion, and they say I look good.

  48. I hereby declare the first meeting of the Giant Forehead Club! Bangs optional.

    I don’t have a forehead…I have an Eighthead.

    I loooove the short hair. I experimented with long hair (down to the middle of my back) for a couple of years and it reiterated for me that holy CRAP, I hate dealing with long hair. The rare occasions I could get it to do what I wanted it to do were eclipsed by the times where I’d just say fuck it and throw it in a ponytail. Of course, every time I cut it short, my jackass father feels the need to chime in that I look like a guy. Which only makes me long to shave my head. This post is perfectly timed–I am long overdue for a cut.

  49. Heather, you look hot. I love the shorter do’ on you! Bah on that stylist who refused to cut it the way YOU wanted it.

    Bravo to the new stylist!

  50. btw, you should totally go back to your old hairdresser and let him know how fab you look now and how hard you are rockin’ that short hair.

  51. Pixies rule! Except when trying to grow them out, that is. When I got mine, the hairdresser said “All you need to rock a pixie is confidence.” And also that since I always wore a ponytail I would like the way I looked in my groovin new ‘do!

  52. That’s one rockin haircut. Also, those glasses are cyuuuute!

    I think stylists are one of the few purely service related professions where we allow them to flat out refuse to give us what we want. It’s the most crazy-making thing! Also, because they’re touching you and wielding some sort of power over how you’ll look (until it grows out), stylists have a lot of power to be very manipulative.

    I’ve never found anyone I was willing to let cut my hair more than once, and I finally got so fed up that I do it myself now. Badly, and with gusto! Can’t afford now to pay anyone to do it anyway.

  53. I’ve never understood why hairstylists don’t cut the hair how the client wants and see whether magic happens……COZ HAIR GROWZ BACK!! It’s perfect for experimenting with!

    Heather, good on you for knowing what would work for you and going for it!

  54. Brilliant cut….
    It’s fierce…
    I had a shaved, Sheila E and an Annabella from Bow-wow-wow in HS…
    I have been dying to get another ‘hawk or die hot pink…
    Regretfully, it’s not just the fat thing. Employers are also under the belief that they can determine and dictate your appearance and what “professional” appearance is or is not. They rent my mind, not my body…grrrrrrr
    So I only can freaking do so much and have to keep in “vanilla”… ARGHHHHHH

  55. That cut looks awesome on you. And pixie cuts are SO easy to take care of.

    I just got a super short pixie cut. My daughter’s a cosmetologist so I get free cuts whenever which is great. She’s going to bleach out the tips on the top so I can do tints of different color as the mood strikes me. I want pastel pink, lilac, baby blue. Not all at the same time. I’m probably too old for it but hey, if I can’t do what I want at the age of 47 what good is getting here?

  56. Way to go! I found a stylist who would pixie my hair this year and I just love it. 45 years old with a 2 year old who is scared to death of the blow dryer. I’ve stopped wearing the ever slimming black too. Been saying fuck you world, I’m fat with really bright colors — think fuscia and yellow and hot orange. Now I just need to get some hip glasses…..

  57. oh wow!

    That style look amazing on you. Your stylist is right, you have the features not to pull it off, but to rock it hard!

    :) You’re beautiful!

  58. That is a beautiful cut! So modern and it suits you so well — even personality-wise…

    I have a similar issue in my life. I like short hair, my hair responds well to the style, and my stylist is GREAT in cut and color. I have it cut short all the time. My Mom HATESSSSSSS my haircuts. Says longer hair looks better on me and that the stylist is “lying”. Never mind that long hair for me (my hair is very fine) gets ends up looking like I painted it on by the end of the day (just gets flat and sticks to my head).

    SIGH… This is a never-ending argument for me…

    –Andy Jo–

  59. Like Mary Sue, the only haircut I was allowed to have while growing up was a pixie cut (my two thin sisters got to have long hair), so my act of fat girl rebellion has been to grow my hair out. And I’m rocking it :-)

    I’m sure I’ll go back to a pixie cut at some point–I still love them on others–but who knew a more conservative hairstyle could make me feel like such a rule-breaker?

  60. I’ve had a pixie like cute for nearly 10 years now, and I have always loved it.

    I want to point out that your cut really does bring out the defining features of your face. It looks amazing. Congrats!

  61. Wow, I am both Heather and AndyJo. I went through this exact same sequence about a week ago, absolutely LOVE the new pixie cut, turns out my round face and full jawline does NOT mean I can’t have short hair and WHAT WAS I EVEN WAITING FOR YAY etc etc … and I still haven’t told my mom. She didn’t like it 15 years ago and she’s not going to like it this time either. Tough darts, though. Anyway, utterly pointless post, only that yet again I had the huge personal identification with this blog phenomenon so what the hey.

  62. LOL, I’m such a dweeb. Personality glasses, eh? I didn’t even know there was a term for it.

    (As long as I’m commenting again, I may as well compliment you once more on the gorgeous haircut.)

