10 thoughts on “Hearing on Massachusetts Height/Weight Discrimination Bill Today”

  1. I know Linda Bacon is going to be there, and of course Marilyn Wann, and I think Marina? It’s going to be a veritable Who’s Who of FA stars. Good luck, everyone!

  2. They may still be there, but I had to head out at 4:15 (my ride, my ride!). There were only three legislators there during the first hour (what I would call the expert testimony), plus the sponsoring legislator, but they asked lots of questions and seemed pretty engaged. They actually got sorted out into roles, with the chair of the committee being Dismayed, Moved, and Shocked (alternately, or sometimes all at once) and the fellow to the right playing Sprightly, Mirthful, Statistically Ept, and occasionally devil’s advocate. Not that they were play-acting, but that was kind of the range.

    I was very pleased at the scope of testimony, and the qualifications of the presenters. There was a fellow from Michigan who testified as a professor in HR management and a consultant (I think) in the human rights/discrimination arena in Michigan, an average-sized dude, and he was, quite frankly, AWESOME. He spoke very straightforwardly, no bullshit, but with a very compelling way of speaking and organizing of information about HR findings in the area of weight discrimination. I want to write him a fan letter. I think I have a crush, in sort of an aspiring-public-speaker sort of way.

    Anyway, they are probably still talking, and I don’t know what the next step is. But I was really glad to be there and hear other people, and take the mike for a few minutes and say my piece. Even one of my fatlet (thin) dancers showed up, straight from her gig as a historical tour guide, so she was wearing a puffy skirt and a tucker and a 1760s hat. My one regret is that I couldn’t get a sign made up this morning for her, like she suggested:

    Samuel Adams was short and fat.

  3. I was really upset I couldn’t go. Ironically, my testimony was going to be on weight discrimination in hiring. I’ve been looking for a job for about a year now. Two days after finding out about this hearing, I had an interview and was pretty much hired on the spot. Crapface!!

  4. Sam’s cousin John Adams was also short & fat & he lived to be 91 years old. He & the tall, thin Thomas Jefferson died on the same day & Adams was considerably older.

    And I send best wishes & good luck to all in Massachusetts from Maine, which used to be part of Mass.

  5. John Adams, who walked miles every day for exercise, was way older than the tall, rangy Jefferson when they died. More honest in his dealings with women, too, but that’s a discussion for another blog.

  6. I have to say I’m really excited to hear how it went! I can’t wait to read the reports from people who were there.

  7. I read the Boston Metro today and the hearings were the front page headline. Of course the article mainly focused on the VP of the National Organization of Short Statured Adults who testified and his was the only picture with the artcile.

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