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  1. I second “something sexy”!

    Somebody upload this on YouTube after it airs, please – I don’t think we even get that show in Finland.

    Good luck, Kate! It’ll be great to have you there!

  2. Oh, fucking badass! I liked that shirt you wore when we met, and don’t you have a blue Svoboda wrap top that’s perfect for stuff like this? Are you still not supposed to wear blue on TV?


    Congratulations dear! Do you know what time you’ll be on? I’ll plan my morning routine around seeing you on TV!

    If only the office hadn’t been closed yesterday I would take the morning off and run over to Rockefellar Center to watch live. Who ever knew there was a downside to having a day off!?!?

    Regardless, go kick some ass girl :)

  4. Oh and um, wear…something cute, but warm just in case they end up interviewing you out on the plaza. Though you are from Chicago and your cold rivals and often beats the pants off ours.

  5. OH MY GOD! I am so excited for you — I can’t imagine how excited YOU must be! I will totally watch! You are going to kick ass!

  6. Holy crap! This is awesome!

    Is your Igigi wrap dress appropriate? Or would it be better to go with something traditionally “professional” like a suit or dressy sweater/pants?


  7. OMG, congrats! I’m with Deniselle – somebody please tape it and put it on YouTube so that I can watch it here in Germany… :-)

    Kate, I’m sure that you’ll do great! Go out and get ’em, tiger! ;-))))

  8. I will DVR you! I hope you have time to enjoy our fair city . Here are two good restaurant suggestions:

    Virgil’s Famous Barbeque (152 West 44th street, between B’dway & 7th)

    The Brooklyn Diner (In Manhattan – 212 West 57th Street, near Broadway I think!)

    Also, Macy’s at Herald Square (34th street, takes up 6th – 7th Avenue) has a fantastic plus department on their 7th floor.

    Well, I know I’m acting like you probably have more time than you do, but I know you’ll have a great time in New York. Congrats! This is great news.


    Something bright and colorful, I think! What have you got that’s dark purple, maybe? Purple does great things when paired with blonde hair…

  10. I just read spacedcowgirl’s clothing suggestion as “dressy sweatpants” and thought that would be the best fat-girl stereotype outfit ever. But then I learned to read.

    Isn’t the Today Show on twice, once in the morning and again in the afternoon for an hour? I don’t want to risk missing this, and as I tragically lack a DVR, I need to plan some careful VCR-ing.

  11. Isn’t the Today Show on twice, once in the morning and again in the afternoon for an hour? I don’t want to risk missing this, and as I tragically lack a DVR, I need to plan some careful VCR-ing.</i.

    I think the way it works is that they added an extra hour so it now runs until 11am eastern time…but perhaps you version of NBC does something different?

  12. Because I was wearing enormous boots!

    You were wearing a black and white mesh shirt with a floral print that I think was a faux wrap.

  13. NOooooo, not Virgil’s, go to RUB BBQ on 23rd btwn. 6th and 7th! We have the best smoked bacon! /shameless plug


  14. Okay, I will reiterate everyone else, because that’s apparently all I have to offer today:



    Wear a pretty dress!

    YouTube – yes, please!

    You’re going to kick ass. And just imagine the entire Shapelariat, with all our tiny superpowers, cheering you on from our desks, and beds, and gray little cubicles. Gooooooo, Kate!

  15. I think that black and white are problematic on television because of the high-contrast weirdness. Red can also bleed weirdly, but a strong solid of whatever color suits you best is safe. Don’t you have an electric blue wrap dress?

  16. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I second wearing the teal svoboda wrap you wore to the Art of Being OR the blue igigi yoke wrap. Bright solid colors or BIG prints are good — nothing to tiny or dainty-stripes.. they’ll make the TV explode!

  17. goodwithcheese—hahahahahahahaha!! Dressy sweatpants! I recommend pairing them with one of those cutesy “dressy” t-shirts (generally grandparenting, USA, or cute baby animal themed) that seem to be the only shirt option when you are trying in vain to find something remotely professional to wear in the plus-size department at a discount store.

  18. @ goodwithcheese: I also read sweatpants… great minds? Please say great minds, because I fear what the alternative to that is!

  19. I was totes thinking of the blue wrap dress too… FYI I think that’s its third vote.

    I also vote for someone to You Tube that biz… I could DVR but I am lazy (and FAT) and don’t want to fast forward till I get to the good part.


    Congrats Kate! I’m excited for you.

  20. I predicted this(on vesta44’s NYT post early this morning)!!!!!!! Do us proud girl. I know you will!

    I remember something you said about always being compared to Dan Savage when you were younger. Dan Savage can just your butt huh? When’s the last time he was on the Today Show?

  21. holy crap kate. totes awesome! you’re leading the shapeling invasion of mainstream media. your passion and leadership inspire! and this is just the start. xoxo

  22. Hee… I was just discussing this with Kate in gchat, and the phrase “Suck it, Dan Savage” was used.

  23. This might be obvious, but wear something that looks good sitting down. When I check how something looks I’m usually standing (in front of the mirror or my friends or whatever) and I often forget about button gaps and weird creases and such that happen when sitting.

