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Midweek Fluff: Gooey dogs and prickly cats

Two of us are super swamped and one of us (Kate) is currently out of town, so you may not be seeing a lot of posts this week. In order that there be something to entertain you, however, I introduce this short piece of fluff.

A friend of mine had a theory that everyone is either a dog or a cat, and either gooey or prickly. It’s probably obvious, but to clarify: dogs really like and need people, cats really don’t. Gooey people are emotionally open and expressive; prickly people are somewhere between “hard to win over” and “outright hostile.” Basically, the animal is your inner being, and the texture is your outer shell.

I’m definitely a prickly dog; I crave approval but fuck you if you think I’m going to cozy up to you for it. What about you?

77 thoughts on “Midweek Fluff: Gooey dogs and prickly cats”

  1. gooey dog. wish I were more of a gooey cat, maybe? I wish I didn’t desire the approval of others (age is helping with that) but I could never be prickly… just not me.

  2. I’m a cat person. If I’m not in the mood, it’s nearly impossible to win me over, but if I’m in the mood or you manage to get past the prickles, there’s a creamy center.

    That sounds entirely filthy, doesn’t it?

  3. Deborah, people cats or cat cats?

    I live with a gooey cat (person, not a cat who is gooey), which I guess is why we get along? Sweet Machine is also a gooey cat and she’s been my best friend forever, so it seems to work out.

  4. LOL! This is awesome. I’d have to say I’m a gooey cat. I don’t need people, but I am very expressive in my interactions with them. I have a feline prickly dog, a feline gooey dog, and a feline gooey cat, and I definitely live with a human prickly dog. And the feline gooey dog loves the human prickly dog best. The feline prickly dog loves me best. Fascinating stuff! Except now I’m going to be looking at everyone like that…

  5. I am a bit of a prickly dog, myself. I love interacting with pretty much anyone (hello Libra!) but if you piss me off, that’s it.

    Example: Last Friday I was standing with friends outside a theatre smoking at intermission. A man walked up who was smoking outside the bar next door and started talking to us. I was very friendly and enjoying talking. BUT. Then he made a comment about “foreigners”. I have little tolerance for those with little tolerance, so I told him to walk away. He said, “You didn’t even let me finish, and you are already mad. How do you know what I was going to say.” He was right, so I told him to please continue. “Well, I don’t mind people with French accents” (my friend was Canadian) “but those Indians! And the way they TALK!!!”. I went seriously ballistic, and told him to walk the fuck away RIGHT NOW. He called me a bitch and left.

    Moral of the story is I don’t want approval and friends so badly that you can be any kind of asshole and I will like you. I am also known for not being polite to asshat strangers. But I am also known for taking in strays that are nice (people and animals).

  6. I guess i am a little confused by the gooey cat/prickly dog difference :)

    It seems like a survey where you can “somewhat agree” or “somewhat disagree”. (I use survey research methodology, so you have no idea how many beers I have drank pondering this question!)

  7. Prickly cat. Perhaps that’s why I always end up having difficult cats as pets – we understand each other. (Although one of my current cats might as well be a dog….he’s in my lap drooling again.)

  8. Well, I mean, it might not make you a gooey cat — it’s hard for someone else who doesn’t know you to decide if you’re a cat or a dog. But it’s not really about interactions with individuals, but what makes you thrive socially, attention/approval or independence. Typically if someone is outwardly friendly but will then say “fuck it, I don’t need you” and happily go off on their own, I would say they were a gooey cat. But if you actually really need to be around people and just couldn’t stand to be around this guy, you’re a dog.

    Basically, imagine you had to choose between never seeing another person again and never being alone again. If you’d be more all right alone, you’re a cat.

  9. I’m a gooey cat, I think. Even if that seems like an oxymoron. I’m a fairly open book, expressive and empathetic, but you’ve gotta be someone special to get really close, and I don’t need your approval.

  10. I think I’m a gooey cat. I don’t NEED people, but I adore being around a select few, and I’m very expressive with everyone around me; I’m also open and affectionate towards those I deem worth my time and affection. :D

  11. Definitely a gooey cat, but my other half is a prickly dog…

    Drives me nuts that he chases away everyone by being prickly, then complains that he doesn’t have enough people in his life.

