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Quick hit: What about the mens, indeed

While Kate, FJ, and I freak out about our busy lives, head to Shakesville and check out the merciless photoshopping of the normally-incredibly-hot Clive Owen. (And check out the rest of Liss’s Impossibly Beautiful series, if you haven’t already.)

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: spreading self-loathing — to men, thin people, or whoever — is not the way to solve the problem of oppressive beauty standards. Feminism isn’t about wishing evil on men, and fat acceptance is not about wishing evil on skinny people.

Also, dude, who would fuck with Clive Owen? He will so kick your ass.

24 thoughts on “Quick hit: What about the mens, indeed”

  1. Geh. Somehow I can’t put links in right, and my comments get kicked out when I do. Anyway, I blogged about height discrimination for men earlier today–it’s a couple of posts down on my blog.

  2. In the getting-my-ass-kicked area, I’ve never really been concerned with guys who do makeup ads…

    Just saying…

  3. MikeyT, whether or not *you’re* concerned with it has nothing to do with the systemic problems such an ad represents.

  4. Or are you trying to insult guys who do makeup ads? Either way, I don’t know what your comment is trying to say.

  5. For as long as I remember, no woman as craggy and lined as Clive Owen could be considered attractive. Now it looks like no man can be either. Progress!

    Sigh. Depressed now.

    Gazes at craggy, lined, beautiful husband

  6. What breaks my heart second-most about those pictures, as a photographer, is that they air-brush all the texture out of their faces. The picture on the right of Clive Owens is just amazing – you can practically see his pores, and it makes it such an interesting shot *sob sob sob*

  7. Clive Owen is so naturally fucking hot, why in the HELL would they think he even NEEDS airbrushing?

    Oh… that’s right. To sell the product. Couldn’t have the REAL Clive Owen trying to sell The Fountain Of Youth In A Jar, now could we?

    (I’m disgusted.)

  8. OMG, face crags…stubble…pores! *faint* Seriously, why oh why would you ever screw with that?

    Please, for tha lova gawd, can we stop Photoshopping the individuality off of people? Men, women, it doesn’t matter, I want to see pores, I want to see wrinkles!

  9. Both here and on Shakeville, women are saying how hot they think the real, rougher Clive Owen is. So, maybe the media is giving us what we want already. Men want women who look like dolls, and women want real men? /cynicism

    Actually, I think that most men like real (real as in individual-looking, natural) women. However, they’re constantly force-fed the fakes by the media, and it does influence them.

  10. That’s . . . special.

    (He is, of course, a lot more attractive to me in the untouched minimally touched picture. But I digress.)

  11. You know what this makes me think of? A poem by Marjorie Stelmach, one of my favorite poets, called The Falling Out. It starts off:

    “What happened to flesh –that unloveable block with the fat-voweled name, straight from the tongue of the cave we were first shaped to fit:

    the Body,

    remember?– stubby all over, fingers so far from gesture it’s odd to ponder the way they’ve grown so adept at the lighting of long, tapered candles; learned to slip into gloves; to cut with finesse a tarot deck.”

    Anyway, the whole thing is worth a read.

  12. I’m reminded of that scene in The Full Monty in which the bhm (who is a lovely looking man) was wrapping himself in plastic because he wanted to slim down for the striptease.

    Self hatred, it’s not just for women.

  13. WTF? They completely screwed up his face. That’s not right. He went from looking unique, interesting, and fucking HOT to looking like a cookie cutter image of a what society views as an attractive male face (chiseled, young, etc). The world is less interesting when the beauty standard is so cookie cutter. True beauty is incredibly diverse, and it seems as though this idea has been lost among marketers.

  14. Strangely, over retouched Clive Owen looks a lot like k. d. lang.

    What I’m particularly baffled about is why they would hire craggy, rough Clive Owen to represent a skin care line in the first place, as opposed to a Jonathan Rhys Myers type. Maybe they’re trying to show how well it worked or something, but it’s not like Clive Owen is walking around looking like melty waxed version of himself.

  15. I’m a lesbian.

    So why in the name of God does (un re-touched) Clive Owen make me go weak in the knees? Why?

  16. I was thinking about this when I had my hair done and the man working in the station next to my stylist had obviously spent much more time on his appearance than I do on any given day (including smokey eyes which I’ve never been able to master).

    Far be it for me to tell someone not to play with their hair and makeup if they want, of any gender, but I did think “You know, when I talk about the double standards of beauty for men and women, I didn’t really mean we should all go over to the unreasonable side of things”

    Anyways… Poor Clive Owen :( I’ll kiss him and make it better :D

  17. Cindy, I think it’s because while you might be a lesbian, you’re still HUMAN.

    Hell, I’m straight and I’ll admit there are some women out there that I’d be willing to… um… shall we say “experiment” with? ;)

  18. Surely if their product was all that they claimed they wouldn’t need to touch up the pictures. They’re airbrushing their sales away.

  19. I wish that were true, but I think people are so used to seeing airbrushed and otherwise manipulated pictures that you wouldn’t be able to sell them much using unaltered images.

  20. True. People will be looking for every line and bump on his face to disprove the advertisers claims. They can’t leave their customers in any doubt! Doubt = thought; thought = danger!

  21. Equality through hating men equally? That’s MY joke! They’ve even ruined my cynic-laden sarcasm for me! D:

    When people talk in front of me about how women are always bitching and moaning on how “objectified” they are even though they’re the ones out there choosing to work in strip clubs or whatever (I am near and dear to several who misunderstand the entire feminist movement and are desperately defensive, more or less to the point of anti-feminism) I always came back with “HEY. If you want to build a Deja Vu down the road, I’m ALL for that, just do me a favor and put a Chippendales next door! Why on earth is it so easy for you menfolk to turn your heads and see boobs on every billboard, magazine, or movie, when I have to rent XXX films just to see some PENIS every once in a while?!”

    Now I can’t even say that… they’ll start putting penises on billboards. XD

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