Friday Fatshion: Summer Dresses

So, Ozlem from Igigi wrote the other day to ask if I might mention a couple of their new summer dresses, and because she gives me discounts for these things, I shall oblige.

I kid! Sort of. I like the discounts and I genuinely dig these dresses. (For the record, I actually don’t like a lot of their dresses that other people have gone nuts over, so I wouldn’t do this for just any dress.)

First up, we have one for the tall girls: the Sunset Over Maui Maxi Dress. (Which really makes me want a Moons Over My Hammy micromini. Ha! I slay myself.)

It’s one of the standard Igigi shapes, which is flattering to a ton of people (reader Karen looked smokin’ in a dress like this at LeeLee’s Valise), and I freakin’ love the print. In fact, I really, really wish they’d make a shorter dress in this print (and maybe make it slightly more boob-accommodating, since my experience with this cut is that it’s an almost-but-not-quite over The Rack of Doom).

Instead, I’ll have to settle for this print, which is also adorable. (But has no orange!) Fellow shorties, I give you the Malibu Dress:


(I also want this, this, and this, for the record — I’m loving Igigi this season — but I’m pretty gaga for that print.)

Shapelings, what are you wearing (or hoping to wear) to weddings and garden parties this summer? (And have any of you actually been invited to a garden party? I’ve always wanted to go to one, but I don’t know the kind of people who throw them.) I know we did the whole “What item of clothing are you lusting after?” thing last week, but this is different: it’s themed! I am totally not just regurgitating that one because I’m too lazy to look for fluff! Weddings and (possibly imaginary) garden parties, y’all! Hit it

89 thoughts on “Friday Fatshion: Summer Dresses

  1. I’m on a self-imposed spending freeze at the moment so no fashion-lust to report, but wanted to congratulate you for finding the first Maxi-dress that didn’t make me cringe in 8o’s frump flashback horror.

  2. Well, I posted this last week, but since it fits the theme so well, and I LOVE it, I’m posting it again. :-) I got this dress from Kiyonna, and it looks EVEN BETTER in person than on the site. Places I’m wearing it to include Mother’s Day dinner out, a graduation party, a graduation, a wedding and a thank-god-it’s-summer party. And that’s just the next three weeks!

    Even my mom complimented me on it, and she doesn’t usually have anything nice to say about my appearance (the whole fat thing, ya know…)

  3. I’ll be giving a party in our garden, does that count? It’d be kinda silly to dress up for it, though. I plan on inviting folks’s dogs too, is the thing.

  4. lord, i’ll be happy just to have my lost luggage returned to me! seriously, though, my criteria is: long enough (i’m 5’10, no wrap top (doesnt work with the boobs) and a nice, unpatterned, cotton or other natural fiber dress. Now, this may sound basic, but trust me, this is about the hardest f’ing thing to find! Everything is synthetic, wildly patterned and too short! Oh, the humanity! Ok, end rant.

  5. Heh, my first thought on seeing that dress was: “Dear sweet God, that print is an abomination.” Different tastes =) The other dresses you linked I’ve been lusting after too though… I desperately want that first one, but I can’t justify spending $155 for yet another dress. I’ll wait and see if it goes on sale!

    For a wedding this summer I just ordered this dress, in blue, hopefully I like it. The other B&Lu dress I’ve been wearing seems to be gone from their website. I’m also loving a cotton dress from Reitman’s with a plaid pattern, but Reitman’s doesn’t have online shopping so I can’t link it.

    Not this summer, but for my own wedding next summer I’m thinking of wearing this dress for the ceremony, which is in a park, and this dress (but in purple) for the reception, which is in a hotel.

  6. I’m wondering if you couldn’t just buy the maxi dress and have it altered shorter.

    Regarding the rack-friendliness of it, do you mean you need straps that are straight up and down so as to cover bra straps, rather than angled this way?

    The two ways I would try to get around the shoulder parts are to try a strapless bra, and if that is not available or doesn’t work for you, have your tailor sew in some loops on the underside of the shoulder parts to anchor them to your bra. You might have to have somebody fasten them once you are dressed, but if you really love the dress that much, it’s an option.

