10 thoughts on “Life imitates awesome”

  1. Is it just me, or is it kind of serendipitous that the article is featured in the “Ham & High” online paper?

    Go Piggy Moo!

  2. Piggy Moo is real…and, judging by the picture, has some rockin’ fashion sense.

    (But we already knew that.) :D

  3. Hey, remember that time Piggy Moo decided to take on a young Padawan band? And how they got an article in the paper and we were all so proud?

  4. Ok, so now we have to go and be their pre-made fan club, right? And they won’t think that’s weird and stalkerish, right? “Duuudes! We totally made up your band before you even formed it! We’re your biggest fans! Literally!”

  5. I emailed Kate about this… the Washington Post is doing a week-long series of cover stories, videos, graphic charts showing what a pound of fat looks like, etc, etc, etc, about how the obesity epidemic is killing our children!!!1!!!!!1!. It is decidedly blogworthy.

  6. When I first read this post I was momentarily horrified at the thought that there was really a band CALLED Piggy Moo already, but they WEREN’T about fat acceptance, they were just a bunch of dudes singing the ballads of dude nation, indistinguishable from gazillions of other bands. I am SO SO glad that I got it 100 percent backwards.

  7. That band is great, but they’re using that “real girl/woman” statement. You know, the one that causes great divisiveness between thin and plus size women, cause the thin women will say “but we’re REAL women too”.

  8. Yes, we’re real women too, but I for one am not particularly worried about that rhetoric, which can serve a purpose. I think the ‘real women’ trope continues because there’s a sense that so much of the so-called beauty industry is built on lies, and that even thin women don’t look like the people in magazines or Barbie dolls (thank Maude).

    Go Piggy Moo!!!!!!

  9. What’s super annoying is that you can’t get their music on iTunes, because they’re British and iTunes is full of the suckage that doesn’t allow you to cross the metaphorical ocean and get decent music from other countries. Curse you, iTunes! Their stuff sounds poppy and fun for summer.

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