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This will make your day

The 14-year-old whose question garnered such lovely responses on Big Fat Deal has written back to Mo, and her letter will make you immensely proud and happy for her. I feel very privileged to be part of a movement that can inspire a response like this. And shame on anyone who would even imply that this girl doesn’t deserve to feel this way.

18 thoughts on “This will make your day”

  1. This started out as the worst day EVER — my car overheated on the freeway and filled with smoke so I had to stand in subzero ass-numbing coldness waiting for my very expensive tow for my very expensive repairs. (Wah!)

    And now I’m in a good mood. Thanks, Anonymouse Fourteen-Year-Old!!

  2. I didn’t join in on this one because my appearance was the least of my problems when I was 14 and, to a certain extent, I don’t think anything I’d have to say to my teenage self would have helped much, beyond handing her a copy of Philip Larkin’s They Fuck You Up Your Mum And Dad. But this really did make my day. The internet absolutely rocks.

  3. My favorite bit:

    tomorrow I’m gonna walk in that school and think “Hey, I think altogether I look pretty good , so those kids can either accept it or kiss my (fine!) ass.”

    I SO wish I’d been able to say this at fourteen. It is awesome beyond words to hear that any fourteen-year-old can say it. :D

  4. Yay! I also feel like Im lucky to be apart of all this, I wish it had been around when I was 14, well some of it was, but I never would have thought to go searching for it.

  5. buffpuff, I didn’t join it because…well nothing would have stopped the abuse that made my life hell – my appearance wasn’t really a problem. I’ve been over and over and over it, wondering what I might have done differently, and no, there’s nothing.

    However, everyone else did an awesome job, and since it was self-image that was this girl’s issue, she now has heard (and listened!) from many many awesome people and has taken it to heart. More power to her, and to all who reached out to help her. So much awesomeness.

  6. Wow. I wish I had even had one day at age 14 that this girl just decided to have for herself. One day of thinking I was ok, and even better than ok. That never happened to me (and I was a size 10/12 then, the horror!). That girl’s going to make it, and she’s going to make it and then some. If I were 14 I would totally want to be her BFF.

  7. This is the first time I’ve ever stumbled onto this blog and this post certainly turned my day around! I had just spent seven hours in a sort of bulimic hell but after reading through the letters and comments I was smiling and cheering. What an amazing young lady. Good for her, and good for everyone who responded. And here I am being unshy enough to post a comment, so good for me too :) This seems like a wonderful group of people.

  8. This is an AMAZING story. I didn’t respond to the original post because I felt like it had all already been said, better than I could say it. But the impact of this on this girl’s life was obviously huge and those of you who responded should feel great about that.

    Yay! This made my day. Now I kind of want to have a daughter, just so I can try and help her feel that good about herself. Not that she would listen to Mom, probably. :)

  9. Yay!! I’m getting ready for a party, and this put me in a great mood to celebrate (and to know that I look fabulous)!

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