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Friday fluff: Daily hits

I spent yesterday covering a political rally, which meant sitting on my ass for four hours to record 20 minutes worth of speechifying. I brought a book, but the real journalists, the ones who were following the campaign from state to state, brought laptops and got work done. I was intrigued to note, looking over their shoulders, that they were nearly as scattered as I am, constantly clicking from the thing they were writing to some blog to Mediabistro to email to some other blog. I do that too! But of course, most of what they were reading was about politics, whereas most of what I read is about Project Runway.

I probably should read CNN online, Wonkette, CJR, the New York Times blogs, Politico, the DNC and RNC sites, C-Span’s Campaign Network. I do read them, of course, just not every ding-dang day. On a daily basis I read Project Rungay (I wasn’t kidding), Scary Go Round, Achewood, Dinosaur Comics, Go Fug Yourself, and Comics Curmudgeon. There’s other stuff I read regularly, including Shakesville and every blog on the Fatosphere feed, but these are the ones that are part of my schedule — my morning’s not complete until I’ve checked them. They’re my equivalent of morning coffee (or, in the case of GFY and Comics Curmudgeon, lunchtime coffee). It’s not a workday without them.

What are your daily reads? Whether it’s at work or on your leisure time like you oughta, what are the sites you click on every single day?

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  1. My particular form of online procrastination involves coming to SP and reading all of the “notes from the fatosphere”. I also go to freerice all the time to try to get my vocab level beyond 45, which seems impossible. There are words there that the GRE testmakers never heard of!

    But my favorite form of procrastination reading comes every Monday in the mail…The New Yorker. Best way to not write your disseration, if you ask me!

  2. First, my home page is, set to “Get Fuzzy.” Then I browse up to for some lolcat love. (I like the good news first.) Then I come here and spend the lion’s share of my time reading these posts plus what’s on the Feed. Then it’s school (official postings + bulletin board), then Wren’s Nest (, then I also look at Astronomy Picture of the Day ( and the local weather. Every Sunday I go to Postsecret (, and every Monday I go to Uncle Jay Explains the News ( for my start-of-the-week headdesk. Once in a while I check in at Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog (only funny if you’re a Lit major––but rarely updated).

    Wow. Now I know where all my free time goes.

  3. You mean besides Shapely Prose?

    I read the Notes from the Fatosphere. I read I Can Has Cheezburger and I Has A Hot Dog because they make me laugh every single day. Blogging Project Runway (ok, I’m addicted to Project Runway and that site….I’m postponing my birthday dinner because the finale airs on my birthday). The online comics Kevin and Kell and User Friendly. And I can spend darn near forever on eGullet because I’m a foodie.

    And they want me to get work done, too! (Gads, I hope all those links came out ok.)

  4. Other than fatosphere blogs, I read Boinkology (a sex and culture blog), Hoyden About Town, Craft’s blog, Genderfork (a picto-androgyny blog, which has featured photos from the BMI project), Wicked Anomie (my friend’s sociology blog), and I try to keep up with a ton of other blogs, including NPR and CollegeCallGirl, but I fail.

    I also feel like I haven’t had my morning until I’ve read blogs and browsed the internet. Sometimes I worry about that.

  5. I’m far from proud of this, but after Shapely Prose? Perez Hilton.

    I’m so glad you pointed out Project Rungay, though, because I will definitely be adding that to my list.

  6. My online procrastination habits look mostly like this…Shapely Prose, Gmail, Fatosphere, Myspace, Facebook, Feministe, Feministing, Shapely Prose, Gmail, random blog, gmail, yahoo news, NY Times, random blog, Shapely Prose, Gmail….

  7. Other than the fatosphere, I check out political blogs (Seeing the Forest, Politits, Blue Gal, Yikes, and others), science and public health (Pharyngula, The Pump Handle, Respectful Insolence, Science Based Medicine), and a few related to the great outdoors in some form or another (Creek Running North, The Lake is the Boss, Retread Ranger, Possum Living). And Daily Coyote ( — well worth visiting if you haven’t seen it yet. The Daily Coyote and Creek Running North are my mental health breaks for when the cubicle walls start closing in.

