Friday Fluff

Friday Fluff: What are you wearing?

As requested in comments, here it is… Tell us what you’re wearing!

And please try to keep the phone sex jokes to a minimum.

Also, if you’re wearing something awesome that’s currently available online, a link would be swell.

Me, I’m wearing my blogger uniform: red fleece and grey sweats from Target, muscle tank from Athleta under the fleece, and a blinding white pair of New Balance 336s I got at T.J. Maxx yesterday. Why didn’t I believe people earlier when they said New Balances are ZOMG the most comfortable shoes ever? I’m wearing them even to sit inside and blog, because they feel like fugly little angels hugging my feet. And that’s without even getting into how awesome it is to walk in them. I’m seriously thinking about going to nursing school just so I have an excuse to wear them all the time.

206 thoughts on “Friday Fluff: What are you wearing?”

  1. An adorabe Empire-waist black 3/4 sleeve top, white cami and JEANS cuz its Friday, and my favorite pair of knee high leather stiletto boots, that I wear like they are New Balances :P

    Yay for clothings

  2. If I weren’t trying to get an article out by 1 pm today, I would have posted a different Fluff, so we could save this one for a day when I was wearing something interesting. :)

    I had to get to work by 8. Consequently I am wearing faded black jeans, a black military-surplus webbing belt, a black tank top, and a black long-sleeved shirt that is the girly version of a thermal undershirt (it’s a little thinner fabric, and has baby ribbing and some pointelle). And two fake black pearl chokers that I got at this year’s Holiday Market. And Keens (black). And socks with a flame pattern that I bought in Seattle with Sweet Machine. I look pretty hot, but very much like I’ve slipped back into my goth phase.

  3. I was planning on wearing a dress today, as it’s my teaching day, but I’m defeated by the weather! I’m wearing: a black tank top under a mulberry t-shirt (both from Target) under a slate blue boatneck sweater (passed down from Fillyjonk); black leggings (from Target) under SmartWool socks under jeans (Ann Taylor Loft); and these boots, which make my feet very happy.

    You may sense a theme here: pile on as many cheap undergarments from Target as possible. It’s hard to look snappy when it’s 0 degrees F outside!

  4. I’m wearing my lane bryant jeans (blue all the way baby) a purple V neck tunic/t-shirt thing, also from Lane, and my black sweater coat, from Torrid. Completing the ensem are my disgusting tennis shoes and the only clean pair of socks I could find which sort of match….Yay for Casual Friday!

  5. The most-comfortable-ever ankle-length black knit skirt with a sort of slate blue short sleeve shirt and a big warm bulky black sweater against the -2 degrees this morning. Black wool 3/4 coat from Lane Bryant, blue-toned magic scarf and ballet flats from Payless. Yay comfy Friday!

  6. I am in my Righfit jeans from LB, a chambray shirt from Junonia, thick cotton boot socks from Sock Dreams, & some New Balance 811 walking shoes. And, yes, New Balance are the best for those of us with wide feet, or with mobility/pronating problems who also walk a lot & need good shoes which give us real comfort & support. I am about to add my Junonia ski jacket, purchased last year from Junonia’s closet, & polarfleece hat & mittens from Land’s End, &, yes, gods help me, take a walk in a -9 windchill.

  7. I’m wearing my Right Fit jeans from LB, white old navy cami under a black zip neck sweater with purple gray and white stripes on the sleaves that I got at kohls. Black and white argyle socks from target and my black and white psuedo-chucks from payless.

    Its a new sweater and its making me very happy!

  8. because they feel like fugly little angels hugging my feet

    Wow. I think my splurf just splurfed! :D

    Anyways today I’m sporting my black spandex pants and a V-neck sleeveless all covered with Disney’s Pirates sweatshirt (Similar to this but tan colored) – all in anticipation of bellydance class in a couple hours!

  9. Deep red, snug and belted cowl neck sweater with a “faux” black tank underneath(Daisy Fuentes from Kohl’s) and a black wideleg dress pants (Bisou Bisou from JC Penney’s) black maryjane-ish pumps (Simply Comfort, JC Penney’s).

    I normally would do Jean Friday attire (jeans, comfy cotton shirt and Keen’s), but I have a meeting and this is my Power Suit. I look awsome in red.

    I might mention, if it’s going on in your area, JC Penney’s is have a 75% off sale and I have managed to repopulate my entire wardrobe with very, very nice clothes for under $400. I had to go through the brutality of trying on a million things (only a slight exaggeration) but it was worth it.

    I purged and donated everything else, and now have only things that make me look 100% awesome AND feel great. It’s great when the only clothes you have to choose are clothes that make you feel good. Now if I could just find a reasonable pair of jeans (size 18ish, and I have a small waist, bigger hips and thighs? Anyone?)

  10. Black 3/4 sleeve sweater with itty bitty cables, black tank top under it, denim skirt a bit above my knee, black tights, and black and white tweed Chuck Taylor low-tops. 3 strand black pearl bracelet and black and gray bead earrings that dangle to my shoulders. I definitely don’t look like anyone’s idea of a Biology teacher. :)

  11. It’s fairly cold down here for New Orleans and I’ve got some beads to catch at the parade tonight (first big Carnival weekend), so I’m bundled up: black velvety corduroy pants from St. Johns Bay, red longsleeved shirt from Target with, this cool wool jacket that I bought at Portland’s Saturday Market with kind of a Tibetan pattern of flames and flowers in brick red, cherry red, gold, and green; and my funky black leather heeled shoes/low boots with a little stamped star pattern. Later I’ll add a funky brown wool hat (also from Portland’s Saturday Market – one of my favorite places to shop!), fleece gloves, and a wool coat.

  12. Casual Friday, so…

    Dark wash bootcut jeans
    Cofee-coloured t-shirt
    Rust-coloured fine gauge cardigan from Eddie Bauer
    Dark brown mary janes from Born.

    Born, by the way, are great shoes for a not-too-fashionable job. I have several pairs of dress shoes from them and they feel good all day.

  13. We may have to reprise this one when it’s spring or summer in the northern hemisphere.

    Good call. Meanwhile, I know we have some Australians and Kiwis around here who’d better start talking about awesome sundresses.

    Oh, and for anyone wondering about linking, copy this:

    [a href=””] text to be linked goes here [/a]

    Replace the square brackets with angle brackets; with the url in question; and obvy, the text with whatever text you want. Leave everything else, including quotes and spacing, exactly the same.

  14. I take casual Friday’s to the extreme.

    I’m wearing a faded black hoodie sweatshirt, emblazened with “Pink Floyd”. (Awesome thirft store find for $2.99!!). Gap jeans and Keens as well. Mine are blue and green though.

  15. Today is our “casual friday” for charity, so we all dress down quite a bit. I’m wearing my favorite pair of jeans, they are the Levis 525 style (‘nouveau boot cut’), pretty dark wash blue denim (originally). I had to be tacky and cut them at the bottoms because I’m 5’5″ and a bit but I have shorty legs. I got these at Sears in Florida last summer. I’m wearing cheapo thermal-like tights underneath because it’s collllld.

    On top I’m wearing a new t-shirt, Style & Co. brand, which I got from the Bay (Canadian dept store). It’s light brown with a sort of art nouveau style graphic on it of flowers (there’s a tulip, a poppy and a chrysanthemum) in shades of deep oranges, reds, purples and some greens. It’s not too bright, the colors are pretty but not “bright” you know? The only thing I don’t like about it is that there are a few little sparkly things on one part and I just want to pick them off. When it comes to glued-on jems and sequins, I say that you either go balls to the wall, Leslie Hall style, or not at all.

    On top of the shirt, I have my new sweater I got at the Addition Elle clearance sale (which, fellow Canadian Shapelings should all know, is still going on). I picked it up last weeked for 50% off, it is from the weekend collection. It’s very soft gray, closes in the front with one big snap which has a big decorative mother-of-pearl looking button over it. I like it because it’s loose around the neck with a wide collar. I wish it had more buttons, but it wouldn’t hang as nicely I guess? I saw it on the website (they’ve taken it off, sadly – I tried to find a pic to link here) and just fell in love with it. On top of sweater I am wearing my new scarf which is very soft blue-gray wool on one side, and black on the reverse. People seem to think it’s a fashion choice, but I’m just chilly. I think it looks pretty cute though.

    Times like this made me wish I had a camera phone, or that my camera wasn’t broken (not that it matters since it’s at home anyway!). But having to use my big girl words helps flex my descriptive brain muscles, I guess. :P

    New Balances are indeed the bomb when it comes to comfort. I’m jealous of your fleecies.

  16. I’m jealous of everybody. I’ve been in a serious fashion schlump lately, with no energy or inclination to put any thought into my attire. So I grab the same soft, comfy stuff day in and day out.