  63. In contrast, I think I’ve let everyone talk me into hair that’s shorter than I want, because 1) stylists love to cut your hair, and since they can’t cut it longer, they have to cut it shorter, and 2) everyone wants to reassure me that I don’t have to hide behind my long hair. I don’t hide behind it…. I LOVED it. It’s not fashionable, but I never really cared. Now I have a very stylish cut, but it’s not really me.

    *sigh* Now it’ll take me two years to grow out these bangs.

  64. @ theotherkate

    My hair is butt-length. I love it – I only know two other people with hair like mine. People point me out to strangers as ‘the one with the hair’.
    Interestingly, my hairstyle – let it grow as it likes and stick it in a ponytail – is an almost wholly masculine look at my uni. I know of two girls and at least twenty guys with let-it-be ponytails. Granted, I hang out with geeks, but it’s still a nice reversal of expectations.

  65. I had the same fight with myself for years. Like you, I eventually figured out that feeling good was the only thing that could make me hotter than I already am. :)

  66. I love that cut! It looks great on you.

    I got a cut I love a few months ago – I went through a phase for a few years of growing it really long (hip length), but it’s fine and thin and straight and wisps out at the ends and just didn’t look very good. I went in and told the hairdresser to do whatever she thought would look nice, and I wouldn’t hold her responsible if I didn’t like it. ;) It’s sort of a swing cut – chin-length in front, angles up so that in the back it hits just at the top of my neck, razor cut in layers so that the hair ‘on top’ is shorter than the hair underneath. Parted on the side, and not really any bangs, just a little lock that’s a bit shorter in the front. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it, but that may just be that it looked so scraggly before.

    The biggest change for me was when I was growing it long, in growing out the bangs – I’d had bangs ever since, well, ever. I have a big port wine birthmark that goes straight down the center of my forehead, and I’ve always covered it up with bangs. Always. It was a very big deal to me to reveal that part of myself to the world. It’s faded as I’ve gotten older, which in a way is almost more of a pain – it shows up more when I’m flushed and fades a bit when I’m not, so instead of people going ‘oh god it’s a big birthmark don’t say anything’ they say ‘Oh, did you hit your head?’ No. It’s a birthmark. I’ve had it the whole 4 years you’ve known me. lol. Anyway, for me the bangs issue has always been bigger than how fat my face looks in ‘x’ cut, but I’m finally old enough that I don’t care. :)

  67. You guys are awesome. Thanks for the zillion compliments.

    @A Sarah: The glasses, they are for seeing. When I was like 6, I started wearing my Grandma’s glasses to play secretary and I got my own within a couple of years. Fortunately, my prescription hasn’t changed in like 5 years, but when it does, I will cry because the frames are so rickety the optometrist will assuredly refuse to put lenses in those frames, for safety reasons.

    @FJ re your crush: ~blush~

    @Godless Heathen: Cutting your own hair is totally punk rock. I salute you.

    I think that the comments about how a haircut that makes you feel hot will also make you look hot are spot on. The focus isn’t the specifics of the cut, it’s just that most people have various self-imposed beauty rules and follow them even if we’re sort of longing to do something contrary. And if we examine them, we realize they come from simmering in the cultural stew we’re all mixed up in. They’re not ours, they’re things we carry. Next thing you know, I’ll be wearing strapless and sleeveless no matter how jiggly my arms are! YAY!

    And hey. Confidence makes a vixen of all of us. Let’s all just continue doing the things we like, despite people telling us we should we should try and fit in, and we’ll all be just fine.

    Thanks again for all the compliments.

  68. Wowsa, love it!

    I am very ADD when it comes to my hair. It’s been as long as the middle of my back and as short as 1/2″. For most of it, I’ve had a great Hair God who I let do whatever and who’ll totally listen if I’m like, make me cute, but cute with super short hair; or make me cute, but cute with not so short hair. And, we’re pretty far apart (he’s in New Orleans, I’m in Boston) he gives me hair that grows out well, because he knows I’m not coming to see him for 6 months (although I used to only go every 6 months when I lived in New Orleans so it’s pretty much the same).

    I justify this wacky relationship in a variety of ways. 1) New Orleans has Jazzfest and Mardi Gras and crawfish and 2) I could (not that I would) get a haircut on Newbury Street in Boston that would cost me as much as airfare and my cut in New Orleans – no brainer, no?

    I’ve also had the problem of stylists not wanting to cut my hair and I don’t think it has anything to do with my weight but more that they’re not confident. It’s hair, it grows back. The best part is that they’re usually in the “swank” Newbury Salons (gift cards) and they WON’T CUT MY HAIR???? How do they justify charging what they do when they don’t actually DO anything? Argh.

  69. That is a kickass haircut. Coincidentally, I also just got my hair cut, from below shoulder length to just above chin length. It’s pretty fantastic. Fat women can totally rock the short hair cuts. Don’t believe anyone who says otherwise.

    (Of course, mine will be even more awesome once I dye it BRIGHT BLUE. Take that, people who say I should hide my chubby face!)

