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“It’s not real food, it’s yogurt!”

I spent time with several wonderful fatties this weekend (among them Kate, The Rotund, Lesley of Fatshionista, Meowser, and Substantia Jones) and our lunch conversation consisted, in part, of a bunch of us repeating just about every line from this video and then laughing our asses off. It’s only tangentially fat-related, but it’s a pitch-perfect takedown of the way food — and, in turn, ideas about denial, indulgence, and femininity — are marketed to women.

Not safe for work, but only because you are probably going to lose your shit laughing.

161 thoughts on ““It’s not real food, it’s yogurt!””

  1. That is very funny.

    The Yoplait women should be shot. They need actual lives where they enjoy themselves and don’t just derive all their pleasure from yogurt (filled with artificial colors and flavors, I’m sure.)

    And who the heck wants to wait 2 weeks to “get regular”? Why not just eat something with fiber? Actual fiber, not fake “stir this powder into your spaghetti sauce” fiber.

  2. The Yoplait women should be shot.

    Well, I can’t really get behind that. I can’t say I’d have them as my bridesmaids, though.

  3. OMFG, that is hilarious. My friends and I have been seeing the Jamie Lee Curtis poo-mover yogurt ads so often that we’ve debated turning it into some kind of drinking game.

  4. The dry cleaning lady is Nina from The Riches, therefore she trumps, you know, everyone with AWESOME.


    That was hilarious. Yogurt ads drive me nuts. ESPECIALLY the one with the bridesmaids. Ugh. I’ve never had yogurt that good before.

  5. The sad thing is, I actually used to like yogurt. Now I feel bad for liking it because these commercials ARE SO FUCKING ANNOYING!!!! Now I’m slightly embarrassed to buy the stuff in case someone thinks I only want it to move my freaking bowels.

    Oh, and I was much nicer to my bridesmaids than to make them wear fugly dresses and then only allow them yogurt at the reception. They got very inexpensive – but pretty – skirts and blouses and an actual chance to go through the buffet line.

    I agree with the ‘who serves yogurt at their wedding good’ line. That image has bothered me for a long time. But I hadn’t ever considered the grey hoodie factor before.

  6. I think I’m annoyed at how the majority of advertising, in general, has some sort of ‘health’ benefits. My particular pet peeve commercial, is a different yogurt commercial, oddly enough. It’s the one where the woman asks the other woman if she’s lost weight and she responds with ‘Yeah! and I lost calcium and vitamin D’ and lists a few other vitamins. At first I thought ‘wow. good commercial!’ then it kept going and it was an advertisement of some yogurt with all those missing vitamins in it, that still helps you lose weight.

    That clip was very funny btw.=)

  7. The Yoplait ladies make me want to puke, and never eat Yoplait again.

    Which is too bad because yogurt’s delicious (as we have discussed in this space before)

  8. OMG! I never noticed the grey hoodie thing either. But I myself own 4 plain grey hoodies. They range on a cuteness to dowdy scale. The cutest one could be worn out on a weekend wheras the dowdiest would only be worn outside the house to get the mail. /digression

    I love yogurt because it’s yummy and healthy but the advertisers really do think it’s the “official food of women.” It will get you into a bikini, make you poo, and give you something to talk about at weddings!

  9. I do have a Master’s, but I’m not married. Do I need to give up my gray hoodie?

    Seriously, that is a funny clip.

  10. Mmm, a plastic cup of curdled bovine glandular secretion! now, with extra hormones and bacteria! Yum. :-p (And people make fun of my soy and rice milks?)

    I swear, you can sell any kind of crap to people if you market it correctly.

  11. OMG, that was so funny
    I am currently planning my wedding and working on my masters, guess I should head to the store for a hoodie!

  12. I can’t stop watching this video. There are not enough words to express my true feelings for how awesome it truly is.

    So glad I wasn’t forced to eat yogurt at that wedding over the weekend. *gag*

  13. Twistie, you can’t have any yogurt, but Vidya will sell you some curdled bovine glandular secretion on the cheap.

  14. I’m unmarried, don’t have a masters, but I do have a grey hoodie. Am I allowed to eat yogurt?

    That video makes me laugh every time I see it. :D

  15. I don’t own a gray hoodie (I don’t own any hoodies at all), and while I like yogurt, I don’t eat it that often because….well, I just don’t.

    I fail Woman 101.

    But gads, that video made me laugh.

  16. I’m going to say “I read it in Blue Paper Daily!” all the time now. I had to shut my office door because I was actually crying with laughter.

    Yogurt gives me heartburn, I guess that’s because I dropped out of grad school. :)

  17. I watched this when I got home, and it’s HILARIOUS. Those yoplait commercials make me so ashamed of Leisha Haley (as if the L Word didn’t). I want to make everyone else in my office watch it.

    I have neither a masters (yet) or a marriage or a grey hoodie, and I hate yogurt… they might be on to something.

  18. “Being the first Woman President good. EAT IT.”
    That caused me to lose my shit, right there.

  19. Arwen, that’s because it is an ASTONISHINGLY funny moment. *grin* I have been thinking “eat it” in my head since seeing it for the first time.

  20. I love this video. I was squirming over the “It’s that, ‘I have a masters but then I got married’ look” line. Hey, I resemble that remark! ;)

  21. i think my favorite line is “it’s substitute for human experience good.” it stings a little, that one.

  22. I have to wait until I’m not at the office to watch this. WHY do my evil overlord corporate bosses have to block anything remotely related to fun?! GAH!!!

  23. I’ve felt resentful of yogurt for quite a while now because of all of this stuff. I’m embarassed to be caught eating it in public. I don’t want to be the Diet Coke and yogurt and baby carrots for lunch lady.

  24. I don’t own a gray hoodie (in fact I don’t own a hoodie at all) and I like yogurt, but I pretty much stick with store brands (since most items I refuse to pay the advertising costs that make them so pricy) or if I am feeling like a splurge I get Nancy’s yogurt (http://www.nancysyogurt.com/) which is completely orgasmic. Almost better then chocolate!!!

    I am getting rather tired of all the “food as medicine” advertising, I much prefer food as food and as long as it is yummy, that is all I care about :)

  25. You know, I much prefer this one that they show out here in the UK:

    At least it doesn’t make me squirm in my seat with cringe factor 10 to watch it.

  26. I have a master’s but my hoodie is black, so I guess I have to run it through the wash and/or stand out in the sun a lot in the next four months. That, or buy a grey hoodie while I’m out changing my name and quitting my job. (Both of which I’m actually gonna do. Well, I’m not quitting my job right away or anything, but we’ll be moving in another year or so. I’m a bad feminist!)

    In other forums this video has led to a lot of discussion about how great kefir is, so I feel like maybe I should try that. I do actually like yogurt, especially coffee yogurt with granola in it, but not the way these women do. It’s “tasty and nourishing breakfast element” good, you know?

    Also, one of my favorite parts is the way she puts down her armful of yogurt at the beginning. The woman is a comic genius.

  27. I’m working on a Masters and I have a black hoodie…does that mean I have to trade it in for a grey hoodie when I graduate and gett married?

    “It’s not real food, it’s yogurt!” Ha! I love it.

  28. I’m WEARING a ratty gray hoodie (hey, no one else is at work today, and I’m wearing it over nice clothing) and planning a wedding. No yogurt, though . . .

  29. yeah, this Sarah Haskins rules. someone needs to give her a tv show or a book deal or a movie career or something.

    “I SH*T MY PANTS!”