    Today I’m wearing black yoga pants from Target, on clearance in the $3 range. I call them my “smooshy pants.” Grey heathered long-sleeve T, also from Target, also in the $3 clearance range. Black socks, black suede Soft Walks (most awesomest comfy shoes evah), and a Lane Bryant red zippered fleece vest.

  17. I’m wearing a work staple: Lane Bryant trousers and an Eddie Bauer wrap tee in deep red – hooray for the Eddie Bauer XXL – available in their stores as well as online! If you go in for that preppy c*** like me =).

  18. I am getting ready to take off my work uni’ and since it is much more interesting then the cheap wally world sweats, tshirt and house slippers… that is what I am going with.

    I must preface this with a few things

    First I work for a hotel, a Hilton property to be exact. We all have uniforms that we have to wear. When I first started there it was these French blue ( Kinko’s blue in my opinion before they merged with Fed Ex ) polyester shirts with poly pants. COULD NOT BREATHE!!!

    We got new Uni’s from Lands End. NICE !!

    Khaki’s that I would wear to places other then work, baby blue t shirt type top with Matching cardigan and a belt every shade of a sherbet rainbow.

    Now the colors I could live without, but the clothes are comfy and actually fit me. I was the only one who got her uniform and it all fit. Me, the biggest girl there. Mine fit and no one else’s did LMAO I loved it!!!!

  19. I have on a sleek black t-shirt with a rich purple (very saturated color) sweater/shrug thing. It has long sleeves and would be a cardigan but at the under-boobs line the sweater becomes two long tie thingies. Jeans, black boots. No links, sorry.

  20. A black polka dotted dress (cuz it shows off ma girls), a kick ass paisley necklace (cuz it draws attention to ma girls) and a teal cardigan (top button closed, cuz it accentuates ma girls).

    Oh, and cute little ballet flats, that have nothing to do with ma girls.

  21. I say that you either go balls to the wall, Leslie Hall style, or not at all.

    I love that woman, but there is no way in hell I would, or could, emulate her fashion sense.

  22. Olive green sueded men’s tee from Wal-Mart, Old Navy classic rise “the flirt” bootcut jeans, medium wash, my last pair of clean socks, and black DocMarten-type shoes from Target.

    I woke up late and I need to do laundry. Heh.

  23. My outfit isn’t new so no links much…

    Top: chocolate brown cotton knit tunic with (yay) shimmery gold sequins around the neck and sleeves (Newport News catalog) Skirt: long denim “mermaid style” (Lane Bryant) Undies: all Lane Bryant in hot pink and turquoise :-)

    My Sockdreams socks are all in the laundry so these are probably from Target, kind of goldish-amber and the shoes are my Dansko clogs, not exciting, but very comfortable

    I did just order two Kiyonna dresses (my first) yesterday from their sale, so I’m about to die from anticipation. I can’t wait to see how they fit.
    this one &
    this one (in black)

  24. I love that woman, but there is no way in hell I would, or could, emulate her fashion sense.

    I feel the same way about Beth Ditto and her “Delta Berserk” style, as she called it.

  25. A Starter black hoodie from the men’s section at K-Mart, Lane Bryant blue jeans that pre-date Right Fit, a shirt underneath the hoodie that is also Lane Bryant with black and gray horizontal (!) stripes that cost me $5 thanks to a local store closing, and black Doc Martens. I’m still wondering why I bothered to wear the cleavage-inducing bra I bought last week since one would need to put on a miner’s cap and go on a fantastic voyage through layers of clothing in order to actually see my cleavage.

  26. Hmmm, Black sweater from Lane Bryant, red tank top from Lane Bryant, Gray trousers from Lane Bryant, black double wide DMX walkers all the way from Canada.

  27. Casual Friday at work so it’s bootcut jeans, a faded red Motown tee-shirt with turtleneck underneath (it’s cold here in Atlanta today; the outdoor temperature actually plummeted below freezing overnight), and comfortable walking shoes to make the numerous treks to and from the common area printer less onerous.

  28. lane black straight leg jeans
    black tank w/ brown peasant blouse from Old Navy over.
    Born short Boots –
    I live in Arizona so it is in the 6o’s. Lucky me!

  29. I forgot my soft and warm (but very static-prone) ruana. It’s all gold/browns with teal and navy and the best part of the outfit — except maybe for the sequins — I was apparently a magpie in a former life.

  30. Casual Friday here too so:

    Dark blue Rider jeans that I bought at Walmart. Rider is owned by Lee and the quality is great and the fit for me is perfect. I have long legs (32″ inseam) and curved hips (you know…like a girl) and these jeans fit my waist just right, my hips and my inseam. If I could marry these jeans I would.

    I’m wearing a black wrap blouse from Avenue with a black tank underneath to conceal my rack of doom. Otherwise no one would get any work done around here. Me included. I wear anything low cut and I just sit and stare at my boobs. They have hypnotic powers.

    I just bought a bunch of shoes from Zappos and I only have to return one pair. With free shipping both ways (and up to a year to return them if unworn) I would much rather try on shoes this way – in my living room – than drive around to 40 shoe stores. Today I am wearing Softwalk Florence in Truffle Brown Leather. Like walking on clouds kids….fashion conscious clouds covered in cotton candy that massage my feet with every step. oooooh.

    Necklace of amber beads and a silver ring with a large carnelian stone.

    I am so stylin’ baby.

    Goin to see Sweeney tonight. What are everyone’s plans for the weekend?

  31. You had to ask after I was all pajama-ed up for the night, didn’t you? Right now I’m wearing ancient purple and pink plaid pajama bottoms from Old Navy, a bleach-stained Milwaukee Brewers t-shirt, and a bright orange hooded sweatshirt with some Chinglish on it that I got from a Japanese department store.

    But earlier today, when I was teaching, I was wearing knee-high brown boots, a camel-colored corduroy knee-length A-line skirt from H&M, a white v-neck t-shirt from Target, and a bright green cardigan from Old Navy. Plus, since it was freaking cold in my office and someone stole our portable heater, I was also wearing my black and white trench coat-style winter jacket with the silver threads running through it. I looked fabulous today, if I do say so myself.

  32. Long (ankle length) black needle-cord skirt with flouncy frilly bits at the bottom and about 10 inches up. Black scoop neck top with pretty braid and lacing detail down the front. Black undies, black Doc Martens Mary Janes.

    It’s a little bit goth, but comfy. And deliberately not too warm, since it’s bloody 23.5 degrees C in here, despite having turned the radiator off and had the window open a crack not just all day but accidentally overnight too.

  33. Today I am (supposed to be) working from home so it’s a wear-what-the-hell-I -want-Friday.

    I have on a not-quite-mid-calf-length A-line Anna Scholz skirt made of pale, lightweight denim with a tie-dye effect pattern of massive flowers printed on it in rust and shocking pink (T.K.Maxx). I have teamed it with a plain, fitted, scoop-necked shocking pink tee, (Country Casuals); an ancient lightweight denim jacket trimmed with gold, black and shocking pink brocade and hot pink velvet doing cardi duty (Anne Harvey); grape coloured tights and comfy rust Mary-Janes, (Hush Puppies via T.K.Maxx). I’m also wearing two silver thumb rings, a pair of silver hoop earrings with amethyst danglies, (last year’s Oliver Bonas sale), and three little Momiji badges in pinks and purples pinned to the lapel of my jacket.

    …and, because I’m working from home, I’m also wearing a light sprinkling of orange cat hair.

  34. It was sleeting this morning while I was getting dressed, and my rule is that if there’s a good chance I’ll be falling down in a parking lot, I can dress however I want. Hence my casual Friday outfit: dark wash boyfriend jeans, dark blue t-shirt underneath a fuzzy blue turtleneck sweater I’ve had since college, sneaks. Which are also shades of blue.

    I’m a little matchy-matchy today. Kind of rocking the Cookie Monster palette, actually…

  35. What are everyone’s plans for the weekend?

    I have the second part of my humane society volunteer training! Which means I will be wearing practically this exact same thing tomorrow.

  36. javamama: Maybe you’ve tried and dismissed them already, but I am a big fan of my LB right fit blues. (I get the flare b/c I love the lower rise, hooray for no squashing my tummy! Now I just wish I could get bootcut with the lower rise, cuz the flare is a bit much for me.) I generally wear an 18/16W or 18W and always have trouble with jeans because anything that’s big enough for my thighs and butt is much too big in the waist, so the blues are a lifesaver (I get 1’s). (For reference, I have a 9-10″ difference between the widest point of my hips/butt and where I like the waist of my pants to hit — about 48″/39″ give or take a bit.)

    ALSO, I have an interview this afternoon!!! (very exciting! I really need a job.) So, I will try to come back and post again once I’ve decided on the fabulousness that will be my interview outfit.

