Shapeling “cggirl,” a.k.a. Michal Finegold, has finished her gorgeous animation project, “EAT.” Check it out.

About the animation, Michal says:

In my version, rather than starting out pure and learning shame from the tree of knowledge, Eve starts out afraid and conflicted, and learns self-acceptance, self-love….

Too many of us tell ourselves that our normal, healthy desires are “sinful,” “unhealthy,” or “wrong,” and that our natural body shapes — whatever they happen to be for each of us — are unacceptable. By doing so, we are setting an impossible trap for ourselves. We can never win, we will always fail, because we have decided that, by definition, what we want and need is wrong, and what we are is not okay.

Perhaps it is time to realize: Eating is not a moral failure, nor is having any particular body type, or loving whomever we love, or just being whoever we happen to be.

Rock on, cggirl! And thanks for the nod at the end!

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  1. Oh yay thanks :)

    And all the shapelings who commented before on the work in progress – you may notice I have taken a lot of your notes…

  2. Oh wow, that was so beautiful. I love that you can see how hesitant she is. Awesome job cggirl, you deserve some kind of award for this.

  3. That was beautiful. I love the texts you chose for the beginning and end. And the animation was just gorgeous.

  4. That was brilliant! I have no clue how animation works so I don’t know if it would be possible, but I would love to hang a print on my wall…

  5. Aw thanks for all the kind words :)

    kristen – i’m honored that you’d want a print! just for you I’ve posted an image, and let me know if you would like some other part of the animation instead.

    you can try to print that out on a regular A4 or letter size paper, in “landscape” format (rather than “portrait”) on a printer, if you have one at home.

    Just right click the link and do “save target as” –

    Thanks everyone :)

  6. (by the way that image is not super high quality or anything, but hopefully it will print decent.
    maybe i should specifically design an EAT poster, for high quality large scale printing :) )

  7. maybe i should specifically design an EAT poster, for high quality large scale printing

    Yes! A picture of Eve at the end!

  8. Thanks sniper! Yeah maybe I will do that next weekend… Eve under the tree with flowers all around in the foreground.

  9. Can’t get the video to load yet. I’m not really in favor of changing biblical stories like we do with fairy tales; to me it’s a sacred thing, not to be changed around to suit ourselves. (I’m not very keen on changing fairy tales either, but that’s another story.)

    However, there is no biblical mandate against fat. There is against gluttony, but that has nothing to do with fat – as we know you can be thin and gluttonous or fat and hungry. Fat isn’t the issue in the bible – the “fatted” calf or the “fat portions” that Abel brought before God, the “fat of the land” were GOOD things, not bad things. A *lot* of the bible is centered on *feasts.* Feasting was always a way of bonding socially, of telling people you loved them – in the NT they would commonly have “love feasts” where they all got together and celebrated. Eating was not forbidden, not sinful – in fact, starving yourself would be not only unthinkable but incredibly sinful. There is NOTHING sinful about eating from a biblical standpoint. The only admonition I can think of NT was about people who purposely went to love feasts just to pig out, with food being their only interest. NOTHING to do with whether they were fat whatsoever – just what their focus was. Feasting was good, it was encouraged, it was mandated – eating was never forbidden (except from the one tree – remember, Eve wasn’t *supposed* to eat that fruit and learn shame at all) and never a negative except if the focus was wrong or the person was ungrateful for their daily bread. Jesus’ own sacrifice was specifically likened to food – “body = bread,” his first miracle was turning water into kick-ass wine (most people save the bad wine for last but you saved the good stuff!) and the last thing He did before ascending was to eat fish with his apostles.

    I’m not finding an anti-eating or anti-fat message in the bible at all, only an anti-gluttony message. Which as we already know (as did they) are not the same things at all. Perhaps we’ve become so used to the two being equated that we’ve lost sight of that.

  10. AnnieMcPhee, thank you for taking the time to share all of that.

    For what it’s worth, I do not think the Bible is telling us not to eat. I just think common interpretations of it, perhaps MISinterpretations, equate gluttony with eating and desire with sin.

    That said, of course we still may not see eye to eye on this piece or whether it was okay to “mess” with biblical stories. Everyone’s beliefs are different and I certainly do not expect everyone here to approve of my work; so I respect your opinion.