  30. Damn, all this must have happened after I left. And I want you guys to know, I’m over 40 and have never had any Activia in my fridge at all.

  31. Did everyone notice that the makers of Activia are being sued for making false health claims about their product? It’s a bummer, but it turns out there’s not a lot of evidence behind probiotics.

  32. Not to break the stride here, but I must interject:

    The “poo-moving yogurt,” well, does just that because it contains a certain type of bacteria (different from regular acidopholus and bifidus, which is found in most yogurts) that helps break down food in the intestines. Many women stop producing enough of this bacteria for whatever reason, and no matter how much fiber they eat, water they drink, or physical activity they engage in, it has no effect.

    So although I prefer ye old delicious, thick, plain Greek yogurt (all hail Fage and its $2-a-pop price tag!), I eat the Dannon Activia to, uh, keep things moving :-)

    That’s it!

    ::steps off soapbox::

  33. That is awesome. I’m glad I don’t watch TV; I’ve never seen that obnoxious Yoplait ad before. Usually I just buy what I like, and I like Yoplait and buy it if it’s on sale.

    Damn it, now not only am I going to be worried about people clucking over my ice cream novelty purchases, but also people approving of me for buying “diet” food like yogurt and cottage cheese, both of which I like very much.

    I can’t believe I was ever a vegan.

  34. Hmm. I do eat yoghurt when I’m on antibiotics for health reasons. I also eat it at other times because I like it.

    *runs and hides in confusion*

  35. Meowser, I guess it did, come to think of it. Also, how did I leave you off of the list of people who were there this weekend??? I’m going to rectify that instantly.

    Piffle, you can like yogurt! This is really just about yogurt marketing.

  36. Great video. I tried full-fat yogurt once and thought it was actually worth eating. The fat-free, sugar-free stuff? It makes you wonder what exactly is left to be IN there. Plus it’s vile.

    This really struck a nerve as I am still boiling about something that happened to my kindergartner. She was on a field trip to the zoo last week, taking a packed lunch for the first time ever. She is a picky eater, I admit it, and doesn’t like sandwiches. So I packed a variety of foods she liked because I like her to eat and not be hungry. One of the adult chaperones told her, “That’s not a healthy lunch! A healthy lunch has a sandwich in it! The only healthy food in your lunch is the peanuts.” . My baby was so upset. She told me she did eat all her lunch and it was good.

    For the record, DD is tall, muscular, and thin. Her lunch was: a bottle of water, 3 slices of hard salami, 6 corn chips, some large Virginia peanuts, and a chocolate pudding with added calcium. The alternative to the pudding was apple sauce (with sugar added). The caveats for the packed lunch were that no straws could be included (there goes a juice box) and everything had to be disposable (there goes a lunchbox with cold pack gel or a thermos). I thought we did okay for all that and for not eating sandwiches. DD also only likes canned fruit, not fresh. I see no point in packing things she doesn’t eat. I also see no problem with having a “treat” with lunch, considering it was a special day.

  37. It’s “tasty and nourishing breakfast element” good, you know?

    Yes, exactly. Yoplait and Dannon kind of squick me out because they have gelatin (which is fine, it just bothers me personally), and I resent the sugar-free kinds although I know there are plenty of good reasons to eat them (and on the other hand, the ones with real sugar actually taste too sweet to me), so I have been buying Lifeway plain kefir instead. I love to mix it with Grape-Nuts for breakfast or frozen tart cherries (thawed) for a snack. I also love the Fage Greek yogurt because I am just like everybody else. :) I need to try the flavored kefir.

    So I really do love yogurt too, but this whole “pretend artificially sweetened, fat-free yogurt is Boston cream pie because that’s all you ladies deserve” thing truly pisses me off. It’s like there’s a difference between yogurt as food, and yogurt as a diet.

    Also, Arwen is awesome. It would definitely have been more fair and balanced to note that we also eat salad. :P

  38. Love the comments — didn’t I read somewhere that the “bifidus regularis” contained in Activia is actually a made-up name? Like it doesn’t even really exist?

  39. Fillyjonk, The Rotund, Kate, Lesley, Meowser, She Who Remains Nameless: It was awfully good meeting you folks over the weekend. It was, like, frightening-all-the-skinny-people-with-our-congregate-y-ness good. I’m certainly on board for the next meeting of the Jiggle Jihad. I’ll being the ‘gurt.

  40. So I really do love yogurt too, but this whole “pretend artificially sweetened, fat-free yogurt is Boston cream pie because that’s all you ladies deserve” thing truly pisses me off. It’s like there’s a difference between yogurt as food, and yogurt as a diet.

    Yes yes yes yes yes.

    I totally feel you guys who are self-conscious about eating yogurt because of its diet food status — see my INDD post. But yogurt is a real food with a long history, only some of which is marred by antifeminist marketing.

  41. Celeste, that absolutely sucks. Give me a break. What if she were gluten intolerant or something? I thought in 2008 we were aware that a healthy lunch could look like all kinds of different things. Though unfortunately I already knew that in 2008 we had not yet reached the point where people could restrain themselves from commenting negatively on others’ lunches. And yeah, you should totally throw perfectly good food away by packing stuff she won’t eat just to satisfy busybody chaperones.

    I see nothing wrong with pudding either, even if it’s not just a special treat. It has calcium and protein and tastes great. That’s good enough for me.

  42. Oops, I added a fake “sarcasm” tab at the end of the first paragraph that didn’t come through. Suffice it to say that I am blaming the chaperone, not you, for this, Celeste. :)

  43. hmmm…I’ve got a master’s, am married, gray hoodie…but yogurt gives me migraines (it was a sad, sad day when I confirmed THAT one). The husband does eat yogurt though. I think he will appreciate it even more when I show him this and he realizes that it’s really woman food.

    Yogurt actually helps him some with his lactose intolerance. Huh. It hurts me and helps him (all he needs now is a gray hoodie to go with his master’s). :)

  44. I LOVED this video. And the cleaning lady has rocked in every movie she’s appeared in, from Practical Magic to Beautiful, to whatever.

    I have the same problem with cottage cheese. I love it, but when I eat it people ask if I’m on a diet. Or at least, it has happened. Gah.

  45. Thanks, spacedcowgirl. :wink:

    The biggest problem to me now is that my child is constantly hung up on asking if this food is healthy or if that food is unhealthy. This woman gave her a complex that a food can be one thing or the other, but not both, and there are no exceptions. It’s like I have to deprogram her now! I mean seriously, if she starts thinking an Oreo is an unhealthy food, then if she eats one she is no longer “healthy”? I have been working HARD on messages about food, and body love, and nutrition. It’s all shades of gray, but this one person caused such a setback. I don’t know what possessed this freak to get in my kid’s face like that, but if I meet here there will be a reckoning.

  46. Just sent that to tons of people.

    I’m not really a yogurt fan. Its something to do with the dry mouth thing and the horrible bitter taste I get no matter what they try to use to cover it up.

    plus they never fill me up even then the part that isn’t bitter tastes okay. I need like…three at a time of the little ones with the foil lids that I can’t spell the name of right now.

    I award myself the under achiever award in spelling for the day.

  47. I have a piece of gray fleece dedicated for making myself another gray hoodie, because my old gray hoodie became my painting shirt.

    And I have a master’s and then got married…

    Thank heavens I’m dairy intolerant, or I might relate!

  48. I’m not ashamed of Leisha Hailey for the yoplait ads or The L-Word, as I enjoy the L Word. I also like: yogurt and hoodies. I have a white hoodie with a gray lining.

