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Two Things

1) If I look as good in a bikini as Keely Shaye Smith when I’m in my mid-forties (especially if I’ve had 2 kids by then), I will buy one and never take it off.

2) How awesome is it that most of the comments there are calling the TMZ folks assholes for picking on her instead of piling on about how ZOMG FAT she is? Yeah, you’ll blow a few Sanity Watchers points if you read them all, but for the most part, people aren’t having it. I love that.

Update: Judging by comments here, that thread might demand more Sanity Watchers points than I thought. I just skimmed. Read the whole thing at your own risk.

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  1. Word and word. Also: TMZ is such crap. Makes me glad I get what little gossip I hear from Go Fug Yourself instead!

  2. I am ashamed to say that my first thought was OMG, I never thought she’d be one to let herself go.

    Then I realized that probably a lot of people thought that of me when it happened.

    Then I thought, “so what? she’s human. And because she’s someone famous who has looked fabulous at any size, people might actually think twice about all of it.”

  3. You know, this kind of shit just blows my mind. I would go ape-shit if someone followed me around & took pictures of me & made money off those picture.

    If they insult me in the process? I’d be lawyered up in seconds.

    Bunch. O’. Bullshit.

  4. You know, Brosnan looks a little paunchier in these pictures than he used to, too, but of course all the garment-rending is all about her. And for all the screeching about her “health” being endangered by being a “fatty,” she’s probably at statistically a “healthier” weight than she was when she was thin. (And doesn’t she have some kind of thyroid condition or something anyway?)

  5. I was pleased, too, to see most of the commenters being actually, um … reasonable! How refreshing! :)

  6. Love the comments about “what a nice man Pierce Brosnan is to put up with/not dump his fat wife/etc”, as if it’s some kind of noble sacrifice for Brosnan to still love his wife and mother of his children instead of having Celebrity Trophy-Starlet hanging off his arm. Ho-hum.

  7. TMZ wrote “This family clearly has a lot of love to give.”
    Uh, yeah.
    And that’s a bad thing — having a lot of love to give — playing with kids in the sand, boucing around in the surf — sounds pretty loving to me.
    I mean, positive stereotyping isn’t really great, but if fat = lot of love to give, not the worst thing ever.
    And isn’t Hawaii a little beyond the Thirty Mile Zone?

  8. I didn’t look at TMZ. I saw the pics on a Bond site (cuz, y’know, Bond blogger), and the mix was about the same. A couple of people said, “Why is she wearing a bikini?” which isn’t exactly over-the-top cruel, one person said she was huge, one person said she was hot and he dug her, and everyone else said leave them alone.

    The Bond fansites tend to be pretty sexist and sometimes unpleasant crowds. I was impressed.

  9. First thought: “Who the hell is Keely Shaye Smith?” Second thought (after seeing the pics) is “Wow, she looks great.”

    I saw the photos and story first on CNN – yes, apparently the fact that a celebrity sticks by the now fat mother of his children and seemingly beloved spouse actually made national news. So sad, isn’t it?

  10. it gives me hope, it does. because i look kinda like that in a bikini (except my boobs are bigger), and i’ve had it bad for pierce brosnan since moonlighting.

    this is not me wishing for anything bad to happen to keely shaye smith or anything. but should he suddenly clone himself and be looking, he could look me up.

  11. Hell, I wish I looked like that in a bikini now, and I’m 23. She deserves about ten high fives for having the guts to go out on a beach in a bikini knowing that she and her husband are under the very watchful eye of the paparazzi. I can’t even get myself to don a bikini at the community pool at my apartment complex.

    Kudos to her, and kudos to the fact that not everyone who visits TMZ is a complete asshole.

  12. Wow she does look good.

    Now, NOT that it’s important to look a certain way, and NOT that lower body fat is something we all have to aspire to, but I can’t help but point out:
    She doesn’t even look fat to me. Meaning, her stomach doesn’t have rolls, it looks pretty solid. And her bathing suit doesn’t dig into her flesh at ALL – if that’s something about the suit then tell me where i can get one, but for me, EVERYTHING makes little lumps in my flesh.

    My point is of course not that all of us WITH rolls and wobbly bits must be ashamed and cover them up, just that it’s funny that THIS is considered “fat” when really, even though I see the before pic, I really don’t see fat in the after pic, just a bigger (and I think just as beautiful, if not moreso) body.

