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New shirts for you!

I got on a little graphics kick this weekend because of the new icons (yes, Kate will have one, but it still needs some tweaking). The end result is that there are three new shirts up on the Shapely Prose store, including one that features the new Aunt Fattie graphic (debuting tomorrow) in all its glory:

Isn’t she glorious? You’d almost think I was talented. If you love her as much as I do, you can put her on your boobs!

There’s also a scarlet F, as requested — I feel a little bad about that because that’s The F-Word‘s gimmick, but since we haven’t yet made a dime of profit off the store, I don’t feel THAT bad. I didn’t put our URL on it, so people who are fans of both SP and The F-Word (which I assume is most of you) can consider themselves to be flagging for both.

As always, if you’ve got ideas for new T-shirt designs or clever sayings, let us know. Especially if you’ve got a catchy way of expressing that exercise isn’t just for weight loss. People suggested that one a while ago, and I put together a graphic for it, but I feel lukewarm about having the text just be “exercise is not just for weight loss” — that’s kind of dry and didactic. I want something punchy! Kate suggested “this isn’t my first time at the gym,” and I kind of dig that, so you can expect that one once I come up with a design.

Same if you want a particular product. It’s really easy for me to add a bib or a dog sweater or whatever. The one thing I’m going to nix is “this is my goal weight” shirts in non-plus sizes. I apologize for those of you who wear less than a 1x and are still perfectly happy with your weight as-is; I applaud you for embodying the spirit of the movement, but I assume you understand why the shirt has a different message on you (and why I might worry about the use to which other thin people might put it). I suppose I’m open to convincing, though, if you have a good counterargument.

We actually had a troll once who had a real problem with the fact that there’s a store in the first place, so let me reassure you that we’re not making any money off you guys! This is our way of giving you the means to display your allegiances, not to fund our lavish lifestyles. The prices are high because CafePress prices are high and I’m sorry about that — the markup is lower on the plus size shirts because they’re so much more expensive to begin with, and that’s the best we can do. So far all profit has gone to keeping the store open.  (Which, uh, means it wasn’t really profit at all, come to think of it.)

102 thoughts on “New shirts for you!”

  1. I thought there was going to be an

    Exercise: Its not just for weight loss anymore!


    I mean, I know I could make my own at cafe press, but I’d rather buy it from you guys ;-)

  2. yellowhammer, as I said in the post: “As always, if you’ve got ideas for new T-shirt designs or clever sayings, let us know. Especially if you’ve got a catchy way of expressing that exercise isn’t just for weight loss. People suggested that one a while ago, and I put together a graphic for it, but I feel lukewarm about having the text just be ‘exercise is not just for weight loss’ — that’s kind of dry and didactic. I want something punchy!”

  3. I suppose their would be a copyright issue with using, like, the old cute chubby mouse version of the Angelina Ballerina mouse on the exercise shirt? Something like that could be cute though.

  4. I tend to skim posts with a large picture in them too. Someone needs to do more research on how our brains work when we read the internet.

    There would probably be a copyright issue with Angelina Ballerina, but there might be a way to get around it (redrawing the character). It might depend on whether the image is copyrighted or trademarked? Unfortunately I’ll probably never feel like I have sufficient grasp of intellectual property law to feel safe doing it. :)

  5. I’m an in-betweenie, wearing anything from a medium to a 2X depending on cut, shape and time of the month, and I love the “this is my goal weight” shirt! Don’t leave us semi-fatties out!

  6. I love the icons!
    How about something with a hippo on it? Because hippos are great, and they’re actually fast runners.

  7. Hmm. I wish I could think of a catchy phrase – or anyone else, for that matter. It would be awesome if people were suddenly running about wearing t-shirts that advertise physical activity for fun! As a thin, but very self-conscious teenager, I totally would have needed one. I avoided doing any kind of exercise in public because I was afraid that people were going to think I must be doing it for (completely unnecessary) weight loss, thereby making myself look ridiculous.

  8. So the cafepress shirts are okay again? I had a friend order 3 different things from them and was disgusted with each and every one of them – from poor printing of logos, to holes in the front of the shirt (!), and a v-neck appearing to be rather rounder-shaped than anticipated. She was not amused.