  24. Congratulations Kate! I know you have helped me in some of my more recent struggles with my ED. I think this is just the beginning for you and for thousands of other women struggling.

    Thanks for being out there. I’m going to set up my DVR tonight.


  25. Oh, no, Lexy – pressing the rewind button is all the exercise we fatties can handle. AND you might actually lose some weight, which will directly improve your moral standing! Don’t you see the beauty of your situation?!

    For real, I thought about DVRing it, too, but I don’t even want to sit through that show in FF. Although to see Kate.. I just may have to!

  26. Go to the tailor now, tell him/her that if the dress is done in an hour you’ll give their store a shout out on the Today show, I’ll be they’ll take care of it.

    But of course, in good faith you’ll have to find a way to fit them into your limited teevee time.

  27. Oh that is so amazing!! I’m going to actually get out of bed to watch(I’m one of those decadent late night arty people[I say decadent, but really just a night owl haha], so morning and I are only passing acquaintances really).

    You’ll be amazing, and I’m sure I’ll be showing it to everyone I know.

    I don’t, however, have fashion advice, as my particular fashion has been dubbed affectionately by my friends as “Baglady chic, only with less chic”. /grin

  28. Someone had better be recording this and putting it on YouTube. I am going to try to get up three hours before my usual wake time and sit through the whole damn thing to see Kate, but it may be a lost cause, and I don’t have a DVR.

    And yes, jewel tones. Although I’m sure it’s tempting to wear an Ann Coulter type black cocktail number just to make fun of her.

  29. Woo! Wow – that’s fantastic! You are one of the best choices, Kate, to represent this burgeoning community. And as for what to wear, as long as you are confident, you are sexy! Give ’em hell!

    (Although, could you get a sexy little t-shirt with “I heart Baby Donuts” on it?)

  30. My husband might know some magic technology way to get a DVR recording onto the computer and thence You Tube. He suggested as much when friends of ours were on Chica-go-go a few months ago. I will revisit the topic and see if he ever found a way.

  31. WAHOO!! This is so exciting!! I don’t have to teach tomorrow so I will SO be watching.

    Oh, and what Rayne said about v-neckline, A line skirt, tall boots, pretty necklace. Very good for the camera, both standing and sitting.

  32. Kate – your appearance should be even more interesting considering The Today Show had two of The Biggest Loser’s (a couple) on today’s show promoting dieting and weight loss.

  33. Holy Crap that’s awesome!!!! Somebody needs to YouTube it!

    I vote for whatever makes you feel the most poised and confident, so they can see how it’s done!

    IMO, Tall boots and an outfit with clean, tailored lines always says “strong woman” to me.

    You rock. Hope you blow them away with your smarty smartness :-)

  34. OMG! Congrats Kate!

    This is like..a good week. I finally land a job interview (for a job I REALLY want!) and one of my favorite bloggers is gonna be on TV. Awesomeness.

    Oh, and you should totally do a nice v-neckline (I’m echoing everyone else). Like a sweater/ skirt combo for that classic glamour. That would be fabulous and classy.

  35. I miss seven hours of SP, and this is what happens! OMFG!!!! Good luck!!!!!

    And yeah, someone tape it and post it somewhere that I can see it!

  36. Oh and if we are passing off NYC recs…There’s a place on 7th Street and Avenue A called *ahem* 7A, that’s pretty awesome :)


    This will be the second time someone I became a fan of got on the Today show. I’ll take that to mean I have good taste.

    Also, if things go like they did then, expect to be honored by Judy Blume and win lots of awards. That was exciting.

    And you should totally wear something hot and then flaunt your hot self.

    And put in a good word for baby flavoured donuts – just to confuse the viewers. ^_~

  38. I still can’t believe they would do it so fast! My poor little cheap brain says oh noes, last minute full fare? I guess it costs to be on the bleeding edge of whatever was in the newspaper yesterday. :)
    Definitely something with color, definitely something that is clingy and shapely, definitely not something with a pattern that could in any way be construed as a “fat clothes” pattern (not that I think you’d have any of those, but you know what I mean).

    I second or third the tall boots if you have them.

  39. Separates are often better than dresses for tv, because of the way they have to snake the microphone wire from something clipped at your waist up to something clipped near your mouth. So as awesome as that Igigi wrap dress looked, it might be a bit awkward for the mike. That means I’m with the v-neck, a-line skirt, tall boots, & jewelry contingent. But definitely color! (not too much black!)

    And YAY!!!

  40. Wowowow! I have no idea either about the clothes, but this is so awesome! I glad that writers and other representatives of the fatosphere are getting so much media attention lately. Maybe this will give me a reason to start watching TV again.

  41. OMG i didn’t even get a chance to see this before it was cancelled. Damn, would’ve been exciting to know my favorite blogger is visiting my city! Not to mention GOING ON TV.

    Well congratulations anyway, its a big huge fucking deal and i’m SURE they will just have you back another time. Worry not.

  42. Whouhahouu on the Today Show!! I love that show but it’s not broadcast here in France. I will see if your segment will end up on their web site.

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