  7. I have a family wedding to go to next June and I am already TOTALLY stressed over what to wear. I don’t want a mother-of-the-bride dress, but most of what I see in catalogs is too casual.

  8. Love the Malibu dress (the style and the pattern)… although as you said, why no orange version of it? Or burgundy?

    The other dresses don’t really interest me. Just not my style.

  9. I don’t know the kind of people who throw garden parties either. Although, a few weeks ago I managed to achieve my lifetime goal of attending an actual honest-to-god dinner party, with four courses and people seated male-female by interests and port-passing ettiquette and ill-informed discussion of the economy. Jane Austen would have been so proud.

    It did, however, enlighten me that the people who tend to throw dinner parties inhabit a reality with only passing relation to my own. Sample conversation: “Wouldn’t it be an interesting challenge to plan a dinner party with the wines reversed relative to the courses, so you’d start with the port as an aperitif and end with the cava as a dessert wine! Bwah bwah, bwah! [general guffawing]”

    I don’t know, would it?

    Anyway, I just bought, oh god, the nicest polka-dot dress from H+M. They inconveniently don’t seem to have a picture of it online but it has a smocked top that covers the Rack O’Doom nicely and extends down to my waistline, and then kind of puffs out to achieve the miracle of giving me an hourglass figure. It’s so 50s and awesome. For some reason it has a Sara Ramirez vibe about it. And it’s in really light material for summer and only a tenner, and it even has adjustable tie strappy things! Love it. I think it goes up to a UK 18? I didn’t look for bigger than that but they might carry it. And unlike most H+M clothes, the sizing doesn’t skew bizarrely small.

    In conclusion: awesome. If you can get thee to a H+M, you should.

  10. I plan on inviting folks’s dogs too, is the thing.

    I see no conflict between dogs and pretty dresses. In fact, I think both make any party better. :)

    Regarding the rack-friendliness of it, do you mean you need straps that are straight up and down so as to cover bra straps, rather than angled this way?

    Naw, I mean it doesn’t hit me in the right place–the underboob band sits ON my boobs instead of under them. It’s not nearly as bad with Igigi dresses as with some other brands — they’re pretty generously cut, and there’s give in the fabric — but it’s still not a proper fit.

  11. I’m very into vintage right now.

    I just got the most adorable blue dress with white polka dots from the 1950s in mint condition – very Lucille Ball! I *heart* it.

    I don’t wear plus sizes, but my best friend Merrill does and she absolutely loves the Macy’s on Herald Square in NY. All sorts of super-cool plus clothing from casuals to formal wear. If you’re in the NY area, check it out.

    Also another plug for Butter by Nadia, for those who don’t go over a size 16 (her stuff is stretchy and fits 2 – 16, although some of my old dresses are too big on top for me now so I highly doubt they would fit a size 2.) Kate, I still think you would look all sorts of fabulous in one of her wrap dresses (mine is in red, but I can see you in a bright blue) and I suspect you’d find it a better fit than you think. Although boobs are a bigger issue for you than me (pun intended, of course) and some of her stuff is hard to wear a bra with. Oh well, if you ever find one of her dresses at a botique, try one on and see.

  12. I have gone to a garden party. I was wearing a flower-print dress, drinking a pineapple slushie-type thing, and eating cherries with my free hand. And I got stung by a bee. On my eyebrow. In retrospect, I should have seen that coming from a mile away.

  13. Love the Malibu dress! I also like the first maxi-dress you show. I don’t generally do strapless myself, but if you do, go for it, I bet it will look fab on you, especially the Malibu.

    I rarely get invited to formal weddings or formal-dress-required. So if one does happen to come up, I’ll probably wear the same outfit you see me wearing in the BMI Project Flickr photo of me and C. My clothing budget is more or less nonexistent at the moment, but if I do get another dress I want this one:

    I know it’s probably not everyone’s cuppa, but I dig it for me.

  14. OK, I don’t mean “strapless” as such, I mean, like, thin straps. Gargh. (I did get a great spaghetti-strap dress from Lee Lee’s, though, so I might be relaxing that rule.)