  37. I’m a lawyer, so my workplace tends toward the “business” side of business casual, but I think I look pretty cute today:

    Kiyonna Modal ballet wrap
    – raspberry-colored Caslon t-shirt from Nordstrom
    – Ann Taylor Loft “Julie” pants (that’s their “curvy” fit that actually fits my small waist and big butt and hips) in a black sort-of-denim
    black Ecco mary janes

    FYI for any Shapelings in the Philly area, I got the Kiyonna wrap at a relatively new plus-sized boutique in Wayne, Fresh Ayer . They carry Kiyonna, Svoboda, Trentacosta, C enne V, and lots of other awesome stuff. The owner, Liz, is really great (and is friends with the owner of NYC’s Lee Lee’s Valise). I swear I don’t work for them. :)

  38. I’m wearing Lane Bryant blue jeans and red tank which (since I’m Canadian) are exotic imports, and a gap hoodie featuring a tattoo like design. This is my casual day.

  39. Crap, I screwed up the link to the Kiyonna wrap, but it’s the same one that Kate tried on in one of her awesome fashion posts.

  40. God, I’m so jealous of New York and Chicago! The local commuter paper did a spread about plus size fashion, and someone wrote in and was like “most of that stuff was from Old Navy and Target, are you seriously trying to tell me that there’s not a single high-end plus size store in the metropolitan area?”

    Yeah, not only is there not a single boutique, but you have to go way out to the burbs to even find an LB or Ashley Stewart. And we are not a thin city.

  41. I’ve been working from home a lot, which means I often end up sitting in my pajamas all day. Today I actually put on some work clothes, though! I’m wearing a really awesome swingy brown skirt from the Apostrophe Woman line at Sears. It’s polyester/spandex, but fabric is lightweight and smooth with awesome drape. It swirls and swishes around my calves as I walk. I love this skirt!

    The top is also from the Apostrophe Woman line. It’s nylon/spandex, brown, with a brown floral print. It looks very pretty together with the skirt, and it’s also equally as comfortable. Both of these were bought on sale about a year ago, so I don’t think they’d be available online anywhere.

    The outfit is ruined by the thick gray slipper socks and the pastel blue chenille sweater I threw on for warmth, but hey, it’s the thought that counts.

  42. An empire waist, bishop sleeved knit sweater that would be kind of goofy except that it’s taupe, which offsets the flamboyant styling, over a thrifted blue-gray long sleeve button down shirt with a wee precious rose print, Right Fits, thick and warm striped socks that kind of match the blue in the shirt and the taupe in the sweater, and black Doc Martin oxfords.

    I’m supposed to go out to dinner at a nice-ish steak place with my parents tonight and had intended to wear a dress but after nearly freezing my patootie off yesterday in a skirt, I just couldn’t bring myself to go out without pants again.

  43. I’m having a hard time finding clothes that make me feel fabulous right now (almost 5 months pregnant) and I’m saving *that outfit* for a big meeting next week. That said, I’m frigging *gorgeous* and glowing, even in crappy clothes.

    This morning I found a brown sweater with cute lacey sleeves that works OK with these awful beige and brown striped elastic-waist pants from Sears. Gaah. This time around, I’m using the nursing bras pretty early on, because they fit.

    Finding plus-size and/or professional maternity clothes involves a big long drive for me, and I am very much looking forward to it. There’s a rant in me somewhere about the dearth of plus-size-maternity clothes (cuz, you know, pregnancy tends to involve teh sex, and fatties are so unfuckable) but I gotta go get some w*rk done.

  44. My white and pink flannel pajamas with a bright red chenille sweater over them and my fuzzy slippers. It’s cold here in Northern California and I’m very happy NOT to be in the Midwest or the Northeast. One of nice thing about working from home is that I don’t have to be in a big rush to be dressed for the street. Although it’s a workout day, so I’ll likely be in a T-shirt and sweats later this morning.

  45. P.S., I love all the fashion threads on this blog. I find LiveJournal really hard to navigate, so I don’t read Fatshionista as much as I should. I love reading about all the Shapeling’s fashion choices and where they buy such great stuff.

    Also, the increasing range of superfantastic plus-sized clothing is one thing that has helped me with my body acceptance issues a lot. I teeter on the border between straight and plus sizes, but in the past I’ve often tried to squeeeeeeze myself into a 14 or 16 so I wouldn’t have to admit to myself that I need to wear “fat girl clothes.” But with the availability of Kiyonna, Trentacosta, Igigi, J Jill, Land’s End, etc., and even Ann Taylor (which now goes up to size 18), I know that I can look chic or professional or sexy at the size and shape that I am.

    So a BIG FAT THANKS to the Fatosphere for helping me realize my full fatshionista potential.

  46. Am wearing my Baby Phat jeans (very roomy in the thighs and ass and perfect for my trunk junk) and purple tie-dyed men’s American Apparel vneck tshirt under my fugly Friday Morning Hangover sweater of undetermined brand and origin. Oh and Danskos, which are the ugliest, most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned.

  47. Ann Taylor goes up to a size 18 now? I am going to have to hit them up the next time I’m in the States.

  48. i’m still in my boyfriends pj bottoms and a tank top. i guess i’d better get dressed!

    yesterday i wore a brick red knee length skirt ($5 on clearance at Target) with a black short sleeve wrap T with a black cami under it, black sparkly pointy toed shoes and a three strand garnet necklace. it was a good fashion day!

  49. fillyjonk please get in touch with me.

    I would so love to put together a series of articles on online shopping. The vendors at This Lush Life will provide clothes – you try them on at home – we’ll write about the experience at A Celebration of Curves. We could do this with 3 different body shapes/types.

    Every woman of every body type has complaints about finding clothes that fit – even our skinny sisters. It’s wrong in the shoulders, the hips, the length — if it’s not one thing it’s another.

    I know that it’s harder for full figured women to find fashion that fits but not impossible. Are you interested?

  50. I’m wearing a cream colored cableknit cowl neck sweater from the Gap with dark navy blue slacks from Brooks Brothers, a red, orange and brown print silk scarf, brown ankle boots and my opal/pink sapphire ring. And my hair is up in a rather stern looking bun.

    Happy Friday!

  51. from the bottom up
    – flat, black, HushPuppy ankle boots,
    – dark grey jersey bootleg trousers (Marks and Spencers Long, and still not long enough, so I’ve had to let the hems down…)
    – floaty purple tunic top from Evans, via Ebay. It has a v shaped hem, and 3/4 length sheer floaty sleeves, and nice square scoop neckline. I like my new top – can you tell?
    – ribbon necklace with the Italian glass lizard’ my sister gave me
    – chain dangle earrings + usual piercing jewellery.

  52. I’m wearing black, head to toe: a pair of chunky heeled mary janes and a pair of black, spandex, flared maternity pants with a sashed belt (Motherhood), a black, spandex and cotton nursing tank top (Target) and a black, shimmery, stretchy black jacket with silk ruffles along the edges (Chico’s). (And for reference, I’m an 18/20 when I’m not pregnant).

    It’s professional goth, essentially, and a lot like I usually look on a good day, except at the moment, I’ve got a 33 week maternity belly sticking out the front, and I’m waddling a bit *g*.

  53. wiscck, unfortunately Ann Taylor stores only carry up to size 14; you have to order 16s and 18s online. (Same with Ann Taylor Loft, their more casual sister store.) Which I could rant all day about, but that’s another story that I’m sure Shapelings are familiar with. Dunno if they ship internationally.

  54. I’m wearing black yoga pants, my Threadless ‘Marshmallow Factory’ t-shirt (, and a white zip up jumper. I also have three pairs of socks on because I get cold easily. ^^;;

    My hair is down, and I’m only wearing my usual rings (engagement and promise ring); nothing else. Oh, and my glasses, of course.

    It’s a sloggy day today!

  55. Today I happen to be wearing an outfit culled from the highest piles of Costco — chocolate brown CK cords and a red chenille zipper cardigan sweater with an white Eddie Bauer t-shirt underneath. But I’m wearing some cute Joesph Seibel red lace up oxfords. They’re some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn!

    I’m casual today, but I swear my dress up wardrobe has increased in leaps and bounds since the “To Hell w/Tiny Pants” and “FoBT” posts, so thanks, you guys!

  56. wiscck, unfortunately Ann Taylor stores only carry up to size 14; you have to order 16s and 18s online. (Same with Ann Taylor Loft, their more casual sister store.) Which I could rant all day about, but that’s another story that I’m sure Shapelings are familiar with. Dunno if they ship internationally.
    Well, shoot. I refuse to buy anything I can’t try on. Especially not when returning items would mean paying international postage.

  57. yesterday i wore a brick red knee length skirt ($5 on clearance at Target)

    $5 on clearance from Target? Now I’m jealous of all you folks who live near a Target. I’m near NYC. I can go to Lee Lee’s if I want to schlep to Brooklyn (I know it’s worth it – it’s just not convenient for me) or I can go to the mall and shop at Lane Bryant, or Avenue where the sales women are evil and tell every fat woman who comes in that they should lose weight by dieting or “get the surgery.”

    Tarjay is an hour away.