  11. actually i must correct myself:

    I never even thought that people are misinterpreting the bible specifically on the issue of food, I just felt that they/we are misinterpreting it to mean that desire is sinful.
    From that, I draw an analogy to our modern relationship to food, and I do think it’s all somewhat related…

  12. Oh I’m not disapproving of your work – in fact I’m waiting for the darn thing to load so I can enjoy it too :D Ugh, foot in mouth today I think.

    I know that people do misinterpret it – somewhere along the line gluttony became conflated with fat or with eating at all, and that is just nuts! I really do recommend doing some searches in the bible text and seeing all the positive ways food is connected with loving, and nurturing, and caring for people – and like I say, “fat” is mostly used in a very positive way :) And nothing says celebration like a good feast – we did that with our children occasionally as a form of bonding and worship – just had ourselves a good old-fashioned feast by candlelight. I highly recommend it :)

  13. Cggirl, part of the problem may be that the word desire has come to mean something different. In Genesis, the word “desire” was directly connected to wanting to *control* someone. Sin *desired* Cain, to master him. Eve *desired* her husband, but that didn’t mean wanting to have sex, it meant wanting to control. Today it just usually means wanting something. What desire meant then was probably more akin to what we would now think of more as lusting after something obsessively.

    I’m feeling a little geeky, but the roots of these words are, IMO important to getting the messages right.

  14. Finally saw it – I absolutely love the trees; they’re beautiful.

    It’s kind of funny sometimes, I’m not sure what it was supposed to mean, but what was Eve supposed to be thinking when she specifically added “nor shall you touch it” to the command? I know it wasn’t the original command, which was merely not to eat it. She must have been supposed to mean something by adding it, but I can’ figure it out.

  15. Oh anni, first of all – I love your “geekiness”, haha, that just means you’re knowledgable. :) And I love the fact that the bible has so many connotations for fatness, thanks for pointing that out.

    As for the command – THAT is a very interesting point. (I’m assuming you’re talking about the fact that Eve is the one saying this, and that God originally did not tell them not to touch, only not to eat?)
    I feel that point, in and of itself, can be seen as a symbol of what we’ve been talking about – the way in which people can misinterpret “God’s word” or the Bible or what have you, and take it somewhere else than originally intended.

    Maybe I’m getting too thinky with it, hehe, but it just seems kinda appropriate to me that I have actually quoted Eve misquoting God… Of course most people won’t know that but you are right on top of things Annie! :)

    And what you’re saying about the word “desire”, those are interesting points as well.

    I’m actually Israeli (and until recently, only ever read the bible in Hebrew), and I speak Hebrew at home. So it’s also possible I don’t always use the ideal words in English and I’m glad you can help clarify details like that.

    And I’m certainly glad you enjoyed the piece :) I don’t know why it took so long to download; I thought the point of YouTube was that it’s fast… But as long as you got there in the end haha.

  16. Beautiful. Who is the hot lady who the text is being projected onto? It would be kind of hard to be ashamed of that body! Very feminine.

    It’s funny, i always think nudity diminishes a man, but my, how it exalts a woman. Like a naked man is less threatening but a naked women is more so..?

  17. Oh wow, you know the Hebrew? Will you be my new best friend? :D Thanks for taking my seeming negative comment for how it was really intended and being nice about it. VERY much appreciated!

  18. Ugh, don’t mean to take over the thread, but you’re right about us flawed human beings taking things out of context and taking them where they weren’t meant to go – very well put. Poor Eve, she takes too much heat when it was really Adam’s fault ;)

    Boo…I don’t think nudity diminishes men more than women – IMO a little drapery is more tantalizing on either sex. But Eve was definitely nude :D

  19. Personally, I believe that if something is too sacred to be played with a little, it is also too sacred to be useful… like a pretty little ornament you put up on the shelf and never touch. Mythic tales shouldn’t be china dolls, they should be action figures.

  20. Actually, I don’t think they’re myths. That might be where we think differently on that. Changing something a little for certain purposes (like the fictionalized book “Two From Galilee” or whatever it was called but was a fictionalized account of Jesus’ birth) is a bit different than changing the basic meaning. A lot of people these days are also unfamiliar with the original meanings, or think they say something they don’t, which doesn’t seem very helpful. Or at the least, changing the stories can also be reason to reexamine the actual stories, is that wrong?

