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More Friday Fluff/Fatshion: Oh gosh, this shirt

It only goes up to a girl’s large and guy’s XXL, and I hate the color, so I’m not sure it’s for me, but… oh gosh, this shirt. (Click the image if, like me, you feel a little faint and you just gotta have it.)

I do wish that Mr. Chubosaurus didn’t look so sad, but I still luff him. And considering that I was on this site in the first place looking for dinosaur shirts, I feel it might be fate.

35 thoughts on “More Friday Fluff/Fatshion: Oh gosh, this shirt”

  1. I am torn because it is Boy Scout color. I don’t really do brown.

    But omg I love him so much.

  2. My first thought: “Hey, that would go with that olive skirt I keep trying to find an excuse to buy!” American Consumer Award, right here.

    I want to squeeze Chubosaurus.

  3. Don’t they realize they’d sell way more shirts if they carried it in larger sizes? Or do they not want to “encourage” us (ack, barf)?

  4. Big (har!) love for the Chubosaurus, but…

    I ordered some stuff from The Cotton Factory a while back and was incredibly dissatisfied. I was told my stuff would arrive within two weeks, but when I emailed to why I hadn’t gotten my order three weeks after I placed it, I got a very pissy response that didn’t answer my question AND it was still another week and a half before I got my stuff! The shirts themselves were crappy quality, the sizes were horrendously inconsistent, and the print started to crack and peel during the first wear. So, yeah… they’ve got a lot of cool designs, but I thought their service and products sucked, and I definitely don’t recommend them.

  5. Any word on why, for most of the designs, girls cost $3.00 more than guys and kids?

  6. Thanks for the information on the service & the quality of the merchandise. My granddaughter, who will be 3 in May, is crazy for dinosaurs, so I was considering this guy when I saw how cute he was, but I think I will pass. There are a lot of dino designs at Cafepress.

  7. Uhh… I made my last comment before reading the “Love for Good Customer Service” post. Heh, whoops.

  8. This is off topic (which I assume is kind of okay because this is a Friday Fluff thread), but is it wierd that I squealed for joy when I became Facebook friends with Kate? :)

  9. I’m sorry that you assume too quickly what I supposedly “think.”

    I’m very certain you do remember.

    Man, all I did was ask an innocent question and you guys always get so snobby and catty.

    Get laid or something.

  10. My friend has a t-shirt with a stegosaurus that says “I’m not extinct, I’m just shy.” That plus the Chubosaurus are kind of making me think that dinosaurs are cuddly and adorable, like giant flesh-eating teddy bears!

  11. I don’t know about you guys, but I think Chubosaurus should be the official Fat Acceptance movement mascot. Although at first glance it looks like a nice loveable creature, upon further inspection you realize that it is absolutely depressing. Kind of like you guys. You seem “with it” and try your best to keep positive about being unhealthy and unattractive but when you’re alone in your bathroom and it’s just you and the scale. My oh my how the tears flow. You can fool others but you can’t fool yourselves.

    Here’s another reason why Chubosaurus would be a perfect mascot. You’re eating habits will both make you instinct. Zing!!

  12. Rick, I think this dinosaur should be our mascot because it can easily crush you. Ladies, agree?

    Seriously, how pathetic are you? Trolling a web site you’ve already been banned from? Loser.

  13. but I think Chubosaurus should be the official Fat Acceptance movement mascot. Although at first glance it looks like a nice loveable creature, upon further inspection you realize that it is absolutely depressing

    Spot on. Then you realize, “hey, he’s sad because no one has ever told him that he’s a perfectly good dinosaur just the way he is.” Then you realize, “hey, I don’t get magical Super Special Moral Happy Delicious High-End Genius Points because I am a Thinosaurus.” Then you realize, “dammit, that shirt SHOULD come in sizes larger than L. And not be $3.00 more because I am a girl.” Then you realize you totally didn’t set the oven timer and dinner is now Blackity Blackened Beef with Blacko-Carrots and Blackvy.

    At least, that’s what happened to me. Also, I don’t own a bathroom scale.

  14. That shirt is adorable. I wish the news were better about the customer service.

    I think someone should do a study on how many trolls call themselves something like “Common sense.” I bet it would be a higher-than-random percentage.

  15. That poor Chubosaurus looks sad. I think he needs to be enlighted about the FA movement for Dinos, if there is such a thing. I think Yoshi would head it. Cause he’s a sort of plus size dino.

    So basically what I’m saying is, Chubosaurus might be happier if he moved to Yoshi’s Island.

    Dani, the blackvy comment cracked me up.

  16. Aw, I love Yoshi. What about Bob the Dinosaur from Dilbert? He may be more of a follower, but he is adorable and I think he could benefit from the movement too. :)

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