    To me, this food-as-medicine trip is the faux clinical edge of the good food, bad food philosophy. If food can be good for, then it can heal you!

    Oh, and in Barry Glassner’s book, “The Gospel of Food,” a chef was talking about how so few Americans have eaten yogurt without the evil fat removed from it and can rarely ientify it if it is served to them in a dish at a restaurant. Without a telltale carton, people often think it’s something exotic.

  49. That is just utterly brilliant.

    (Though for people in the north of England and Scotland, I recommend Longley Farm yoghurt, which is yoghurt+fruit+sugar if necessary, and the most sublime yoghurt in the world, the rhubarb being so good that it should be routinely served at weddings).

  50. the horrible bitter taste I get no matter what they try to use to cover it up.

    Are you sure that’s not coming from what they use to cover it up? I get a sour taste from not-artificially-sweetened yogurt, but a bitter taste sounds like it comes from chemicals possibly.

  51. Cathy, I have to agree with you 100% on the Longley Farm stuff. I get it at my local mini-supermarket and it’s absolutely delish! Much better than the Muller, even (although I have to admit that I like that, too).

  52. I want to know where the HELL the full-fat yogurt went! I used to love Breyer’s cherry, full-fat yogurt but it’s gone now. All you can find in the supermarkets these days is fat-free. Now I buy Fage Greek yogurt and add my own fruit, but I miss the grab-and-eat-on-the-run stuff. :(

    (And I can’t believe it never occurred to me to wonder why those women are eating yogurt at a wedding.)

  53. Janey: try the baby yogurt (YoBaby, I think) from Stoneybrook Farms. They have, as far as I have seen, the following flavors: vanilla, apple, banana, pear, blueberry, and peach. I’ve gotten it from Albertson’s so it’s not exactly a specialty food.

    Although with the climate of Childhood Obeeesity OMG!!!1! being what it is, even those might be going the way of the dodo.

  54. When I lived in France I loooved yogurt, because it had the fat in it, and was incredibly delicious. The French really know how to make yogurt. I would mix it with granola, and eat it every night even though it gave me the most obscene smelling gas…it was just that good.

  55. Hang on, is there really a full-fat yoghurt shortage over there? No wonder they put gelatin in it. Yipes.

  56. The thing that irks me the most about the yogurt commercials is the fact that the not-so-subtle message is that women (certainly not men) should be using the weeny-teeny serving as a meal replacement. After all, women should not be eating if they can possibly help it, but if they MUST, let’s be sure it’s something small and dainty. BLERGH.

  57. I’ll see your yogurt skit and raise with a tongue brush…
    courtesy of That Mitchell and Webb Look These guys are very funny!.

    I only buy proper greek yogurt with all the fat. The irony of all those ‘fat free’ dairy products is that the carb content is usually much higher than in full-fat (regardless of fruit content) – therefore the so-called benefits of less fat are pretty much cancelled out! Suckers!

  58. Yes, I often pack Stonyfield baby yogurt in my lunches. Sometimes I buy the kind that has cereal mixed into it, sometimes the plain. It’s really good and has that little cream top layer on it.

    My local snobby grocery store has Brown Cow whole milk yogurt, and very occasionally I see Dannon whole milk plain yogurt in the quarts at the regular grocery store (though even that I’m not sure I’ve seen in a while), but I think you’re right, Janey… most or all mainstream brands seem to have stopped making whole milk yogurt. I’m sure that’s totally awesome for people who can’t get to or afford Whole Foods but still want nourishing, filling, and wholesome yogurt (I think I have seen others post similar complaints about the near-ubiquity of 100-calorie packs, which, especially considering that most of them are low-fat or fat-free, are about the least budget-friendly food energy you can buy). It would probably take at least 2 of the current 6-oz Yoplait “light” yogurts to equal the calories/energy in an 8-oz whole-milk fruit flavored yogurt from days gone by, and I bet they cost more on a unit basis too.

    I will allow that the Yoplait Custard Style taste pretty good and are fairly filling (and does Dannon still make that La Creme that they were flogging for awhile? I think that’s not bad either), but I would like them better if they were just plain old whole milk yogurt.

  59. Yeah, Ailbhe, the low-fat or fat-free is pretty much all you can find, and I can tell from the “natural” versions of these (which are very runny, though I don’t necessarily mind that) that Dannon and Yoplait feel they have to put in gelatin to give it the “right” texture.

  60. I’m ashamed to say that I *love* the yoplait whips key lime pie yogurt. But so did my ex-boyfriend so I feel that makes it okay. He also really likes the ads for yogurt (hence the ex part, one cannot be expected to stay with someone like that).

    Also why do only women have problems poo-ing? Just once I wanna see a dude on one of those ads. Just like the book says everybody poops.

    And they do still make La Creme but not the ones with the chocolate bits anymore. :(

    But the brand YoCrunch makes ones with M&Ms, granola, and Oreo bits. Yummy stuff.

  61. I never have problems finding full-fat Dannon Fruit-on-the-Bottom yogurts. Though I always, always think of the damn beetles when I’m eating the blueberry with the carmine in it. However, I’m hoping to give the Greek Gods yogurt a try soon – problem is the nearest Whole Foods or other Greek Gods place is like 20 miles away. Official food of women or not, it’s not worth the trek just for something that I’m not THAT fond of. I mean, if it were etouffee, maybe.

  62. This video just gets awesomer. Master’s + married = win (though we’ve already thoroughly covered that in this thread).

    I love yogurt *and* I have a digestive disorder, and I have to say, I’ve never noticed the yogurt to be particularly helpful. It is, however, delicious, and that’s good enough for me. I second the Nancy’s, Brown Cow (cream on top MMMMM), and Stoneybrook Farms recs.

  63. Kitken01, found this on a site:

    Bifidus Digestivum, Bifidus Regularis and Bifidobacterium Lactis are marketing names generated by Danone (known in the United States of America as Dannon) for one of the specific bacteria it uses in its “Activia” range of yoghurt products. The source of “Bifidus” is from the intestinal bacterium Bifidobacterium animalis. “Digestivum” is an invented word which uses “digestive” as a root to suggest beneficial effects on digestion, combined with the latinate ending “um” to suggest a scientific derivation. The scientifically correct name for Bifidus Digestivum is “Bifidobacterium animalis DN 173 010”.

    Bifidus Digestivum is also known as Bifidus Regularis in American marketing materials, where Regularis emphasises being “regular” and “is” suggests a scientific derivation. It is known as Bifidobacterium Lactis in Canadian marketing materials, where Lactis uses the Latin root for milk (“lac” / “lact-“) and “is” to suggest a scientific derivation. ”

    I’m guessing “Bifidobacterium animalis DN 173 010” just doesn’t have that marketing punch Madison Avenue loves :P

  64. I hate yogurt. I hate the texture, and I hate the flavor. I also do not own a hoodie (gray or otherwise), nor do I have a masters. Does that make me a man?

    I did eat yogurt + bifidus once, but that was just because I was on augmentin, which makes me all kinds of sick…. Still not sure if the nausea was the yogurt or the meds.

  65. Hmm, Colleen, this “YoCrunch” you speak of sounds intriguing. :) But I don’t know why they would continue to make La Creme but not with the chocolate bits. Come on. >:-{

  66. Greek Gods yogurt is the best yogurt ever in the whole world ever. They sell it at the Jewel (regular old grocery store) ’round these parts. The fig flavor is my favorite, abut I also like the honey, even though I have to resist this weird urge to smear it all over my face.

