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  1. I’m in KCK, which is kind of like MO, depending on what the question/issue/comment is.

    My email: altairian(at)gmail(dot)com (I don’t remember if it shows up to you with my comment or not).

  2. No, but I’m sorta in Zombie’s situation. I live in a commuter town to KC. Don’t know if that’s helpful or not.

  3. Thanks, everybody. I’m asking on behalf of someone there who’s looking for people in the movement to talk to. Because it’s come up in e-mail, I should mention that sadly, I am not planning to be in MO any time soon — though I could be some day!

  4. I am but a fledgling Shapling but if I can be of any service to anyone here in the showme state, well they are more then welcome to contact me. So if you think I can help Kate you can pass on my email address…it should show up on your end right from comments? If you need me to I can email you as well. But I would be glad to help in way possible.

  5. Grew up in St. Louis, don’t live there now. FWIW Angry Black Bitch and Dark Daughta are both progressive/radical St. Louis bloggers. Dark Daughta has written fat positive things before.

  6. I did know that about Shark-fu, whom I adore, as she’s one of my co-bloggers at Shakesville. :) (Though I loved her site before that, too.)

    Unfortunately, this person — and all right, fuck it, it’s a reporter — is looking specifically for fatosphere bloggers or active commenters.

  7. From STL, living in Chicago. Not that useful. Though I’ve got 5 weddings to go to there this summer. *headdesk*

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