  13. Oh and yes it is awesome that people are more on her side and against bashing her… very cool to see it going that way.

  14. I was wondering if this was going to turn up. I was appalled at all the ‘she should count herself lucky pierce hasnt left her yet’ and the other ‘he’s so good to put up with her weight’ or something else along those lines. put up with?! hell, maybe he LIKES IT. we all know he loves her, and he’s not at ALL ashamed of her. Im glad the comments became more and more ‘leave them the hell alone’ and less of the ‘ZOMG FAT IS SO UNHEALTHY for women! on men its fine, its ok! pierce isnt even fat! but KEELEY SHE NEEDS TO STARVE HERSELF PRONTO.’ which im convinced is all one person anyway.


    even i dont wear a bikini. she looks good. theres power in her body.

  15. I read the comments there last night and, though I was surprised and delighted at the level of support for Keely, I still used up about a month’s worth of sanity watchers points on the spite and ignorance. Is there a Fat Bingo square saying “getting fat is showing disrespect to your spouse”?

  16. What a bunch of self-righteous, sexist assholes. It’s all on her to watch her weight, yet clearly Pierce has put on a few pounds too. Heaven forbid he should become less f*ckable for having someone point that out, eh?

  17. I saw that photo a few days ago, and I was transfixed for a few long moments ‘cos I thought she looked so lovely and happy. I don’t recall exactly how I wound up on TMZ in the first place – probably followed a link from somewhere, I guess – but since I didn’t have many Sanity Points left to spend, I chose not to read the comments. I’m glad to hear that they’re not all negative, though I confess I’m flabbergasted by the “How NOBLE of him to stay with her!” comments. The “Eww, Fatty!” comments, however, I’m completely unsurprised by. Hey, like Apricotmuffins said, maybe he -does- like it, y’know? After all, what’s not to like; she looks effing -gorgeous.-

  18. Personally I loved checking out how comfortable Keely is with herself, cavorting like that in a bikini knowing full well that some dickhead photographer is probably lurking in the shadows… I’m smaller than Keely and I don’t have her confidence (or her very hot man). Rock on, Brosnan/Smiths!

  19. Ditto to everything everyone else said . . . Also, it seems to me that PB’s bathing suit is cutting more into him than KSS’s is. So either 1.) I want to know who made her bathing suit or 2.) She’s in better shape than her husband or possibly 3.) both!

    She does look SO much healthier than she did in the inset picture.

    Of course, in the inset picture, she was sucking her stomach in and was probably airbrushed within an inch of her life. *shrugs*

  20. you know, when I looked at the “before” Picture, it is OBVIOUS that they were MUCh younger.

    And it makes me wonder, how much of Fat-shaming is really (slightly) disguised Age-ism?

    Humans, and females in particular, but on adipose tisssue as they age and most particularly when they become mothers. THis is, I have been taught, to increase the likelihood of survival, esp. during nursing. The middle aged spread that is common (and I certainly have experienced it) has been attributed to older people in the tribe being necessary for thier experience and wisdom, but not needing as much food as growing children and pregnant/nursing women etc.

    For SOME F-Upped reason, now everyone (but women particularly) are unacceptable unless they have the whip-thin bodies of newly fertile girls.

  21. I certainly wouldn’t complain if I saw the two of them running around on a beach. She looks adorable in her bikini – she has a nice looking chubby, middle aged lady body, just like she had a nice looking body when she was younger. I wanted to slap the guy who said that Brosnan must be a really good person for loving her “in spite of” how she looks. What an idiot.

  22. I’d like to look that good in a bikini. I’d also like to have Pierce for a boy toy so it’s envy all around. Nice to see a lot of people chose “lay off” in the voting section and told TMZ off for doing the piece. The before picture was particularly tasteless, like people are never allowed to change as they age.

    The second thought I had was I wonder where she gets her swimwear. Cute suit!

  23. And it makes me wonder, how much of Fat-shaming is really (slightly) disguised Age-ism?

    A good chunk of it, I’d guess. I mean, for starters, ALL of our cultural beauty ideals suggest that 18-24 is the only truly acceptable age range for women. But beyond that, fear of fat and fear of age are both related to fear of death. We’re already supposed to believe that being fat will kill us, and when you combine that with the fact that people do tend to put on weight as they age (at least until they get really old and start losing it again), you can see the connection pretty clearly. STOP BEING FAT AT ME AND REMINDING ME THAT I’M MORTAL!