  21. Oh no Chaotic Heart, really? Perhaps you were in the old thread, where I had posted an old version? Because when I click the one in this thread, it does play… Or maybe it was a weird glitch and if you try again later it will let you? Sorry about that, dunno what the problem is.

  22. Hehe Annie yes perhaps it WAS all Adam’s fault! lol.

    And yes I know the hebrew but I’m hardly a scholar, really. I myself am not religious, but as Jewish people we learned the Torah (i.e. the Old Testament or whatever it’s called) in school in a more historical-cultural context, rather than as something to necessarily believe in. The believing part is a more personal decision of course. And to be honest I don’t remember much of what I learned, but I’m sure it’s somewhere in the back of my brain.

    But whether we believe the bible literally or not, I think it teaches us a lot about ourselves as a culture, the culture of the modern Western world as I see it.
    Every culture has their roots, where they can trace back pervasive attitudes about all sorts of things.

    I happen to belong to a culture where tracing back as far as I can reaches these stories… But I’ve used it, and our interpretations of it, merely as an allegory.

  23. Ah and of course the whole thing about Eve taking the fruit and being the downfall of humanity by gettin us kicked outta paradise, that says a whole LOT about misoginy in our culture. Again, not necessarily from the bible, perhaps more from our interpretation of it, depending on how you look at it…

    And by the way, I will certainly enter this in various animation festivals, but the most important prize is knowing that you guys are watching it and that it makes you feel something. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. (Now I’m gonna get all teary eyed myself…)

  24. Yes, I had thought it was more allegorical than anything else. There’s an “eve” of sorts in plenty of cultures and histories and myths, etc. So it’s pretty universal imagery.

    I meant to ask, do you take your animation style from some of Russian animation artists? Because that’s what it really reminds me of. I’m not an animation aficionado (well, except maybe the old Looney Tunes ;) ), but I quite love some of the Russian masters I’ve seen, and as soon as the video started, I felt like I was watching some of them.

    From an old and new testament standpoint, it was definitely not Eve who got us kicked out of the garden – it was on Adam’s shoulders. Eve was deceived, but he did it on purpose. (That’s why it says that sin entered the world through one man, not through the woman.) It’s been speculated that he was the one who told Eve the part about “not touching” the fruit as well. Not sure about that, but the way that people love to blame Eve is definitely telling.

  25. From an old and new testament standpoint, it was definitely not Eve who got us kicked out of the garden – it was on Adam’s shoulders. Eve was deceived, but he did it on purpose.

    This is basically the interpretation in Milton’s Paradise Lost as well, but it does seem like modern society faults Eve more than Adam for whatever reason (at least from what I’ve read/seen).

  26. Annie, everything you said there about Eve – i agree, well said.

    And also, I definitely was inspired by russion animators!
    It’s a huge complement to me that my work made you think of that style.

    My favorite is Yuri Norstein, especially “Hedgehog in the Fog”, and – of COURSE – “Tale of Tales”.

    I’m surprised someone who says of themselves “I’m not an animation aficionado” actually knows about that style. :) I find that too many people who ARE in the animation world, or at least in the CG animation world, don’t really know about those styles. I feel as CG animators we should know where we came from, what earlier forms of the craft were like.

  27. Yuri Norstein – oh, good things! Tale of Tales is heartbreaking and beautiful, and the Hedgehog. Ivan Ivanov-Vano’s use of lace in Seasons is just beautiful, too. Ah heck, I love ’em all! The one I can’t remember is one of my favorites because it was so sweet – it was a cow and a crocodile who fall in love – always made me laugh but I don’t remember the name now. Cool to meet someone making stuff in that tradition :) I’ll be looking forward to your future work, for sure.

    Lesley, I end up being sort of confused on that one, because I don’t know who really are the ones blaming Eve…I never heard it in any churches, or sermons, etc., but I hear people who are offended because they think Eve is blamed by the church. I’m not sure where it really comes from. Googling “Eve’s fault” just gets me some rock band :D A really good read and an excellent take on Eve (or at least AN Eve) is Perelandra by C. S. Lewis. He posits a world (Venus) where there is a new humanity and the Eve of that world makes a different choice, with different results (it’s not about a tree, though.) Really fascinating. I won’t give it away in case anyone wants to read it, but it’s part of the Space Trilogy.

