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Wear your teaspoon with pride

I am tired and overwhelmed by the prospect of holding down the fort this week. I have a fluffy post about pretty dresses in the works, but right now, the substantive stuff just feels like a millstone. Over and over, we make the same points and are misunderstood and abused in the same ways and then someone emails to alert us to an article with the same hackneyed hate. Haven’t we said this before? Haven’t we been shouting until our voices gave out? Isn’t anybody listening?

I was thinking this morning about Liss of Shakesville and her perfect analogy for feminists overwhelmed by the vastness of the work ahead of us:

Sometimes it feels like it’s all I ever write about; sometimes it feels like I can’t possibly write about it enough to do the issue justice; often, those feelings exist within me simultaneously. All I ever do is try to empty the sea with this teaspoon; all I can do is keep trying to empty the sea with this teaspoon.

Goddamn, that still makes me blub (as Liss would say). And get ready to blub a little harder, because Shaker and Shapeling Faith has whipped up a bunch of teaspoon jewelry, so you can wear your weary and hardworking heart on your sleeve (well, your neck or your ear). All proceeds go to CARE, an organization that is helping to ease the global food crisis — what better charity for fatties’ dollars, am I right?

Head over to Faith’s place and make a donation, and wear your teaspoon with pride. It’s going to take us a long, long time to empty the sea. But the effect is cumulative; if everyone who reads SP in a typical day hoists a teaspoon, that’s almost 50 liters of bitter water we can flush away.

10 thoughts on “Wear your teaspoon with pride”

  1. This is rather off topic,
    but I consider this to be the spoon-full of the day. It is so rare that one sees such a positive example of a fat woman while watching TV that I had to write in about it. I just saw a BBC show called “No waste like Home” on living an eco-friendly life. The presenter Penney Poyzer is a large and curvy eco activist. She is seen riding a bike and promoting local produce without any reference to her weight. It was like the issue doesn’t exist. Just imagine…
    Here’s a link to an interview with her: http://www.bbc.co.uk/nottingham/content/articles/2005/08/17/penney_poyzer_queen_of_green_feature.shtml

  2. I am tired and overwhelmed by the prospect of holding down the fort this week.

    Honey, seriously, post if you feel like it/can do it, but the fort will hold itself down if you can’t. I don’t pay you enough to stress about the blog. Which is to say I pay you zero, and that is exactly how much you should stress about it.

    And thanks for posting about this. I meant to.

  3. I am totally getting those earrings when I get paid!

    And FJ, should proposed guest posts be sent to you rather than KH since she’s slammed right now?

  4. I don’t know if this is related, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the work that I – and so many people I interact with on a daily basis – do is just preaching to the choir. And the documentaries I watch on everything from the state of health care, to beauty standards and pressure on women, to Iraq – they’re marketed and screened to people like me, who are already sold! I don’t know how change is made, but it seems to me that all we do is keeping reinforcing what we already believe, and I’m sure those other people, the ones that disagree with me, are doing the same thing…
    I don’t think I just brightened anyone’s day…

  5. Yeah, send proposed guest posts to me… if we get enough I’ll make it Guest Week, like a web comic.

  6. Can I put in a request for rack of doom friendly dresses on the pretty dresses post? :-)

  7. It’s not really a dress roundup I’m afraid, but I wear an F cup and there will be pictures.

  8. This is a short post, but great things come in small, teaspoon-sized packages. I definitely feel that exhaustion, every time I hear someone say “I mean, of COURSE I’m not saying it’s okay to be obese,” or every time I picture the looks I would get if I came right out and said, you know, I do think it is ultimately a symptom of a very deep, problematic, and damaging malady that we buy different things for boy babies than for girl babies before they are even born, or when I read about linguistic research on how people of all genders listen to men more and interrupt them less–these things are so ingrained, so deep, so unquestioned that even asking the questions makes a lot of people think you’re nuts. Something I came across recently that I’ve been trying to keep in mind–I read somewhere that attributed this to the French Resistance during WWII, though I can’t back up that attribution now–

    “We don’t need hope to survive. Resistance to tyranny is a way of life.”

    Indeed. In the real world, you don’t usually get a pat on the back for trying to do the right thing. But ultimately, what else can you do? What other kind of life would you want to lead?

  9. As soon as I know my summer address I will so, so so,so be buying teaspoon earrings. LOVE THEM.

    And, yeah. Sometimes the world is too much much with us. My two anti-teaspoon-fatigue thoughts are:

    a)You don’t fight the fights you can win. You fight the fights that need fighting. Oh, To Kill a Mockingbird. (Though I think the actual words are from something else.)

    and b) Fight them until we can’t. Because what else can you do? We just fight them til we can’t. (Also, dude. Starbuck. Pardon me as I FALL OVER.)

    Isabel, that’s both true and beautiful. You don’t need a reason to fight evil; you just do it because it’s the right thing to do. How glorious.

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