  24. She does look normal & lovely as she is, much better & healthier than when she was thinner. It is indeed normal for us to gain weight as we age, after childbearing, & in menopause. It is a good survival tool all around, not only during childbearing, but because somewhat heavier older people are healthier & have better survival rates & deal better with illness, etc.

    Does she have children of her own & has she had any with Pierce? I do not follow celebrities much & have not kept track, but I do know that Pierce has three children by his first wife, who was named Cassandra, I think, & who died with cancer.

    And, yes, as a 58-year-old woman, I can tell you that ageism is rife in this culture, & we are being told that we are supposed to never age a day past 25. The message, of course, is sent especially emphatically by those who market ‘cures’ for our ‘disease of aging’, because there is never & never has been much profit in telling people that they are fine & beautiful as they are & that the normal, natural processes & changes of living & aging are indeed normal & natural.

  25. And since I am probably the oldest person who ever posts here, I would like to warn all of you that, when you reach late middle age, you also become invisible. SOME of the pressure to look young & beautiful lets up a little bit, but that is mostly because a lot of people do not see you or listen to you or consider that you have any worth or anything of value to contribute to the earth. And, yes, indeed, we are supposed to shut up & disappear & stop reminding people that they are mortal & that, unless they die, this will happen to them too.

  26. Unless they die YOUNG, I meant. I remember when I was a kid & as a young woman hearing people yap on about James Dean & idealize him, etc. Christ, the man wrapped himself around a tree when he was 21 years old! Who knows what he might have been like or become had he lived a normal lifespan, but some are probably glad he did not, as he can be forever that exciting, rebellious bad boy. Our culture loves to freeze people in time.

  27. I can’t access past the 1st page of comments on TMZ, for some reason, no matter how many times (or browsers) I try. But anyway, I think Keely looks beautiful, healthy, and fit, and I’m glad to see so many commenters telling TMZ to back the F off. (Although, yeah, all the “what a good man for sticking by her” comments are pissing me off. Seriously, WTF?) And also, I wish I had the guts to wear a bikini in public, nevermind when fully aware that the paparazzi are always watching….

  28. Y’know, even this “fat” photo of her makes me feel like a fat fat fat fattie. I’ll NEVER look that good in a bikini, fucking EVER.

    TMZ can suck my dildo.

  29. Does she have children of her own & has she had any with Pierce?

    Ah, good question. I just checked and it turns out she has TWO children of her own (both with Pierce). A bunch of people in comments I read were talking about her having 3 kids, and I didn’t bother to fact-check.

  30. I’m flabbergasted by the “How NOBLE of him to stay with her!” comments.

    Especially since judging by the before and now pictures, he’s put on as much weight as she has! Why no comments about how noble she is for staying with a husband who got fat?

    Oh, right, because a man’s sole purpose in marriage isn’t to look hot for his wife.

  31. If they’re happy, who cares? Fat or thin, she’s brave to put
    on a bikini. I know a lot of thin women who are too self-
    conscious to wear one.

    She must be doing something right, I haven’t heard any
    tabloid stories about Pierce cheating on her. Then again,
    they are Europeans, who seem, IMO, not be as weight-
    obsessed as Americans.

    Good for him for showing off his wife!

    That just goes to show you, being thin does not necesssarily mean happinesss. Look at Pamela
    Anderson. She’s on husband #4 if they’re still
    together. And look at Eddie Murphy. He may have
    made fun of us overweight, black women in Norbit
    but he’s gotten married and split again.

  32. First off, wow, what an amazing blog!

    And, they both look happy and healthy to me. In fact, my first thought was: “What a cute bikini. I can never find anything that cute that fits my rack. I wonder where she found it.”

  33. Amen, Mari! Eddie Murphy’s an ass, and not just in “Shrek.”

    Queen Latifah said in a recent interview that she ALWAYS wears her bikini in Europe, but never in the U.S.

    I bought a bikini a couple of years ago, and wore it. Into Lake Tahoe. And froze my ass off! I think I’ll stick to one-pieces.
    (Plus, I’m a VERY white girl, whose stomach hadn’t seen the sun in over 30 years. I think I may have blinded some fellow beach-goers.)

    Anyway, good for them for going to Hawaii, having a great time, and not giving a rat’s patootie what anyone else thinks.