    I actively resent fat free, sugar free yogurt. I do not believe it is food. One of the best things about giving up dieting, besides Cobb salads and all the other great things, is whole milk yogurt.

    Also – this video is brilliant and I have a crush on that blond woman.

  67. I was just mocking a character in a Sherlock Holmes’ episode (sigh, Jeremy Brett) for essentially saying his wife would not understand the magnitude of a situation because of her tiny woman’s brain. Mr Luci turns to me and says, “Her brain is full of yogurt.”


  68. I have always known yogurt as full-fat yogurt and loved it. Then I started to wonder why all the yogurt I was eating suddenly tasted like crap – or nothing at all – until I realized that it was low-fat. Now that I know this, of course, I only buy it if there’s enough fat in it … but those can be hard to find sometimes.

    Hmm, I thought Activia worked. But maybe the people who told me this were placebo-effected. Wow, I’m so eloquent today …

  69. Yoplait is about the only dairy thing I can eat without being in extreme discomfort, and I like it because I feel full when I’m done eating. (That and it comes in big tubs for about $2. And I eat the whole thing myself, take that weight loss industry!) All of their ads, all of them, end up pissing me off to some degree or another, though the worst is their damn pink lids drive. Hoo boy, you’re gonna donate a whopping 10 cents to a foundation that raises “awareness” about breast cancer! Great! Nothing like using a deadly disease to move product!

    I wish I could laugh along with the vid, but of course, nobody subtitles their YouTube videos.

  70. I too am saddened by the lack of full fat yogurt. My local snob grocery sometimes had Stonyfield whole milk yogurt, but only in vanilla. I still nab all I can when I see it, though. It’s that damn good.

    Activia does kind of work. But any live culture yogurt does pretty much the same thing. The Bifidobacterium species don’t have a lot of benefit over the usual Lactobacillus from what I can tell. But Lactobacilli are, like, ridiculously good for you. (taking off my microbiologist hat now.)

    I think I peed a little when she said “I’m gonna shit my pants!” That was comedy gold.

  71. I have the equivalent of a masters but not an actual masters (my PhD program doesn’t issue transitional masters) and I don’t have a grey hoodie. Can I still eat my yogurt?

    Maybe it’s okay since I don’t eat the kinds that are “approved for feminine consumption”. Mine is full-fat, either Greek (the Fage brand with the honey sidecar) or cream-top (usually Brown Cow, which I can only find in two local stores). Women aren’t supposed to eat that, right? Because if we eat real food we’ll get ZOMG TEH FATZ and then we won’t be lust objects for men who think that real women should look like the porn girls. And that’s our only purpose in life, right?

    (Freaky thing: the white girl in the Yoplait bridesmaid commercial looks like a female version of my cousin. Like, they could be twins. And he’s adopted. I wonder…)

  72. Holy cows, I love this video. Now I want to track down this television show and watch all of it, despite the fact that it seems to have a very MTVNews vibe going on…

  73. Lexy: “The Yoplait ladies make me want to puke, and never eat Yoplait again.

    Which is too bad because yogurt’s delicious (as we have discussed in this space before)”

    Come over to the dark side of full-fat natural yogurt. Be subversive. You know you want to.

  74. This video is the awesomest!! I keep watching it! And I totally want to chime in and agree that there isn’t much that’s grosser than low- and nonfat yogurt. Nothing convinced me of the grossness of low-fat yogurt like actually making some. Good god, I do not know how they turn that into the stuff they sell in the store – it must be nothing but gelatin, emulsifiers, and sweetener to even approach something anyone could willingly swallow. It’s just separated, lumpy, watery, disgustingly sour [spoiled] milk. ::shudders::

    If you’re in the New England area, sometimes stores carried the local Butterworks Farms yogurt from (I think) VT as recently as a few years ago, and it is very good. That and Dannon Naturals whole milk yogurt were my preferred homemade yogurt starters when I couldn’t find freeze-dried starter cultures. They were pretty tasty.

    When I was making it a lot, I remember reading a few yogurt-making sources that said the more important cultures to have were L. Acidophilus, S. Bulgaricus, and S. Thermophilus (sp?), and that bifidus was pretty unnecessary for anything (either medicinal benefits, if in fact there are any, or just yogurt-culturing). So I always thought the bifidus thing seemed like something of a scam, and the fake names convince me even more!

  75. All day I’ve thought of this thread, either resisting the urge to yell ‘eat the yogurt!’, or experiencing flashes of wistful jealousy regarding such a marvelous blogger meet up.

    Seriously fabulous, people.

  76. “EAT IT”. Awesomness. I’m glad I remembered to watch the video when I got home. :D What a sparkling end to my day, thanks!!! :)

  77. Greek Gods fans, so is it the full fat I want to get? I made the mistake of buying their 0% plain version (because the Fage 0% is actually really good–not that there is probably any reason to get it unless you’re dieting–and the GG was cheaper, so I figured I’d try it), and it was disgusting. Watery, gelatinous, inedibly sour, weird off flavors. Though I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised that the nonfat version of something delicious is… well, not that delicious.

    Are there sites out there that talk about making your own yogurt with the so-called probiotics? I have a yogurt maker that I use with Yogourmet starter (that was just the one they had at the store). But I was wondering a while back about using some of the bacteria you can get in the freezer at health food stores instead of starter. For one thing, I think it would be cheaper in the long run; I have to think one of those jars of bacteria would last a while, and that way I could customize what cultures I wanted. Or maybe I could start some kind of culture and keep it in the fridge like a sourdough starter, which would be even cheaper. Does anyone have any advice on this?

  78. That video is hilarious!!

    I’m another fan of the Stoneyfield Farms whole-milk yogurt. Where I live I can find it in a few different flavors at Harris Teeter or Earthfare. The maple flavor of Brown Cow is also delicious…like maple syrup mixed with milk. Mmm…

    For the record, Activia actually made my stomach twist up so bad I didn’t eat more than one little container. “Regular” my ass! Normal yogurt has never done that to me.

  79. You can use other freeze-dried cultures as starters, yes. I always liked the Yogourmet starter because it has what you need without extra stuff. I did also use a probiotic powdered culture as a starter, though it was such good stuff (such high culture counts) that it cost a fortune so it didn’t really save me anything. Both the Yogourmet packets and most other freeze-dried cultures will keep in the fridge for a long time, and will keep in the freezer without losing potency for even longer. Just make sure it has the strains you want.

    If you have cultures in your fridge that are *not* dried, like you are using each batch of yogurt to start your next batch, they won’t live indefinitely. You can do this for a few batches and then your counts just get too low to keep making yogurt. Non-commercial kitchen refrigeration just does not have the proper conditions to keep the cultures from dying off after a while. So for long-term culture storage, best to stick to dried cultures.

  80. Also, I think the jars of probiotics at health food stores that are *really* cheap might have a lot of, say, bifidus, or the culture counts might not be very good. (And a lot of the pricier ones are a rip-off (20+ cultures you don’t need, or fillers like carbs to “feed” the cultures, etc.), of course.) I’m not sure how much culture you’d need from the cheap ones to get a good yogurt, so I wonder if it would work out to be cheaper or not. You can use 3-4 Yogourmet packets with 2 quarts of half-and-half for a *fabulous* yogurt, and 2 quarts lasts me a long time so I never really hunted for a cheaper option. I’m curious what you might find out!

