53 thoughts on “Good Luck, Sweet Machine!”

  1. Oh, luck luck luck, SweetMachine! We will be here with cake and champagne when you’re done.

  2. Break a leg! (Not literally. Unless you think that would help somehow.)

    *waves flags*

  3. Good luck, Sweet Machine! I took mine on May 12th and as crazy as it sounds, I actually really enjoyed the process. I was very nervous beforehand but once it got started I realized I was basically having fun. I had 5 professors interested in my ideas and giving me their full attention.

    And the feeling when you’re finished….I swear I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when the technicolor comes on!

    I’m sending you some extra calming energy and a big dose of brain power. My mom always said eggs and fish are brain food so she always made us eat one or the other before a big test. I still get an egg mcmuffin or a bagel with lox before anything that requires extra smarts and I swear it helps!

  4. Good luck and yasher koach (Hebrew for “may the force be with you,” or at least that’s how my rabbi translated it)!

    Agreed with Kimocoean above. You’re in grad school, you’re totally obsessed with all this stuff anyway and probably stifling yourself all the time around friends and family so you don’t bore them to tears with all the little hairy parts of what you’re studying. Orals are a time to finally obsess out loud for as long as you want!

  5. Remember: Auden is the gay one, Pound is the sexy fascist one, Michael Stipe is the gay one!

  6. Good luck sweetmachine! I have no doubt that you will rock the pants off those orals. You are a brilliant girl and you have a real talent for speaking to people (as evidenced by your witty and insightful commentary around these parts), so you have nothing to fear :)

    Let us know how it goes!

  7. Sweet Machine! Sweet Machine! Rah! Rah! Rah!!!!

    (Does splits while waving oversized pompoms.

    Has a little difficulty getting up again, mind.)

  8. What? This far in and no one has made the 12-year-old’s dirty joke yet? :::shakes head sadly:::

    Fine. Far be it from me to derail us when we’re being so mature and all. :-D

    Good luck!!!!

  9. What? This far in and no one has made the 12-year-old’s dirty joke yet?

    *looks at comments below*

    You spoke too soon, Tricia.

  10. Best of luck, may you be cool, calm, and collected. May exactly the right, concise, intelligent words spring to your tongue precisely on time.


  11. Good luck sweetmachine! If you’re as awesome in the exam as you are on here, the examiners will be AMAZED.

  12. You are such a master debator and cunning linguist that your oral skills are sure to wow your department…uh…heads.

    Good luck to you!

  13. And yea, she did go forth before the examination board, and much wisdom did pour from her lips, and lo, the examiners were amazed, and fell at her feet, crying, “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”

    Good luck. :)

  14. Not that anyone doubted it, but she passed! Baby-flavored champagne all around!


  15. Yee-ha! Congrats, SweetMachine!!! Sipping on the baby-flavored bubbly!

    p.s. Is it just me, or are everyone’s posts showing time such as 5:25pm on June 3rd, even though it’s not that late yet, at least in America?

  16. May you speak well and look HAWTT!!

    (And since, as Dr. Phil says, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, you’ll have no problem.)

  17. Er, that comment on your HAWTness is based on the headless pics you’ve posted. And I’m assuming you’re as well-spoken in real life as you are in writing on the interwebz. Which is basically to say, I haven’t been spying on you, nor did we meet in real life and you’ve just forgotten it. As far as I know. hem.

  18. Thank you, everyone! I feel liberated and happy. I felt the good Shapeling vibes coming from all directions! Kimocean, you’re right — it was kinda fun once my nerves died down. Belated congrats to you too!

    And now I’m going to get drunk. :-)

  19. A Tribute. *ahem*

    If orals were florals and yardwork weren’t hard,
    the green Sweet Machine would be Queen of the Yard.

    Forget academia! Smash that new clock!
    It’s over and done. Go get ripped. Way to rock!

    Your fan,

  20. ah, sweetmachine, i raise this glass of viogner to thee. GAME ON GIRL!!!

    grad school signpost no.X, sailed right by and on to the next! much congrats!

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