  58. ** getting over the first-time-commenter jitters **

    It’s cold in DC! Or… for DC, it’s cold, at least! I’ve got on boot-leg Lane Bryant blue jeans, a brown turtleneck sweater, a blue pendant I got at last year’s Virginia Renaissance Faire, blue shoes (because blue shoes are bound to make a person happy), and a pair of red, hand-knit fingerless mittens.

    I’m trying to figure out where to go for a new pair of yoga pants tonight… I’m not a big shopper, and I’d like to just run into the store, grab ’em, and get out. Going to an afternoon yoga workshop tomorrow, and my current stretched out and worn pants just don’t seem to bring the right kind of energy for the day!

  59. This is my day off, so I’m actually wearing a pair of snowman-print pajama pants and a Race for the Cure long-sleeved t-shirt from 2003, but once I get my rear out of bed I’ll be wearing these (which I paid $29.99 for, thank you very much) in the Old Cedar Brown. (They’re Banana Republic ‘contour fit’ corduroys. Yes, I know BR is the work of the devil. I also know that these corduroys fit me like a DREAM OMG.) Also a completely random fitted t-shirt, probably from Target, and a grey zip-front ribbed sweater from Eddie Bauer. (Can’t find it on the website, sorry.) I’ll probably throw the world’s rattiest grey hoodie from my alma mater over it, because it’s about 56 degrees F (13 deg C) inside my apartment.

    I’m just so happy that stores like BR, The Limited (which goes up to 16, I think, but they run a tad small), and even frickin’ Target have realized that females come in more than just the rectangular, boy-cut shape. I have had luck with the ‘contour’ (or ‘jackson’ or ‘cassidy’) fits in all those places. I know LB figured that out a while ago, but there was a lag before anywhere else really did . . . or at least before I noticed. (No, really, I never set foot inside The Limited prior to Christmas, when my s-i-l convinced me that there might be pants to fit me there.)

  60. libbyloo, where in DC are you? Target’s actually a really good bet for yoga pants (though they didn’t have ANYTHING I liked when I went in to return some gifts after xmas… but it was really picked over), but there aren’t any in the city proper. There’s one on the green line.

  61. Just home from school (I feel so young here), and having given up on uniform I’ve got a nice v-neck jumper and a pair of jeans I got from eBay. I have to buy most of my jeans off of eBay because finding anything in leg length 28 is absolute hell around here unless I want to browse the rather limited “One Waist Size Fits All” petite sections. No love for short people in Glasgow, I’m afraid.

  62. Land’s End jeans, a Land’s End violet golf shirt, an ancient knock-off JNY black fleece I bought at a flea market, and Raichle hiking boots.

    My work is not formal, and I have curling tonight :-)

  63. My favorite purple pants from the Avenue, a white shirt with lavender and lime pinstripes, and dirty, ratty old sneakers no one can see under my desk. Bwahaha.

  64. Dark teal long tee shirt from J. Crew, teal cashmere cableknit sweater from Bloomingdales, these super warm brown wool pinstriped pants from Banana Republic, and green wool pointy toed flats from J. Crew. Everything is really old and comfortable and reliably warm to deal with the minus everything weather. Normally I’d be wearing a bunch of rings, but the cold is just destroying my hands and jewelry is out until that clears up.

    Sometimes I add my black kitty hoodie and charcoal wool fingerless gloves for when it gets insanely cold at my desk, which is most days.

  65. Red textured blouse from Avenue, a pair of LB tan pants and these shoes, in black leather with the shiny black croc accents. They’re my standard work shoes. A black leather car-length coat I bought 2 years ago at Avenue, with a striped scarf my sister got at J. McLaughlin where she works.

    Usual complement of jewelry: engagement & wedding rings; a great white gold ring I got in Italy a couple of years ago that’s never had to be re-rhodiumed to stay white; watch w/stainless steel band and silver hoop earrings.

    Here’s the coolest fashion-related news I’ve had lately. I sent a bag to Coach to have the zipper fixed and they called yesterday to say they can’t fix it for some reason. The cool part is they are sending me a merchandise certificate for what I paid for the bag when I bought it a year ago! So I get a new purse and I don’t even have to pay for it! Although I will miss the old one, because it was awesome.

    [Doing the happy, purse shopping dance].

    Have a great weekend!

  66. fillyjonk — I’m in NoVA, actually, just barely outside the District. It’s just easier to say DC and prevent yourself from getting mixed up with the rest of the state. :) I’ll have to pop into Target tonight and see what I can find. I’m just sooo not in the mood to hit Pentagon City tonight!

  67. Also, mizerychik, I wish I could wear a bunch of rings. That’s one of my favorite looks. But a) I forget to put them on and b) something about my body chemistry turns silver rings BLACK. So I wear my engagement ring (white gold + white topaz), which is v. small and unobtrusive so doesn’t really have the whole “look, I’m wearing RINGS!” thing to it, and that’s all. Bah.

  68. I’m wearing a “handmade but I bought it” cableknit wool sweater in a dusty dark brown, tan dress pants and winter-friendly brown cloggy-type shoes. Not particularly shapely, but the colors, they like me, and it’s comfy for my Friday schedule.

  69. Fillyjonk, you’ve never been golfing with my husband. LOL! Violent golf is when you slice so bad you practically kill the person waiting their turn, and then the stream of blue air that comes out of your mouth can be pretty violent, too.

    He gave up golf after a summer of interest. Heh.

  70. Happy Friday Y’all!

    I’m wearing a verrrry comfy black & charcoal grey striped hoodie and black yoga pants, both complete with long underwear…’cos it’s mighty chilly in Philly!

  71. fillyjonk, I know it’s expensive, but does platinum work on you? My friend has the silver turning black problem too and she’s fine with platinum.

  72. ‘Diva’ style jeans from Old Navy, skinny bootcut. They are supposed to be the lowest rise, but someone obviously recognized that a size 18 woman likely didn’t want half her ass and most of her stomach showing, so the come up to a nice height, just below the waist. Skinny pants on a fat girl sometimes add 20 pounds, but these make me look awesome. Sleek, even!

  73. When I have more money I will totes wear a million rings made of platinum or white gold. Right now though I can mostly afford the $12 “silver” kind, so it’s no real surprise that I blacken them.

  74. Damnit, it posted while I was typing! Grr. Anyway, when I can wear rings, I have one that’s similar to this but the stone is a rough amethyst, and I have one of these from Lisa Grant. I really like her as a designer since she will do custom size work for big fingers, which I have. I’m hoping that by March my hands will stop flaking and peeling so I can wear them (and my wedding band which feels really strange not being on my finger) or that my dermatologist can give me something.

  75. I envy people who can do big jewelry – it just looks weird on me- but I have a huge collection of pins ranging from old-fashioned rhinestone flashies to accurate depictions of marine animals. The squid pin always gets comments. Right now, I’m wearing a fused glass pin that looks like fire.

  76. -plucks up courage to delurk for first comment, admittedly doing so in a fluff post reduces the scariness-

    I’m rocking a grey jumper dress, discovered in a thrift store, and which I suspect may have once been part of some kind of school uniform. Also a big, cozy argyle sweater that’s a hand-me-down from my dad, and a pair of brown suede boots that have the delightful addition of being half a size too big, thus allowing for wool socks to keep the feeling in my toes on the walk from the el stop to the office. (this is my first winter in Chicago, and even coming from New England, I’m not sure I’ll get through it sans frostbite!)

    stay warm everyone!

  77. First day of classes for me! I am wearing a Threadless tee that says, “Death: Our Nation’s Number One Killer.” Unfortunately, Threadless prints on American Apparel, which only goes up to a women’s XL, and a rather small one at that (it’s tight on me on me at size 12, although I do have a rather doomtastic rack). A black tank under, and a grey knit sweater over. GAP jeans, classic boot cut. And my Rocket Dogs, which I love:

  78. I bought a dress yesterday (JC Penney’s, of course!) that was marked down to 22 from 90. It’s clearly a “little black dress” – red satin underneath, with black overlay. Rouching around the middle, sleeveless and low cut. It makes my girls look stupendous (Rack of Doom that it is) and with my little waist and curvy hips, I’ve got hourglass going on like crazy. I wasn’t sure where I’d wear it, but I thought at that price, it would be good to have a “go to” dress.

    And yet… I worry that I’ll be too self conscious to have my girls on display like that. I can’t help everyone knowing that I have a Rack of Doom, but it’s usually at least covered. Having everything OUT THERE makes me nervous. I don’t want to return the dress. How can I embrace my ample cleavage?

    And where the heck will a mom of three wear a dress like that in the midwest? It’s pretty dressy… I need a wedding to go to, stat!

  79. I’m totes boring today *sigh*

    I’m wearing a pinkish shawl collar sweater from Fred Meyer’s (Teh Boy says I look like raspberry sherbert in it, at least he did before I started singing raspberry beret every time he said that, heh) and dark olive cords… also from Fred Meyer oddly enough. And these jaunty “hiking style” ankle bootas with fuzzy fake fur all over them.