  81. i rather like activia. it’s the only yogurt with any fat in it at all that my conveniently-local grocery store will carry. seriously… except now they’re making a fat-free version, and it is taking over the shelves and making me very cranky. *sigh*

  82. Celeste, I was just making my little one’s lunch — I’m required to include a fruit and a vegetable serving even if it doesn’t get eaten. I end up including lots of food in the lunchbox so that there will be something sufficiently attractive. Tomorrow for lunch, little one (age 3 and nearly one half) will find: garbanzo beans, chopped tomatoes, leftover roast beef chunks, apple slices, fruit leather, whole wheat elbow macaroni and a reusable cup full of pomegranite cranberry juice with a squirt of vitamins added. No sandwich because it’s never eaten (well, sometimes a cheese sandwich will be eaten, but that’s rare). I know that the apple slices and tomatoes are a waste.

    We are a non-yogurt eating family. It hurts my stomach, little one has never liked it and little one’s dad wouldn’t come within 50 feet of it. Sometimes I put it in muffins, though.

    I feel quite vindicated in my non-yogurt eating now, so thanks.

  83. huh, well, i have a doctorate but i’m not married, and thusly i like my yogurt just fine but am sans hoodies.

    haven’t tried anything specifically labeled as kaffir, but there is this awesome product i get at the “international market” (which is half pan-asian, and half pan-hispanic, and all fantastic) that seems to be about the same stuff. comes in a 1 quart milk jug in various fruit flavors for about $6. i keep it in the office fridge for the mid-afternoon pick-me-up, since it’s like cupful o smoothie on demand.

    and while we’re giving out yogurt tips: anyone who has a trader joe’s near them, those guys make a store brand plain in all 3 levels (nonfat, lo-fat, cream line). i’ve never had a problem finding the cream line stuff, and the section on the shelf for it certainly isn’t any smaller than for the other two. i buy it in the big tubs, so i’m not sure if you can get it in grab & go size. it’s way tasty and a heck of a lot cheaper than the (divine) fage total stuff. just add your own honey & whatnot.

  84. Celeste, I was just making my little one’s lunch — I’m required to include a fruit and a vegetable serving even if it doesn’t get eaten.

    That is just bizarre. What is the point of a policy like that? I mean, don’t parents know better than school administrators what their kids will and will not eat at any particular moment in time? Do they think the kids will suddenly decide they love the apple slices even though they’ve thrown them in the roundfile every single day before ever? I have to wonder how much perfectly good produce winds up in the trash because of Rules ‘R” Rules crapola like that.

  85. I’m a proud Greek-American girl so I love that y”all love Greek yogurt…y’all have good taste! I’ve never had or made homemade yogurt but I should try – my mom said her grandmother made homemade yogurt all the time and she grew up with it so I don’t know why we don’t continue the tradition because I love the stuff. If I can’t find Greek yogurt I mix some sour cream in with it if I want to make tzatziki mmmm…

    the best yogurt I ever had in my life though was at a bed and breakfast in Montreal. She made her own, every morning it was multiple flavors with all sorts of fruit in it and full fat – as rich and creamy as ice cream and I felt I was having dessert for breakfast.

    And it DOES help my sensitive digestive system by the way – just regular yogurt, I’ve never had that activia stuff.

    So it can be savory – like my beloved tzatziki, or sweet like my yummy breakfast at the B+B in Montreal…yogurt is multifaceted AND delicious people.

  86. Well I wasn’t going to mention tsatziki – but that shit is the bomb, people – and the only way to eat it is FULL FAT!!

    Seriously, I go through a half-pint tub a week – I put it in Indian curries (just like Raita!), greek food, roasts, meze platters with hot peppers, and of course just plain ol’ dunk my crackers and chips in it. MMMMMMM

  87. heck yes, tsatziki rocks!!!!! Like I said I have just now found Greek yogurt around here…I used to make it with regular plain yogurt, add some sour cream because it wasn’t as good as the Greek stuff, cucumber, garlic, and olive oil.

    This thread, though, has inspired me to try making homeade yogurt. I don’t know why I’ve never done it. Or why my mom never did it – once we were eating dinner at a Greek family friends’ house and the subject of yogurt came up and mom mentioned her YiaYia always having homeade yogurt in the house. It’s sad that a tradition that seems so worthy (and yummy) has died – maybe I’m just the koritsi to revive it!

  88. Yes, tsatziki and raita are fucking awesome. I just cannot eat my super-hot vindaloo without raita and a refreshing lassi. Greek, Middle Eastern, and Indian cuisines do yogurt right, and they certainly don’t market to a specific sex or gender (as far as I know)!

    I can’t imagine working in marketing without feeling a wee bit suicidal and homicidal–apologies to anyone in the field who enjoys it or does it well.

  89. I feel obligated to step up and state, for the record, that I loathe yogurt in all its forms, and thus, when I see yogurt ads, I feel much like one would feel watching ads implying that virtuous women are only allowed to eat petite little servings of yak snot. With roach heads at the bottom.

    It’s a double whammy. I watch those ads, and they are insulting AND revolting at the same time.

    Also, the women in them annoy me because they are totally unlike any woman I know — they are these washed-out cardboard cutouts of people (like most advertising clones). They are horrible. (Except for Jamie Lee Curtis; I like her anyway.)

    There is no level on which these yogurt ads are not TOTAL fail. (Well, most ads, really, which is why I only watch one hour of TV a week, taped so that I can then fast-forward through the breaks.)

  90. Kefir is great! I’ve never had any “official” stuff, just whatever was in the cartons/bottles in the local grocery. I find it very refreshing.

    @fireweaver: be careful of the spelling. “Kaffir” is a racial slur, “kefir” is the yum. ;-)

  91. You know, I don’t know if I’ve ever had full-fat yogurt… that I remember, anyway. (Mom always tried to get me to eat yogurt as a kid, but I didn’t like it back then. But back then there was no such thing as “low-fat” dairy anything….) But I do love Yoplait Custard Style yogurt… I love the texture of it. And OMG the Key Lime Pie flavors of yogurt, of whatever brand!!! And Lemon Chiffon!!! OOOOOO!!!!!!

    I haven’t actually eaten any of those “regular store” yogurts in a long time, though. When I get a craving for the stuff nowadays, I buy the drinkable kefir (raspberry or cranberry… I seem to have a thing for the tart fruit flavors) at the local Vitamin Cottage. I do love those drinkable yogurt-type products now….

    curdled bovine glandular secretion“..??? LMAO!!!! Actually, though, wouldn’t that be cottage cheese? I don’t think the bacterial process that makes yugurt is a curdling process, is it? (Cottage cheese IS the curds from milk… and cheese is made from those curds…..)

    Speaking of which, I am very wierd in that I prefer the lowfat/nonfat cottage cheese. With as little whey as possible, too. My favorite is Nordic Farms brand, but it’s so dang expensive that I’ll settle for generic. But I shake the carton to make sure I’m getting one that’s as least “sloshy” as possible. In fact, I’ll even buy a package of dry curds to mix in with it, then let it sit in the fridge overnight to get the moisture content evened out.

  92. I meant pomegranage, not cranberry… I don’t think the kefir I buy makes a cranberry flavor.

  93. I admit to an addiction to Vaalia Lemon yoghurt. It is delicious, even if it is only half-fat, and very mild. It has real sugar. We can get a decent range of full fat yoghurts here in Australia; even some extra creamy super premium kinds (9%!) For the classic sharp taste Attiki is the best major brand.

    Have you tried making yoghurt cheese? Get some decent plain yoghurt; add a little salt or herbs if you want, drain in a cheesecloth for several hours or overnight. Less time for labneh dip; or drain longer for a firmer texture, roll into balls, and marinade in olive oil and spices.