    Especially since I can be friendly to just about anyone, but don’t really need more than 1 or 2 people in my life…


  12. I would say I’m a gooey cat, but I will turn motherfucking prickly cat at the drop of a hat. If you’re on my good list, I will do just about anything for you, even if I don’t need to see you or talk to you constantly. However, cross me one too many times and you can kiss your ass goodbye.

  13. Gooey cat. I don’t see myself as a hostile person, but it takes time for me to warm up to someone.

    My cat was prickly when I first adopted her. I guess you’d be prickly too if you spent 2 years in a shelter and everyone ignored you in favor of all the adorable little kittens. Now that I’ve had her for a few years, I think she feels secure and pampered, and she has become a gooey cat. Only with me, though. She’s still prickly with everyone else, and sometimes she eats puppy donuts.

  14. Yeah. I’m a prickly cat. I try to be more gooey, but it somehow doesn’t work. But….I like people! In small doses, that is.

  15. Oh dear goth in heathen, am I ever a prickly cat. I have friends, but I can go days or weeks without seeing them and never miss them. I don’t miss peopel who drift out of my life. There’s people I like, but nobody that I need. And prickly? Uh, yeah. Just a little bit.

  16. Prickly cat. While I really really enjoy approval from certain people (mommy!) I don’t give a damn once people have proven themselves worthless in one way or another(and they usually do).

  17. I generally refer to myself as “crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside.”

    So um, that makes me… a gooey cat? Or a prickly dog?

    Or maybe a bon-bon of some type?

  18. Totally gooey cat. I am so affectionate and open with the people I treasure. But people who aren’t within my inner circle, hmmph. I turn my nose up at them, and appear aloof and without a care. Scorpio sun-Leo rising for you.

  19. Prickly cat and my housemate is a gooey dog. Makes for some challenging times.

    I also live with two real dogs.

  20. Gooey cat, based on fillyjonk’s explanation @10:37. I would have thought prickly cat, but I’m pretty nice and have sympathy for humankind in general. I do, however, carry around a big metaphorical bag of black Xes that I dole out freely, and usually permanently. If you’re too much trouble (of the assaholic kind), I don’t need ya, ‘bye.

  21. Oh, wait, reading other peoples’ descriptions of prickly cat, that’s me, too, after all. I think I’ll just say “cat” and leave it at that. Cute and fuzzy on the outside, soft all over, but very sharp and dangerous on the ends.

  22. I’m more cat-like. I need people, but they mostly annoy me. My cat is not as independent as she could be, but the dog who lives on my property has major separation anxiety, will eat my cat door if I don’t let her in.

  23. I think I’m a prickly dog…

    I absolutely LIVE for approval, and disapproval of my actions by people I care about practically gives me a panic attack.

    However, I absolutely have this reputation as an abrasive, speaks her mind doesn’t put up with shit kind of girl. I think the only people that see/know about the approval thing are my parents and my live-in boyfriend (that 3 people, for those who are playing at home). Everyone else thinks I’m an ice princess.

  24. Oh, huh, howabout that. Lexy, when you described yourself that really resonated with me about 1/3 of the time. So I must be bispecies.

  25. Definitely gooey cat. I do crave the approval of others, but given the choice between living an independent life free of nonsensical religious constraints, or not abandoning my entire social structure, I chose to abandon every single friend and acquaintance in the world I had outside of the internets. Four years later, I’m *still* rebuilding my social network, and have very few real friends.
    I’m a bit torn on the gooey, as I don’t trust people easily, but I am extremely open and friendly. I won’t start conversations with strangers in the elevator, but I’ll be the one to respond if someone does start talking.

  26. Prickly cat with gooey spots. That sounds really kinky. My husband is a prickly dog with gooey spots. I have trouble getting to know people and generally look at people with suspicion, like a cat. I do love the few people I am close to, just like my two cats here at home. If you can believe it, my cats growl at people who drive up and park at our house. They don’t like strangers.