  70. Wow. Just recently a stylist refused my haircut request telling me it wasn’t right for my face. I let her cut my hair the way she thought it should be cut and to be honest, I really couldn’t tell the difference between that an my old mop top.

    I’ll be going someplace else, I think, to get the haircut I want.

  71. That’s a great cut, I really think it brings out your eyes!

    I’ve recently gone short pixie, and I absolutely love it too. I’ve had so many compliments on it, at least in part I think because it shows that I love it.

  72. Thank you for posting this! I have been debating whether I can do something new with my hair for this very reason. Sounds like I really need to rethink it.

  73. Agree with all the previous posts, except to add (and please don’t take this the wrong way): you have an absolutely beautifully-shaped mouth, too. The shorter cut does way more to showcase your features. Glad you found a stylist who listens to you!

  74. The short hair is super-fantastique.

    I might be a little biased, though, because I am a longtime champion of both short / short-ish hair and “personality glasses.” (Not sure how I feel about that label, though… I have a lot of personality even without the glasses.)

    If you think of Little Women— “Jo! Your one beauty!”– that’s pretty much how people seem to think of my hair. It’s super thick, super shiny, wavy, etc, and apparently is widely envied. People are always telling me that I should grow it out, but it hasn’t even reached my shoulders since I was 13 or 14. This is partly because the thick shiny hair weighs a ton, but more because I am forever in love with the angled bob– anything from flapper to early Supremes– short in back long in front.

    But it truly never occurred to me that short hair made me somehow look fatter. Long hair doesn’t give you a bigger head…?

    My biggest annoyance is how weird men can be about women’s hair– and how many women wuss out and keep it long because the husband/boyfriend prefers it. Or, more often, thinks he prefers it.

    Oh! And my other biggest annoyance? I’ve had a lot of hair stylists who do what I ask them to do, but not quite as enough. They won’t thin it out as much as I know they need to; they won’t cut it short enough in back; they take too much off the front. I think, though, that they’re protecting themselves by doing something less extreme than the customer wants. I can imagine that they’ve learned to be cautious because it’s not so uncommon for a customer to freak out when the stylist did exactly what she’d asked for.

    (People have the same problem with computers too– freak out when it does what they asked for– but that’s a whole ‘nother topic.)

  75. I had a pixie/short cut the other day. I almost chickened out as I walked to the chair, but in the end watching my long locks fall on the cape was very liberating and I love my new look.

    Snip, Snip Snip

  76. I spent two years with short hair because a stylist told me I was too fat to wear it long. Two years of looking in the mirror and having my heart sink because the woman looking back was just not me. I grew it out and now like looking in the mirror again!

    I am shaking my head that some people believe that fat women should only have long hair and others believe just as much that fat women should only have short hair.

  77. I do love it!!! I’ve always wanted to try a really short cut like that, but for some reason can’t get past the ‘not feeling womanly with super short hair’ Yeah, I know…I’ve seen other woman that had shaved their heads and still seem the same. Maybe it’s because my hair is so fine and thin, I have spent most of my life trying to find some way to style it that I like, I’m 46 now…I hope to find something soon!

  78. I don’t know what other people’s experiences have been but being mistaken for a man because of short hair is really hard for me. Femininity (esp. long hair) and being skinny got wrapped up together in my mind when I was younger (male acceptability, I guess- taught by my father and then my first boyfriend). In the summer time, mistaken identity doesn’t happen nearly as often. I frequently wear skirts and sandals, but in the winter, it happens a lot with my big navy parka, jeans, and galoshes. I could wear makeup, earrings, or other so-called girly details, but sometimes I just don’t want to. I even bought a pink coat two years ago to make it more obvious and I felt so conspicuous and fake every time that I wore. It’s too small now, anyway.

    Sometimes, being called sir is simple mistake and I try to brush it off, even though it hurts. I have a hard time really *feeling* what I know about my ability to be attractive AND fat. In other cases, being referred by the wrong sex has felt intentional and as though, someone got pleasure from punishing me for deviating from gender expectations.

    Being fat, short-haired, and not femme doesn’t make me any less of a woman but it sometimes I really have no idea how to dress or otherwise present myself. Rationally, I know that skinny does not automatically equal feminine but it’s hard for the ED part of my brain not to say, “omg- if you were skinny, you’d have real figure and not an amorphous blob with a man’s head, hands, and feet.” Sigh.

  79. Add my voice to the “you looked good before but OH MY GOD you ROCK that pixie cut!!!” chorus. And the difference in your attitude in each of the pictures? Totally seals it. You kind of look uncomfortable in the first one, but the second one is all “fuck you, I know I’m gorgeous. Deal with it.” :D

    I too took the plunge and got my hair cut short last month. It was an even bigger deal for me, because I have insanely curly hair. I’ve gotten a few snide “it looks 80’s – and not in a good way” comments, but for the most part, I’ve gotten nothing but compliments. And personally? I love it. It’s so much easier to take care of, and it only takes me like 5 minutes in the morning to style.