  80. I’m wearing my mommy uniform: jeans and a t-shirt. My jeans are friggin awesome though; high-waisted relaxed fit jeans from Next.

    I’m also wearing some polka dotted socks. Wheee!

  81. A fabulous bra, javamama. Go to a place that does fittings, and that specializes in larger sizes-no sneering at the bigger women, that way. Take the dress so that you know the bra will work underneath. I also have a rack of doom (hee!), and I’m much more comfortable with it now that I have gorgeous bras that fit really well, and give good support. Prima Donna, from Belgium, is an excellent brand.

  82. I’ve got on a gray Gap men’s sweater that N got me for Christmas, which is super warm since it’s literally 1 degree here, jeans, and dansko clogs on. Requisite 14 pieces of jewelry, and I curled my hair today. Giddyup, it’s Friday!

  83. Jplum, there is NO room for bra action in this dress, unless it’s a demicup that will push them up and out even MORE. It’s a halter dress, and it’s cut down to the sternum, where it joins the rouching.

    But I do need to do the fitting thing, because it’s been a long time since I’ve had a bra I love.

    I think I have a love/hate relationship with my cleavage. It’s one of the things that society finds acceptable about a big girl (her big girls) but then I get all conflicted when every eye goes HELLO! straight to the rack. But why not make the most of assests that are considered an asset in our culture. They are so pretty and full of goodness. Sigh. Cleavage conflict.

  84. Aaaaand I fucked up the link. Go me. Lisa Grant jewelry.

    antonova, I have the same thing with Threadless. The girlie XL ends up being really short and tight because of the rack, but I’ve found that the men’s medium shirts fit pretty much the same as the girlie XL, but longer and slightly less squeezy around the boobs.

  85. where the heck will a mom of three wear a dress like that in the midwest?

    Anywhere she wants, I’m thinking. They’ll be dropping in the aisles when they see you at Walmart.

    Seriously though – I just can’t shut up when we start talking about full figured fashion. So…

    I have several online companies at This Lush Life in the Shush category that sell a wide range of brassieres. I particularly like Bigger bras dot com. If you are built like me a la Rack of Doom go and get yourself fitted properly. Find one of those old bra shops with a grandma sitting behind a curtain in the back at a sewing machine making alterations. And JPlum that is great advice about bringing the dress with you to the fitting!

    Let the saleswoman come into the dressing room with you and measure you. It is the best way to go. If you still feel like you are showing too much you can always add a little panel at your décolletage that can be snapped in, or perhaps wear a light tank underneath. I do that with some of my wrap dresses that don’t quite cover the Big Girls.

  86. I can’t find it on the website, but I’m wearing something very much like this jacket from Torrid, except it’s black with white pinstripes. Under it, I have on this tank top (yes, I like to shop at Torrid, thankyouverymuch). Also, these pants I think (though I’m not sure, I bought in the store, not online).

    Also, heavy-duty black boots, ’cause it is fucking cold and there is snow on the ground. So yeah, I wear a lot of black, especially when I’m trying to look “professional” (I had a hearing this morning).

  87. Elizabeth, oh man, I always forget about NY & Co! Sweet Machine and I call them “Forever 32.” And the one XL top I have from them fits me handily, and I’m a minimum 16W on top. Take note, all!

  88. Boy, I need to get a job.

    Ok, since I’m home today (freezing rain went to very very cold rain), I’m in one of my many t-shirts that has my college name on it (the one I have on is pink), and a pair of comfy grey capri sweats. The hair is in a ponytail, and I’m rocking the Body Shop lip gloss.

  89. there is NO room for bra action in this dress

    So are you wearing the dress without a bra? If you are actually wearing some kind of boobie support then I would still make a case for getting fitted.

    I wear a 44 DD. They brand, style and fit of a particular bra will lift and separate in noticeably different ways. Some bras will make you pointy, others rounded, others will flatten you, etc. With the right fitting you might find that the actually line of the dress will lay differently on the entire line of your body.

  90. corinna, you nearly cost me my keyboard. LOL!

    But thanks for the bra links! And the ideas. I could always put it on every saturday night and *pretend* I’m going to a wedding… even if I’m not. The people at whatever store I’m running into “looking for a last minute item” won’t know. Heh. And I get to show off my dress.

  91. newbie posting here! now all i want to do is shop. i should probably call in sick and do just that.

    javamama, I don’t know where you live, but if you’re near a Macy’s, I highly recommend. I bought two pair of *fabulous* jeans there last weekend…one pair is Calvin Klein and they seriously make me look damn hot. they have flare, bootcut, straight leg, all with a little stretch, gorgeous shades of blue. delightful.

  92. “So are you wearing the dress without a bra? If you are actually wearing some kind of boobie support then I would still make a case for getting fitted. ”

    I *could*. The dress is a heavy material, and the rouching (still not sure I’m spelling it right) sits right underneath the bosom and props me up, so to speak. The dress JUST fits my around the top, so it really hold me snugly and gives me lots of cleavage. But yeah, I should try it on with some different styles of bras, to see what I get. Thanks.

  93. I am wearing a pair of dark blue, wide-leg jeans from New York & Co, a brown three-quarter sleeve v-neck shirt, a pair of red socks with dozens of tiny gingerbread men on them, my black Jack Purcells, and an expression of rage…*grr* @ work.

  94. I’m wearing a grass-green cowl-neck sweater from Macy’s (Charter club brand), dark blue Old Navy just-below-waist bootcut jeans (from BEFORE they came out with their “let’s name jeans after the kind of female archetype women should emulate when wearing them” collection. I have a couple pairs of those just-below-waist bootcut jeans, and while they work… they’re practically tapered-leg jeans, not even close to being boot cut. And that annoys me. And they feel smaller in the waist than these do), a pair of furry pink-striped socks from the Gap (bought years ago) and some black Naturalizer ankle boots. (the only footwear I have that’s even marginally equipped to protect my feet from this strange rain stuff we’ve been gettin in LA).

  95. Jae I just love that you mention wearing an expression of rage as an accessory!!!!

    I’m wearing a deer-in-the-headlights expression with a slight sneer for that Chanel effect.

  96. May I just say, Yay casual Friday!!!

    I’m sporting my Old Navy lowrise boot-cut dark wash jeans. I love their jeans…even though I now have ‘The Flirt’ written across the inside waist band. Bah. A kelly green tank under a light gray hooded 3/4 sleeve shirt and my ever present snow boots. The tank is Old Navy, the gray shirt is American Eagle. My socks are standard, wool, warm as all hell, Alaska socks. Oh, and my lavalier.

  97. I’m wearing a deer-in-the-headlights expression with a slight sneer for that Chanel effect.

    I’m wearing my troubles like a cloak of black.

  98. Casual Friday here too I’m wearing Jag Jeans (medium rise, flare, medium blue), a purple velvet V-neck top, and my Ros Hommerson boots (first pair of knee length boots I’ve ever owned, hooray for the fatosphere turning me onto the existence of wide calf boots! I love these ones, they’re so comfy).

    As for outerwear, my new long down coat, inspired by Kate’s post on looking for a coat and my giant wool cable knit scarf from the Gap, that I only break out on the really, really cold days (-24°C including windchill, that’s -11°F)

  99. On this -freezing- rainy San Francisco Friday I’m wearing a cute black henley shirt from Old Navy with black velvet trim and button detail layered over a green tank top that matches a flouncy green Target skirt, which I’ve layered over a thicker black cotton skirt for added warmth and fullness. Then I’ve got thick black tights and warm, black fuzzy boots with silver metal to match my pretty silver jewelry and a warm sweater-coat with furry collar and cuffs + black cashmere scarf for when I go outside. Though of course, a good base is important to any outfit, and for that I thank Torrid’s Sensous Plunge black bra and their pink cheeky shot panties with black lace trim- sexy, comfy and practical! I’ve even got on full make up today, and have my hair down and styled for once, so I’m feeling pretty good!

  100. I’m wearing my brown paisley short-sleeved top – veray sexay (but appropriate for work)… :) and black jeans (let’s not be too dressy, shall we?).

  101. Jeans from Lane Bryant (I STILL can’t believe they actually had something that didn’t suck), short sleeved shirt from Shopco in teal, dusky lavender fleece vest and giving serious consideration of pulling on my fleece outer coat since it is frelling FREEZING in here. Dad blasted university and their &%^$^# cost cutting measures. GRRRRRRRRR

    I have my Airwalk retro black and white sneakers on my feet.

  102. *sigh* I work from home, so even though I have a closet stuffed full of cute clothes, I never wear them. Today it’s just black yoga pants, a pink cotton sweater and thick socks (all liberally festooned with cat hair).

    However, I did give myself an awesome manicure the other day, so at least my fingers look good as I’m typing this.