  28. Oh yeah, his Eve has a whole lot more internal and external dialogue, and an amazingly sharp brain – she thinks everything through. You just fall in love with her.

  29. Annie, I don’t know how it is in all the different forms of Christianity.

    But I do know that in the verse where God punishes Eve with the pain of childbirth, he also says:
    “and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.”

    Now you can interpret that many ways, but a very literal interpretation would be:
    “A man is the boss of his wife (or men are bosses of women). And you deserve it wives, it’s part of your punishment for what you did with the fruit. So suck it, ladies.” (Ok I added that last part.)

    I mean, as a Jew, I ain’t so keen on that punishment.

    I also don’t appreciate the way when God is punishing Adam, he points out that it’s because Adam listened to his wife. “That’s what you get for listening to your wife” together with “He shall rule over thee” can be seen to mean “So, ladies, you get no more say. You had your chance and you blew it. Guys, this is what you get when you listen to your wife.”

    I mean no disrespect to all believers out there, and this is not at all a comment on the various religions themselves. I KNOW there are other ways to interpret this scripture and that the various religions do just that, I am just saying for me – personally – when I read that, and when I look at religious patriarchal societies (such as othodox jews), I get a little miffed.

    That said, Annie I’m very happy to hear that that’s not how it is interpreted in any church, at least in your experience, and I’m glad if that’s not the norm.

    Oh and the animation with the cow and crocodile – I think you mean “My Green Crocodile” by Vadim Kurchevsky. I think I have that on my “Masters of Russian Animation” DVD set.

    Oh and booShambles – the hot lady is, of course, a 3D model I made on my computer… but she is supposed to have the same body as Eve, who is based on my body. Dunno if I look as hot from that angle, since I haven’t actually seen myself that way, but lets hope so. :)

  30. *As to God pointing out that Adam listening to his wife, it bugged me because he did NOT say the same thing about eve listening to the serpent when he punished her… but again, i know there are many interpretations. lol this has become quite the interesting biblical discussion group.

  31. @Annie: The Bible is unquestionably a book of myths. Whether or not you believe the myths to be historically true is another matter… the label “myth” conveys no information on that subject.

    Sure, “myth” is often used dismissively to imply something is made up, but so is the word “story.” Does story mean “made-up?” I can tell you the story of how I came to dislocate my shoulder. It wouldn’t be a very mythic story, though.

    I honestly don’t believe the Bible is remotely historical, but I’m not about to debate that on Kate’s blog. However, I cannot deny (and can’t imagine why anybody who believes in it would want to deny) that it is mythic in its scope and impact. The symbols and stories in it matter.

    …which is why I say we must absolutely be allowed to play with, subvert, explode, and re-examine them at will. They mean too much to be left up on the shelf.

  32. You have the whole set??? Ok, can you really really really be my best friend? :D I only have volume 2. Thank god for IFC. Oh, that little crocodile piece – I know it wasn’t an artistic masterpiece – or maybe it wasn’t – but it was so sweet and funny! Love it.

    And hey, your Eve is something like Venus of Willendorf (but thinner) – who the heck says practically no one was fat before the last 50 years? I beg to differ!

    With Eve, what you’re getting into there is actually – well, I don’t think it’s in the scope of this blog or the discussion here, and I don’t want to bug anyone with it, but it IS definitely a valid discussion. I’d quite enjoy discussing it with you somewhere, at some point. I think it’s worthwhile. Seriously, there are actually valid points to be made regarding the curse and such, from other angles. For now I’ll just say, remember that God is Love. I did start my own blog so people would know I’m not just some crank or troll, so you can probably find me on blogspot. Come on over and drop me a line if you like – you’re quite refreshing to talk to :)

  33. In regards to the whole Eve’s fault or Adams fault. I found this bumpersticker many many moons ago.
    Eve was framed
    I have always wanted to put it on my car, but I live in the buckle of the bible belt but somehow I feel it would be misinterpreted. :D

  34. Lillith – :D :D She was, wasn’t she?

    Well, these things really are delved into in Perelandra; I can’t recommend it enough – it serves two purposes – it’s kickass fiction (if it weren’t I wouldn’t give a crap for it) AND it examines doctrinal issues. But not just for the sake of examining doctrinal issues – it never loses sight of the awesome story. If you haven’t read it, I hope you do :)

  35. I hope no one here finds that offensive, but growing up hearing constantly how Eve and of course the rest of the female gender were all flawed creatures finally got to me. I have never believed that she was the complete and total cause of the downfall.
    Of course the thoughts I do have about it all got me kicked out of my church and called all manner of horrible names.