  80. Wow! You look so much better with the short hair. As someone on the plusser side of life, I too hid under long, sweaty layers for a while thinking it made me look thin. Finally I chopped them to a chin bob and damn people flipped. They said I looked 10 years younger and I was turning heads. At 200 lbs I was turning heads. It’s not about weight, it’s about confidence.

  81. Oh, I love it! You look so sophisticated with the new cut!

    Thanks for the words. I, too, have the shaggy bangs across my face (I had side bangs a few months ago, and now I have long front fringe), and while it looks damn good – the hair in the eyes bit can get annoying.

    I was also waiting til I lost a some weight to get a pixie cut… but come to think of it… why not now? I’m off to grad school in the fall, and if I get it cut now, I have time to grow it back out a bit if I don’t like it.

    Also, I’m going to go skydiving this summer. SKYDIVING. I was waiting for the haircut because I didn’t think I was ready for the pixie, but I’m ready to jump 14,000 feet to the ground? Fuck that!

    Thanks for the motivation. I love the last two words of your post. Keep it real!

  82. The pixie style looks great on you. I have the same shape of face – maybe I should try it…

  83. I remember once a hairstylist told me, ‘You have a very prominent feature right in the middle of your face–i think you know what I am talking about. So you have to be very careful.’Thanks for telling me I had a big shnoz at 16, ruining my self-esteem.

    I’m also always reading, “If you have a big nose, you can’t have bangs…” I’m so sick of it. Grrr!

    I’m glad you wrote this–I’m so sick of our whole culture’s obsession with long hair. I could never do the pixie b/c I simply don’t have the right features to pull it off. But you look great!

  84. The short hair in the second photo is fabulous, as a hundred people have said before me.

    As for the aspirin-on-an-orange effect that everyone is sure will happen when you have short hair on a stout body, I’d just like to point out that it’s not any better when you pull your long hair out of your way into a pony tail or braid or whatever it takes to make life worth living without managing a bunch of hair in your way every second. Look, ma, still tiny head on big body.

    I leave my hair a bit long because my son since infancy has preferred it that way. Must be something in the Y chromosome? But that short haircut picture makes me rethink my current policy….

  85. I don’t know what other people’s experiences have been but being mistaken for a man because of short hair is really hard for me.

    Mel, this is why I had long hair until I graduated from college. When I was a fat kid with short hair (with bangs!), people mistook me for a boy occasionally and I felt such shame for it. I still don’t know exactly where that shame came from; I don’t think my family was particularly big on gendering my childhood, but who knows. I grew my hair long as soon as I had a say in it. Then when I was a teenager and started to develop some facial hair, too, I felt like it was even more important to have long hair to signal femininity. (I don’t know why I thought the DD-cups wouldn’t signal it enough as it is!) But my point is, I relate to your anxiety about that. I haven’t gotten mistaken for a boy since I was like 10, but I had to have long hair for a decade after that before I was feeling secure enough to cut it off.

  86. Thanks so much for sharing this story – Rachel at the F-Word did a great (and for me, important) follow up – I just wanted to say, it WAS him, because you look INCREDIBLE!

  87. Great hair! It was great before though too–all shiny and healthy looking.

    A few years back I went to a highly-recommended stylist with a photo of Lisa Rinna in hand. He told me that hair would look awful on me and that I’d end up looking like a pumpkin head. I went along with his thoughts–he was the pro, right?? I ended up with a horrible, horrible mullet-y looking cut that I absolutely hated. Well, I did eventually find a great stylist to give me that Lisa Rinna flippy hair and guess what? My hair loved it! It was effortless to style and I had so many compliments. Loved that hair. And there was no pumpkin head to be found.

  88. sweetmachine-

    Shame is such an interesting word in this context. I’ve been mentally circling around what I’m feeling but I didn’t realize that’s what it was until you said it.

    I have kept up very short hair for awhile now (1-2″ long), but don’t know why I’m so attracted to it when I feel like I look better with long hair. Other people here have said it, hair is such a loaded thing.

    The first really short haircut that I got was completely unwanted. The stylist screwed up an angled A-line bob and kept chopping to at least even it out. Short or not, it looked like crap. Results have varied since then but the best ones that I’ve gotten lately have come from similarly short-haired feminist. She really gets that very short styles don’t have to be cute (no offense to women that dig cute, just not my thing) or shaped like a stereotypical male haircut.

    I had been toying with the idea that I maybe thought that I didn’t *deserve* long hair until I was skinny again, but I’m not sure if that’s it. My gender identity has been flimsy since I was very young, skinny, and long haired. I’m ashamed that not only do I fail to live up to my learned ideal but also that I’m starting to not care that I’m failing. So maybe once I get over that, I’ll really be getting somewhere.

  89. When I scrolled to the first photo, I thought, “Well, that is a cute cut.” But then I scrolled to the second photo and thought, “Hot DAMN!” It’s so dramatic and draws attention to pretty much all your beautiful features. Your new stylist knows what she’s doing! (Plus the glasses are so adorably nerdcore.)

  90. Well, let me add my voice to the chorus of, “That pixie looks maaaahvelous, dahlink!” (because it really does!) And kudos to you for being brave enough to take the plunge and do what you wanted.