  8. Hmm – I thought I was the only one with that sick need to read before I can get a lick of work done. And strangely I have to go in a specific order, not the order the links are listed in my favorites either…
    The cellar image of the day
    my 3 sisters in case the rugrats did something cute
    mental floss
    the dilbert blog
    zen habits
    the simple dollar
    and now Shapely Prose & T.H.I.N. and everything linked on the fatosphere (and Im slowly exploring those sites as well)

    oh yeah – and to see how many people died in iraq today

  9. Fillyjonk, I read Achewood and Go Fug Yourself too!! I love them.

    Every morning I check Pajiba, Shakesville, Feministing, and Shapely Prose. Then I head to The New York Times and Salon. I also get Dilbert delivered to my inbox every day.

  10. My routine – before I can get any work done – is to check the following (in this order):

    – e-mails
    – comics (Garfield, Luann, For Better or Worse, Non Sequitur)
    – Dear Abby, Dear Margo
    – Overheard in New York
    – Overheard Everywhere
    – Braingle

    Then I check my RSS feed for new posts in the following sites (in no particular order):

    – Fatosphere (Kate Harding, The Rotund, Big Fat Blog, etc. etc.)
    – Diary of a Freak Magnet
    – Perez Hilton
    – The Superficial
    – Postsecret
    – German news sites
    – Passive-Agressive Notes
    – Ask the Blondes (
    – HR Wench
    – Evil HR Lady
    – Shakesville
    – My Crazy Roommate
    – Facebook
    – StudiVz (German Facebook)
    – Go Fug Yourself

    Like withoutscene, I also feel like my day hasn’t started without my internet fix. Scary! ;-)

  11. Shapely Prose, GFY, Comics Curmudgeon, and PRGay are daily hits for me. I also spend a lot of time on the Knot – I know, I know, but I have friends on the message boards. Loving weddings is my secret shame, now that we’ve all outed ourselves about baby-flavored donuts.

  12. Why I’ll just list them from my Favorites, LOL. Some of them don’t post often and are weekly hits, but still.

    A Bird’s Nest
    A Little Pregnant
    Addicted to Medblogs
    Analyzing My Delusions
    Another Knitting Blog
    Chicago Tribune
    Fat Doctor
    For Better or For Worse
    Green Moon Knits
    Here Be Hippogriffs
    Mother Talkers Rants
    Panda Bear MD
    Smitten Kitchen
    Standing Cheese
    Uppercase Woman

  13. Baconsmom, hey, I spend a lot of time on IndieBride. I never looked at The Knot because I find the site so user-unfriendly, and from what I’ve heard, it can be literally unfriendly as well (a fat bride on IB said that some Knottie had lectured her about “morbid obesity” when she asked about dresses). But I’m not going to judge you for reading wedding forums. :) I read Offbeat Bride too, and that’s all the wedding stuff I can possibly handle.

    I need to make Pandagon part of my regular rotation again. I sucked out for a while when she started being callous about fat, but Amanda is so fucking brilliant.

  14. I read this site and Rachel’s almost every day, plus My Open Wallet, The Film Experience Blog, and Carpetbagger. By the way, if any of you are Brazilian or read Portuguese, please visit my blog: There I talk about movies, my experiences in the US (I’m here temporarily), feminism, accepting our own body, and much more. It’d be great to see some of you there!

  15. A collection of informative and thought-provoking news items and websites from around the Internet.

    Kevin Flaherty’s A website about the more serious developments in current events. KF is a “9/11 Truther”, and I would just like to say that my frequenting this site doesn’t mean I endorse such theories.

    The Group News Blog: A mainstream liberal news blog. Actually, I am now of the mindset that it doesn’t really matter whether the Democrats or Republicans win elections because they both represent the same interests. Don’t even try to tell me otherwise because I know that you know in your heart of hearts that it’s true. But I still read and post at GNB because it’s more or less my home-base on the Internet.

    Ran Prieur: Let’s just say that Ran is in a class by himself. :-)

  16. I spend too much time surfing the net:

    Shapely Prose
    The Comics Curmudgeon
    Qomics for Queers
    Televison Without Pity
    Hello Kitty Hell

  17. Oh! And of course, Cute Overload and Icanhazcheesburger. I’ve found that I can actually get a class of 6yh graders to do what they’re told by holding out a picture of an adorable animal as an incentive. It’s so cute to watch them ooh and ah over some sleeping kitten or baby camel.