  103. I’m wearing a chocolate brown jersey flippy skirt with teal polka dots on it, a grey cashmere/wool stretch turtleneck (both from Boden) with black tights, black suede knee high boots (silhouettes catalog I know but unknown brand) and a black cord peacoat (Gap). And a bra that fits (Goddess).
    And zero expression or affect because I’m on a conference call.

  104. black jeans, black turtleneck, dark charcoal uniqlo cashmere sweater with black boots,…. black cotton panties and a black wacoal bra…..

    I’m only wearing black until someone comes up with a darker color.

  105. I’m wearing dark grey sweats (was wearing dark wash jeans until I got home from class and into my bed), a white T-shirt, and a super soft & comfy dark green cashmere sweater (it was a Christmas gift, I can’t afford such things on my Poor University Student Budget). Oh, and argyle socks.

  106. Casual day at work: “8-bit heart” t-shirt from (best geek shirts ever), indigo striped jeans from NY&Co, black doc martens oxfords, black hoodie, black socks with skulls on ’em.

  107. I’m in brutal Chicago and just spent 25 minutes waiting for the bus. On the bottom I am wearing insulated boots over Smart Wool socks and long johns under trouser-cut jeans. On top, thermal shirt under eggshell blue long-sleeve tee, under burgundy-ish zip up turtleneck sweater.

    On top of it all I am wearing this hideous coat:
    It is warm, (although not warm enough these past few days), and I am in love with it despite its incredible ugliness.

  108. Ooh! Ooh! One of my fave subjects! I am coming back later, when I’m less busy, to read each and every post, but right now, I’ll just quickly post this….can’t remember how to properly post a link, sorry….

    I am wearing the MXM Jenn (petite) jeans here, in dark (black) denim:

    And this pink/purple/red/black MXM top (feels and washes like t-shirt cotton, even tho’ it’s rayon):

    Both are from the Canadian MXM line, which is usually available at Pennington’s and/or Addition-Elle stores. (Scroll down on the pages linked above to get to those specific websites.)

    And with them, a fitted long sleeve black crew-neck tee underneath the top (found at a thrift store), cute chunky heeled black leather ankle boots with zips on both sides (Carol’s Wide Width Shoes in Richmond, BC, if you have serious shoe-fitting probs like I do), big chunky silver hoop earrings (dollar store), and a chunky pink and silver beaded bracelet that I made myself. And when I am out of doors, it’s all topped with a black denim jean jacket (also from Pennington’s, but I can’t find it on the site – not surprising, since I got it off a clearance rack in December). Oh, and underneath it all, a black bra, and purple and black tiger-striped underpants. :D

  109. Casual Friday for me too, and thus kinda boring. Black Chucks, dark Old Navy Sweetheart jeans, fuschia tank, black thrift store cardigan with awesome wee pewter buttons, brushed silver teardropish-shaped pendant.

    javamama, it sounds to me like your dress needs a bra that is fairly low-plunge in the front and has detachable straps so it can be converted to a halter. I think this particular configuration is fairly common, and will serve you well for other cleave-tastic adventures in the future! Take this from a gal who cannot be convinced to put her rack of doom away most days. :)

  110. Every day is casual day because I’m a grad student who isn’t currently TAing! Dark blue jeans (Dickies, from Torrid), black camisole, toothpaste-minty-green V-neck long-sleeve shirt (Old Navy pre-boycott), plain white socks, and my awesome Adidas sneakers which are grey with bright pink logo-stripes and laces.

    That’s pretty much my uniform: dark jeans, v-neck top or sweater, and a camisole if necessary. Also my bra has stars embroidered on one side. How cute? I would take a picture but it would be slightly NSFW.

  111. mizerychik, I tend to get the men’s medium rather than the extra-large girly at Threadless because a) I like the longer fit and b) the screenprinting seems to stick better to the men’s shirts. Maybe there’s spandex in the girly shirts, or maybe it’s just because they’re stretchier.

    My all-time favorite design at Threadless is The Communist Party.

  112. My favourite Gap jeans that fit like they were made for me. My favourite short-sleeved, empire V-neck black-with-white-polka-dots top. Sneakers. A new, perfectly-fitting bra (ahhhh so good). Purple-and-white-striped underwear.
    I’m a grad student and this is dressing up!

  113. I am wearing a beautiful wool cable knit sweater in a light green/kelly green/turquoise yarn over a long-sleeved shirt, these jeans (I LOVE glo flame jeans, they’re the only kind I own right now), bamboo socks (highly recommended for anyone who has trouble with sweaty feet), sneakers, and a blue and pink crocheted hat.

  114. I am currently wearing a towel, but it’s a gorgeous day in Wellington so I will be sporting a dark-rinse knee-length Gap skirt that my mom brought me over, bless her, when she visited last year, with a bright pink t-shirt from JayJays (a sort of Forever 21-type store that has to be seen to be believed) with a picture of a couple of robots calling each other on the phone on it. And black jandals I got at the 3-for-2 Number One Shoe Warehouse. Summer!

    (I would just like to mention that the thing that makes this shirt awesome? Is that the robots are calling each other on those bricky 80s -style cordless phones.)

  115. When I first read this post, I had on this border print flannel nightgown from Lanz of Salzburg. Plus I had on over it a huge baggy red cotton sweater/sweatshirt combination I throw on so Binkley can need to his heart’s content without giving me catupuncture. And Land’s End red shearling scuffs (bought for $25 from overstocks).

    Now I have on black moleskin pants from Dress Barn (laugh if you want to, they’re the only pants I’ve ever owned that haven’t been shredded in the crotch after years of multiple-times-a-week wear) and a top my mom just found at JC Penney and sent to me, it’s a brick-red Henley with a mock cream cami and mock cream undersleeves. And yeah, still the shearling scuffs.

  116. When I first read this post, I had on this border print flannel nightgown from Lanz of Salzburg.

    Heh, when I first read this post I was naked. (I’m a bit of a nudist when it comes to being in my own home alone or with just Mike).

  117. I’m wearing pajama pants, a T-shirt, and a sweatshirt. It’s comfy, but not really appropriate for 1 in the afternoon.


    I was getting ready and managed to get toothpaste on my last pair of clean pants. So today turned into an unplanned laundry day. It’ll be at least two+ hours until I’m in proper clothing. Assuming our dryer-that-is-older-than-I-am decides to cooperate on the first try.

  118. Since I’m working from home these days, my wardrobe tends towards the ultra-casual and comfortable.

    I’m wearing a pair of Lee Relaxed Fit Straight Leg jeans. These are my current “everyday” jeans – a good mix of comfortable and flattering. No, they’re not quite as flattering as what my husband calls my “booty” jeans, but they’re also not as expensive, and the wash makes my legs look really good.

    On top is a long sleeved tshirt from Target in a medium dusty lavender. Some people’s wardrobes are built around black; mine is built around purple. I have *cough* a LOT of purple clothes. I look good in it and I like it.

    The shirt is covered in a fine layer of cat hair even though I’ve used the lint roller already because I also have said cat lying across my arms taking a snooze while I’m typing this. It’s one of the realities of working from home when you have a snugglebunny cat.

    On my feet are mint green ankle socks (don’t care that they’re dated, they keep my ankles warm) and a pair of the most poorly made shearling slippers made out of the worst shearling I’ve ever encountered. They are on the schedule to be replaced with good shearling slippers (only wool keeps my feet warm enough).

    And oh, yeah, New Balance sneakers ROCK. Comfortable and supportive.

  119. I had class this morning; at first I was going to wear some cute jeans and a nice curve hugging top, but I’m in MO right now and I wake up at 6 a.m. for school; it was too early and too cold to be sexy so I’m wearing a pair of semi-baggy jeans, a purple t-shirt from my alma mater, and my Seasame Street hoodie (it has The Count on it, it’s fun). I didn’t feel like messing with my hair so I threw on a purple bandana. I’m comfy conzy today, I love it. :)

  120. I would have started laundry earlier, but the machine was already busy with someone else’s laundry when the crisis hit.

    *dances in pajamas*

    It’s a good thing I didn’t have any important plans today.

  121. I hear you JeanC. I think my uni believes they can single-handedly reduce their carbon footprint by making it 58 deg. in the library.

    I do love Last Friday of the Month casual day. I’m sitting at the reference desk wearing a pair of jeans, K-Mart maybe, that pre-date the Clinton administration, a red turtleneck under a blue fleece cardigan and my trusty New Balance sneaks. All topped with a look of utter disdain.

  122. My socks (I think they’re Gold Toes from a few years ago; not recommended for anyone with legs that are larger around than a small apple, due to the excessive elastic) have clouds and dragonflies on them.

    Just had to share.

  123. my Seasame Street hoodie (it has The Count on it, it’s fun)

    THAT is awesome.

    I have a Sesame Street pajama top somewhere that has The Count on it. The Count is made of win. He can count things!!!

