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Kates Harding, unite!

Thanks to enterprising Shapeling Kelly, there is now a Facebook group called “I am Kate Harding!” Since most of your friends no doubt know that you, too, are that chunky chick Kate Harding, why not spread the word further? This would also be an awesome place for you to post pictures of yourself in baby donut gear.

To join, log into Facebook and search Groups for Kate Harding. (I would link to it directly, but direct links to Facebook always break when I try to do that. Clearly I am not the most tech-savvy blogger you’ve ever seen.) If you’re not on Facebook, I don’t believe you.

55 thoughts on “Kates Harding, unite!”

  1. I am Kate Harding too!

    (Incidentally, I was actually once accused of being Kate Harding when, in an effort to propagandize, i posted a link to one of her posts on an unrelated blog’s comments sections. But I think the author of that blog was confused by the fact that I simply posted it under my first name – “Katie.” Whoever said that derivations of the name “Kate” is a risk factor for obesity was right on.)

  2. I am not on Facebook. I was, but then I was keeping track of their truly horrible privacy policies and tried to close my account. They don’t let you actually close it. If I ever sign on again it is re-activated. Ugh.

    But I am still Kate Harding. Just not on facebook. Maybe I will make a Myspace group.

  3. Hm. I am not on facebook either. I am considering joining… But I so like to be contrary and not join what other people are joining. Dilemma.

  4. I wish i were Kate Harding, then a fall at league bowling night probably wouldn’t have put me in the hospital for two and a half weeks so far with the prospect of three months of rehab or more. Kate Harding is a lot more flexible than I am. Sigh.

  5. My mom is 52 and also on Facebook. She always has cute questions like “It says ‘do you want to poke Kendall.’ What does it mean ‘do I want to poke Kendall?'” and she writes on her own wall and types me messages in my picture comments, lol, what a cutie. PS I am Kate Harding. PPS The group needs some pictures and stuff, maybe the SP website should sell Kate Harding masks and everyone can take their picture with them, haha.

  6. Kate, did you know you’ve joined you’re own facebook group 38 times?

    Of course you did, because you’re telling you right now!

  7. Meowser, my mom is also on Facebook. And she is also older than you.
    She joined for the Scrabble, and stayed for the status updates.

  8. Funny comic strip, but I’m really not on Facebook – like Krista above, their policies gave me the willies and I decided it was not for me. Glad to see there’s a MySpace group so I can be Kate Harding too!

  9. I’m not on Facebook either. I actually didn’t know it existed till recently, and I’m still not quite sure what it’s for. XD

  10. Complaining about Facebook and signing up for MySpace is like umm, some really weird choice.Picking FoxNews because CNN is too republican or something. MySpace is WAY worse. It’s owned by Murdoch, for a start, and censors and pwns j00r stuff way more.

  11. Yunyin – Facebook is for causing you to suddenly have contact with the pimply kid whose name you forget who sat next to you in grade three. It is also for uncomfortably getting in touch with everyone you’ve ever (ahem) ‘dated’. It is also for Scrabble.

  12. I am Facebook illiterate (and also paranoid b/c of all those stories about the girls whose professional lives got hammered b/c of comments about their personal lives on AutoAdmit).

    I no can bez Kate Harding anymoar. :-(

  13. I joined the group, but then realized that if I am indeed Kate Harding, I had already joined the group, and now I fear that my joining the group somehow negated whenever my original joining was, and the whole thing has now fallen into a hole in the space-time continuum.

    liitlem – Facebook is more private than myspace and flickr and the places that the Autoadmit debacle was about. The default is that no one not in your network can ever see your page unless you agree to have them as a friend, and in your network you can restrict your page views to just your friends (or not join a network at all so no one can see it by default unless a friend). Pictures you post to a group can sometimes link back to an album, but if you keep Kate Harding pictures in a separate album then no one can see beyond that specific cluster. Go ahead and try it – it’s easy and you can play with searching people out to see what the privacy settings can be (with most people you can’t see more than their screen name and profile picture). You could always ditch the account if you decide it’s still too public for your taste. You can be Kate Harding!

  14. Sadly, car, I think the Audoadmit people did pull pictures off those girls’ Facebook pages since many of them attended the same school they did and thus could get access. But you can make your profile private to anyone who isn’t your friend, and then you can friend people judiciously, which is helpful. You can also “untag” pictures other people post of you so that they can’t be tracked or searched by other users.

  15. *joins*

    Considering we’re just talking about picture privacy, this might be a tad misplaced, but… seriously, I think the greatest thing about this group is seeing how damn much GORGEOUS there is among the Shapelings. Great smokes.

  16. Just wanted to pipe in that I appreciate that this is about the Kates Harding, rather than the Kate Hardings.

    It reminds me of our mother, who used to make homemade Eggs McMuffin.

  17. It reminds me of our mother, who used to make homemade Eggs McMuffin.

    I love your mother.