  15. I am in LOVE with this dress ( from Kiyonna…like seriously, in love. If $200 fell out of the sky and into my lap, I think I would buy it…it’s so pretty.

    Unfortunately, I needed those $200 for summer clothes (of which I have none), and as much as I love that dress, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t wear it daily, so…it will have to wait awhile, possibly forever as I don’t expect to have that kind of spending power any time soon.

    However, I did buy this dress ( from Lane Bryant with some gifty money not too long ago, and I wore it for the first time recently, and I rocked it :)

  16. I love both of those dresses, Kate (and the ones you linked to- damn, Igigi has cute dresses). And I totally hear you on the underboob band hitting across the boobs. I love the style of dress with the underband but misses sizes are generally even worse with sizing tops to fit small boobs and I always end up looking pregnant. I’ve about given up. However, y’all are making me want to go out and look for little summer dresses this weekend. We’ll see. :)

  17. Hey, I have the black and white version of that green and white dress from Ozlem! Going to post pictures, and muse about clothing shapes and preconceptions about them, as soon as I take pictures.

    So if I decide to keep it, I guess I already have my garden party dress… just need garden parties to wear it to.

  18. I was on a fairly tight budget, and also I was hot and crabby at the time, so I went boho+comfort and ordered some dresses (both long and short) from Holy Clothing ( or on ebay).

    I do love the Brushstrokes dress, though. Yay, green.

    Also, in honor of summer heat/humidity, I went a lot blonder (and shorter) with copper streaks instead of my usual darker red.

  19. I don’t get invited to things like weddings or summer parties (or much of anything, for that matter), but if I DID? (And assuming I actually had the money to go out and buy myself a dress…) It would be this one:

    I like the color, I like the cut, it looks bra-friendly (I too have a Rack ‘O Doom), and it comes in my size. (They don’t have it at the MOMENT, but it does COME in my size.)

  20. Of course, now that I’ve clicked around a bit more the “Colorblock Dress in Teal/Green/Grape with Shrug” is awesome and made of win. Except for the shrug — seriously with that design — teal, not purple would have been the way to go.

  21. Hey all, This is Ozlem from IGIGI. Thank you all for your comments. I know that I am biased, but honestly, I am seriously digging our summer collection. After I begged and cried, I was able to get our production manager make the Neapolitan in my size. I am still waiting for it. Perhaps I will post pictures on my blog at the IGIGI/Lifestyle website when I do get it. If you decide to get anything from IGIGI, please make sure to use my 10% off discount code “Wrap” Also, if you ever have any questions/requests/comments, please email me at Have a great weekend. Ozlem

  22. i-geek I totally hear you on giving up trying to find a rack-friendly summer dress. I’ve been trying to find a version of the Malibu Dress that fits into my budget (more $30 than $150, unfortunately) and all of the department store versions I’ve tried on have been much too small in the bust – not as in “shows my cleavage” small , but as in “when the band is in the right position under my breasts I can’t get the straps over shoulders” small. I’m pretty much resigned to skirts, summer-wise, which isn’t so bad.

  23. ‘Cept I just looked at pictures, and I shan’t be keeping it. Rats. Great dress, though.

  24. I’m wearing this dress to FJ’s wedding! Silver shoes y/n?

    to ask if I might mention a couple of their new summer dresses, and because she gives me discounts for these things, I shall oblige.


  25. Oi! You guys are a bad influence on me.

    I caved and bought not one, but TWO of those Gap Ruffle Skirts that were mentioned in last Friday’s skirt discussion. They are SO adorable, and fluffy, and twirly and summery. I am in love. I might wear the same two skirts every day for a whole summer.

    But, that’s old news.

    I love the Igigi polka-dot dresses. I am in a wedding on a beach in October and the bride wants us in red patterned sundresses. As we varying in size from a 0 to 22/24, I’m hoping/thinking she’ll have a tough time finding one sundress for all of us and will take my advice and let us choose our own red dress. Because that baby will be mine!