  18. I wish I could remember to read Cute Overload, I could really use it some days.

    I used to read PZ and his ScienceBlogs cohort a lot more when I had a science blog — he, Coturnix, Dr. Free-Ride, and of course Orac were my faves. I should make sure to hit ScienceBlogs on a regular basis, just to see what’s new. Occasional SP commenter Miss Prism also has a science-related blog that is not only smart but hysterically funny.

  19. I am a recent addict of fat blogs…so they are now added to my list of things to read when I get up in the morning.

    I also have a few random blogs I read. I scan headlines for anything that piques my interest. I also read WebMd and other sites like it for news related to pregnancy (since I am 18+ weeks) and depression (I try to learn all I can about my disease).

    So, that is what click on in the day.

  20. My routine is very standard. Start with Yahoo mail, then the weather and my LiveJournal, then it’s Feministing, Shakesville, Shapely (and the fatosphere), and United Hollywood (while the WGA strike is on).

    On Mondays I then go to French Laundry at Home. Twice a week I’ll check Pink of Perfection and Tomato Nation. From there, it’s off to Pretty Pear and Elastic Waist.

    For my daily dose of sanity, I read The Happiness Project, The Reshaping Project, The Unclutterer,and Zen Habits.

    Usually, once a day I’ll hit Cute Overload, and when TV is back on, Television Without Pity. There’s roughly 10 other blogs that I check here and there, including Ask the Blondes and my friend’s forum about the sex lives of superheroes. But that’s enough, doncha think? :)

  21. Shapely Prose
    The fatosphere feed

    I’m trying to cut back because it is so easy to waste pretty much the whole morning that way and not get any work done =/

  22. Morning:
    Yahoo Mail
    A couple of private music boards
    Cute Overload

    All of the above again, plus

    I Can Has Cheezburger
    Go Fug Yourself
    Overheard in NYC and all of its offshoots

    I have such an internet habit.

  23. SP, of course, and all the Notes from the Fatosphere, FanFicRants at Livejournal, a sex blog called the Pervocracy, and Polyamorous Recommendations, a fanfic recommendation site.

  24. I usually check emails first and then pointedly ignore the bookmark button I made for my bank. (I believe that a true gentleman or lady may have a good idea of one’s bank balance, but would never consider actually knowing the number.) But nobody cares about that. I always read these types of threads for ideas on new blogs, so–

    I keep an account with Bloglines, so they sort of do the clicking for me. There are 32 blogs on there; I’ve been neglecting to keep them up, so there are an additional few that need to be added. First among them will be, which has had an impact on me that defies my ability to tell. I have appreciating-my-body problems (less size than gender, in my case, but it’s the kind of the same thing, and I admire y’alls perspectives on the HAES concept regardless) and you’re really helping. Please do keep writing. Commenters too; you Shapelings certainly are smart.

    My Bloglines contains– and these are just the ones that update frequently enough to mention– Alas, a blog, Accidental Hedonist, BoingBoing,, defective yeti, Joe.My.God, The Rage Diaries, Slashfood, Starbucks Gossip, violet blue, One Good Thing, Screw Bronze!, Jezebel, and Stephen Fry’s blog of no particular title. You could find all of these via google, I’m sure.

    In addition I try to keep up with, Sherlock In Peoria (I’m not in Illinois, but they’re very good-natured and fun Sherlockians who have great things to say), Feministe, (so sue me, there are moments when I really do need immature humor), (it used to be when it was still updated), Naked Jen, and the home of my favorite podcast, the Feast of Fools at I read and from there click to Velcrometer and Tomato Nation and Poundyblog and This That No Other. I used to read Go Fug Yourself but felt it was too negative, and I didn’t know who two-thirds of the celebrities on there were, anyway. And of course I have a livejournal and a myspace. I used to read James Lileks at the Bleat but sort of lost the plot once I stopped temping (his Bleat is just wonderful if you have a job where you have to pretend to be working.) I read the Shanmonster (used to be at her site, now on livejournal) because she’s so cool.

    Now I understand why I have no life. Or rather, I have a life, it just isn’t totally in my physical world. It’s not like the blogs are taking over my life or anything; I do pay attention to whether they’re making the rest of my life unmanageable. I could make excuses for how much time I spend online. But I’d rather just enjoy being an internet sponge for the while and not think about it much. Reading’s nice.