  124. I am completely fucking addicted to Propet Wash-n-Wear Tie walkers. This is the very first pair of shoes I’ve ever owned that have never once given me blisters, and they come in double-wide sizes (my feet match my ass, also double-wide). Mail-ordered ’em from Zappo’s, and when I have money again I’m gonna buy like another five pair so even if they discontinue them I can still have shoes that fit!

    Otherwise, today, I’m wearing a pair of LB “Right Fit” jeans, because I am unfortunate to have a distinct waist in addition to my huge ass and they’re the only ones that fit, and a BPAL t-shirt.

    Mmmm. BPAL.

  125. JPlum, I’m in Canada too! (Calgary) and it is plenty cold here but it’s always pretty warm in our aparment for some reason. (I think because we live across from the boiler).

  126. Eh, it’s my day off so I’m snuggled into a battered pair of men’s long pajama bottoms and a tee shirt advertising the movie Titanic that’s a wee bit too small. Three guesses as to the what-o-doom the title of the movie is splashed across. Oh, and one of the hats I just finished knitting, to help stretch it into the right shape.

  127. As an act of protest (I work in a building that has no heat, no a/c, no insulation, intermittent water and power, no openable windows, and a roof that leaks in about 1000 places–if you guessed that I am in the employ of the State of California, ding-ding-ding-ding-ding!), I have been wearing my pyjamas to work all week, because it is *nasty* cold here. So: flannel jammy bottoms with skulls on them, plus an ancient Hothead Paisan sweatshirt.

  128. You guys are so fashionable! I’m wearing bright red plaid pajama pants from Old Navy, a tank top that’s sort of a very light lime green that’s hard to describe, and black zip-up hoodie. These colors go together about as well as it sounds like, but I don’t mind because I’m just sitting on the bed with my computer anyway and it’s oh so comfortable. Oh, and socks! Lovely, freshly laundered socks. I think they’re Hanes. I was having sock emergency and picked them at random among the 1000 kinds of socks they have at Walmart , but they turned to be my favorite socks ever.

  129. I’m trying to decide what to wear out tonight, so I’ve been playing in my closet.

    I tried on my new apple bottoms brown houndstooth dress but I am drinking tonight and I need pockets.

    I am currently wearing a scoop neck long sleeve t-shirt from old navy, a tan pleated mini skirt also from Old Navy, brown microfibre tights from Addition Elle and silver mary jane heels with brass accents from Winners. My legs look awesome, and pockets, but it’s cold and I don’t know if it’s going to be pleasant waiting for a cab in this outfit.

    Off to throw my Old Navy dark wash Sweetheart jeans in the dryer so I have a back up plan.

  130. Hmmm. Faded-with-age black jeans from Lane Bryant, before the new-size kerfuffle, long-sleeved black top from Eddie Bauer, Maidenform bra, Cacique undies, and a pair of doofy Hot Topic socks with skulls and crossbones on (they are technically men’s socks, but I own four pairs because I’m so smitten). Oh, and beat-up old ‘jungle boots’. Black, of course.

  131. I’m in stealth freak mode (i.e., at work), so it’s gray (traitor-to-the-cause) trousers from Old Navy, black tux shirt (ruffles!) probably picked up at Marshall’s or similar, and a red pullover sweater from Target yeeeeears ago. The stealth freak part: Happy Bunny (“cute but kind of evil”) socks and knockoff Docs.

  132. Time-Machine, oh good, I was going to post that video. I wanted to disapprove of it, but once he got to the spiders on the wall I just had to give in and laugh hysterically.

  133. I wanted to disapprove of it, but once he got to the spiders on the wall I just had to give in and laugh hysterically.

    I know! When my brother showed it to me, I so wanted to be disapproving and…offended or something, but then it just keeps going and I couldn’t help myself but to laugh.

    The part the always gets me is the cobwebs in the hall, and then he sproings the cobweb near him and it has that exaggerated sound effect. XDDDDDD

  134. Blue jeans from M&S, a big stripey sweater in black and a kind of blueish purple, and Converse hi-tops that I’ve been wearing more or less every day for the last four years and are basically held together with dirt. Plain black knickers, socks that I stole from my other half this morning because I fail at laundry, and a bra that was flesh coloured last week but is now grey. Did I mention I fail at laundry?

    Shit, I need to make more effort than this. You all sound so hot.

  135. Up until just minutes ago, I was cleaning house, so I’m wearing kelly green sweatpants, a yellow tank top and a battered pair of Birkenstocks I’ve had since some of y’all were still in grade school. No vacuuming in a lovely pressed linen shirt dress and pearls for me, thanks. I look, to be honest, like hell.

    Instead, picture me as I was last night at the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy concert at the house of blues. In my charcoal gray wool jersey wrap dress, with Wolford merino wool tights and my Red Wing boots.

  136. My sister actually sent it to me with “normally I don’t approve of bastardizations of Sesame Street, but…”

    She feels very strongly about Sesame Street (even wrote an article for her school magazine about how it’s gone to shit recently), so I figured if she sent it to me I could trust it to be funnier than it was… offensive. (I can see why you hesitated before saying “offended” — it seems like you would mean “offensive because it implies a bad word,” but of course it’s not that at all.)

  137. love friday fluff. since you asked …

    gray benneton dress pants with black vans,

    a bright purple tank top from delia’s under a black half turtleneck (cuts off right under my bosom) from forever 21.

    yes, i’m here, i’m a 32 yr-old yuppie dressed like a tween.

    like um, get used to it.

  138. I am wearing brand new stuff. Boot cut leggings from Woman within, ribbed boatneck top with tattered bell sleeves, calf length sweater coat from Torrid in all black. Huge wooly socks and black mary janes.

    Also labret, pretty new bra from Woman Within as well, some shiny torishell combs and kick ass make up.

  139. fillyjonk- you can have my wool jersey wrap dress- when you take it off my cold dead body. No, ferget that. I’m going to be buried in it.

    But its Eileen Fisher, from last year. Don’t know if they made one like it this year, but they might have. Eileen Fisher’s clothes pretty much look the same from year to year. Normally, they’re kind of like sacks, but this dress, magically, is not.

  140. Glad you asked. From the bottom up: Almost worn out but comfy Thom McAn sandals (can’t find them anymore), not my best black knit slacks, my IGIGI wrap top, brown, which I would not own had I never visited this blog (that’s why I’m glad you asked) and a cool necklace from Tar-gay which is nickel-free and not breaking out my neck.

    My whole wardrobe changed for the better when I discovered this blog.

    Thank you.

  141. Jumping in late on the commenters here, but wiscck, the Ann Taylor Loft I go to seems to have up to 16 in the store. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen 18 in person, but I have *definitely* seen 16s. I also second the love for their “curvy” fit pants–they’re literally the only jeans I’ve ever found that fits my small waist, big thighs, and flat ass well.

    Everybody sounds so cute!

  142. I would also like to add that I was outside for about ten minutes half an hour ago, wearing on top of my previously described outfit this coat, wool wristwarmers, wool gloves, a wool hat, and an alpaca scarf, and I am still fucking cold.

    Does anybody in a warmer climate want to trade lives with me for a month or two?

  143. There is no way I can go through all these comments, but the shoes that feel better than NBs? KEENS! And they aren’t at all fugly…

  144. Casual Day Rocks!

    Grey yoga pants, a turquoise-ish Polo top, and Teva Flip-Flops. Lovin’ It.

    Now if only you’d asked me what I was wearing on Tuesday, when I was rocking the universe in a floor length black pencil-skirt, side slit to the knees with black suede Knee-length boots, and a Purple Wrap top perfectly showing off my rack of former doom.

    I was one who for my health just HAD to get a load off my chest.

    Oh, And to Javamama:

    I think someone else has mentioned them, but I LOVE the Lane Bryant Right fit jeans. They are the first jeans I’ve ever found that fit my Curvy self, And I am size 18-ish with a 13 inch difference between waist and tush. The only problem I have with them is they don’t come in black.

  145. Does anybody in a warmer climate want to trade lives with me for a month or two?

    Oh, Sweetmachine, You tempt me so. Of course I’d have to insist that month be during out 120 degree F summers….

    ‘Cause I think I’ve earned our 60 degree F winters….

  146. Ah, The right fit jeans. I am wearing them right now (yellows) and, like almost all other jeans I have, they slide down my big belly and sit at my tiny hips. I am really thinking about investing in a pair of suspenders…

  147. MAN! I envy your Casual Fridays. We have them, but I’ve met with funders EVERY Friday since I started – I’m a grantwriter – so I miss out. Today’s outfit was a black wool pants suit from the Banana Republic outlet, a lavender cotton shirt from Costco (10 bucks! yay!) and some very cute Enzo Angiolini heeled oxfords. And a ridiculously puffy ankle length black parka, ugly ski gloves, huge fuzzy wool hat, etc. Not elegant, but I’m a HUGE baby about the cold.