    Its not a garden-party dress but I have lusted after this Igigi trench dress since its introduction. So hot.

    (Maybe I should apply for a job there as a copy editor, because “decoltage” is not a word.)

    I already have my summer party dress, though. I got it in March for my own bachelorette party. Its a black and white cotton print, strapless, from Ashley Stewart. I’d never bought anything there before, I saw it in a window, it was the LAST ONE in the store, a size 20– normally I’m a size 18 but the only thing holding this dress up is bewbs, of which I have too much– it fit like a dream. It was one of those magical shopping moments where all the stars are aligned and miracles happen.

    Well, hello, beautiful! I so, so wish I could rock yellow (I am a fair-skinned, blue-eyed natural blonde) because I heart that dress so much.

    Also this one, which, since it has sequins, could be more glam for evening.

    One more, then I swear I’m done! This dress would surely work on my own Rack of Doom, plus, gawd, who can resist that shade of turquoise? Luscious.

  26. Becky, turns out I was right about the shape doing me no favors. Neither of us shows the other one off to its best advantage. The thesis of the post was going to be about second-guessing shapes you don’t think will work on you, so now I have to revise a bit. :)

    SM, you know I say “silver shoes yes” but I will happily find you other ones if you want. And we should talk jewelry — if you find something you like, send it to me but don’t buy it yet, because I’m looking for a good bridesmaid’s gift.

  27. BOth of those dresses are gorgeous, but I can tell just by looking at Igigi that I’d end up with the same problem I do with most plus size clothing.

    My boobs are not big. They are B’s. Big b’s I suppose, but that probably has more to do with my body’s general girth than the volume of my cups themselves. But it seems that plus size dresses seem all to be designed for girls with Kate’s signature “Rack of Doom”. Makes me crazy!

    It’s so weird, I weigh 250, and wear a size 18 or 20 pants, but in dresses I tend to be a 16 and I think it’s because I am so small up top.

    I had to buy a strapless bra at the last minute this weekend for a wedding, and I figured Lane Bryant was the only place to go for plus sizes, and their 40B was the only one that even remotely worked, and still, my solidly B boobs were dwarfed by the huge cups on this bra. I tried other sizes and got help from the lady at the store, but the best she could do was shrug “well these bras are made for women with bigger boobs, I guess.”

    Thanks lady.

    WHat’s a small-chested fatty to do?

  28. Sarah, you are MADE for Blue Plate dresses, which are the despair of RoD fatties. They are not my cup of tea but a lot of people love them, and they run quite small upstairs.

    You should also pay lots of attention to Lesley of Fatshionista, who frequently posts detailed dress reviews. Lesley wears dresses exclusively, always looks amazing, and is small in the chest. I don’t know if she’s shaped like you, as it’s not clear from your description whether you’re pear-shaped or just round all over, but you might get some inspiration.

  29. Thanks FJ!!

    I will check out your suggestions. It’s weird, I guess bc I am pretty big in other areas. My belly definitely sticks out more than my boobs, but i have relatively narrow shoulders and rib cage, so I suppose I am a bit pear shaped. Though I don’t consider myself narrow of waist at all, so I’ve never really identified as such.

    But thanks!!

  30. Weddings? Garden parties? What are those? The last wedding I went to was my cousin’s wedding in 2005, and now he and his wife have separated, they didn’t even make 3 years.

    I find that V-neck dresses are more flattering to my big pear shape, but since my boobs are huge, deep V-neck’s are out and lately dresses have been pretty too low cut for me. Dress Barn usually has gorgeous dresses, but they tend to run small.

    I do like shirtdresses. I’ve been eyeing for a while, and the price ($34.99 is not bad). I’ve been on a brown kick since winter too.

    This one from LB isn’t bad, it’s one of the few short-sleeved ones. I don’t do sleeveless because my arms are pretty flabby.

    This other LB one is pretty too. I’m a sucker for pindots.

  31. Yes on the silver shoes.

    I have been talking myself out of this dress for a long time, and now it’s on sale. I have absolutely nowhere to wear it – my life has a dearth of occasions where jeans are not perfectly acceptable attire.