    I’m firmly convinced it’s less a matter of whether the rest of our bodies are fat, and more a matter of our facial structure and lifestyle and hair consistency (for lack of a better word – straight or curly? thick or fine?). After years of being mistaken for a boy when I was young – until about age 14 – because I wore my hair very, very short (Dorothy Hamill and Cindy Williams kinda short) I started growing it long, though every few years I’d get exasperated and chop it off. When I was in college, someone gave me a birthday gift of a haircut from the hot guy in town – trained with Sassoon or someone like that – so I went. And he cut my hair so short, my face immediately looked perfectly round. I almost believed he did it because I had the audacity to believe *I* could have *him* cut my hair (at $250 per cut). So now I wear it mostly shoulder length, and people think I’m 10 years younger than I am. I honestly think there’s no way to predict the outcome on something like this – you just have to try it. :)

  91. Honestly, this post, combined with Meowsers and now one over at F-word I think post has really given me the kick I need to get OUT of this hair-slump and admit that wearing clips and ponytails EVERYDAY is not what I want for me (some people might like it that way but I like it down!) So I have an appointment at a new place tomorrow and some great pictures picked out to show and can’t wait.

    Hair DOES mean a lot in our society and it is time I start doing what I want to with it! I refuse to diet my body; why should I diet my hair options?

    Thanks for the encouragement and reminder, simple as it may be, that really there is no ONE face shape unsuited to a hairstyle!

    “well, it’s up to us to tell them we’re not obligated to make them feel better by feeling bad about ourselves, and we aren’t going to disappear anything about ourselves.”

    Amen. ^_^

  92. I think you look awesome in both pics, but you DEFINITELY can pull off the pixie! It really highlights your porcelain skin and gorgeous eyes! The glasses are a great shape for your face, too.

    Good work!

  93. I love this!

    The shortest I’ve gone since I “got fat” was chin-length, too, but I am in the process of getting a new job entailing work in a datacenter, dealing with racking/stacking new servers, etc, and I already know my hair’s going to get in the fucking way.

    My friends have given me the name and number of a “Hair Goddess”. I think I might print out your picture and take it with me to go see her, to show her my inspiration.

  94. @fillyjonk, my sister wears contacts for seeing and also sometimes rocks “personality glasses” (i’d actually never heard that term til just now) for the cuteness factor. she says she wouldn’t be able to get her actual prescription in cute frames bc her eyesight is so bad.
    i, on the other hand, have 20/20 vision, and love the look of glasses, but would feel a little silly getting fake ones…

    and @heather, really great post, and you’re a hottie with either haircut.

  95. Ok, I think you are beautiful in both pictures. But the new hairdresser is right. The hair cut really makes your features pop. I too love the glasses. :) Great advice!

  96. Okay, that pixie cut? It rocks on you. Your face needs no frame. It’s artwork enough on its own.

    Oh, and I can relate. I had one stylist for so long who for whatever reason, just would not cut my hair short enough, no matter what. It always ended up being kind of chin length, which is so not my look. But I just found one I clicked with, and he gave me this really great choppy layered thing, with cheekbone length bits at the front, and a pretty much shaved back. But in a very classy, professional way somehow. And I love it. So much.

    It’s amazing what a magic haircut can do for you.

  97. It is astonishing how different you look in the shorter haircut – both younger and more professional/polished at the same time. I wonder if that was the problem with the 1st stylist though – that he wasn’t able to map hot young and polished onto a woman with some curves.

    My own stylist is always pushing the frumpiest stuff onto me and I think that is her issue – making me look older than I am as a way of keeping me from calling attention to myself.

  98. I think you look great in both photos, although the glasses make a huge difference. Just goes to show that styling different body shapes is and can be a challenge. There’s certain things I can pull off that would look ridiculous on thinner girls.

  99. @sarah – i am a -10 myopic who is legally blind without corrective vision.

    i have fantastic glasses that i love!!!!!

    they no longer need stupid frames for high prescriptions. in the 70’s and 80’s that was the case because the lenses were so thick. but now, they can do miraculous things!!!

    tell sarah to go check it out. get the right optometrist and give it a try. if I can wear glasses (with my horrid vision), anybody can!!

    here’s a pic of me with my glasses:

  100. You look great, but I’ve always had the opposite perspective on the hair issue–I’ve always assumed short haircuts were for older, heavier women who had given up on youth/beauty ideal or, sometimes cute tomboys (as you strike me) or intriguing butch women. Anyway, I thought I was taking a stand by keeping my locks long as I’ve aged and gained weight. No matter…I like it long, it shall stay that a’way.

  101. how funny – before i saw this, i had *just* cut all mine, too. it was the great hair massacre of ’08, and it was astonishing how free i felt when all that scraggly hair was gone! (dude, pigtails on a 34 year old woman? not a good look for me.)

    i think you look okay in the longer hair, you just look so chic and put-together in the shorter ‘do that i can’t understand why anyone would try to talk you out of it.

    oh, and having my cousin do the chopping (and the color) was the best part. i had a must-have-long-hair-to-be-feminine complex for a long time, and she got me right over that horse. *and* it is lovely to have the windows open, wide open, blowing beautiful summer-scented air through the car, and not have a single strand of hair whip around and stab me in the eyeball. BRILLIANT.