  36. Actually, I’d be very very interested in hearing what your church taught – like I say I’ve never heard a church or a sermon or bible study blaming Eve, but that’s not to say they don’t exist. I’d also be very interested in hearing how and why saying that got you banished and called terrible names!

    So when they said Eve and all women were flawed, did they apply that to men too? Because after all, the bible is so insistent that sin entered the world through ADAM (which is why Jesus was the second Adam) that just saying women only were flawed makes no sense. If they were saying that yes, women are flawed, and so are men, and their flaws are somewhat different in nature (hers being easily swayed and deceived and his being apt to just defiantly sin) that would make sense. But if they said that it was just women who were flawed, forget it – they were dead wrong! Makes no sense at all. I’m definitely listening – like I say, I’ve never heard that one in church! Jeesh.

  37. Annie we should all totally take up that part of the discussion on your blog, definitely. (cuz its interesting and cuz we don’t wanna take up a lot of space on this blog doing it)

  38. First off I live in the midwest, southwestern Missouri. The world headquarters of the Assemblies of God religion is in my town. Of the six colleges in this area only one is secular. The rest all teach some form or fashion of christian schooling. you could not swing a dead anythign in this town and not hit a ” man of the cloth” Most of them, even with the schools around us, were itinerant preachers. Plying there own version of how they interpreted the bible.A good portion were racist, prejudical against other faiths and mysoginistic as well
    I grew up in a true old fashioned church with all the fire and brimstone you could imagine. My preacher really felt that women were evil.
    It seemed his personal axe to grind to be honest. He would preach about how women were no more then whores, if you wore makeup in church and were younger then 35 he would march you from the sanctuary to the bathroom and watch as you scrubbed your face. He demanded skirts be kept long and hair be properly done up.
    Almost every sermon would somehow come around to how woman in her infinite evil has tormented man to the point of breaking. We are witches and sorceresses, succubi etc. He would typically pick the sermons that focused on humanities shortcomings and then lay into the women in the congregation as if to say we were the root of it all.
    I know that he only grudginly admitted the sanctity of Mary and the virgin birth. Even then I think he would have been happier if Jesus had just been found as a child. Without the mess of childbirth and mothering.
    One year I got the chance to go to Europe as an exchange student. I was there for nine months and when I can back I had made some serious changes to my way of thinking. I had asked him if we could talk because after spending a year overseas I had questions.
    His first response is as a woman I had no right to question anything a man told me and I should just sit and listen while he waxed on about all the evils I had commited just in being a woman.
    When I told him that I thought he might be leaning a little too heavy on the ” women are the root of all evil didnt Adam have a part in all this?” well he let me have it, we got into a serious 2 hour conversation that ended into a yelling match. I told him his closeminded mysoginistic hatred of women was insane. He told me Europe had changed me and that I was well on my way to becoming a handmaiden to the Whore of Babylon. ( true story that ) He told me, my thoughts were posioning his church and his youth group and I must go.
    He told me I had allowed Evil to enter my heart by flaunting myself ( I was wearing a scoop neck shirt with short sleeves ) and of course I was a sinner look at how overweight I was. another sin in the eyes of his god. ( At this point he informed me I wasn’t allowed to claim the same god, his god would be disgusted by me and my thoughts. ) This really is what helped me find my way along the path to Paganism. I told him he was archaic and his way of thinking was dying. I thought he was gonna have a coronary, women just didnt stand up to him like I did and it was making his blood boil.
    ( point of reference my parents didn’t attend church any longer at this point it was just me. )
    Finally the youth minister convinced me to leave for the day. I got a letter in the mail later telling me my name had been stricken from the rolls of the church. I was not to be allowed back in the building.
    My friends who still attended told me the sermon the next Sunday was all about me the Wicked vile evil Harlot in their midst.
    he passed away about 10 years ago a bitter man.
    I truly felt sorry for him.