  32. I’m wearing this dress to FJ’s wedding!

    BITCH! I seriously had my eye on that one as a possibility for just that occasion!

    I actually bought one at Dress Barn a couple months ago with an eye to FJ’s wedding — black jersey surplice top and white charmeuse with a blue/green dot pattern on the bottom, currently mid-calf-length on me though it should be just below the knee. (It’s cuter than it sounds.) But who am I kidding — like I’m going to make it through the whole summer without finding a different dress I MUST HAVE OR I WILL DIE?

  33. Sarah, FJ said exactly what I was going to say — Blue Plate and Lesley — except that Blue Plate dresses ARE my cup of tea, and I’m one of the RoD fatties who turns green every time I see someone rocking them.

    Mlle. Gabrielle, also available at Alight, seems to run smaller in the bust, too. And most junior plus size brands will, too.

  34. Kate, that is too funny, because FJ is the one who found that dress and was like “I know Kate shops here so it’s probably just as cute IRL.” It’s all her fault! What with having a wedding and all that!

  35. Also I really *like* my silver shoes and rarely get a chance to wear them, so it’s not like I’m not excited to pair them with that dress. It’s just that I’m *more* excited for “required” shoe shopping. ;-)

  36. I just bought this dress for a wedding, .
    They do go up to a 22, but it would seem theyve sold out!
    I cant say I’m surprised, its the single loveliest thing I have ever worn. And the colour!
    I shall be finding excuse after excuse to wear it until it falls apart.

  37. I’m just a guy who stereotypically doesn’t bother much with fashion, but I have made a decision this year to buy and wear horizontal stripes, because I like them and they don’t make me “appear slim”.

  38. I love silver shoes too, sweetmachine! I have a great pair of flats with a little ankle strap – they look like little pixie or genie shoes! Im thinking they would look awesome with that maxi dress.

    I tried this dress on a while back (when buffpuff and I met up AGAIN because she’s awesome) and loved it:

    Its a darnsight lot cheaper than that beautiful maxi dress, but not half as awesome.

    It did look fantastic on though. sigh. I need a nice dress for graduation, I went out today and tried on a couple of beautiful ones and NOT ONE fit me correctly. It was most upsetting. So I bought myself a perfume and some expensive moisturiser I didnt need instead. hah!

  39. sweetmachine – that is a HOT dress for fillyjonk’s wedding! you’ll have to post pics of yourself in it.

    mae – i love the Igigi trench dress too! i just have NO idea where I would ever wear it. and that last nordstrom one you listed (the suzi chin) is gorgeous! if i was getting married i would actually seriously consider it for a wedding dress!

  40. It’s all her fault! What with having a wedding and all that!

    Yeah! Blame the bride!

    I’m just glad I didn’t show up wearing that and looking like I was trying to pass as a bridesmaid.

    Apricotmuffins, what size are you?

  41. Im a UK 16 or thereabouts. a well and truly inbetweenie. Im hoping the Igigi 12 will fit me, but I may be off the mark…. Though dresses are hard for me to come by, the RoD sees to that. Bravissimo makes dresses that will fit on larger busts, though they dont go bigger than a UK 16! which is really really shitty of them, and they should do something about it.

  42. Sarah, I have the same problem, so it’s not just you! I need a size 18-20 for the girth of my arms and belly, but my boobs just laugh at that size. Ha ha!, they say, I am a 14! Stupid boobs.

  43. Okay, apricotmuffins, what about Monsoon, then? Their maxi dresses aren’t quite as spectacular, but they’ve got a bunch of them, and a million other dresses that make me drool, for less money.

    An Igigi 12 might fit you, depending on your proportions, but I suspect it would be too big for you anyway, so you could comfort (sort of) yourself with that. 12’s actually my size there–14’s a little big–and these days I’m a solid US 16 on top, 18 on the bottom, and usually a 14W in plus dresses.

  44. ah, I looked at monsoon and didnt really find anything I loved. Its a shame, because I have a couple of awesome monsoon dresses, and a lovely maxi dress which i got a few years ago in the sale (£15!!) but its getting old now.