    Sweet Machine and I were hit hard by the Onion article “William Safire Orders Two Whoppers Junior,” so now we pluralize like that even in the (rare!) instances when it’s not correct.

  18. Ediets is a rip off! If you cancel your account they charge you a fee! Everyone is out to make their $ on us.

  19. Facebook is for causing you to suddenly have contact with the pimply kid whose name you forget who sat next to you in grade three.

    I keep having random people from high school friend me, and then I go, wait, did we even like each other in high school? I honestly can’t remember with some people. Like, I’m pretty sure we weren’t friends, per se, but does that mean we were okay with each other, or did we hate each other and now you want to friend me on Facebook?

  20. I love your mother.

    And I love yours, which I need to tell you about!

    My biggest one is “sisters-in-law” and “brothers-in-law.” THE LAW PART IS NOT PLURAL, PEOPLE.

  21. Complaining about Facebook and signing up for MySpace is like umm, some really weird choice.
    I know. :) All of my friends in Phoenix use Myspace to coordinate things, so I belong, and I even succumbed to pimping out my page, but I don’t have to like it. I also don’t have my buying histories shared automatically with my friends. I also still have a livejournal account after they moved to Russia, so I can read fatshoinistas and keep up with my friends (and the lj drama that seems to develop). Facebook seemed an easy choice to not indulge in, especially since it seemed like all that was happening was pokes and other inane things. And they really pissed me off by not deleting my account. :)

  22. My mother wouldn’t make “Eggs McMuffin,” though.

    She would nearly eject me from the Thanksgiving table for endorsing “they” as a gender-neutral pronoun, or shut down conversation if I used “impact” as a verb. But she doesn’t really cook. :)

  23. Actual conversation:

    Me: It’s actually “mothers-in-law”.
    (Now Former) Co-Worker: Nuh uh.
    Me: Seriously.
    Co-Worker: That doesn’t sound right.
    Me: Well, think of it this way… you wouldn’t say “Smith & Smith, Attorney-At-Laws,” would you?
    Co-Worker: Why not?

  24. Ooh, I’m on MySpace *and* Facebook. I shall join forthwith :P

    Just so you know, I’ve actually started dreaming about Fat Acceptance. Well, kind of. I read the guest post about standing up for yourself, and that night I dreamed that someone called me a fatass. So I spun around and gave them the FA lecture, and when she blew me off, I jumped on her and bit her ear :P Whatever works!

  25. Kates Harding are +1 more.

    I’ve been on facebook since facebook was facebook. (My university was REALLY nerdy, it was the only way to communicate with people. But now I know every time some guy I’ve hooked up with gets engaged… and that is getting old.)

  26. I am Kate Harding (on Myspace AND Facebook)! And count me in on the “sisters-in-law,” etc pickiness. Law is indeed not plural in this instance! :)

  27. I second the idea about the ‘stop hating your body’ tees. I had one for years that I got from Northern Sun which said, “Start a revolution. Stop hating your body.” I wore it until it fell apart & NS no longer has them.

  28. I can’t see the group in Facebook– I’m in Canada, wonder if it’s preventing me b/c of location? Weird.

    I third the idea of “stop hating your body” tees! That would be lovely. Although I’m not in to putting down anyone b/c of size, I used to giggle when I saw Torrid’s “I’m not a skinny bitch” tee way back when.

  29. Facebook confuses the everlovin’ hell out of me, but I can operate Myspace quite well, so I’ll be one of the Kates Harding on there!

    (Random aside: my creepy stalker from college found me on Facebook and, in one of the most stunning feats of idiocy in the history of EVER, sent me a friend request. I was almost too busy laughing my ass off to be squicked out.)

  30. So here’s the thing about Facebook.

    Every time I log in I have like 13905830916701 requests to do or add something, but I get so bored that I can’t even make it through adding one of them. I’m just like “what the fuck’s the point?”

    So do you want to just play scrabble on

  31. Okay, every time I hear “I am Kate Harding” I immediately think of “What Would Tyler Durden Do?” only, of course, I replace Tyler with Kate – “What Would Kate Harding Do?”

  32. I’ve joined the Facespace/Mybook group! It’s good to see people in the flesh as such, but really odd to see proper names rather than aliases. Bagfish and my real name internet identity do not often come into contact!

  33. Bagfish, I was just thinking the same thing! And now I wonder how to let people here know who I really am, without potentially revealing my superhero pseudonymous identity to the entire internet, and oh it’s so confusing now!

  34. Bagfish, car, I know what you’re saying it is weird.

    I think it would be funny if we tried to guess based on comment styles and stuff. Personally, I’LL NEVER TELL!!!

  35. Awesome! There was another fat acceptance group listed in the “related groups” column, and I am also going to take this opportunity to pimp MY fledgling group “Thin does not equal healthy.” also on facebook. If you search groups under fat or the name of the group, you should find it….

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