    Idea: how about a shirt with those cute little Adipose Alien tykes from Dr Who? But….wait for it… they could be Shapely Adi-prose Aliens…geddit??

    Mia, I think this shirt has your name on it…

  9. p.s. my friend did NOT order Shapely merch – it was a random assortment from various shops to test out different types of printing and shirt stock.

  10. The Aunt Fattie icon is cute, but I’ll miss the photograph. It’s really awesome to see a fat woman of yesteryear. She’s so beautiful, and she (probably) existed. Very encouraging.

  11. Perhaps you could make the goal weight one in a L/XL, something that would fit women down to a size 12 or so?

    And for the thinner HAES-ers, how about ‘My other body is plus-size’ or something to that effect?

  12. Oooh, I love them!! I’m going to get some for my birthday in August.

    I’m trying to think of some fun, catchy “before/after” thing. But I suck at this. When I lived in an activist commune, every sign/slogan I came up with was so completely wordy and un-catchy, it was really embarrassing.

  13. regarding the “this is my goal weight” shirt not being available in non-plus sizes… i’m torn. i understand what you mean, but the pressure to be the ‘perfect’ size aka extremely thin certainly extends to those who aren’t in official plus sizes.

    i’m from england, so i’m not too au fait with american sizes or what 1x would be, but in england, for example, ‘plus size’ begins at 18 (which I think is a US 14) but nobody wearing a 16, for example, would be considered ‘average’ by our cultural dictators, even though 16 *is* apparently the average British woman’s size (think of the fuss made of that plus-size girl winning that beauty competition recently in England – she’s a size 16).

    i’ve been everything from a UK size 28 to a UK 10 – but even when i was a size UK 10 top i was still a UK size 14 bottom. Most people who haven’t learned about FA would still consider 14 to be too big and in need of dieting. As a size 10 top/14 bottom, which I think would be equivalent in America to being 6/10, I still had plenty of fat and plenty of body areas where there could be ‘genuine’ criticism of my fat legs and thighs and butt and absolutely not flat stomach and flabby upper arms. So even though if I wanted to buy a goal weight t-shirt at that weight I’d have needed a size 6US, which anyone can argue is ‘thin’ size, I’d still have been wearing it atop legs/butt/stomach that were a US size 10, not such an ‘acceptable’ size.

    I guess what I’m saying is that these days anybody who isn’t a size 6 US/10UK or smaller is under pressure to diet and be thinner, so maybe it is still worthwhile to have t-shirts available to those women?

    of course one could argue that we then get to a really subjective decision on what ‘culturally ideal’ is, and if we accept some non-plus sizes for the t-shirt, where do we draw the line, but I’d argue (the scene in The Devil Wears Prada where whatshername is criticised for being a ‘fat girl’ at size 6 comes to mind), in a world where the only ‘acceptable’ sizes are US sizes 0-6, maybe *anybody* who wears a size 8 or above saying they are at their goal weight would still be making a statement in support of FA and not just boasting that they really had got to a particular diet’s goal weight?

    i think this is rather rambly; apologies. i hope my point is clear!

  14. Fillyjonk, this is totally off-topic but what you said about skimming and illustrations made me think about the latest textbook I was assigned. It’s a Bright! Colorful! Lots of Graphics! one and I can barely read it. It gives me some kind of reading disorder and every page must take four times longer than normal to comprehend. I’m so ignorant about graphic art it’s pitiful so I can’t say what’s wrong, especially since I thought I liked a lot of color, but I really can’t stand this.

    On the topic of an exercise shirt, would “This Body is Built to Move” work?

  15. Actually, I’m with Yellowhammer on this.

    When I read you wanted something better than “exercise is not just for weight loss”, my first reaction was “try: ‘exercise: it’s not just for weight loss anymore” which is, to my mind, much catchier. Then I see that you berate Yellowhammer for not reading the article.

    I read the article and I really like Yellowhammer’s / my idea better than your version.

    “Exercise: It’s not just for weight loss anymore!”

    “Moving for my own enjoyment” (meh. maybe)

    “Not justifying my enjoyment of exercise to you”

    “Working my butt off? No, I like my butt just fine, thanks!”