    No matter, I bought the red bravissimo dress. Its really the best option, its classy, sexy, and fits really well. Im going to damn well wear it with heels even if my feet hate me forever. and I fall over on the stage when I collect my certificates. haw haw.

  45. Caitlin, if I were to have a dinner party, and I were to try and do the wines backwards, then, then, I would do the dinner backwards and start with a trifle. A real one, with real egg-yolk custards and fresh raspberries and cream and a rich sponge cake.

    Then I’d just serve the rest of the wines in order, because I make a damn good dessert and no-one would want the dinner.

    SFG, good for you. I like the shirts with multitudes of slightly varying in width different colors of stripes.

    Off to look at dresses that people like, despite the fact I live in jeans and either t-shirts or turtlenecks, depending on the weather.

  46. Ooh, I like that Nordstrom yellow dress; with redhead coloring I could probably wear that. And if the waterfall dress was available in my size, I’d seriously consider it.

  47. I wish I had some garden parties or something to go to. I’m a park ranger, so I’m lucky if I get to wear anything but my uniform.

  48. Perhaps a forest clearing party? I live in the PNW and we have some forests that are more splendorous than any cathedral, surely they deserve a party too!

  49. Ooooh dresses! Don’t get me started!!

    I’m hoping this Liz Claiborne beauty will still be around and maybe on sale when I hop across the pond in July, because I am in serious lust with it:-

    I’m also drooling over these:-

    …and, curiously, this:-

    …which I know would give the younger fatshionista crowd the vapours but I think it’s elegance p
    ersonified. All it needs is a big, fuck-off necklace and a pair of metallic ballet pumps and you’re away! (Though I have to admit I’d rather it wasn’t grey. I prefer proper colours to neutrals.

  50. Ooooh dresses! Don’t get me started!!

    I’m hoping this Liz Claiborne beauty will still be around and maybe on sale when I hop across the pond in July, because I am in serious lust with it:-

    I’m also drooling over these:-

    …and, curiously, this:-

    …which I know would give the younger fatshionista crowd the vapours but I think it’s elegance personified. All it needs is a big, fuck-off necklace and a pair of metallic ballet pumps and you’re away! (Though I have to admit I’d rather it wasn’t grey. I prefer proper colours to neutrals.

  51. I just got engaged myself and discovered that apparently my fingers are plus-size too! Rings with stones can only be sized up 3 times and most of the rings in-store are made for tiny fingers so it cut down my choices enormously.

    I don’t own any ladies shoes because my feet are massive too (the last pair of shoes I bought was US mens size 9.5 and width 4E). I might end up getting married in joggers!

  52. Dude, how irked was I when I found out that you basically pay extra for ANY ring size that’s not a 7? I was sure they’d keep a couple sizes in the store, but no — just 7s, if you want something else you can wait and often pay to have it resized. At least that penalizes people on both ends of the spectrum. 7 isn’t tiny — I wear a 7.75 or an 8 — so people with tiny fingers are equally inconvenienced. Equality at last!

  53. They didn’t give my finger number measurements, they gave letter measurements, weird huh? They had a range of rings in sizes from “O” to “R” and my finger was “S and a half” apparently. When my fiancee paid for the re-size, the shop assistant did a double take when he mentioned my size.

    I went to 4 different stores and couldn’t find one ring that went past the knuckle on my ring finger.

  54. Letter measurements — weird! I’ve never heard of that, but maybe numbers are an American thing.

    Zappos has plenty of perfectly weddingable shoes in women’s 11.5 in a 2E. Once it gets up to 4E it’s mostly nun shoes, but I’ll bet you can find something that works (a brand that runs wide already, for instance, so the 2E fits).

  55. I thought most shops order in the size you need, to a point? at least thats what it is here. We use letter measurements too.

    Im a P! most ladies rings dont’ go much bigger than that, which is just typical. women without delicate ladyfingers don’t deserve to wear rings, apparently.

    My fiance has the opposite problem, he’s an o, and most mens rings dont run small enough.

    Gender stereotypes ftw! NOT.