  102. lol hallie, I’ve always wondered about the must-have-short-hair-to-be-feminist complex myself.

    If short hair makes you feminist, I’m the most feminist person around.

  103. I just wanted to say that your original stylist obviously didn’t have the appropriate skills as I think you look gorgeous with the pixie cut.

    I was searching for photos of people with pixie cuts and glasses as I was a bit scared of what I’d look like if I got my hair cut. You have inspired me to go speak to my stylist and see what she can do. :)

  104. KUDOS TO YOU!
    For being so courageous to give it a shot, and second of all for giving some of us out here that are, well, fuller figured (fat) to go out and try new things and popular styles!
    I am the Manager of a Street Team for a popular and quickly growing rock band (we have a couple of songs in rotation on shows on MTV like NEXT and LAGUNA BEACH)…let’s just say I am often self conscious about trying “cute” & “cool” styles and such…there are so many “skinny” pretty girls always hanging around! LOL! Catching your blog here while I was searching for hairstyles and reading it, has given me the guts to say “what the hell” and give it a shot! I consider myself pretty/cute, and my only drawback is my weight, so why not…
    You are ABSOULTELY GORGEOUS, and really ROCK THE
    PIXIE-ISH HAIRCUT!!! One of our “inner circle” band fans is very heavy set, and she wears short hair, and she told me she thinks and has had many stylists and such tell her that often on a larger woman a shorter cut doesn’t weight (no pun intended here) them down…After seeing you in this awesome cut, I have found proof positive that she has established a very good point! I can’t imagine you with longer hair really seeing how cute this style is on you!
    THANKS for speaking out and sharing with us all!

    ROCK ON!


  105. That is exactly the kind of haircut I wish I could get–maybe knowing what it’s called will help. Anyway, it really suits you–you look fantastic.

  106. I went from braid-I-could-sit-on to pixie a year ago despite every single friend of mine warning me that it wouldn’t suit my face. Nobody recognized me — and nobody includes my boss, my grandmother, and my boyfriend — and the flirtation quotient of my day doubled.

    Favorite conversation (with a dear friend):
    “You look fantastic! I mean, the haircut works a lot better than I thought it would, but getting your eyebrows shaped really transforms your face. Your eyes are amazing!”
    “It’s the haircut.”
    “No, the brows make a huge difference. Really.”
    “I didn’t change my brows.”
    “Yes, you did.”
    “No, it’s the haircut.”

    Guess who else has short hair now?

  107. Eighthead! ROFLOL

    Mel – There are always stupid people around to say stupid things. When you get past all of them, you’ll know you’re sexy. (I’m over 300 lbs. and sexy as hell!) There’re always going to be jackasses who think “butterface” and “fugly” are funny. I say poo poo to you!

    Goin’ back to my pixie cut this afternoon after several years of “growing it out”. (I was waffling for the exact same reasons – fat face syndrome.) Thanks, Heather and all you other big, beautiful women!

    My mom was also always the one who made the stupid “vertical stripes-black-is-slimming, you have such a pretty face if you’d just..blah, blah, blah bullshit”. This is who I am and I’m loving me more all the time.

    Oh yeah – lovelovelove the hair, girlfriend!

  108. I’m so glad to see Heather’s story here. I saw it elsewhere before and went out that afternoon and had my own hair cut.

    I’ve had short hair for a month now and the compliments are still coming. After the hair cut, I invested in some bright pink eyeshadow and sleeveless tops. I haven’t felt this good about myself in ten years.

    Thanks for being so inspirational Heather!

  109. I was just approached yesterday by somone who said they had seem someone at the pool who looked just like me and had this cute little boy haircut. I have wanted to cut my hair super short for so long. What a way to finish out my triathlon season. You have truely inspired me. I am going to do it!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. I have to say both haircuts look awesome. Having said that, I totally understand with the dilemna of hair in the face. My hair is naturally very curly and as long as I ‘style it just right’ it looks good, but goodness help me if I get hot. It just frizzes and looks wild, not professional at all. I admire Jamie Lee and Heather for having the nads to whack it all off……I feel something growing, maybe its my nads coming in……….:)

  111. I LOVE YOUR HAIR CUT! Wow. Thanks so much for posting this. I’ve been debating a pixie cut because I’m a bigger women and I also keep my hair in a pony tail because it gets in the way! Now, I’m just going to chop all the hair off! YAY! Thanks, you’ve been a real confidence booster. (=

  112. Someone else may have said this (you’ve had tons of hopefully VERY positive comments!), but I think beyond the hair-can-make-you-look-fat-or-thin myth, a number of people also buy into the fat-women-can’t-risk-the-androgynous-look myth. Here’s what I mean. A pixie cut is not as normatively “feminine” as, say, a chin-length bob, and because fat is considered by so many people to be de-feminizing, the result is a mass hysteria (or, okay, the hysteria of one hair stylist) who assume that by chopping off the locks, fat women are also chopping off more of their femininity. But you are proof that the opposite is indeed true: you look beautiful, I can more clearly see your features, and you maintain a really wonderful, edgy, personal femininity.