  148. I’m shocked to see so many singing the praises of the LB Right fit jeans. I can’t wear any of them. Well I could if I wanted jeans where the wiast band comes within an inch of my nipples. Who needs overalls when you can add some straps to some bitchin fashion like that?

    But that in mind- I’m wearing a pair of Levi “Trouser” jeans which I bought at the 3rd St promenade last year (and I’ll never be able to replace because I’ve searched like a badass and these apparently never officially existed as they are labelled only as Trouser and are not part of their numbered lines nor do they have stretch, praise the heavens). And up top I’m wearing a black Gap cami with a green 3/4 sleeve Gap v-neck. Oh yeah and socks and my purple and silver NB 540s. I like NBs but after my experience at their Pasadena store I will only be shopping for them at DSW (they were obvious pissed to get a narrow flat footed person who needed a big toe box without seams that ran over her little toe).

    Oh and then there is my outwear- my Marmot rainjacket because it’s been pissing down and tornadoing in LA this week.

  149. Well I could if I wanted jeans where the wiast band comes within an inch of my nipples. Who needs overalls when you can add some straps to some bitchin fashion like that?

    Hmmm. Have you tried them in petite? I have the grandpa pant problem in regular sizes, but petite works fine.

  150. I have tried them in petite and then they are still too long/big in the torso. i think I’ve found my backup jeans now though- I used to sear by Old Navy low rise bootcuts but those of course went by by. The other week I found Mossimo bootcuts in a straight 18 at Target fit and since I owned them I haven’t suffered the standard lycra easy-access pants which fall off your tush because they’ve stretched so much in 3 hours syndrome that I’m happy.

  151. Shorts, Rivers brand men’s size 40s. An old XL T-shirt with a blues festival logo. Red Crocs, because they are brilliant gardening shoes.

    BTW, I can’t wear New Balance shoes. I went to Athlete’s Foot to get proper fitting running shoes, and they are brilliant at finding shoes that are the right width and suit your gait. Feet are very variable.

  152. I’m wearing New Balances, too, but I’m not sure which style…sure are cozy, though. Other than that, Old Navy jeans, top tank tops, a t-shirt, a button-down, a flannel shirt and a sweater. (I don’t normally dress so warm, I’m waiting for my friend with the convertible to come pick me up, and he always drives with the top down.)

  153. Hrm. I have casual every day at work, so today I wore my new retro Milwaukee Brewers hoodie over the retro Baltimore Colts T-shirt my nephew gave me for Christmas last year (they’re the same blue!) with LB jeans (straight leg, rigid fit, normal waist) in kind of a sick navy. I didn’t realize the blues clashed so bad until I was already at work. Can you tell I’m not a clothes girl? :)

    I’m really cranky because one of the Doc Martins I have worn non-stop every Oct through April since 2002 has developed a hole in the upper and I’m taking on water, so tomorrow I’ll have to go *ugh* shopping and replace them. It’s breaking my heart.

  154. I wish I could see pictures!

    I’ve got on a grey wool cardigan over a black t-shirt, a black A-line skirt, black leggings, grey wool socks, and grey wool clogs. Oh yeah, and black eyeglass frames. That’s pretty much my uniform, but I perked it up recently with blue streaks in my hair.

  155. Time-Machine, that’s one seriously bitchin’ GI Joe t-shirt. I always did have a soft spot for the Cobra Cmdr. and the Baroness…. :)

    I’m wearing a VERY grandma-esque oversize t-shirt style nightie, that fits as though I were a five-year-old wearing a XXL adult t-shirt to bed. It’s sort of a greyish lavender (heather?) color, with an allover print of teddy bears sitting, teddy bears sitting and holding bunches of violets, and little violets strewn all over the place like polka-dots. To be honest, I have no idea how I even came to own this – I know I didn’t receive it as a gift, nor is it something I’d ever buy for myself. It just showed up one day, likely smuggled into my wardrobe by one family member or another…I seem to recall my grandmother wearing it, but knowing the malleable quality of memory, it’s likely that it’s a false imprint on my mind. Regardless of all that, though, it’s my favorite nightie because it’s so damn COMFY.

  156. Kim gets the donut!

    I honestly didn’t watch much GI Joe as a kid, just the stuff I watched with my brother, but I saw the shirt at Hot Topic for $2, and I was like, “Two dollars? I can dig it.”

    And then wore it for Halloween.

  157. Im butching it up lol

    Full suit w/ pink tie, zebra striped hat, skinny black pants and doc martins

    I like to dress up nice sometimes for no specific occasion

    But Jessica is right, its really cold tonight! There is tons of frost out on the ground! It is supposed to snow tomorrow!

  158. Hmm, this thread is kinda tapering off, but I figured I’d come back anyway, since I never did get a chance to post what I wore for my interview (which went well, I think, but I’m not sure I actually want the job . . . bah)
    charcoal work pants (Houston maybe?) from LB; fabulous cowl-neck, belted/tunic length, 3/4 sleeve sweater in this amazing multi-tonal dark pink color, also from LB, still in stores on clearance, but doesn’t seem to be on the website anymore; black sleeveless tie front basic tee (although I tucked the ties out of the way) from Avenue (similarly recent, but unfindable on the website)

    most excitingly: nice shoes that are actually the right size and super comfy! (I got the black stretch fabric ones) See, Munro actually makes a 10.5! and they even had a 10.5W in the store (thank you Nordstrom) for me to try on the other day! Halle-frickin-lujah!
    a bra that, almost, is the right size. (Chantelle Legende) See, I have recently discovered that my RO’D is yet another part of my body (see shoes) that takes a size that basically doesn’t exist. bah. So the H cup fits fabulously, but the band is too big (they don’t make anything bigger than an H, so I can’t go down to my proper band size) but I am going to try to find someone who can take the band in. Even with the band a bit too big though, it still fits so amazingly much better than anything I’ve ever had before, so I’m happy about that. (I’m gonna go to another store that carries Panache soon, as they seem to be one of the only brands that actually make a 34J other than Fantasie/Freya which I’ve discovered do absolutely nothing for my particular boobiliciousness.)

    oh, and when I first posted before, way up thread, I was still wearing my cozy grey with yellow pinstripe flannel pj’s (few years old, from Avenue) :)

  159. Ooooh… my favorite topic.

    Well to work today I wore brown trousers from INC at Macys – I don’t see them online though. And tall brown faux-patent-leather boots.
    And black leggings underneath my trousers cuz I’m so fucking cold all the time.
    And an olive green V-neck t-shirt from H&M I think, from years ago. And a pumpkin-orange V-neck sweater over that, that I got on Bluefly last year.

    And now I’m wearing my pre-bed clothes, haha, which means black soft cotton sweatpants from the gap, and a very old cranberry colored V-neck T-shirt purchased at Wet Seal when I stil shopped there. And a very cute but old cranberry colored hoodie from Gap. It has a hole in the elbow, but I am still wearing it, which my husband finds amusing. (I wouldn’t wear it in public though.)

  160. Oh, and crocs. I wear the crocs all the time when I’m at home, rather than be barefoot. The support helps my sad little flat feet.

  161. astrobabe-

    I am with you on the horrible fit of the Right Fits. I just have the exact oppoite problem…

  162. FIRST EVER reply. I think. maybe not. anyway…

    from the toes up: hiking socks, gap khakis (I don’t like khakis, but I seem to be wearing them), teal cami from Ann Taylor, green long-sleeved tee from Old Navy about three years ago, big, colorful, magic-carpet patterened cardigan that I bought at Express back in 1994. glasses.

  163. My pyjamas, which is really my nightie and a miscellaneous pair of pink bottoms of which the top disappeared years ago. Betty Boop slippers. My Libertines bracelets, Misfit earrings and my wedding ring. And underwear.

  164. I’m wearing an ancient pair of jeans I’ve had since my junior year of high school (yes, three and a half years is ancient for any jeans of mine, as they suffer a lot of abuse–I’m a gamer and hang out with guys), an off-white tank top, and a burgundy button-down shirt with one button done at the waist ’cause I hate having more than a few buttons done. Also, a pair of really ugly but really comfortable black sneakers I got on sale at Payless.

    And my MP3 player is in my pocket, with my headphones around my neck. Some girls have a bracelet or a necklace they’re never without; I’ve got my music. :D

  165. I’m not actually wearing it right now but I bought a beautiful shirt from It’s a long sleeved, pink cinch top shirt that fits beautifully. I wore it to a concert last week with some jeans. I just discovered the clothing site on the site called “The Pretty Pear”.
    It’s so nice to see a site with stylish clothes for women sized 12 and beyond.

  166. I’m joining the discussion late BUT I work overnights on Sundays so here’s my outfit:

    Dark blue LB Right Fit flare jeans, a red babydoll tee from LB, pink socks with cherries on them, and black converse. I’m also wearing a long black chain necklace from good ole Target, silver hoop earrings, and a skinny black stretchy headband.

    This shirt makes my girls look faaaantastic. The picture on the website does it no justice.

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