    Fun topic! I was making my own m and m candy character on their website today and was glad to see how cute my character was. I chose an almond, which I think suits my real body shape really well. :) I’m a blue almond m and m with the cutest hair and glasses. Most avatars for online things don’t allow any body type but TINY so the m and m was kinda nice for a change. And it suits me, because “chocolate has made me the woman I am today!” :) Okay, that and genetics and a high set point. Whatever. I do have a really big sweet tooth too though.

  27. I tend not to like people, I take some warming up to get along with others really well. I usually don’t realize I’ve made a good friend until a year later D:
    Yet I’m a really open person. I’m loud I wave my hands around all over and I’ll answer just about any question. All provided I know the people well enough.
    Gooey cat then?
    I can be prickly too, but thats usually a result of me being overly expressive. the world fickle comes to mind too. hmmm.
    this is fun :)

  28. Gooey Cat. Open and expressive with everybody, but love being alone. Am a gooey dog with my chosen few.

  29. I think I’m probably a prickly cat. Which makes me sound like a huge bitch, but I’m nice if I really like/know/respect someone. Like my own cat.

  30. Every cat I have lived with has been a loving, physically affectionate goof. On the other hand, most dogs I’ve known have been standoffish with folks they don’t know well. Just sayin’.

    Me, I’m deeply introverted in person, shy, socially awkward, and my diffidence and standoffishness increases the more, erm, enthusiastic and demonstrative my company. But I do honestly like people, I like being with them, and way back when I lived alone it was not at all healthy for me. So, in this nomenclature … does that mean I’m a prickly catdog?

  31. I’m a gooey cat. I don’t care for people en masse but I like to rub on the one I picked to live with. And yes, I did the picking.

  32. Gooey cat. (And surprised by how many others there are!)

    I love to entertain people, engage them, share my thoughts and explore theirs (I teach, write, produce news/entertainment, throw parties and organize art events), but if I never saw another person again for the rest of my life, I’d probably be okay.

    Especially if I didn’t have to earn money.

    But without people, who would come to my plays?

  33. I’m really having a hard time parsing this one.

    In some ways I think I’m a prickly cat. And although I could be alone forever, it’s also true that I crave approval. That makes me think prickly dog – although I wonder if I am not actively doing things to gain approval if that negates that. Ack!

    Do both characteristics rely on the opinion/view of others? Because some people definitely have a hard time getting me. I would refer to me, as lexy says above, “as an abrasive, speaks her mind doesn’t put up with shit kind of girl” as a positive, but for some people that is a negative personality trait.

    The more I type, the more confused I am.

    Maybe this will help: someone at work told me today that I remind him of House, M.D.

    I can (and will) talk to strangers – in line at the movies, giving someone a seat, chit chat with retail persons. But… I don’t need to do it, it’s a compulsion to make everyone else happy/comfortable.

  34. D’oh – I wouldn’t see “abrasive” as a positive per se, but do think that telling it like it is can often be seen as off-putting.

  35. Definitely prickly cat here.

    I have always been a happy loner. I also don’t trust people quickly. I have poor social skills, which I don’t care to change because I don’t want to socialize.

    But, despite all that, I can be quite the gooey dog with my husband. He’s the only person I’ve ever felt close to.

  36. I’m a gooey cat. On the outside, I’m jumping up and down wagging my tail, but inside I’m just an old misanthrope.

    Thanks for making me consider so seriously something so silly. :o)

  37. Can I be like, a gooey dog who also happens to be of a very independant breed. Like a gooey rottweiller? Or something? I tend to be very outgoing, and I love people, but I don’t really care if they love me. If that makes any sense.

  38. Definitely prickly cat. Or as I explained it to my gooey dog hubby, it’s not that I’m antisocial….I just don’t like people.

    Let’s put it this way- we moved 250ish miles last Feb. In that nearly a year the only people whose contact info I have gotten are parents of my daughter’s friends. And I’m perfectly happy with that. I have my hubby and my kids, and some days that’s more than I can handle.

  39. I’m one hellvua moody gooey cat.

    Don’t really need people because they’re problematic, but sometimes it’s nice to have that connection. I can be quite prickly, but also very gooey. Depends on my mood.

  40. I’d say I’m a gooey cat. I am very surface-friendly and outwardly pleasant, and I enjoy casual interaction on my own terms. I do crave attention from certain people at certain times, though again, I dictate terms.

