Quick Hit: Beth Ditto Interview

She doesn’t talk about fat in this one, but she still gets in a couple awesome lines about The Gossip being “pigeonholed” as a gay band and how men who front bands are never asked if they feel bad about hogging the attention. Also, I find it kind of charming that she seems never to have heard the phrase “high-profile” before. Check it out.

Update: I forgot to add a Sanity Watchers warning for the comments over there. Sorry! (But then, if you’re following Sanity Watchers, WHY ARE YOU READING THOSE COMMENTS? Hmmm?)

(H/T Fay.)

22 thoughts on “Quick Hit: Beth Ditto Interview”

  1. oh my god the comments on that interview are appalling! It reminded me of that post a while back about all the things men say about women when they want to try and just devistate them. What a bunch of pretentious pricks over there.
    They’re not even attempting to be reasonable, they just want to out douche eachother.

  2. And here I was trying to save sanity watchers points…

    …but the interview and photo are awesome. :-)

  3. Erica!!! I am totally agreeing with you! I scrolled down by habit and read a few and UGH.

    The interview is awesome and I really would love to see Gossip live.

  4. Yeah, the comments are mad nasty. At first I thought, well, these are informative as to the opinions of the “hipster mases.” Then I thought, maybe they’re not really all that representative and it’s just a douchebag contest. Hm.

    Love, love her dress in that photo.

  5. Yeah, I think Fay actually sent it to us partly for the comments… they’re not worth reading, though. Nothing funny, nothing interesting, nothing you haven’t heard… the only difference is that since a bunch of jackoff hipsters read AV Club, even the exasperated comments are built on a framework of “I’m too cool for you.”

  6. I so LOVE Beth Ditto. The Gossip isn’t really that much to my musical tastes, but I got the album anyway in support, in lieu of being able to just hand her money for being amazing!

  7. So I just turned into my Mom for a second “OH, I JUST LOVE HER!!!!” I get over excited by Beth Ditto coverage. Sorry.

    As for the comments…yeah. As she is both fat, and and a lesbian, that’s like a clarion call for the moronic hordes to prove their manliness. A situation made even more ridiculous by a gorgeous picture of her.

    I got the impression she thought “High-profile” was a particularly apt euphemism to describe the attention she gets in the British press, as opposed to her never having heard it before, but that could just be me.

  8. Those commenters on the AV Club think they’re above everyone else. They try to be so anti-mainstream it’s pathetic. I’ve read other articles on that site, and comments will always become fat-phobic in some manner, whether it’s dissing the people in the article or fellow posters. Adonises they probably ain’t, and I’m sure Beth Ditto could care less what those assclowns think of her.

  9. You know…quite frankly, I’m sick of men feeling completely entitled to spout off whether or not they’d fuck a given woman every time they’re presented with a photo. Frankly, Skippy, i don’t give a shit if you think she’s hot or not, and neither does anybody else.

    Yesterday in my soc. class, we watched a video called “Dreamworlds”, and it was about how women are portrayed in music videos. It showed how our culture encourages men to feel entitled to women’s bodies…to comment on them, to asses them, etc. This attitude needs to just stop.

    So yeah. Sick of it. Those commenters don’t have to think Beth Ditto is pretty (I do, however…rawr) but frankly, they should have 100cc’s of STFU.

  10. Melena, seriously.

    On that note, I enjoyed this comment:

    And we’re off with a bang. Golly, boys, is she fat? Let’s talk a lot more about that, because it’s endlessly important. AV Club writers, here’s a time-saving suggestion: before you bother interviewing any more girls, can we put up a poll on the front page to find out if the readers think she’s fuckable? If she doesn’t get at least 85% “I’d do her!” then you wouldn’t need to bother interviewing her at all, and we wouldn’t have to go to the trouble of slagging her off in the comment threads. Win-win.

    Followed by this one:

    Yeah, but if she *is* at least 85% fuckable, then we’ll have to spend the entire thread talking about how we’d all like to do her.
    Let’s just make it easier on all of us. How about: “AV Club Motto – Boys only!” Dumbasses.

    Seriously. Fat aside, it pisses me off to no fucking end that every article about a famous woman turns into a conversation about how fuckable she is. It doesn’t matter how talented a woman is, her only worth still lies in her physical attractiveness. Now I’m depressed =/

  11. “Seriously. Fat aside, it pisses me off to no fucking end that every article about a famous woman turns into a conversation about how fuckable she is. It doesn’t matter how talented a woman is, her only worth still lies in her physical attractiveness. Now I’m depressed =/”

    Me too. :(

    I don’t know if things have gotten worse or if I’m just more cognizant of it (maybe both), but The Internet Male seems more and more preoccupied with fuckability of women these days.

    AV Club isn’t Maxim Online. Why the hell is nearly every comment about a talented (and lesbian) musician whether or not some asshole somewhere would stick his dick in her or not? Gahhhh.

  12. its not just famous women though, its anything in the shape of a woman.

    if you’re not concerned with sanity watchers, the comments about the woman shaped robot from japan will make your brain boil. The things people will say about anything remotely female looking are disgusting.

  13. I love Beth Ditto, but I was reading one of my sister’s magazines (the kind where all the articles are about who’s addicted to what and who’s cheating on who and who’s suddenly OMGFATZ since they had a baby) and I read that she wants to lose weight. For her health. I made this face :o and silently wished it to be SLANDEROUS LIES.

  14. I really, really love Beth. Like, a lot. I’ve seen them a couple of times and once while waiting outside a venue, she came outside and was talking to fans and I suddenly became very shy and couldn’t say a word, even though I wanted to say OMG I LOVE YOU PLEASE BE MY BFF.

    Look! Gossip on Letterman!

    I choose to ignore all the mean comments people make about her weight and overall appearance. I don’t know how anyone could possibly say that she’s not a talented singer. Maybe if people shut up about her weight long enough to actually LISTEN, they’d hear how awesome she is.

    Ok, that’s enough fangirl gushing from me.

  15. A particular highlight, of course, is how the comments were discussing her weight in terms of whether she’s attractive to these douchey men, when her sexuality means she wouldn’t want to attract them anyway.

    Jeez. You don’t want her? Here’s a newsflash: She doesn’t want you either!

    And I don’t know representative this is, but I know an awful lot of “traditionally attractive” lesbians whose “type” is, pretty much, Beth Ditto.

    I take a certain amount of somewhat nasty amusement in the idea that there are probably a lot of what these morons would consider “hot chicks” crushing on her, who would never look at them.

    I hate how many idiots take offense at fat women for, basically, failing to provide them with eye candy. Like that’s all a woman is good for, and all other achievements (like being a prominent musician) pale in comparison to that one yardstick: are you hot enough for douchebags?

    And I know this isn’t anything that hasn’t been said here or other places before, but that page made me angry about it all over again, and I needed to vent.

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