    (OK, OK, maybe I’m really not good at this, but I tried)

  16. I’ve been wanting Cara’s suggested t-shirt for ages: “Don’t assume you’re healthier than I am.” I would wear the shit out of that shirt.

    For an exercise shirt, you could have it say “EXERCISE” surrounded by little floaty words like “joy!” “movement!” “relaxation!” and then underneath, “Who cares about weight loss?”

  17. Kim, I think FJ was “berating” Yellowhammer only for saying hey, I thought there was going to be this kind of shirt, when the post clearly says I was going to make this kind of shirt but am still looking for ideas. Honestly, if redirecting a reader to a relevant part of a post counts as berating, we must seem like a bunch of vicious scolds.

  18. Also, I find it a little hilarious that Kim likes her idea better than “my version,” when the whole point was that I didn’t have a version.

    Deborah M., yeah, I was kind of thinking that and torn about it (you’ve expressed it quite well, I think). Lemme cogitate.

    Pippa, CafePress has by far the widest range of size options so we’re stuck with it regardless. I haven’t had a problem with it except that the shirts run quite big.

  19. Oh, and Rhonwyyn, I’ll miss the old Aunt F. a little too… I confess I started the icon thinking that there was no way I’d like it enough to stop using the old photo. But I like that I could make Aunt Fattie look kindlier — that woman, a circus performer whose name doesn’t seem to be available, actually looks really sweet in the large version of the pic, but a bit grouchy in the icon version. And then there’s the graphic consistency thing.

    Here is her picture though if you like her!

  20. Gah. I hate when the site crashes on me. Oh well let’s see if I can re-create the post again…

    For a shirt suggestion, while I’m not the best at witty phrases, something along the lines of “I exercise to Move It, not to Lose it!” keeps jingling through my head but I can’t think of an image to suit.

    Like Deborah I am torn about “This IS my Goal Weight” shirts in un-plus sizes. As we’ve often discussed; the social view of what IS a plus size certainly drops far lower in the sizing ranges than manufacturers of apparel would have us believe. Being a size 10 (Oh so long ago) still had me hating every part of my body and just KNOWING I needed to diet/exercise/lose weight. Yet now at a 20/22 I’m working to get through that and move to accepting myself but if I could have worn that shirt at size 10, it would have felt just as empowering as it will to wear it now at twice the numerical size….

    I can see the concern however with folks assuming that the shirts are really a “Huzzah, I’ve starved myself for society; PRAISE ME!” slogan and not the acceptance driven shirts they are. I guess at the end though I will say that in the spirit of acceptance for ALL sizes; for Heatlh at EVERY size; I would vote (if such a thing came to it) for the shirts available to all sizes….because self hatred of fat; just like self-acceptance of the same; comes in all sizes.

  21. Maybe a solution for the “this IS my goal weight” conundrum is to have some silhouetted people in various body shapes under/around it? So that even a thin Shapling would be making the point about various body shapes, and being comfortable with them?

    Yes/no? Too fraught with the ability to offend someone who is not included? Too much like the “headless fatty” of news clips? (Hey, we really need to write a ghost story about the headless fatty.)

  22. (This is Karen from the above comment… I have got to get better about signing in.)

    Also, I just got a document for a website with a title of “Exercise or Supersize,” trying to promote exercise for college students. I’m editing it out (which I’m not supposed to do, but wtf-ever). But I wonder if we could do something with those words, and how they are NOT opposites.

    I’m skimming this post/comments for better ideas…. right now, my headline just says “Exercise,” which is certainly an improvement, but still kind of boring.

  23. How about:

    Out of Shape?
    This is the shape I’m in!

    That’s from an old Reader’s Digest cartoon. It’s what the fat guy says to his doctor.

    Or the words “fat chick” with an actual graphic of a fat chick underneath. But that’s probably been done already.

  24. Teehee, what about a shirt that says


    With a fat lady pirate and a treasure chest?

  25. I think the larger pics of the circus fat lady have this skeptical look in her eyes; like she’s evaluating the world around her. Makes me think she’s pretty clever.

    I’m not clever at thinking up pithy statements. Is there a T-shirt with DIET with one of those slashed circles across it?