  56. Fillyjonk: “Dude, how irked was I when I found out that you basically pay extra for ANY ring size that’s not a 7? I was sure they’d keep a couple sizes in the store, but no — just 7s, if you want something else you can wait and often pay to have it resized. At least that penalizes people on both ends of the spectrum. 7 isn’t tiny — I wear a 7.75 or an 8 — so people with tiny fingers are equally inconvenienced. Equality at last!”

    Yeah, no kidding. My engagement and wedding rings are size 4.5 (or maybe 4.25, although that might be my mom’s size, can’t remember), and that’s the size required to fit over the knuckle. The rings spin around the actual finger. My husband picked out the engagement ring without my knowledge, and they sold him either a 6.5 or a 7 because they assured him it was the average. Yeah- not so much. We were in the jeweler’s shop the next day demonstrating how I could hold my hand down and the ring would fall off.

  57. Oh, ring sizes. A stone fell out of my husband’s coworker’s fiancee’s (got that?) ring, and when he took it to a jeweler to get fixed, the jeweler offered to resize it smaller “so she would go to the gym.” Can you imagine?

  58. *sigh* Sleeves…what happened to sleeves? I’m tired of shopping in menswear, I want a pretty new dress.

  59. Godless Heathen, one thing I love about both of the dresses above, and many Igigi dresses, is that they come with shrugs, so you can have sleeves if you want them.

  60. “Once it gets up to 4E it’s mostly nun shoes”

    Nun shoes, lol! That’s a good description of what seems available. I can fit into Birkenstocks too but I’ve started to wear orthodics and I need to wear them as much as possible, this requires a closed back shoe. I’m relegated to nun shoes.

    “maybe numbers are an American thing.”

    I’m not sure about that, I’m Australian but I was talking about US sizing so I’m confusing, sorry. For some reason they had left the American size on my shoes and not converted it to Aussie sizing.

    Anyway, the relevance of my ramblings on this subject is: I don’t really wear dresses because they look awful with my man shoes!

  61. The style and cut of the Maui dress is fabulous, but am I not the only one not liking the color combination? Rust, black, maroon, and turquoise? Not getting it.

  62. I have a fix for that neckline and doom-racks. The quick cheat is to get a tank top in a color that compliments the dress, and wear it under the dress. When you put the dress on over it, you pull your boobs up until they sit at the right spot in the dress and the band is successfully under them. Without the tank top, this would be enough cleavage to buy a kingdom, but the tank top protects modesty. And voila!

  63. Getting back to shoes for a moment (and of course this has nothing to do with dresses, sorry), I went shoe shopping today for a pair of summer sandals that are slightly dressier than my trusty everyday Birks. I have a terrible problem: I can’t decide between two pairs. (And they’re both quite pricey.) They’re very different looks. The Wolky comfort walking sandals (shown at in tan, but I’m in black) are very sleek on the foot, although I admit they look dowdy in the photo. The Dansko Lolitas – and who wouldn’t love a shoe with that name? (at,Lolita,Golden%20Gate,2 in red, but again, I’m looking for black) are fun, fun, fun – but perhaps not serious enough for all purposes.

    Oh, dear. Guidance welcomed.

  64. sweetmachine
    Silver shoes yay!

    You may want to consider
    if you prefer the Cinderella ladylike,
    if you prefer the funky avant garde, or
    if you decide to go with blue and your wedding friends are somewhat fashion-forward.

    Also, for those who favor the Coldwater Creek catalogue (yay!), WATCH FOR THOSE SALES. Because of the sales, I have this
    plus another dress (that’s not on the site anymore because once they’re on sale they go fast) for less than $100 for both.

    (Still sulking, however, because buying those dresses plus the accessories for this month’s wedding parties and soirees has put me sufficiently over budget for the month that those igigi flower prints are now a distinct impossibility. *pout*)

  65. Dontchoo be dissing my Doc Martens. Aniline dye brown lace-ups, black Mary Janes, boots, they all fit orthotics, and they last forever. What’s not to like?