  39. I look forward to hearing from you, cggirl, and totally appreciate it :) See what you did – you started an entire discussion on all these important issues by being provocative hehe. Very nice.

  40. Lilith – wow! I sure as hell don’t claim the same God as he does – not remotely! (If he were alive I’d tell him so to his face.) To be really honest, I hear “Assembly of God” or “AOG” and my eyes glaze over. No. interest. at. all. Charismatic weirdos. Uh – I’m really sorry to anyone who is AOG but really, they make it up as they go and that is of no interest to me. But making it up as you go is very helpful to people who have ridiculous prejudices that they aren’t willing to bend when the bible tells them they are wrong wrong wrong. And he was wrong, so wrong. Many of them are. I get so discouraged when, like happened 1 1/2 years ago, we’re taking a drive and see some little reformed church with like two cars parked in front on a Sunday morning, and then pass some charismatic f***tard church with 8 bazillion cars parked, many of them luxury cars, and you just KNOW they’re preaching “what people want to hear” instead of what’s actually there. It’s a travesty. Oh yeah, if you’re blessed you will be Healthy! And Wealthy! And have a huge congregation! Bullshit. Total bullshit.

    Gah, I don’t want to even get started. It’s tragic that that was your exposure to the church; it’s bullshit. (Sorry, can’t think of a better word.)

  41. I grew up Mormon (I’m not anymore, but that’s beside the point), and this is actually not far off from the LDS version of the story (which is one of the reason other Xtian religions bash Mormons, but wev). See, the Mormon version had Eve facing a very difficult choice. God had given her two different instructions that were conflicting.

    1) Don’t eat the fruit
    2) Go forth and multiply

    Seeing as they didn’t even notice their nakedness, Mormons generally assume that Adam and Eve had no idea what sex was, and they couldn’t know and remain innocent at the same time. So, if you follow rule one, you can’t fulfill rule two, and to fulfill rule two you have to break rule one.

    (Note: There’s supposedly a reason it was set up this way, and it’s not “God’s a Bastard”, but that would take too long to explain.)

    So, the LDS version of the story is that, while the serpent did tell Eve about the fruit, it wasn’t that she was tempted, or an evil woman harlot, or any of that.

    It was that she made an informed decision. She wanted children, but didn’t know how to go about it, and so had to decide which rule was most important to her. She made a noble decision to give up her immortal life and go into the unknown in order to do the thing which she felt she needed to do.

    And (in the LDS version – note, we have the same Bible, we just read it differently) God didn’t punish her with the pain of childbirth. The pain of childbirth was just a fact. Like gravity and aging. Not a punishment, just a natural consequence of mortality. And so his whole spiel to Eve about how she’ll now feel pain wasn’t him punishing her. It was just him educating, warning, and comforting her. Like the way a mom might try and comfort her daughter when she gets her first period. Same sort of deal. He was just saying “Look, I want you to be prepared, and it’s not anything to worry about, but it will hurt.”

    While I’m not much for organised religion, I’ll be honest, I always liked the Mormon interpretation of the story better. It’s one of the few reasons I stuck with the church for so long before finally giving it up. For having such an anti-women reputation, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints often struck me as having a remarkably feminist interpretation of things. According to the Mormons, the reason we are all here is because a woman was brave enough to think for herself and make a choice. She’s the cool one in the story.

  42. What does eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge have to do with being fruitful and multiplying? Oh, I get it, the fruit was sex? Sigh. Yeah, that’s a pretty major difference. And a huge sticking point. Also her making an informed choice as opposed to being tricked – that’s pretty big too, because if her choice was so informed then she *would* be to blame for sin entering the world, and not Adam. She wasn’t a harlot or evil, just mistaken.

    Though they’re getting a bit closer with the pain in childbirth – not *there* but closer.

    I will say that that is a bit different than what I’ve heard from Mormons before, so it’s interesting to hear.

  43. I need to clarify, the church I went to wasn’t associated per-say with the A/g denomination they were Baptist more then anything. I shared the AG so you could understand my area is extremely ” christian” But I agree so many times you find that what is being preached is more to soothe the conscience of the people in the pews then it truly is any truth from the pulpit.

  44. cggirl, that animation is AMAZING! I love it SO MUCH!