  34. errr … for the record, James Dean died at 24 in a head on collision with another car. But, yeah, that’s still really young, and I agree with you 100%. I know my hackles raised a little bit when people were commenting on the James Marsters thread that “he looks good for 45“. I’m closing in on 40, so 45 doesn’t seem like an age where anyone could potentially look so terrible no matter who they are.

  35. I know my hackles raised a little bit when people were commenting on the James Marsters thread that “he looks good for 45“.

    I think part of the problem is, we’re all different ages but don’t necessarily know how old anybody else is. Certainly, a whole bunch of people here could say that meaning, “He looks good for someone who’s more than 20 years older than me” — which is fairly reasonable — but I know I never think about the fact that many of the Shapelings are in their early twenties until someone brings it up. The entire world revolves around me, so I assume everyone is about my age. Hell, I didn’t know Fillyjonk is 5 years younger than me for a long time. And I wept a little when I found out.

    Of course, Marsters is only 12 years older than me, and I’ve dated guys his age, so I had no business saying it — except that, as I said, I had believed his publicist’s fiction that he was only in his late twenties a few years ago. Finding out his real age broke my brain a little.

  36. Here’s a few facts gleaned from Brosnan’s IMDB bio. His first wife, Cassandra Harris, had two children when they married, then they had one together. Cassandra died at a very young age leaving Brosnan with three children – he adopted her two when their biological father died.

    I think it’s safe to say that the guy knows something about loss. Maybe, just maybe, he’s grateful and happy to have his wife around even though she’s had the temerity to age. Funny how that works with some people.

  37. Finding out his real age broke my brain a little.

    Heh. I’m 10 years older than your. Finding out his real age helped me stop feeling guilty when I looked at him.

  38. The entire world revolves around me, so I assume everyone is about my age.

    Haha, me too! And then I find out a lot of you are considerably older than me, and that breaks my brain a little.

  39. I know everyone knows this, but I wanted to reinforce that IMO the ridiculousness of implying Pierce is “noble” for staying with his wife does not hinge in any way on whether he himself has aged or put on weight or whatever. (Though I do see and agree with the feminist issue raised by the double standard.) I can’t even comprehend a reality where someone is “noble” for staying with a spouse (I mean, disclaiming the obvious dealbreakers like abuse and other individual, personal reasons why people might grow apart, which obviously I can’t and don’t want to judge others for) for ANY reason. Staying with your spouse is just by and large WHAT YOU DO. Through circumstances which are often much more trying than some stupid weight gain. Remember how you took vows and shit?

    Moreover, I think the widely perpetrated idea that weight gain is some kind of huge life-altering change that will transform your formerly happy marriage into a loveless, attractionless hell is totally contrary to most people’s experience. Body changes are just something that happens (to pretty much everybody) and most people adapt and move on and, I don’t know, generally continue to love their spouses. Without even expecting a medal for it. God, TMZ people. I’m so glad I don’t live in their reality.

  40. the ridiculousness of implying Pierce is “noble” for staying with his wife does not hinge in any way on whether he himself has aged or put on weight or whatever.

    Oh, of course not. It would be equally ridiculous to say she was noble for staying with him. I just think the fact that nobody is saying that, but people are saying he’s noble for staying with her, is very telling about the way our culture views women. I completely agree with everything in your comment, though.

  41. Yeah, I agree… I didn’t mean to call out any one commenter, the discussion (mostly over there) just reminded me how people on those sites always seem to think it’s amazing for someone to stay with a spouse who looks “bad” in any way, when IMO normal people don’t think that way and just live their lives. It is just so weird. But you are 100% right that men get a pass where women don’t and it sucks.

  42. When I was in my late teens/early twenties, I always assumed popular actresses and pop stars of the day were several years older than me — not that I cared really, they just seemed more accomplished and “Grown Up” than I was at that time. These days, they are suddenly several years younger. THAT breaks my brain. “So, wait. She would have been 17 when she had that starring role as a young Mom …” Hollywood. GAH!

  43. As far as ageism, to be fair, it goes in every direction, which sucks, plain and simple. I know that currently at 22, quite a few of the people I encounter don’t, at first conversation, think I am 22. As soon as they learn, their attitude changes towards me, and I become a stupid, irrational, slutty drain on societies morals, and most certainly a heavy drinker/smoker/partier because I am so young. The older the person I’ve met, often the worse they think of me until proven otherwise. (Add that to the fact that I’m fluffy, and the hits keep coming.) So you aren’t alone in being discriminated against for your age.

    Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so young, but then I stop and realize that I used to wish I wasn’t fat, and that got me nowhere but depressed, so I’ve come to embrace my age, and the belief that those age-ist bastards can kiss my fluffy white ass.

  44. It’s terrible how the media, especially TMZ, heavily criticizes any woman appearing on their website if she doesn’t have a size 0 body. TMZ is the epitome of what’s wrong with body image in the media.

  45. Spaced,

    I can’t even comprehend a reality where someone is “noble” for staying with a spouse (I mean, disclaiming the obvious dealbreakers like abuse and other individual, personal reasons why people might grow apart, which obviously I can’t and don’t want to judge others for) for ANY reason. Staying with your spouse is just by and large WHAT YOU DO.

    I do think there are situations not related to weight gain where spouses are at the very least good people for staying with their SOs. Sometimes life gets really hard, and it is one thing to say “In sickness and in health” and another thing to actually go through it.

    I just think it is important to acknowledge that sometimes a spouse stays with the person they loved and has to sacrifice a lot to take care of them. I mean, it really sucks. But because it is what good people do they don’t deserve some kind of accolade for that?

    Personally I think if there wasn’t some kind of altruistic value placed on staying with a spouse once they were handicapped or terminally ill, or mentally ill, fewer people would do it. (Also, the asshole tax associated with divorcing your wife with cancer I hear is pretty large too, and that helps)

  46. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so young…

    Oh, don’t worry. Middle age will hit you before you know it.

  47. I think a lot of ageism is perspective, too. When I was out of college and didn’t have a “successful career” going already, I thought I was over the hill and all washed up at 23. A lot of my friends (men too) got seriously and dangerously depressed at that age for the same reason, and I’m not sure there was anything anyone could have said at that time to convince us otherwise. Now, I know, it’s really possible to reinvent yourself at anytime — you’re allowed to figure it out as you go along.

  48. They are both hot. And happy-looking.

    The hell is wrong with people?!

    And wow, is my husband noble for loving me now that I’ve gained 40 pounds, or what? I mean, Christ, I sure don’t deserve it. Not like I’m not still brilliant and gorgeous or anything. I have no idea how he can stand to be seen with me anymore.


  49. Ok, obsessive reader, now delurking on the age thing.
    I started reading this blog when the “Fantasy of Being Thin” got linked a hundred places and it really, really, blew me away. Although I’m thin-to-average, I’ve really struggled with self-image, and for the longest time I had this “Fantasy of Being Beautiful/Confident” what have you. Then, when I finally did became more confident, I started thinking, “if only I’d felt this way earlier, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time and I’d have a partner by now” (I’m 33). Which is, of course, just another version, except obsessing about the past instead of the future.

    So, obsessing about age can really be another, related trap to obsessing about bodies. And it’s weird because we’ve all been and will be these different ages, but we still have so much trouble identifying with women who were where we were or are where we’ll be. But this blog has helped me so much, especially because you’re all such awesome writers, and I’m someone who needs my self-esteem with a side of snark.

    Another thing that’s helped is I instituted my own Sanity watchers against articles and conversations about “ZOMG if you’re single in your thirties the cats will eat you and your ovaries are shriveling right now!!! So thanks for that, too!

  50. 1. James Marsters – I didn’t read the comments so I missed the “looks good for 45” part but I agree w/ Kate that my bairn broke when I found out how old he was a few years ago. When I heard he was 40 I thought he looked AMAZING. Hell, he looked amazing for 30, so that would have been my only comment. As I said to a co-worker about 10 years ago when he was lamenting his baby face, “Hey, just think about when you’re 50 and look 30. Plan for the long view, my friend.” I think Marsters has that kind of face.

    2. Noble Pierce. I imagine some of those making such comments really are shallow types, but I know that I have made similar observations when this topic has come up in the past (pix of Keely in the “how they’ve let themselves go” blurbs on the tabloids at checkout). And I think it really says something, not about our society in general, but about the celebrity society that we observe – that actors and actresses (actors mainly) regularly move on to a newer (younger/thinner) model spouse as the current one ages/gains weight. It’s sad, but when you have seen it so many times, it’s damn refreshing to see someone who truly loves his wife, every inch of her, and is enthusiastic about anytime an interviewer mentions it, which then leads to people commenting that “he obviously loves his wife” and yeah, it comes out sounding really bad, but a celebrity who didn’t really love his wife would probably bow to the pressure of a publicist/agent/manager and start seeing someone younger/thinner.