  94. if I meet here there will be a reckoning.

    Celeste, that is an awesome way of putting it. I’m adopting that for life.

  95. One of the nice things about moving to germany –how many full fat yoghurt options there are. This may be affected by my living in Bavaria, though –a lot of the dairy product lines are from the region. I haven’t seen fruit flavored kefir here, unfortunately, but they have something similar called “Trinkjogurt” which comes in all sorts of yummy flavors. And nearly all the yoghurt is active culture or probiotic, so no need to buy the Danone stuff.

    By the way, there are still lots and lots of annoying probiotic-yoghurt-as-regularizer-and-weight-loss-medicine ads on TV here. But luckily, not from the local all-natural brands I buy. :)

  96. about having to include certain things in your kid’s packed lunch:

    I would totally give a note to the teacher stating: As the parent and guardian of this child, I reserve the right to feed them whatever I like, and whatever they like. SUCK IT.

    yeah, my kids are gonna loooooove me.

  97. As an American in the UK, I’m fascinated by all the little differences in advertising. (Most disturbing are the exact same commercials with British-accented voices dubbed over.) Many products are the same as in the US, but their names are spelled one letter differently. Here the bacteria is known as “Bifidus Acti-Regularis” – did the company get the jump on an additional trademark, I wonder?

    Yogurt is marketed differently here. At first I was confused to walk into grocery stores and find an entire aisle of “desserts”, different brands, packaged similarly and with a huge variety of flavors, but not really identifying their content. Then I realized these were all yogurt! Yogurt is for everybody here, and it’s meant to be enjoyed for the taste. I was so disappointed I couldn’t try them, because I’m allergic to dairy.

    We do have the annoying girl-pooping and diet yogurt commercials too, but they’re not as pervasive. One hugely popular item is a yogurt drink, packaged in tiny one-shot bottles so it’s clearly meant as a health supplement, not a taste treat. Its commercial features a young man, happily and unashamedly consuming a product to keep him regular.

    I’m just happy that soy yogurt is available here, and that it’s not the vile stuff it used to be. It does help keep my insides “moving” as well as ordinary yogurt, with the bonus of not being advertised at all.

    Tangentially: Long ago I heard someone ask, seriously, “Why did Donald Sutherland name his son after a yogurt drink?”

  98. Wellroundedtype2, are you saying your daycare requires you pack a certain lunch for your child? Can they dismiss you if your lunches don’t meet their requirements? I have not heard of this.

    Caitlin, I got that line from a movie. :wink: So steal away because I sure did. It was this one where Meg Ryan was left to die; can’t think of the title but it was a a military movie. She knew her unit was screwing her over and her last words to one of them was this, spoken with deadly intent: “There will be a reckoning.”. Denzel Washington investigated and got to the bottom of it, and the ones who left her to die had their lives go to ruin. Her other great line in the movie, when the guys were at first being kind to her abdominal gunshot wound and asking if she was hanging on, was: “I gave birth to a NINE POUND baby. I think I can handle this.”. LOL I love strong women.

  99. I hate the way the commercials insinuate that eating actual pie would be ludicrous. It’s not allowed because OMG you will get TEH FATZ and die! Meanwhile the woman’s husband is routing around in the fridge thinking… Where is the fucking pie already?! Clearly it would be OK for HIM to eat pie.

  100. Amber, yes, yogurt is curdled milk. Just different cultures (and temperature) from cottage cheese. If you prefer cottage cheese without whey, you can buy it with all the whey pressed out, you know. it’s pretty tasty moistened with some… well, yogurt. ;-) I linked to it in the comments of fillyjonk’s INDD post, and lots of grocery stores carry it with the cottage cheese.

    B.S.A.G., it’s interesting, I made some soy milk yogurt a few times. It’s runnier because it’s not as fatty as full-fat milk, but it’s very mild and tasty. I think to avoid the emulsifiers I was using Westsoy plain, vanilla, or plain plus almond. The almond one was especially nutty! And talk about easy to make – you don’t even have to boil it out of the sterile packages! So quick!

    (There are also instructions online for making your own almond milk and almond milk yogurt straight from almonds, which is pretty fascinating. But way more work! I’ve never done it!)

  101. “Clearly it would be OK for HIM to eat pie.”

    Yes, exactly. This also ties into the whole antifeminist marketing concept that the woman = self control and denial, whose job is constantly to monitor the household (including her husband, who is often portrayed as just another kid) and enforce the rules. The men are the slovenly, undisciplined cavemen who would fall apart if their women weren’t there to keep them straight.

    Thus, the husband is allowed to eat pie, because obviously he can’t be expected to have any self control over himself or his appetites, while the wife virtuously resists temptation, setting a good example to all.

    The sad part comes when people think that this is “feminist” marketing–that feminist means all women are better and smarter than men. Noooo…this type of advertising unfortunately has “patriarchy” written all over it.

    But that’s a whole different topic. ;)

  102. I seriously love all you people. Reading the comments here made me laugh as hard as the video itself. “Jamie Lee Curtis poo-mover ads”? buahahahahaha…

    And although I’m already married to a man, I totally want to become polygamist so I can marry Sarah from that video as well. Hee! We’re both named Sarah. We’d be answering the phone all, “Hello?… Uh, which one?” *heart* *happydance*

    (Side note: I once knew a het couple where both partners were named C/Shan(n)on. Er, but, you know, pronounced the same. So we differentiated by putting a boy- or girl- prefix before their names. Like, “So, Girl-Shannon, when does school start up again for you?”)

    I’m surprised to see kefir get a shout-out here, as the only kefir-drinkers I know are fundamentalist Christians who are preparing for the rapture, which probably gave the food an undeserved negative reputation in my mind. Particularly since they use homemade kefir to cure all manner of ills in their children rather than seeing a doctor. So, kefir’s good then?

    We used to be able to get raw milk from a local farm, which my husband pasteurized, skimmed the cream off the top and turned into the best butter you’ve ever tasted, and then the milk we drank and turned into yogurt. Sometimes we made whole-milk yogurt as well. It was unutterably good — creamy and fresh tasting, like a light, spoonable cheese, but kinder on my tummy than cheese tends to be. But there’s since been a raw milk crackdown in Michigan (where we were getting it from), so no more.

    Food is so wonderful. Why do so many people hate it so?

  103. ^^^^^^^

    Yo, I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking, slamming as I did fundamentalist Christians and people whose religious beliefs compel them to avoid doctors. That was wrong. I apologize. I realized my mistake as soon as I hit “submit.” Mods, if one of you sees this, I’d be grateful if you’d delete the paragraph about kefir. And I apologize for putting you to the trouble.

  104. Amber de Katt: “I meant pomegranage, not cranberry… I don’t think the kefir I buy makes a cranberry flavor.”

    It would be awesome if it did, though. Have you ever had the Stilton cheese with cranberries mixed in? I can usually only find it during the winter holidays and it’s truly a wonderful thing.

  105. B.S.A.G. – I totally agree with you on the marketing of yogurt out here (I’m an American in the UK, too. Hiya! *waves*) It’s not nearly as ridiculous as the ones in the U.S. Unfortunately I was able to see some of these yogurt ads before we moved in 2003, though, so I totally understand where people are coming from on this. But it IS refreshing to see that people out here don’t view yogurt as JUST a diet food or a “medicinal” food.