    I still like the idea of cutting hair to fit a face shape, but the real myth-buster here is that fat women don’t necessarily have round faces. I, for example, have an oval face and have been rocking a messy, curly, short ‘do for over a year now. With the best possible results.

  113. @ Heather

    The pixie cut looks awesome (the colour too) and I love your glasses. I have to get new glasses and I was thinking of getting similar frames.

    I have a receding jawline and fat under my chin so I’m worried that if I cut my hair short that will highlight my chin fat. My layered hair is now at that spot where my neck blends into my shoulders. I like the look but I want something different too. Decisions, decisions.

  114. I love both haircuts! You look terrific. I waffle back and forth between long and short, it’s usually a blunt cut though. I just moved to Europe and still have not found anyone to cut my hair. In Holland a lot of women 30+ have short pixie cuts. It seems the younger (teens, 20’s) have very long hair.

    I’m leaning towards a Louise Brooks type style but now your photos are making me consider a pixie. Thanks for posting this, it gives us all a confidence boost to try new styles!

  115. I love the shorter haircut way better than the other one! I have really long hair and a fat face and everyone is telling me not to cut it off, and I keep going back and forth on how short to go, but this makes me feel better about going whatever length I want!

  116. This cut is stunning on you. Take weight out of the equation. You look hip, stylish, edgy and just plain gorgeous. I love this cut and wish I could pull it off as well. – Great honest article. Thanks.

  117. You look great. Thanks to you, I’m reclaiming my old hair-grows-back-so-go-nuts-with-it attitude and going to go get the pixie cut I’ve been wanting!

  118. Agreed with many others that you look great with either haircut! And yeah, I’m not sure why we assume that hairdressers would know what cuts “work best” for our faces. For our hair type, sure, that’s their job, but why would they be face experts?

  119. Add me to the list of people with giant foreheads. Thing is, sure, bangs cover it, but a. they also get in your eyes and in the way and b. why does it need covering anyway?

    I’ve got my stylist trained not to even suggest cuts that need much work to maintain them looking right now. I’m way too lazy to do my hair every day.

  120. Wow, thank you so much for this post and the pictures. I’ve admired super short crops, and even buzzcuts, for years and years and always thought regretfully that I wasn’t one of the women who would look good in them. As you say, I accepted that I needed to have hair covering part of my face, from the butt-length mane I grew to the cute chin-length bob. There had to be a mass of hair obscuring the shape of my face and the shape of my head.

    Your features are so much like mine and you look so fantastic in that short cut I started thinking about getting one myself, finally. And a strange thing happened: I started spending a lot of time looking at the real shape of my face in the mirror. Pulling my hair back and looking not at my hairstyle, but at ME. Not at what people have told me for as long as I can remember, that we should wear our hair to disguise our faces as much as possible, not to look too round, too blocky, too long, too rectangular. Just looking at what my face and head actually looked like. My nose. My ears. My chin, my forehead, my eyebrows, my eyes.

    Would you believe I haven’t done that since at least high school, when I absorbed the belief that at all costs I had to take the curse off the shape of my ugly head and make my face something it wasn’t — a smaller nose, rounder cheeks, bigger eyes? Ever since them I’ve gone through my life assuming I knew what my face was like and what it needed to be acceptable, without ever really seeing it.

    Yesterday I wore my hair severely parted, slicked down and pulled back to completely bare my face — the kind of hairstyle I’d always imagined that only extraordinarily beautiful women can pull off. Every time I passed a mirror I was stunned at what I saw. I saw a sophisticated, beautiful, elegant woman with a fantastic face. I saw features with a prominence that made them arresting in the minimalistic frame I’d given them. It blew me away. I never knew I could be that woman.

    I need to wait until it’s warmer here before I can whack all my hair off in an ultrashort pixie, but when summer is on the way I’m going to do it and I can’t wait. But the most important thing for me is how this has been a transformative experience. I look at myself in a completely different way now.

  121. You look great! I can’t believe I found this….I have an appointment in two days for a hair cut. I have wanted to go very short…of course the picture of the hair style I like was on a much younger, thinner woman. Seeing your picture and reading your blog encourages me to go ahead and get the hair style I want.
    Thank you!

  122. I’m going to get a short hair cut (like London on America’s Next Top Model….don’t watch the show, but I saw her hair while I was waiting for Lost to start and fell in love) and I thought it was going to make my face and body look fatter…I have an oval face, but still carrying baby weight (kid’s 17 months old now). It’s great to see (and read) that that won’t happen. My kid will probably hate it, but I can’t take my hair anymore

  123. As someone who has suffered for the past decade with horrible acne (literally having strangers come up to me in the grocery story and offer their suggestions) I have to say that I’m totally jealous of your gorgeous skin, and having the short hair spotlights it really well. And I agree with the previous posters, it really highlights your eyes.