    How about a shirt that says:

    My Shape’s Okay/Your Shape’s Okay

  26. Yes/no? Too fraught with the ability to offend someone who is not included? Too much like the “headless fatty” of news clips?

    Too requiring-FJ-to-redesign-the-shirt. ;)

    I like “I exercise to move it, not to lose it.” Hmm.

  27. I would so go for a, “this isn’t my first time at the gym”. If one more asshole tells me how proud they are of me for being there… AND that they would never leave their house if they had my weight I might go on a smacking spree. o.0

    Um got any clever comebacks/responses to that sort of thing? I get so shy and freaked out when people say stupid ass shit my mind goes blank. Well blank or the meanest thing ever pops into my head. (When they older lady said she’d never leave her house I almost told her I’d never leave if I was as wrinkly as her, but as I have nothing against the aged it wasn’t really me.) But I don’t want to be that person either. So um got anything clever for a shy person who is spooked into mean thoughts. *L*

  28. justme, in another context I had some success asking, “Why would you say that to me?” That was when I was defending myself against a toxic co-worker. It really slowed her down and also completely pulled the ‘this is in no way a personal attack’ cover off her tirade. I don’t know if it would work on a stranger but it’s a form of Ann Landers’ old comeback to rude questions, “Why do you ask?”

  29. @justme: I’ve been trying to cook up good comebacks for a few weeks now because I’m tired of my gut response being “go fuck yourself” every single time.

    A good, all-purpose comeback could be “Thankfully, I don’t give a shit what you think.”

  30. The one thing I’m going to nix is “this is my goal weight” shirts in non-plus sizes.

    good. i am very pleased to hear that.

  31. I actually do understand having the “This is my goal weight” shirts in only the larger sizes (even though, sadly, that means I cannot wear one). We have to remember that while we are immersed in the Fat Acceptance mindset, virtually no one in the “outside world” is going to see that shirt on a thin person and get a fat-positive message. If anything, they might get pissed because they think said thin person is out there bragging about her weight loss, when most likely they themselves are having trouble meeting “goal.” If fat women (and men!) who are unfamiliar with FA encounter this shirt on a thin person, how is it going to make them feel? Inadequate? Depressed?

    Perhaps we should make a shirt just for the thinnies too. I was thinking something along the lines of: “Fat woman trapped in a thin woman’s body,” to turn the usual phrase on its head. It may skirt the edge of HAES a little bit (acceptance of all body sizes), but rather than denigrating thin people I think it would more say that one is thin while embracing a lifestyle that most people would associate with “fat”: enjoying food, exercising for joy rather than punishment, refusing to conform to the popular notion of beauty, etc.

    I LOVE “I exercise to move it, not lose it.” I think it perfectly captures the non-weight-loss mentality for exercise that exists here.

    Oh, and also I was thinking:

    “Tired of hating your body? Sick of feeling depressed and unattractive? Take action! Eat what you want, enjoy exercise, love your body:

  32. “Fat woman trapped in a thin woman’s body,”

    Oh whoa, I love this. Thin Shapelings, how do you feel?

  33. From a purely selfish perspective, I would love a “This is my goal weight” shirt in a large or X-large because those shirts look like they fit loose and I like my tshirts to fit tight. BUT I do think those shirts would be misinterpreted on non plus-sized women. Yes, being a woman of any size bigger than maybe a 2 and not wanting to lose even a few pounds is pretty radical. But at the same time, I know lots of dieting women whose goal weight is a size 8 or 10. Because they don’t consider being able to wear a size 4 an achievable goal, they just want to “get healthy” and be able to wear non-plus sizes. So I think a woman who wears a size 10 or so wearing that tshirt would be misinterpreted. I would guess people would either congratulate them on their weight loss or say something like: “You’ve made it this far, why not try to lose a little more?” Neither of which is really what we’re going for here.

  34. Oh – and I do love the new shirts, thanks FJ. And I also like: “I excercise to move it, not lose it” and “Fat woman trapped in a thin woman’s body” (not for me, but for thin Shapelings).

