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Friday fluff: Bounce

In honor of our new bouncy castle theme (and because we just can’t seem to stop posting this week!), please enjoy this bouncing banjo baby. I can’t figure out how to embed it with this newfangled Flickr video nonsense, so watch it here for now (link warning: music plays automatically). (If any WordPress users can help me figure it out, please let me know! The embed code on Flickr is not getting along with WP.)

Y’all, I’m not even fond of babies, but this video makes me giddy. What other bouncy things can we celebrate? Baby kangaroos? Pogo sticks? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

37 thoughts on “Friday fluff: Bounce”

  1. Does anyone remember that toy from the late 80’s that was a rubber ball (like a heavy duty dodge ball type ball) with a plastic ledge around the middle so it looked like Saturn and you bounced on it?

    That thing was awesome.

    Also it’s a really beautiful day in PDX and I’m in a great (slightly bouncy) mood. I hope everyone else has a good friday :)

  2. I haven’t been able to embed videos from anything but YouTube on WP. It’s just not all that universally compatible of a platform, unfortunately.

  3. Kate must know the secret! She embedded the dancing parakeet, didn’t she?

    Lexy, those were Pogo Balls and I loved them!

  4. The dancing cockatoo was from YouTube, though! Embedding YouTube vids is easy.

    I struggled with embedding the yogurt one from Current for so long that I finally gave up and found someone who’d mirrored it on YouTube.

  5. OMG I love Bouncy Prose!!!!

    What’s funny is that I can’t view the link; a long time ago when I was trying to be productive I installed a killfile that was supposed to block me from certain websites during the day as a reminder not to surf, and one of the default sites was flickr. I totally forgot about it until now, when the “get back to work” message popped up, and now I can’t remember how to turn the damn thing off.

  6. Superballs. I love superballs, especially the ones from “gumball machines”. I can’t pass up one of those machines if I have a quarter in my wallet. I have a “fill it yourself” lamp filled with them on my desk here (along with a completely over the top lampshade I decorated with purple ribbon and beaded trim).

    Bouncy bouncy superballs. They also make great cat toys.

  7. Did anyone else have those rubber hemispheres that you turn inside out and put on the ground and then they pop up a hundred feet in the air?

    Also, motherfucking trampolines. I want one so bad.

  8. Bouncy bouncy superballs. They also make great cat toys.


    My cats are so deprived! They just chase plastic rings from milk jugs all day!

  9. My cats are so deprived! They just chase plastic rings from milk jugs all day!

    Except the one who steals your wallet.

  10. It’s true. Maybe I need to set up some kind of superball booby-trap around my valuables.

    Y’all, my cat seriously stole my wallet while I was sleeping. He’s…unusual.

  11. Oh God FJ I could seriously go for some hot trampoline action right now (not that kind you filthy people)

    I kid you not there is nothing better than a motherfucking trampoline (that’s some word smithing right there) when it’s 75 and sunny and you have lemonade and nothing important to do all day… sigh

  12. God, I wish I could find one of those gyms that has trampolines all over the place (and not those sad little exercise trampolines, but one of those big ones that lets you bounce super-high). I have had a compulsion to do a flip for freaking *years* now!

  13. My cousin had a giant trampoline, and one hot summer she put her sprinkler underneath it. BEST. FUCKING. THING. EVER. On a side note, you know what wet trampolines make me think of? Donuts.

  14. The beloved Milo is a bouncy dog. He can jump four feet straight up in the air. Repeatedly. I think it’s the Jack Russell part of him.

    He can also stop himself in mid-jump and go right back down, if he remembers at the last minute that he’s standing under a shelf. (Only had to crack his head once before he figured that out.)

  15. A Jack Russell chewed on my elbow last night. With gusto. Weirdest thing I ever saw a dog do.

    (Probably not really, actually.)

    Those dogs are nuts. In a very charming, exhausting way.

  16. One of my favorite daydreaming activities is one I call “Bathtub With Agitator”. To play Bathtub With Agitator, all you have to do is imagine what kind of crazy things you’d buy/design/whatever if you were an eccentic billionaire with unlimited money and free time (I call it Bathtub With Agitator because that’s the first thing I’d get if this fantasy ever became a reality. I’ve drawn plans and everything… it’s basically a washing machine-like device that’s big enough to sit in.)

    I tell you all this because whenever I see a baby in one of those bouncy swing things, I have Bathtub With Agitator fantasies of getting one that’s Sharn-sized and putting it in a room with a really high ceiling.

    Also, speaking of bouncy… the amusement park near me will be opening this soon and I can’t freaking wait.

  17. Did anyone else have those rubber hemispheres that you turn inside out and put on the ground and then they pop up a hundred feet in the air?

    We called those poppers. Imagine my surprise when I learned that was the name of something entirely different in the club scene!

    When I was in high school, we had something called “senior night” after graduation, where they locked everybody into the athletic fields at the local college and we partied all night… my friend BROKE the bouncy castle and stood there as it deflated around him. One of the best laughs I’ve ever had.

  18. Lmao! At a largish church fair in Michigan (long story; don’t ask) a couple of my friends talked their way into being allowed to jump in the bouncy castle; one of them fell into the space between the bouncy part and the wall and got stuck. I have video. :D

    I always wanted a pogo ball but was never allowed to have one. I wonder if they still sell them anywhere…

  19. Tiggers?

    We used to have a trampoline. It died this year. We used to go out and sleep on it while watching the stars. And bounce on it with the sprinklers. And play Crack the Egg. Or we would get real close to the big metal flagpole and then we’d all hold hands and rub ourselves all over the trampoline to get all static-y and then, still holding hands, the person closest to the flagpole would touch it.

    That hurt a lot. But for some reason that never stopped us.

    When I worked at Toys R Us we used to race down aisles on pogo sticks after the store closed (when we were “cleaning up”). I always lost. I could never get more that two or three hops before falling over.

    I always wanted moon boots when I was younger. Now I’m too big. I would break them. /sad

  20. I cannot believe nobody has suggested breasts yet. Hello, bouncy! Fatlicious! Fun for the whole family for good girls and boys in general!

  21. FJ quoted Veggie Tales! *jumps for joy*

    I most certainly did not. I quoted a song that used to be on Dr. Demento long before the advent of Veggie Tales (I looked that up). Any similarity is purely coincidental. Well, it’s not, but the causality runs the other way.

    ETA: It occurs to me that this could be the same song, and I could have misread Wikipedia or it could be wrong. Because I vaguely remember there being Veggie Tales books at the bookstore where I worked, and that could have been as early as 1995. Weird to have a Veggie Tales song on Dr. Demento, though, which is where I’m pretty sure I heard it.

  22. Let’s all do the bounce! The castle bounce. Now I’ve got to bounce on the big fluffy plastic castles at the fair when I see one.

    BTW, sweetmachine, your avatar is fresh.

  23. Y’all are killing me with the giggles.

    I remember the bouncy castles. It used to be quite the thing in the suburb I grew up in to rent them for birthday parties, and get the kids good and tired from bouncing, at which point the mommies would get liquored up and bounce around until one of them fell out. Not fell down, but actually fell out of the bouncy castle. Now it’s my life’s ambition to get drunk and fall out of a bouncy castle.

    I also have a Bathtub-with-agitator thing about a room that is nothing but a giant, comfy, bouncy mattress. A Bed-room that truly lives up to it’s name.

  24. Just a random heads up, Kate: One of the blogs linked to on the right, “PhotoPhobic,” has since changed it’s name.

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