    In regards to the whole Eve’s fault or Adams fault. I found this bumpersticker many many moons ago.
    Eve was framed
    I have always wanted to put it on my car, but I live in the buckle of the bible belt but somehow I feel it would be misinterpreted. :D

    I live in the Bible Belt as well (Knoxville, TN) and I work at a small, extremely conservative and overtly religious firm (prayer meetings on Mondays, Bible study on Wednesdays, etc). I once got pressured into attending church with several of the higher-ups, and the sermon was about how real snake-handling and prophecy and stuff are. Quite uncomfortable for a froofy-liberal Episcopalian like me!

    ANYWAY, one day there was a car parked in our lot that had that bumper sticker on it. One of the higher-ups saw it and said, “Ha ha, ‘Eve was framed.’ That’s a neat sticker.” Then he looked over at me and real quick said, “Of course that’s not true,” probably to make sure I didn’t think he was a heathen or something. But later he said again how much he liked that bumper sticker.

    So while some people in your area might be jerks about it, if you ever do get that sticker, be assured it’s probably making some conservative Christians think!

  45. Oh, I get it, the fruit was sex?

    No, the fruit gave knowledge of good and evil, and sex can be both. So without the fruit she can’t have ever known what sex was. It wasn’t the only knowledge she gained, obviously. She gained knowledge of all sort of things. But not knowing how to have sex is going to be a huge hindrance if you want to have kids.

    And it was an informed decision, but not an evil one according to the Mormon interpretation. It was absolutely the right decision. And a brave thing to do. According the LDS beliefs, if she hadn’t, she and Adam would have sat around the Garden doing nothing, experiencing nothing, and knowing nothing for all eternity. They couldn’t even experience joy or love, because Mormons don’t believe you can understand what Joy or Love are without knowing what they aren’t. She brought knowledge and love and an opportunity for life into the world – and sin was a choice that people could make that came with that life.

    But Mormons generally regard Eve as being brilliant and informed and brave and all kinds of awesome. Not a victim or a temptress or anything that she is frequently characterised as. Which isn’t to say those are bad interpretations. Everyone’s free to have their beliefs, and morals can be taken from all the different takes on the story.

    Granted, the LDS church also has institutionalized homophobia, and whole other slew of other problems, but I just thought I’d mention that this video reminded me of the Sunday School lessons I used to really enjoy where our teacher would assure us that the story we might have heard or grown up with didn’t give women their proper credit. And how much I enjoyed those lessons. How that version seemed so much more fair to me.

    Anyway, I’m agnostic now, and don’t really think the story is literally true. So any interpretation works for me. And I like hearing them all.

    And I happen to really love the way the story was adapted in this film. I think it is full of pride and beauty.

  46. Beautiful! ccgirl, you should really start your own web site to show off your work (not that there’s anything wrong with this one! I just mean that the more places you have this work up the better!)

  47. Rose thanks for the suggestion.
    Actually I have a site – – though it’s nothing fancy, just a bunch of my stuff, plus my reel and resume to show prospective employers… that’s how I get jobs.

    As for all the Adam/Eve stuff I also want to add:
    1. it occurred to me our earlier discussion of how i happened to choose the quote of Eve misquoting god, taking what he said further… well that’s just like people take a tiny seed of something about “health” and take it way too far, misquote it, and bring us:
    obesity hysteria!

    2. i’m not religious scholar but to me, in the context of the culture to which i belong, the fruit sorta is sex. the knowledge that they are naked, and that type of thing… it all seems very sexual to me. and the “forbidden fruit” metaphor so often meaning sex.
    so i do see a bit of that – she eats it very sensually, and he glowing belly – you could almost interpret that as pregnancy. these are just some thoughts i had while making it.

    3. another thought to me was that when we see her ghostly self pulling her back, i thought some might see that as two Eves, like a lesbian couple. and to me the whole food-is-temptation-is-evil is very similar to gay-sex-is-wrong and that sorta thing. and/or this can evoke female comeraderie over shared fears about food, and how common but destructive that is.
    so to me, if anyone sees it like two Eves, that’s excellent too!

    sorry i have a lot of thoughts floating in my head when i work on something for as long as i worked on this thing…

  48. Thanks gemma. Actually i didn’t choose an existing piece of music. Matthew Watts wrote it specifically for this piece. Was so cool of him.

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