  35. Wow, so many neat ideas! I like the “not my first time at the gym” shirt in particular. “Fat woman trapped in a thin woman’s body” I’m not sure about — I’m a me-sized person in a me-sized body.

    As for the “this is my goal weight” shirts, what about something like “Goal Weight: Happy”? Or an image of scale with the needle at “happy” instead of a number? Though I suppose that could be misinterpreted as having to lose weight to be happy… *goes back to thinking*

  36. I like “Fat woman trapped in a thin woman’s body” & would wear that. Was thinking something along the lines of “Narrow hips, Broad mind,” but that’s too close to “Straight but not Narrow,” and I think EntoAggie’s is better.

    FJ, remember “Lev 3:16”? May be a little high-reference … but you could put that on the front and “All fat belongs to the Lord” on the back.

  37. What about “I already AM a success story!” in big letters, and then “And you can be too. Ask me how!” in smaller letters?

    Or “Just fine with my before picture.”

  38. Oh man, I almost forgot about Lev. 3:16! Yes, I definitely need to make one for that. Hilarious.

    Becky, the ironic thing is that I would also like a “goal weight” shirt in an XL, and I am not even really an inbetweenie. But your points are spot on.

  39. justme: “If one more asshole tells me how proud they are of me for being there… AND that they would never leave their house if they had my weight I might go on a smacking spree. o.0
    Um got any clever comebacks/responses to that sort of thing? “

    What about, “Goodness, you don’t have to be fat to stay home. Being ignorant is a PERFECTLY good reason.” Said with a smile.

  40. Does Aunt Fattie look kinda jaundiced to anyone else? I did not mean to make her a Simpson but she looks like one on this monitor. Oh well.

  41. What about, “Goodness, you don’t have to be fat to stay home. Being ignorant is a PERFECTLY good reason.” Said with a smile.

    I’d adjust that slightly to “you don’t have to be fat to stay home; please, be my guest.” :)

  42. I was also thinking along the “Ask Me How!” lines, playing off those obnoxious Herbalife bumper stickers (“I Lost Weight! Ask Me How!”) Something like:

    “Ask me how much I’ve gained from exercise!”

    Hmmm, let me think some more…

  43. I just ordered a “Goal Weight” shirt. They are indeed pricey, and I’ve never ordered anything from Cafe Press before, but I had to. HAD TO, damn it.

    Also, I like “This Body is Built to Move” (by Older Than Dirt, above).

  44. Oooooh, great shirts! :-)

    “Fat woman trapped in a thin woman’s body” I’m not sure about — I’m a me-sized person in a me-sized body.

    I agree. I’m not big, but I feel very uncomfortable identifying as “thin” especially as I’m technically 7 pounds “overweight” (of course, yes, we know that BMI is bullshit), and I’m worried that the people around me would laugh in my face if I wore a shirt like that (though I’d probably have to buy it in a small or medium, depending on sizing). I’m pretty averaged-sized more than thin or fat, but I’m really just “me” sized. Not sure exactly of the wording that would be, but something along the lines of “I’m my perfect size” might be nice.

    (Though I *totally* agree with the reasoning for not having the “goal weight” shirt in straight sizes. You could find yourselves getting a lot of business from dieters, which would suck all around for everyone involved.)

  45. something along the lines of “I’m my perfect size” might be nice.

    I dig this. But I have to say I love the humor potential of “fat woman trapped in a thin woman’s body” — and we could have “fat woman trapped in a fat woman’s body” shirts too! I’m one of those.

  46. “Fat woman trapped in a fat woman’s body”


    Or take Victoria’s idea, which I bet she didn’t know was an idea:

    “Me-sized person trapped in a me-sized body”

    Along with the “thin body” ones, nobody gets left out. :)

  47. I love love love the “this isn’t my first time at the gym.”

    @ just me: I had someone tell me “it’s so great to see you at the gym”, to which I replied “it’s so great to see YOU at the gym.’ Which threw her for quite a curveball judging by the “OMG, what does she mean by that?” look on her face. (to the person about leaving their house, I would say: “I would never leave my house if I had your stupidity. And here we both are. Huh.”)

    On the flip side, I take the occasional “you go, girl” comments in stride since it’s worth it to me every time a fellow fat girl come in and gets that relieved or happy look when she sees me huffing on the treadmill. Because, really, a gym can be a very scary place..