  25. I’m really bad compared to folks here.

    I frequent the fatosphere maybe 3 times/day and keep up on articles as they are added.

    I read: Pam’s House Blend, Feministing, Mombian, Shakesville, QueerCents, Wise Bread, Simple Dollar, a couple crafty sites like Princess Nimble Thimble, American Girl Playthings (my daughter is into AG dolls- I learn about crafting and really good sales, etc there). Sometimes I’ll go on a tangent and read stuff like Evil Mad Scientist or home decorating sites.

  26. Sites I absolutely visit every day:
    – Gmail
    – My LiveJournal friends list
    Sorcerer Radio (an Internet radio station that plays music from Walt Disney World)
    – Shapely Prose
    – The Fatosphere feed
    – Yahoo! Weather

    Sites I visit usually a few times a week:
    – Ravelry
    – I Can Has Cheezburger
    – Wikipedia

    Sites I visit occasionally
    – xkcd
    – Questionable Content
    Mock the Stupid
    breedists_no (anti-breed specific legislation)

  27. I read mostly news aggregators! But then, I’m a journalist. (For fun I read Shapely Prose, BFD, Design Sponge and a few of the Gawker properties.)

  28. I spend too much time websurfing. Typically after checking my email (4 accounts), I’ll make my rounds of the fatosphere. I check Shapely Prose, The F Word, Big Fat Deal, and Rio Irriri pretty much daily, and check the “Notes from the Fatosphere” links up at the top right.

    Then I make the rounds of my favorite news/politics blogs: Atrios, Digby, Shakesville, Pandagon, Bitch PhD, Salon, First Draft. I also frequent a few local New Orleans bloggers’ pages (Your Right Hand Thief, Maitri, etc.) and a few ScienceBlogs sites (Living the Scientific Life, Pharyngula, The Intersection).

    Now that Lost is back on, I’m spending too much time over at the Lostpedia site, too, to make matters worse!

  29. google reader has revolutionized my internet browsing. a number of these don’t have daily new content, but when they do have updates I check them immediately

    Shapely Prose (of course)
    A List Apart
    Astronomy Picture of the Day
    Bitch PhD
    Coding Horror
    The Baby Name Wizard
    Write What I LIke
    print & pattern
    design sponge
    cute overload
    i can has cheezburger
    disapproving rabbits

    cat and girl
    diesel sweeties
    dinosaur comics

    sites I keep an eye on but sort of skim:
    junkfood science
    Language Hat
    Language Log
    Lifehacker top posts
    Marginal Revolution
    Neil Gaiman’s blog
    Wil Wheaton dot net
    on the commons
    Overcoming Bias
    Serious Eats
    Simply Recipes
    The Burgh Blog (I’m from Pittsburgh)
    abstracts from a number of psych journals

    can anyone recommend good recipe blogs? I have been trying to find a variety of them, but so many involve lots of talk about “bad” foods and making sure all the recipes are “low-fat” and “healthy.” I just want delicious food!

    what would be ideal would be like, a health at every size-themed food blog or something. if one doesn’t exist, maybe such a thing could be organized?

  30. Sites I visit daily aside from this one (Man there are a lot – I need to find a better hobby)

    Blogs/Stuff for reading
    The Muppet Newsflash (I’m a Henson fangirl, and how else would I know when they’re coming out withe new Fraggle Rock stuff?)
    McSweeney’s (always good for a laugh)
    Shakesville (If you aren’t reading it, WHY NOT?)
    Junkfood Science
    First, Do No Harm
    The Late Greats
    Faces in Places
    The Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks

    Forums/Social Networking
    My livejournal friends page
    Gesshoku Forums (we hang out and talk about anime and Doctor Who, mostly)

    Real Life Comics
    Red String
    Apple Geeks
    XKCD (my favourite webcomic EVER)
    Three Panel Soul

    And this will almost certainly be eaten by the spam filter. Wheeee!

  31. Yep. It was eaten. I hate to be a bother, but, um…

    ((could someone please save my comment? The intarwebs has eated it.))

  32. I’m on it, T-M, thanks for the heads up. It didn’t even occur to me until comments started coming in that this post was basically just a big fat taunt to Akismet, who hates line breaks and URLs.