  66. I tried on a beautiful maxi dress yesterday – sadly it was a halterneck. and mai boobs dun like halternecks, because theyre TOO BIG AND SQUOOSHY.

    speaking of which, anyone know of a good halterneck bra? it seems like an investment for summer. Had a great halterneck top with a built in bra, it was magical. sadly, it died. from overuse.

  67. I love my Victoria’s Secret “Very Sexy” convertible pushup bra.
    Pros: This bra is like magic in that it converts a million different ways–halter, straplesss, etc. Also, it comes with *clear* straps.
    Cons: kinda pricey, and comes only up to 38DD.

  68. Rust, black, maroon, and turquoise? Not getting it.

    Hmm, I see them more as fairly bright orange, black, magenta, and turquoise. Which still might not be your cup of tea, but it’s a little better than the combination you describe. :)

  69. Blithe, I’ve done that trick, it’s like wearing a push up bra! Of course, I’ve also torn a dress trying to pull it down under my boobs, so be careful ;)

  70. Naomi, I love the second pair. They look a little more serious in black than red too, what are the purposes you think they won’t be serious enough for?

  71. Karen from the Lee Lee’s trip here. Thanks for the compliment, Kate :) I actually found that style of dress reasonably rack-o-doom-friendly (I wear a 46H, for those who are curious), but it did fit *much* better with a good bra. Also, Lisa mentioned that 1) there would be several dresses in this style with different fabrics/colors/patterns, and 2) this is the maxi dress, and they would also be making it in other lengths. I’m actually not a huge fan of the orange, but Lisa wanted me to try it on so that I could order other dresses in the same style once this stuff came out next season. So, even more fun dresses to look forward to!

  72. Just a note for everyone talking about too expensive stuff. I’ve never been one to pinch pennies (especially when it comes to clothes because just FINDING stuff that fits is hard enough without finding it on sale, as well), but I found this fantastic little trick: google the store you’re shopping at and “coupons” or “sales” and start clicking.
    Those little number and letter combinations can save you a heck of a lot of money. For example, I needed new sweats, so I went to old Navy, filled my cart, and googled. For a $280 order (I know, Old Navy, right? But I bought a ton of stuff) I got $40 off! Free shipping, plus some sales and coupons. They even let me use the coupons for “Old Navy cardholders only” when I just used a plain Visa. My mom needed new kitchen appliances she ordered them online. I googled for her, and got free shipping plus coupons to that store!
    TRY IT! You don’t lose anything, but you have a lot of money to save, sisters!

  73. Oooh, good timing – I went to a garden party yesterday after noon. There was pimms and champagne and strawberries and cake and croquet. It was amazing.

    I wore a strappy pink summer dress over jeans. Most of the girls there were in pretty tops and skirts, apart from one of my friends who wore an amazing ankle length white diaphanous sun dress.

  74. I just bought a black dress to wear to my brother-in-law’s wedding. I feel like it might be a bit… well, dark, since the wedding is outdoors. It was only $20 though (Yay Marshalls!) so i can keep it as a LBD and look for something else. That green and white print is GORGEOUS, but a bit out of my unemployed current budget. You’ve inspired me to keep looking, though!

  75. Piffle, if you were to have a dinner party, I would gatecrash. Because that sounds amazing.

    SFG, good effort. Down with the stripe fascists! I didn’t wear horizontal stripes much for years, and felt guilty when I did, because oh noes! They will make me look wider! Um, then why does everyone in the world make horizontal striped clothes? Answer: because they a) are fun and b) look fucking great. I bought several striped tank tops as part of my going-to-camp splurge and they look so awesome. I am so happee!

  76. As nice as many of the dress options are posted here – I am utterly frustrated in finding some simple, casual summer dresses just for every day going to the store, knocking about the house, or hanging out with friends (here in NYC – we refer to them as “schmata” dresses). Some simple lightweight cotton or linen dresses that aren’t too expensive, don’t involve crazed pucci patterns, and don’t have the whole Empire/Roman waist that makes every woman look pregnant. In an 18(US) – I can only seem to find shifts that make me look exactly like my grandmother.

    Any tips for casual dresses in plus sizes?

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