    I can be prickly, too sometimes. That old bipolar nature.

  41. Totally a prickly dog. If I don’t know someone well I’ll be all snark and distance but deep down I still want everyone to love me :)

  42. Gooey cat. I think. I really dig on people and never stop talking, ever (EVER) but as I get older I’m finding that I don’t need people the same way I used to just a couple of years ago. Although that may be a function of having learned that wherever I go in the world I will find people I like, leaving me a little more free to pick and choose friends, and to leave them when I have to.

  43. Gooey dog with claws. Probably a German Shepherd.

    I’m nice nice nice but if you are mean to me for a long period of time and you reach my breaking point I will SNAP and BITE your face off.

  44. Can I be like, a gooey dog who also happens to be of a very independant breed. Like a gooey rottweiller?

    Hee, if you’re my rottweiler, you’re a great big snugglebug. ;) (I’d heard rotties were aloof. Instead I have a living breathing teddy bear…)

    I’m vacillating between prickly dog and gooey cat myself…based on Fillyjonk’s comment, I’m more of a cat because the idea of never being alone scares me more than the idea of being alone…and yet I sometimes drive myself nuts over whether people like me or don’t.

  45. Prickly catdog. I cuddle up to those whom I know well… it’s just hard to get to know me ’cause I’m so damn defensive.

  46. I’ve thought about this all day and I’ve decided that I’m a prickly dog. I have a dog-like personality qualities (loyal, affectionate) but ONLY to the people super close to me. It takes a while to get past the prickliness but it’s worth it.

  47. hmmm I have been contemplating this since I read the post earlier tonight. I think I used to be a gooey dog- coming from a family that did not accept and never hid it, I craved acceptance and I was so openly emotnional and expressive I look back now and am embaressed.
    Interesting to me though is the fact that during the above time quite a few of my friends admitted to having been intimidated by me. I chalk that up to be a a scorpio though
    I think I have become a prickly cat as a matter of self preservation.

  48. Prickly cat so far over on the scale I’m practically feral. The older I get, the pricklier, too. Age does not mellow a prickly cat, it just makes it clearer to her that life is too short to waste on being nice to fuckwits.

  49. Gooey Cat. Definatly.

    Unless you really piss me off (like my ass-groping brother-in-law). Then I go from Gooey to Prickly in less than seconds ;o)

  50. Totally gooey dog. And I have a thing for prickly cats, both in person and actual cat form. And I actively dislike actual dogs. I wonder what that says?

  51. I’m a gooey cat for sure. While I love my friends and family, if I were forced to be around them all the time I would probably claw my eyes out.

  52. I’m a gooey cat, I get very uhn about my personal space and people coming into my room and stuff, but I’m extremely huggy and affectionate.

    My friends and I have a similar game called ‘horse or crisp’ (chip for you american’s, but it is referring to round chips, not the triangular ones). Basically everyone is inherently a horse or a crisp (/chip) and you can just tell. Our examples being Richard and Judy (a chat show thing in the UK). Richard is the ultimate horse, and Judy is the epitome or a crisp(/chip), this is on personality and hairstyle and appearance and everything.
    Most people put me as a horse, but I do get a few crisps.

  53. You know….I really am not sure. The thing is, I suspect that sometimes there’s a big-eyed puppeh somewhere in there who desperately needs approval….AND a kitteh who is so not into rolling over and playing dead to get it. (The puppeh spent too much time doing that and getting growled at instead of being thrown doggy treats. The puppeh has learned better.)

    I can happily spend lots of time alone, and if I’m round big groups of people – ‘specially people I haven’t chosen to be with – I tend to get what I call ‘peopled out’. I’m a tad prickly when my space (literal or psychological) is invaded without my leave. I can be gooey to people I like, but it takes me rather a long time to trust anyone that much. (A feral kitteh, then!)

  54. I had to think about this for a day, damn it. If I know you really well, I’m a gooey dog. If I sort of know you, I’m a gooey cat. If I don’t know you at all, I’m a prickly dog. I think.

    I’m not sure I could stand either being alone or the time OR being around people all the time. Both would drive me insane in different ways.

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