  33. SP (daily)
    Manolo for the Big Girl (daily — I know one of the bloggers)
    NY Times (daily)
    Whatever news stories here and there are linked off of the Oncology Business Review daily e-newsletter (weekdays)
    Webcomics: Natalie Dee, Toothpaste For Dinner, and Married To the Sea (daily) and Wondermark (weekly)
    Facebook (on less busy days)
    LinkedIn (depending on level of career angst)
    Every couple-few days: Feministe, BitchPhD, Shakesville, and any interesting links to other blogs that are being bruited about there.

  34. Most frequent… Shapely Prose; Pretty Pear; People; Facebook; CBC News; Weather Office (Environment Canada); PopSugar; Go Fug Yourself; our local newspaper, Chronicle Herald, and my favorite: for some reason, I check my bank account daily, thinking that by some miracle the amount has increased even though I haven’t initiated any activity. It’s a weird compulsion. I checked clothing sites like LB and Torrid periodically to browse, love to look at clothes….

  35. Everybody has already mentioned my favorites (CC, GFY, CO, Shakesville, Pandagon, Feministing, Hoyden). I also usually at least see what the headlines are at Slate and Salon.

    But no one has yet mentioned the glorious time suck that is Etsy. I don’t look at it quite every day, because when I do I invariably spend at least an hour oohing and ahhing over pretty things I want to buy.

  36. I’m embarrassed to tell you how much time I spend on blogs. Besides SP and everyone else in the Fatosphere, and Shakesville, Feministe, Feministing, Pandagon, Cute Overload, the New York Times, Yahoo News, I also spend inordinate amounts of time on Wikipedia looking up information about this and that, mainly about classic rock acts but plenty of other things too.

    I mean, seriously, it’s absolutely disgusting how much non-work time I spend on the computer. I have to do something about it. (If you all don’t see as much of me someday, it will be because I did something about it. Don’t take it personally, K? I just need to, like, make a living and stuff, and I get paid on production, if you know what I mean.)

    And I have one I bet a lot of you don’t: Faith and Fear in Flushing, a Mets blog written by a couple of guys whose knowledge (especially Greg’s) staggers me with its thoroughness. Greg remembers games from 1975 like they just happened yesterday. Even if you swear you hate baseball, this site might change your mind. Really.

  37. I am the RSS feed girl, so stuff that isn’t updated every day still gets checked, and I don’t lose track.

    I must read Stuff On My Cat, I Can Has Cheezburger, Comics Curmdugeon, and Go Fug Yourself for laughs. I must read The Wild Hunt for Paganism. I must read Shapes and Shakes, Feministe and If I Ran the Zoo. I also read The Film Experience Blog and I check the news on

    Sometimes I also get work done.

  38. Thank you times a million for recommending The Sneeze above. I just went and checked it out, and have spent the last hour convulsed with laughter. Outstanding.

  39. My friendslist at livejournal,
    Making Light: a politics and lots of other things blog with a very good commenting community–I’m surprised no one else has mentioned it,
    Geek Press: tech news and humor,
    Dar Kush: human potential and political (unfortunately, the author of this one usually considers leanness as part of having an optimized body, but there’s enough other stuff to make it worthwhile),
    Alas, a Blog: mostly feminism and anti-racism,
    Unqualified Offerings:mostly politics: anti-war libertarian,
    Marginal Revolution: culture and economics,
    Overcoming Bias: overcoming tendencies towards erroneous thinking: this isn’t an anti-racism blog,
    Orcinus: politics with a great deal of viewing with alarm–I skim a good bit of it,
    The Agitator: various, but with a focus on SWAT team outrages.

    I’ve been thinking for a while that my habitual blog reading is too serious, but I’m only mildly fond of lolcats.

  40. I check my email, fill out some surveys for the occasional $10 check, then go to my google reader and hit up:
    Go Fug Yourself
    Big Fat Deal
    lots of personal blogs
    Perry Bible Fellowship (which is not updated enough, but has a lot of older hilarious comics, too)
    I Can Has Cheeseburger
    !OMG Blog!
    Boston Mamas
    Gallery of the Absurd
    Etsy (where I dream about all the stuff I would own if I had more money/if I had more craft skills)

  41. I usually check up on Youtube Poop, which are pretty fucked up, but that’s my kind of humor. Some of them are so distorted and psychotic that it’s like watching my own mental stability shatter before me, which is either very therapeutic or extremely detrimental. Not sure which. Maybe I should ask that giant, 8 foot long millipede in the top-hat, staring at me from my ceiling.