    Celeste – The movie you’re thinking of is Courage Under Fire. One of the best movies Meg Ryan ever made, IMHO. :-)

  106. Good grief, I despise those Yoplait ads. Sadly, I also like suburban mom television (TLC anyone?) So I end up hear that damn ” It’s blankity blank fuckity what good” refrain about 709 times daily.

    And god forbid we should want to eat yoghurt that tastes like, you know, yoghurt, and not food-substitute.

  107. I have half a master’s, am married, and own a green hoodie. Shit, this is why I don’t relate to advertising!

  108. I sent this video to a friend, and she sent me back this:

    <a href=”http://www.nbc.com/Saturday_Night_Live/video/play.shtml?mea=239693″<SNL takes on Activia

  109. Hey, yogurt’s not just Food For Ladies. I inherited my love of yogurt from my dad. My mom can’t stand the stuff, but my dad usually keeps enough (ZOMG FULL FAT REAL SUGAR) yogurt to fill most of the bottom shelf of the refrigerator at all times. He puts it on his cereal instead of milk in the morning, takes one to work in his lunch box, and eats one (or sometimes several) using a granola bar instead of a spoon while he watches cop shows after dinner. He says his co-workers sometimes give him crap for eating chick food, but he likes what he likes. But, you know, he eats it because he likes it, not because it’ll help him fit into a bikini or poop or anything.

    Several years ago, he was eating yogurt and watching CSI or something, and he kept saying things like “This is swimsuit edition/auto show/Super Bowl/spending all day at the hardware store good” in his most gruff, manly-man voice complete with Tim Taylor grunts. Once I stopped cracking up, he said, “What? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you eat yogurt?”

  110. “This is swimsuit edition/auto show/Super Bowl/spending all day at the hardware store good”


  111. I love this entire video, but my favorite part is when she puts the spoon up to Hillary’s lips.

    I have some friends who make “authentic” kefir from raw milk, and they love it, but I swear it tastes like vomit. I would definitely stick with store-bought kefir.

    Stoneyfield full-fat is delish, but Brown Cow full-fat plain is thicker and seems much more decadent. Both are amazing.

    I knew an elderly gent who ate tons of plain yogurt every day and lived much longer than he was ever expected to, given his congestive heart failure and diabetes. He was Dutch – do the Dutch eat a lot of yogurt?

  112. This is a shout out to A Sarah – If you get a chance to look over a commercial kefir in the store you will be hard pressed to find one without a Kosher seal. Thanks for the apologie regarding the Christian remark. It has been said that the prophet Mohammed gave Kefir culture to his followers. I can only thnk back in the day all milk was fermented and soured. Kefir is a cultured fermented drink similar to yogurt. Kefir has more cultures than yogurt and is fermented at room temp for about 18 to 24 hours. Kefir also has beneficial yeast which is not found in yogurt. When I traveled to Moldova I was fortunate enough to have raw milk kefir. I was the only one in our group that did not suffer digestive problems on the trip. I ramped up my kefir before I left and 3 weeks of traveling I never experienced any problems. Have a great day!

  113. Lynne, going way back, thanks for the info on yogurt-making! I haven’t gotten too much into it–and have only made fat-free, which was not smart of me–but I’m thinking about making some more. Half and half, you say? Hmm….

  114. I tried yogurt but I didn’t like it. Of course, I tried raspberry, which is a flavor that makes me want to run for the hills screaming. I’d probably like the lemon. Lemon is good. :-)

    Has anyone seen the commercial for Light & Fit (hate that name) with the two women on the beach? One squeals “you’ve lost weight!” and the other says “Yeah, and calcium, and vitamin D…” and then it goes on to say lose weight, but not the nutrients. So eat Light & Fit while you’re trying to get “light & fit.” HA! No mixed messages there!

    I think we should make a counter yogurt: Heavy & Can’t Move My Fat Ass Off the Couch to Eat This Stuff. You’d think anyone would buy it?

  115. do the Dutch eat a lot of yogurt?

    They eat a lot of sandwiches.

    I suppose the two are not mutually exclusive.

    But the Dutch obsession with sandwiches is highly delightful to me.

  116. “It’s blankity blank fuckity what good”

    HAH! this had me cracked up laughing. I want to see that dubbed in to the (highly annoying and i am SO glad it doesnt appear on british tv) advert.

    and i honestly dont know of any christians who load up on kefir to cure everything, and Im telling you I grew up around a LOT of christians. (not taking offence at your statement that you thoughtfully apologised for sarah – It just interested me that thats what you associate it with!)

  117. Can I say that I despise advertising that casts adult men as over-sized children? Someone mentioned that above and it has always annoyed the shit out of me.

    I feel like a lot of sexist advertising completely belittles men (Anyone seen that AWFUL Dairy Queen commercial for the Fudge Brownie Temptation? It wraps up women as whores/men as dogs all in one dessert commercial. Maybe you’ve seen it. It ends with this little blonde girl scoring a free dessert from a little boy and she sighs: “Like shooting fish in a barrell…” Creepy and immoral, that.)

  118. Cindy,

    Yeah, seen that one.

    Or the tax ad where the husband bought one of those boxed software deals that helps you do your taxes. When he runs into trouble, all he can do is make befuddled puppy dog eyes while his wife patronizingly belittles him.

    Or the one for the thick paper towels, which reassures the anxious-looking wife that she won’t have to redo the dishes after her husband finishes with them *this time*…because OBVIOUSLY there is a genetic flaw on the Y chromosome which makes men biologically incapable of cleaning dishes correctly, and it is the wife’s job to pityingly clean up after his good-hearted attempt.

    Or the one where the couple shows up for a wine and cheese party, and the man immediately sneaks off to the kitchen where the other guys have all gathered to drink beer and watch football. Why are these couple together, again?

    Or the one where the wife mentions having to do laundry, and the husband sneaks off to hide like a little kid?

    Or the one where the husband convinces his wife that the new graphics processor they have is great because it will help them store family photos, and then the second she walks out of the room, he brings up the video game he *really* got the processor for. Because, of course men can never want to actually get something for the family, women can never enjoy video games, and they definitely have to keep that a secret from each other.

    Or, or, or….

    Sorry, that was long and tangental, but these commercials are driving me more and more crazy lately…..I mean, the tax one even made my bf turn to me and say, “That commercial makes me sad…they have such a terrible relationship!”

  119. Clearly Yoplait marketers in New Zealand have even less respect for us than for their american market; I spotted in the supermarket yesterday that Activia here apparently contains “Digestivus culturus”.

    Umm, yeah. Clearly that’s for the people who’ve lost cognitive function as a result of eating nothing but yoghurt.

    I like yoghurt. I have a favourite runny (because it’s low fat – should I feel like a fraud?) organic yoghurt brand that is perfectly sour and a great replacement for milk on breakfast cereal. And they don’t feel the need to belittle my intelligence, taste, or need for other food.

  120. Regarding the daycare food thing… it’s actually not the daycare’s fault, I think it’s the law. I need to look it up. But basically, it’s what would be required to be served if they were preparing the lunch instead of me, and in general, I’m not opposed to exposing picky kids to small servings of all kinds of foods they don’t necesarily feel like eating. They don’t have to eat it, but it’s good to expose their palates to all kinds of interesting things, like salami, olives and artichokes and chicken tikka masala and whathaveyou. Offering isn’t the same as forcing. And a kid sized serving of carrot slices or chopped tomatoes or half an apple isn’t a huge waste, and little one’s dad usually eats whatever is left in the lunch anyhow. I don’t require “just one bite” like some parents do.
    I’m struggling with not wanting to be the parent whose kid eats the same thing at every meal (right now that would be homemade mac & cheese with whole grain pasta in whatever shape we have on hand) and little one doesn’t even like peanut butter so pb & j isn’t an option. And there are a variety of homemade things that little one will eat, and a few not homemade things, too. I know it could be worse.