  124. I aam overweight and short( like 5 ft)I have ROCKED the pixie for about 4 years now… I am fortunate to have a great husband who loves me for me and actually likes the short hair( he tells me long hair ages me).I tried to grow it because I stupidly let people tell me how much men prefer long hair and that unless you look like Halle Berry you have no buisness wearing a pixie…You know what I look better with a pixie and I am doing it for me.Screw society! with long hair I am constantly in the bathroom trying to fix my hair and have no time for make up..With short hair I look chic ,wear great makeup and cool hoop earrings(.I think playing with earrings is great fun) I think we need to stop worrying what others think and do what we want.You look gorgeous…

  125. Love the short cut.

    I tend to admire short cuts on others, but have mostly worn bobs or long hair in my lifetime. For a while I rocked an asymmetrical cut because I just couldn’t decide and that was pretty darn short in spots and I got more compliments on that cut than any others I’ve had.

    Kate– I have the same jawline that Al does. Was that way when doctors were telling me I was underweight and to gain weight (and idiots would accuse me of having an eating disorder and tell me to “eat a cookie”) my jawline is still that way now that I’m shopping at Lane Bryant. It’s just the way I am.

    When I was a teen or else college-aged, I once was in a rush to get somewhere and left the house in a pony tail (a rarity) and my Mom (who was driving me to the bus stop), told me that my profile was not my best feature. Aiee! Gee, thanks, Mom. What’s a girl to do if her profile sucks? Could make for some awkward walking. And, of course, having long hair that you try to use to cover your profile. Perhaps big hats would help.

    (It was a bit odd as my family often told me I was pretty and smart and all that good stuff. Did that stuff stick with me? Not so much. But one stupid offhand remark about my profile stuck with me forever. Even though I know it’s crazy and have joked about it, I’m most insecure about my chin and profile I suppose. Argh.)

  126. OK, I realize this is a very old post, but I wanted to say that this has totally inspired me to go get the pixie cut I’ve wanted for YEARS but was too afraid of the “boobs bigger than head” syndrome to get.

    Rock on, girlfriend.

  127. You beautiful women have made me realize to just GO FOR IT. Im scheduling an appointment to finally just chop off my hair and stop being afraid of whether I’m too fat for any kind of hair cut! WOOHOO.

  128. I went a step further than the pixie cut I promised myself back in March: I had it all buzzed off.

    Then I ordered a set of good clippers, and I maintain it myself, a fresh clip every two weeks.

    I left a small wisp in front of each ear, but other than that it’s 3/8″ long, and I’m so glad I did it.

  129. ROCK ON GIRL!!!!
    I can’t thank you enough for writing this blog! I am so happy I came upon it in my search for “Can fat girls pull off a short hair cut?” on Google. I donate my hair every 2 years to Locks of Love and this year I noticed I would be able to donate my full 10 inches sooner then expected, but I would have to have a short hair cut. PLEASE NOTE: I have been secretly wanting a short hair cut for the ast few years, but was brought up believing that horrible myth “Big Girls Cannot Pull Off Short Hair!” Your story (Not to mention AWESOME hair) has inspired me to march into that salon tomorrow with the pictures of myself with the hair I want (Digitally modified) and hear no if ands or buts about it this time!

    You’re My Hero! :)

  130. GO ON GIRL!!!!!! You look fabulous! I’m totally with you on everything you said. Enjoy who we are…..the way we are!

  131. Hi!! just wanted to say you are an inspiration and that stylist before didn’t know what he was talking about that pixie cut looks amazing on you!!! Keep doing wht your doing cos it’s working!!!

  132. You have a gorgeous mouth and gorgeous eyes and a great nose. And yeah, I was shocked as I scrolled down and checked out the new shorter do- it looks great. And- shows off all your prettiness!

  133. Thanks for posting about your haircut! I was searching for pixie photos and stumbled onto this thread. After having a baby earlier this year, and a bunch of sweaty hair–and no time–it sounded like the perfect solution if only I could see it on someone else…?

    So…the next day I re-scheduled my haircut ASAP and all but had my head shaved! It feels great, and takes only a couple of minuts. Thanks for the inspiration!

  134. Beautiful hair and bravo! It was nice to see this post as I am hacking off the ‘do on Friday. One family member said it would make my head look ‘too small for my body.’ Fuck ’em. I have two small children, am starting a doula business and don’t have time to maintain a hairstyle to hide behind. Well done!

  135. I love this blog!! I searched all over to find a haircut for a “fat” face..and all the cuts were ugly! I read your blog and first of all it was so funny because its sooo true and secondly, when I scrolled down to your after shot I was speechless! It looks so beautiful n it brings out your eyes and everything. The first hairstylist needs to be fired and have their license revoked!! Thank u for the advice…I needed it and I feel a whole lot better about cutting my hair even if I dont lose 100lbs first!

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