    Otherwise I usually read Ugly Hill, or read up about the latest in dinosaur news on paleo-art forums, because I’m all about suburban monsters and dinosaurs.

  42. Dangit.. I’ll be here forever. FOR THE WIN! :D
    the bullworker forum on yahoo (I haz bullworker *Laughs*)
    Y! Answers (Mostly the martial arts section) forums
    yahoo (It’s my homepage)
    martial arts planet forums
    Big fat blog
    big fat deal

    Those are just some of the basics. ;)

    I’m still looking for a gay rights hang out place thingy (I’m a straight ally), so that would be on the list too. That, and a racial equality place too. I’m a’lookin’.

  43. lexy and sweetmachine, I’m killedbyllamas on Ravelry.

    And interfacings, Wil *head explodes from long-dormant dorky fangirliness*

  44. Gmail, Livejournal friendslist, Fandom Wank, my various roleplaying communities (I am a GIANT DORK), Scary Go Round, Picross for its puzzle of the day, Go Fug Yourself, Making Light, Tomato Nation, Dooce, Kindly Pog Mo Thoin, the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab forums… and then there’s a load of blogs I check less-than-daily but often.

  45. llamas, yes! Wil Wheaton’s blog is pretty great. Recently he has started writing reviews of TNG episodes. They are hilarious, and usually involve interesting behind-the-scenes info.

  46. Facebook, Shapely Prose and some of the Fatosphere blogs, The Hype Machine, The Superficial (shameful, I know), one group, one forum, and my email a couple of times a week. Not much compared to most people here, and yet I still manage to waste ridiculous amounts of time on the net when I should be working *sigh*

  47. “Sites”? “Click on”?

    I’ll fess up to having well over 500 subs in my RSS feed. These include individual comment thread subs from way back as well as blog post feeds, and I don’t get to anywhere near ten percent of them, but I do have a bunch of smartlists set up to pull up keyword-flagged posts.

    The blogs that I try to read or scan the feeds from at least each week, not including my RL friends’ personal LJs (though some of these bloggers are personal friends), include Finally a Feminism 101 blog, Larvatus Prodeo, Langguj Gel, Matjjin-nehen, Transient languages and cultures, strangedave, brooklynite, xkcd, postsecret, APOD, strange maps, neatorama, PerthNorg, The Worst of Perth, Ninja Poodles, Subway to Venus/Diary of a Research Artist/fiftytwo acts, Ponderance, cupidsbow, She Who Stumbles, IBTP, Feministe, Shakesville, la doctorita, The Curvature, WOC Blog,, wil wheaton, Pinko Feminist Hellcat, All Girl Army, Dante and the Lobster, Angry Black Bitch, Feline Formal Shorts, Silence of Our Friends, Leftist Looney Lunchbox, reSISTERance, Zuky, The Hathor Legacy, HamBlog, Our Bodies Our Blog, Teh Portly Dyke, Journeying/Journalling, The Gimp Parade, We’re disabled not dead, But You Don’t Look Sick, Wheelchair Dancer, What Not to Knit, Language Log.

  48. can anyone recommend good recipe blogs? I have been trying to find a variety of them, but so many involve lots of talk about “bad” foods and making sure all the recipes are “low-fat” and “healthy.”


    I just want delicious food! what would be ideal would be like, a health at every size-themed food blog or something.

    Ah, perhaps not, then. When I’m looking for recipes, I mostly check out Epicurious. Also in my feed reader: Chocolate and Zucchini, Elise’s Simply Recipes, Slashfood, Cooking with Amy, An Obsession with Food, Vegan Lunchbox, and Crock-pot cookin.

  49. here’s my daily order:

    Work e-mail
    Facebook (I know, I know) or (i have a celebrity gossip problem)
    Shapely Prose
    Craigslist for pictures of puppies for adoption and occasionally to laugh at the personals

  50. Roughly in order:

    Gmail (now with all my other mail forwarded in!)
    Shapely Prose
    But You Don’t Look Sick! (
    I Can Has Cheezburger?
    …and whatever other links people have sent me that day.

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