  121. I just had to add my thoughts…

    I remember when low cal yogourt came out and it was about 90 calories per little tub. I just recently say an ad for a yogourt that has 40 cal. What is in them instead of “real food”? Chemicals? Air?

    I also live in Canada. Here in the grocery store I can find 8.5% vanilla yogourt called Liberte’ Mediterranean. It also has sugar in it. A small amount satisfies me way more than one of those low-everything yogourts. Sometimes I add fruit, sometimes sunflower seeds and raisins. Even my hubby eats it and enjoys it. I get a little sad when the grocery store is sold out of it.

    I figure life is too short to eat yucky yogourt!

  122. I’m not married (just living in sin!), I dropped out before I got my master’s, and all my hoodies have skulls on them. Oh noes!

    I really did like that video. I hate how ads can be so patronizing, and then there are some that are SO overtly out there. “Nurr, I think shopping for shoes and having my own private island are as good as this dinky cup of yogurt!” “I bought a bikini that’s too small so I’ll only eat yogurt till I fit into it!” If I wanted to eat something on par with shoe-shoppinf and first kisses, I’d eat me some goddamn tiramisu. And if I wanted to go to the beach or the pool, I wouldn’t wait till I had lost enough weight to fit into that ridculous bikini. I’d go buy another swimsuit that actually fits or I’d fill up the the kiddie pool in the back, make some margaritas, and just wear the damned bikini out there ala Fruit and Fly.

    Alright enough ranting. The main problem I have with the ads, other than their patronizing tone is how they seem to be actual meal substitutes. I can see them being good for a snack, but not as a filler for breakfast or lunch. That stinks of Slim-fast shakes. I agree with Sarah and Cindy’s comments about this obsession with marketing certain foods as having health benefits or being seen as medicinal. Good food vs. Bad food. We all by now what constitutes both group makeups. But here’s an idea: Good food is, in general, food because without it, you die.

    Life is too short for self-hatred and celery sticks.

  123. I’ve tried draining cottage cheese in a colander, and even a seive, but it doesn’t work very well… the best way I found is to put the colander in the fridge and let it drain overnight. But I don’t have that much room in my fridge, and dangit I want to eat some cottage cheese today, not tomorrow! (Well yes, tomorrow, but tomorrow ~too~… lol….)

    I do like ~some~ whey in the cottage cheese… that’s why I don’t buy only dry curd, I’ll add dry curd to too-runny cottage cheese. I just don’t like the overly-liquid, or higher-fat-content cottage cheeses. It’s a texture thing more than a taste thing, although I do like the taste of “wet” cottage cheese (i.e. with the right amount of whey) and higher-fat cottage cheeses are too rich-tasting for me.

    It’s a wierd thing, a personal preference thing, and kinda hard to describe. *g*

    And yes, kefir ~is~ good. :) At least the kind I buy is. I’ve not tried the unflavored or vanilla flavored, but I really love the raspberry and the pomegranate, and the strawberry is good too.

  124. There’s a middle eastern delicatessen on my way home from work that sells EXTRA FAT YOGURT in 1-kilo tubs. A big glop of that with homemade raspberry sauce was my breakfast for most of last summer.
    It was good.
    It was really good.
    It was delicous breakfast good.

  125. When she’s dancing and screams, “I’m gonna shit my pants!” I almost did.

    I think I’m going to watch it again. RIght now.

  126. Never having liked yoghurt (it’s the whole “fermented” sour tang thing – it just tastes all wrong to me), and having failed Femininity (Australian) 101 years ago, I found the whole thing interesting in a sort of “my gods, advertising sucks even harder!” way.

    The nearest I get to eating yoghurt is eating something sold here as “Yogo” – a “low-fat chocolate (or strawberry) flavoured dairy dessert”. It’s available nationwide in the little “dainty serving” tubs, or there’s the 500g tub, which appears only to be available in Western Australia (I looked for it in the eastern states for *years*, and no joy). Basically, it’s chocolate flavoured goo. But the ingredients list has sugar and cream on it, and the makers haven’t succumbed to the “oh gods, we have to make it low-fat and low-sugar or nobody will ever buy it ever!!!1!! *headpiano*” idiocy, so I’ll keep eating it until they do.

  127. It’s not safe for nighttime when your cousin’s sleeping in the other room either :D

    That was incredibly funny. This trend also reminds me of this Extra chewing gum commercial that calls their gum a “5 calorie snack”. What a crazy world we live in, where food is not food and not food is food!

  128. Okay, I don’t know if people are really checking this thread anymore, but JUST IN CASE I have another fabulous example of a healthful-food commercial (or something – I seriously can’t picture in what context this might have actually aired!). IT IS SO AWESOME.

  129. Wow Lynne, that was…special.

    I can’t imagine the context for this, other than comedy. I love the “This bread is so awesome that I can no longer contain myself. I MUST RIP OFF MY SHIRT” moment.

  130. Yeah I lost it at that moment.

    It had to have been a joke, yes. Apparently they were funny in the 80s, too! :)

  131. Lynne, HOW in the world did you find that?

    The part where he’s moving his arm and the camera pans down to his crotch and he’s… SLICING BREAD! *snicker* I snarfed water right up my nose.

  132. MA- “And it DOES help my sensitive digestive system by the way – just regular yogurt, I’ve never had that activia stuff.”
    Thats cuz regular yogurt has does all the stuff that activia claims to do. Real yogurt is where its at.
    Yoplait, dannon, activia make me so mad cuz they claim to be healthy and have all these health benefits, but they are so narsty and full of high fructose corn syrup, tapioca, etc so they basically are a desert, not a supplement or real food. Not only are yogurt ads SEXIST and SIZEIST their giant LIES too.
    I remember the first day i had to try and find plain straight yogurt to cure a yeastie one, and i realized all the excess crap they put in there. Not cool. Theres usually about one brand at your average grocer that is plain yogurt, if theres even one.

  133. OMG I WAS laughing sooo hard…then I realized with HORROR that I was eagerly downing a peach ACTIVIA….WAHHHH!!!!!!

  134. I wanted you to know that after reading this thread I bought some Fage yogurt. Here’s the sad part. My grocery store had 0%, 2%, 5% and Total and I could only let myself buy the 2%. It’s awesome by the way, but after all the talk and all the reading, I still couldn’t buy something that was full-fat. Sigh. Maybe next time. At least I didn’t buy the 0%!

  135. I have a sad yogurt story… the other day I was on my way home from dance or something and I was like “you know what would make my night? Coffee yogurt and grape nuts for dinner.” So I stopped at the store and bought the only coffee yogurt I could find. Get it home and find that it’s fat-free. Now, I actually love lowfat coffee yogurt, because it’s what I’m used to, and because I find fatty things irritating gutwise. Lowfat yogurt has a normal, though not exceptionally creamy, texture, and it tastes good. Fat-free yogurt is a BIG GLOP that tastes like CHEMICALS. It was so gross that I had to throw it out!

  136. Too hilarious! And here I sit, in my gray hoodie, a married woman over 40 with a Master’s degree. I was looking for some info on FROZEN yogurt, my preferred drug of choice, when I stumbled on this YouTube video. I especially enjoyed the overlays of Sarah dancing with the Yo-Plus Girls. That’s what got me to Laugh Out Loud!!!!! ~ ej

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