  48. Which threw her for quite a curveball judging by the “OMG, what does she mean by that?” look on her face.

    Hah. That’s the best mental image I’ve had all day.

  49. As a seminary student, I LOVE the Lev. 3:16 idea! I would buy that shirt and wear it to my theology classes. My friends at school would get a kick out of it.

    I love reading these t-shirt ideas, we Shapelings are a creative bunch!

  50. I had someone tell me “it’s so great to see you at the gym”, to which I replied “it’s so great to see YOU at the gym.’ Which threw her for quite a curveball judging by the “OMG, what does she mean by that?” look on her face.

    I love it!

    The discussion about sizing on the goal weight shirts is really useful, y’all. I’m currently thin (which, as I’ve talked about in other posts, hasn’t always been the case) but curvy, and I find that when real-life people find out I’m involved in FA they suddenly start seeing me as *thinner* than I am. People who would describe me as medium/average/”normal”/what have you suddenly say things like “But you’re SO thin, why are you involved in fat activism?” when they find out about the blog. It’s like I shrink in their eyes once I voluntarily associate myself with fat. I am still unsure what to make of this — but what I’m getting at here is that people read bodies differently depending on context, and I think the goal weight shirts in smaller sizes would be perhaps more likely to backfire than we might anticipate.

  51. Perhaps for the skinny folks–and playing into what you’re saying, sweetmachine, about being perceived as thinner but also somehow “confusing” when talking about FA as a thin/in between/somehow not what people imagine as “fat” person:

  52. It’s like I shrink in their eyes once I voluntarily associate myself with fat.

    Hmm, maybe that’s why so many people think my almost-stage-2-obese ass is too small for me to have fatty cred.

  53. I like “this is what a fat activist looks like” a lot.

    I also like the sentiment “fat woman trapped in a thin woman’s body” but i’m in ‘regular sizes’ and that just wouldn’t apply to me – i’m not thin, and even if i’m ‘acceptable’ to normal society as not ‘plus-size’, aint nobody ever going to describe me as thin. so i’d definitely feel uncomfortable wearing it – it wouldn’t work for me.

    love “I exercise to move it not to lose it”, also.

  54. A motivational speaker once said to my class, “The root word of diet is DIE!” as a FA message, but I can see how one might misconstrue that as “diet or die!”

    I also like the me-sized body idea. Perhaps something “acceptance: happy results typical” as a play off those vapid diet ads?

  55. What about a stick figure looking miserable on a treadmill and underneath, “EXERCISE: ur doin it wrong”?

    I want to incorporate the miserable stick figure with a nice fat girl doing something fun, but I can’t quite figure out how it’d be done — maybe the stick figure/treadmill thing with an X through it, “EXERCISE: ur doin it wrong,” then a happy fat girl in a yoga pose and “LIVIN: ur doin it right”? Hmm.

  56. I would really prefer to wear a shirt with a URL on it, actually. That way people who are shy (like me) and not likely to ask a stranger about the meaning of her shirt, will be more likely to find out for themselves what it’s all about. If you would feel too bad about doing advertising for SP using the F-word’s gimmick, what about asking Rachel about putting her URL on it? There *is* something particularly appealing about a giant F juxtaposed with “the F-word” (maybe the F on the front, the URL on the back.) Hee. Or, Rachel, if your’e reading, why don’t you do it? I would buy a shirt and a bumper sticker for sure.

  57. You know the phrase “move it, or lose it”? Would this slogan work, or is it sending a mixed message?

    “Exercise: Move it or lose it.”

    The suggestion about the pirate shirt made me laugh, because “treasure chest” could have a double meaning. My chest is certainly large enough to hold tons of treasure! LOL

  58. I like “fat woman trapped in a thin woman’s body” and I think I’ve even referred to myself in those words before. Or at least considered doing it. But to be honest, I wouldn’t buy the shirt … because I’m not really thinthin anymore, just “normal.” How about:

    “There’s a fat person trapped inside of me, trying to get out”

    … possibly with an added “in vain, so far” or something along those lines. To emphasize that eating a lot doesn’t make everyone fat.

