39 thoughts on “Behold, the F-Shaped Donut”

  1. Naturally every conversation eventually leads back to donuts. You know what that F shaped donut makes me think of? Donuts.

  2. You know what you talking about how the F-shaped donut makes you think of donuts makes me think of? Donuts.

  3. OH NO FJ, we are stuck in a donut loop, like putting two mirrors in front of each other! You know what that make me think of?

  4. Dude, now I want one of those really pretty donuts that they show on the Simpsons all the time, with the pink icing and the rainbow sprinkles.

    I don’t actually know that such a thing exists… but I’ve always wanted one.

  5. Yellowhammer, I was thinking of that Simpsons episode (an early Treehouse of Horror, I think?) where Homer sells his soul to the devil for a donut. I believe the donut was kept in the fridge, labeled DADDY’S SOUL DONUT, DO NOT TOUCH. I think an F-shaped donut would make an excellent soul donut!

  6. Careful FJ, Vive! One misplaced drop of Baby flavor on any of those donuts and we may end up triggering an Ouroboros effect! Fat Folks eating their own tails until they completely disappear! The resulting vacuum could destroy the world. . . . Wait. . . . Have we considered this as viable threat in our bid for world domination?

  7. Shira, I used the one from HGTV’s “yeast doughnuts”, except when I scalded the milk I threw in some cardamom pods, which I later strained out. Figured there was no good reason not to.

    I’d recommend using pastry flour, though. My doughnut turned out a little chewy. *snicker* WHAT? *looks innocent*

  8. yellowhammer, last year when the Simpsons movie came out and 7-Eleven did some big-time tie-in promotions, among the Simpsons-themed goods they had were those very donuts, brought to life. I don’t know if they still have them, but I did see them in the store for a while thereafter.

  9. Lu, unfortunately those could be the SAME pink donuts you saw originally still sitting there at 7-11. Like the same hotdogs that rotate there for years….

    Just kidding….


  10. I don’t know if those donuts are still at 7-Eleven (well, hopefully not the SAME donuts …) , but I had some of them this spring.

  11. A Sarah, the cardamom pods sound like a fantastic idea – I like to drink hot milk with honey and cardamom, so I’ll definitely try that.

    Then cinnamon!
    Then nutmeg!
    Then chocolate!

  12. Ok, now I want a plate of F donuts, with a huge glass of one of those baby-flavored liquor drinks we had a thread about awhile ago. Then I’m going to wash it down with some bacon-wrapped vegetables. ;)

  13. Some of the Tim Hortons around here have pink-frosted donuts with sprinkles. Just sayin’.

  14. Dammit, people. Do you have any idea what the traffic is like between me and the closest KrispyKreme on a Friday evening? ;-)

    :::dies from unrequited donut craving:::

  15. Like the same hotdogs that rotate there for years….

    Come to our 7-11. Al actually buys enough of those things that they’re always fresh. Blech.

  16. You better watch out. I will hunt you down and I will EAT this doughnut. F, A, Q, shape it however you want…it all goes in the same place.

  17. Awww, I think I’m gonna cry. Just this morning, before I saw this, I was telling my shrink – incidentally, helllooooo, shrink, if you’re reading this (because, y’all, I totally passed along the link; I mean, boundaries shmoundaries, right? Am I right?) — that I feel sort of like, if my gifts were a monetary currency, they’d be rubles. Meaning, they’re not really what anyone else in the world wants, they don’t accomplish anything exchange-wise, and they’re just sort of economically inert.

    But YOU ALL LIKE MY F DOUGHNUT. I’m about to bust out with “There’s A Place For Us…”

  18. MMMMM, doughnuts……F shape O shape any shape. Fried dough Mmmm. I’m lucky my favorite doughnut shop is within walking distance and I can get warm fresh doughnuts anytime I want. Toasty plain or crumb coffee doughnut with a hit of nutmeg with a slightly crunchy outside and dense tender insides. Apple fritter with crunchy nooks and crannies with hot molten apple in sweet brown sugar inside. Fluffy lighter than air beignets and raised tender delicate yeast donuts.

    This has stimulated my donut cravings!!!! I am so totally getting donuts early tomorrow morning.

  19. yup yellowhammer there are the pink doughnuts with sprinkles at 7-11… even more proof that our world is slowly turning into a cartoon :-P

    F shaped doughnuts… mmmmm makes me wanna put on a tent (as the ignorant describe fat clothes around here .. yes folks we all shop at coleman for our tent clothes ) and start up my conveyor belt located conveniently right next to my couch set to deliver those tasty morsels at regular intervals right to my mouth while I zone out to some non thinking drivel on tv .

    What? thats the setup all us fat people have isn’t it? Though really the hole in doughnuts make it easier to hold one on each finger so you don’t gotta wait .. tee hee

    Oy vay … I found my funny right here :P

  20. Yellowhammer: Dude, now I want one of those really pretty donuts that they show on the Simpsons all the time, with the pink icing and the rainbow sprinkles.

    I don’t actually know that such a thing exists… but I’ve always wanted one.

    They totally exist. Whenever I see them I automatically refer to them as Homer Simpson donuts. “Donuts…is there anything they can’t do?” “Mmmm…donuts…”

    I can’t guarantee that the Homer donuts come in baby-flavor, though. Maybe donut queen A Sarah can get right on that one. :D

  21. Mmmmm…donuts…I am not allowed donuts. :-( Damn gestational diabetes. Another thing to go on my list of things I can eat after the 30th….

  22. Homer donut, F-shape, cream-filled, baby-flavored. I’m on it!

    A Sarah, you are my new hero.

  23. @A Sarah, I totally understand that part about feeling like your gifts are not in the currency the rest of the world prefers. I may have to use that analogy with my therapist now. :-D

    And count me among those who love the donut. Yum.

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