    I also love “This is what a fat activist looks like,” but wearing that in my country would only generate confusion.

  59. I will miss classical, photographical Aunt Fattie. She’s an elegant reminder that the first fat people who were part of society didn’t begin at the end of the 20th century, and everyone was reed-thin from their farming activities before then.

  60. This is fairly obvious and perhaps boring, but for a shirt specifically for gymgoing and/or other exercise purposes: “I’m not doing this to lose weight.” Actually, it could be worn for salad eating as well, hehe. :)

  61. I really like “THIS IS WHAT A FAT ACTIVIST LOOKS LIKE”. It’s all encompassing. Someone once told me that I am “not fat enough” to be worrying about fat acceptance. I am also not thin enough to fit into anything smaller than a size ten, so it’s a bit confusing. Yes, I don’t wear plus sizes, but I’m not tiny and I don’t fit the cultural ideal. I definitely have fat in lots of different places. I would just really like to be “enough”, in general.

  62. I have mixed feelings about the fat-woman-trapped-in-a-thin-woman’s-body shirt idea. I’m not sure people would get it, or they could interpret it to mean that fat people live more decadent lifestyles or something. It’s a fun idea nonetheless, though, and I might very well wear it anyway.

    Lev 3:16 does not say that in my Bible, which I just climbed on top of a chair to reach and dusted off just to look it up! Because this is so important it requires opening a Bible for the first time in several years! It’s the RSV so it’s got quaint language (no clue why they didn’t give us at least the NRSV in fourth grade…), but verse 16 says, “Then the anointed priest shall bring some of the blood of the bull to the tent of meeting.” Maybe you mean verse 19 (“And all its fat he shall take from it and burn upon the altar”), which might say what Miss Conduct wrote if you read a different translation?

    OH WAIT, Lev 2:16 says, “And the priest shall burn them on the altar as food offered by fire for a pleasing odor. All fat is the Lord’s.” Aha! Lev 2:16b is what you want. IMPORTANT MYSTERY SOLVED!

    Also, I totally like the “this is what a fat activist looks like” shirt idea. I’d wear that one, too!

  63. I *love* the “this is what fat activism looks like” idea! It’s a proud statement, and it makes sense with any body type. The “exercise: ur doin it wrong” and Lev 3:16 made me laugh (once I looked it up).

    To continue my me-sized body idea (which I did not in fact notice, EntoAggie *g*), what about “Shaped Like Me”? Or, wasn’t there some phrase that played off the “out of shape” expression, like “I’m not out of shape — I’m shaped like me?” I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere but I can’t remember the exact phrase.

  64. Random: My favourite gym shirt says ‘Come to the dark side, we’ve got cookies’, which is always cheering to catch sight of when checking my form in one of the mirrors.

  65. Diets make you lose yourself.

    (or some variation thereof? Maybe not. Barry Manilow is playing in the coffee shop where I’m sitting and it’s sapping the clever from my brain.)

  66. Okay, sorry… I am NOT offering this as a serious suggestion, but for some reason it just popped into my head and has me laughing my ass off: “If you think my waist is thick, you should see my irony.” I have absolutely no idea what that means. Could also substitute “sarcasm.”

  67. And I meant to add: I wish we knew more about Aunt Fattie. Her real name, where she was from. How she joined the circus. I wonder if any of us are her blood relatives — she sure looks like she could be a relative of mine. (And I had family in rural Ohio at the time of that picture.)

  68. According to this it’s 3:16 ( But I haven’t looked it up in my actual paper-and-leather Bible. Someone should definitely check that before we go to press!

    I like auds’s suggestion as well. Like other folks here, I’m “thin” on this blog, but not so much IRL–to me “thin” = “TOO thin,” and I’m kind of slender but stocky. (Eastern European heritage comin’ through!)

  69. Going back to sarawr’s miserable stick figure idea: one of my favorite teachers in college kept a printout of a powerpoint slide in her office. The slide had two pictures side by side — one of a vibrant female bodybuilder smiling and posing and looking thrilled, and the other picture was of a waif-like model hanging out in a doorway in all pale colors and miserable expression on her face. The caption said, “Who looks like she’s having more fun?” I’d love to see something along those lines on a shirt.

    I love MissPrism’s idea, the “I lost all interest in my weight” shirt.

  70. I’ve just remembered a great comment I read on another blog, in response to a post about how, in the Sweet Valley High reissues, the Wakefields have been shrunk from a “perfect size 6” to a “perfect size 4.” This commenter said, “I’m a perfect size awesome,” and I thought at the time that I’d like that on a shirt. I wish I could credit her, but I don’t even remember which site I was on when I read it. (Again, I guess I could see it being misinterpreted on thinner peeps, although I’m “average”-to-inbetweenie, and I want to wear it.)

  71. I love the “I’m a perfect size awesome” idea… I can see how it might be misinterpreted on thinner people, but on the other hand, it’s also sort of saying “I don’t care/know what my size is,” so that would work on everyone. I think a size 2 or a size 30 person saying, “my size is unimportant, and I’m awesome” is a pretty powerful message.

  72. On a humorous note, perhaps a motto I tend to spout at anyone who will listen (which I THINK I originally got from a Garfield cartoon):

    I AM in shape. ROUND is a shape.


    And once I looked it up I loved the Lev 3:16 and This is What a FatActivist looks like ideas!

  73. OMG *headsmack* PIGGY MOO SHIRTS. That is Thing #1 before I start pretending like I know anything about text design and doing all these wordy shirts.

    Not that I know anything about logo design, either. apricotmuffins, help!

  74. Cafepress is slowly getting there in regards to shirt sizing, I’ve been on the boards every chance I get asking for more color and style options for the plus sizes.

    In regards to quality, Cafepress is very good at making exchanges if the item is not right for any reason, which is one reason I went with them when I opened Purple Dusky Designs ( several months ago.

    BTW, not sure what software you are using, but I highly recommend Inkscape, a really great Open Source vector graphics editor I’m not the best artist out there, but I have been having fun with this program and coming up with lots of neat designs using it.

  75. JeanC, I’m using Illustrator and Photoshop but I don’t want to lean too heavily on them since… well, when I get a new computer they won’t be able to come with me, cough cough. Though I tend to find that open source graphics programs (and here I’m basing all my information on the Gimp) are kind of unnecessarily user-unfriendly, as a side effect of wanting to differentiate themselves from Adobe even though the programs have basically identical functionality.

  76. Gimp can be a pain in the butt I agree, it took me a while to get used to using it since I really liked Photoshop. But once I started using it more it got a bit easier.

  77. I just feel like they’re actually trying hard to be a pain in the butt. Like “look, we’re freeware, not Adobe! You can tell because Adobe is easy to use!”

  78. Okay it is totally chapter 3 after all. I don’t know what I was smoking last night. APPARENTLY THE RULES OF NOT-READING THE INTERNET ALSO APPLY TO BIBLES OK

  79. ZOMG I got my “Goal Weight” shirt today and I love it! And it fits!

    I’m so excited I think I squeed my pants.

    Fillyjonk, I’m emailing you a picture of me in it – I hope you don’t mind, considering that I’m a complete stranger and all. :) But I’m just too excited not to!

  80. Hey, this might be too much text for a t-shirt, but it’s something I just wrote.

    (In big letters:)
    “No, you watch my weight.”

    (Smaller letters:)
    “Watch it lift.
    Watch it walk.
    Watch it run.
    Watch it bend.
    Watch it kick.
    Watch it move.
    Watch it dance.
    Watch it embrace.
    Watch it care for others.
    Watch it build.
    Watch it relax.
    Watch it eat tasty food with joy, without counting or obsessing.
    Watch it take up as much space as it damn well wants to.
    Watch it do things to feel good, not to get approval from strangers.
    Watch it refuse your insane, narrow, racist beauty standards.”

    (Bigger letters again:)
    “Because I’ve got more important things to do than just watch.”

  81. That “you” in the first line should have been underlines. Don’t know why my html tags didn’t work.

    Also, “more important things to do” in the last line might work better as “better things to do.”

  82. Whoa, I love that! Not sure it’ll work for a shirt (maybe with some editing?) but I’ll try it out… really I think it should be a poster or something!

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