    At least, that’s how I see it, as someone who is married and we have both probably gained weight at the same rate as Pierce and Keely (although they started out at lower numbers than us I imagine). She was beautiful when I married her and she’s even more beautiful now.

  51. ZOMG if you’re single in your thirties the cats will eat you and your ovaries are shriveling right now!!! So thanks for that, too!

    I’m partnered in my 20s, but I have no doubt that my cats would eat me if given half the chance.

    (Welcome, LT!)

  52. I was just disgusted when I found the story on another celbrity gossip website.
    I’ve suffered a long time with eating disorders, and this website had posters that were particularly vicious- as in, one is quoted to literally say that Keely should be put to death. Another saying she is going to attack Manhattan.

    It actually upset me quite a bit, and I started to think in eating disordered ways because of it. But I gave myself a mental slap-on-the-cheek, talked to my fiance about it, and he agreed with me that there is nothing wrong with Keely! She’s very beautiful!

  53. When I look back at my twenties, I seem to have been middle-aged. Now, pushing 40, I feel younger than I ever was then, and sometimes get mistaken for it too, which is rather weird. Oh, did I mention I’m OMG! a dress size fatter? And healthier. And more confident. It really is all attitude.

    I wish so much self-development stuff wasn’t aimed at the young, though – I’m fed up seeing courses and grants and workshops that are under-25s only. L:ike your college friend, Suzanne – as if you should have your life all worked out by then, when in my experience many people’s big turning point about what they really want to do occurs between 35 and 40.

    I’m looking back, and I don’t think I’ve worn a bikini since my mid-teens. Black, of course (I don’t think I was allowed any other color swimsuit). Although Keely there might just have persuaded me, if I can find something I don’t fall out of.

  54. Thanks for the correction about James Dean, but my point stands. Strangely enough, people on tv over the years have been saying a lot that he died at 21. I was about 6 or 7 when he died, so I have no actual memories of him.

    And thanks for correcting me about Cassandra & Pierce. I remember hearing when she gave birth to what was called ‘their’ third child, but, as I say, I really do not do much celebrity-watching. And, yes, he knows about loss & pain & I have an idea that perhaps it has helped him to have a better perspective on life & on what really matters.

  55. I always loved Pierce for some reason. I don’t usually like the handsome, “perfect” type. But anyway, here’s a tangential ageism-related comment. Way before his wife died or even became ill, I was aware of her and had the impression that she was much older than he. I thought that was really “cool” of him, for various social-norm-poisoned reasons. (“It’s cool when the guy is younger, it’s cool that he doesn’t care,” bla-bla-blah.) Well, I just looked up Cassandra Harris, and you know how much older she was? Five teensy years! BFD. Why did I think it was so much bigger an age difference? Thank you, ageist patriarchy!

  56. Emerald –

    That’s been my experience so far, and it’s always great to hear that it’s not unusual – I think a big part of sexism is making women afraid of the period when we’re actually hitting our stride . . . so even though lots of women are happier in their 30s or 40s than in their 20s, it’s still kind of subversive to say it .. .like so what if you’re more confident, have had more life expereinces, and make more money. You’re not 21! Aren’t you depressed about that!

  57. betsy, Bruce Willis was Moonlighting; Pierce was Remington Steele.

    Some Bond fans have been pretty snide about Pierce as well, because Bond’s body is supposed to be perfect, and Pierce has actually said what a relief it is to not have to work out so intensely all the time since he no longer has the role. Not that there isn’t sexism (ha!) but he’s in that group of men that suffers body-ism (body-ism?) even though he’s in the ruling class of the patriarchy.

  58. TOTALLY off-topic, but when I saw Casino Royale, I totally missed the Daniel-Craig-rising-from-the-surf thing and instead kept thinking, “Damn, he looks great in a suit. More suits!”

    Keely looks amazing. Pierce’s belly looks like my belly. (Except more hair.)

  59. shinobi, that is another good way of looking at it. I guess I didn’t mean that people don’t deserve a lot of credit for the work they put into their marriages and families (like a lot of things “regular people” do every day, sticking by a spouse may be common but that doesn’t mean it’s not difficult depending on the circumstances), but you’re right, I did kind of come off that way. For the record I have a ton of respect for all the people who face “worse” circumstances and somehow get through them and support their spouses through them. I am lucky… my husband is about the easiest man in the world to live with, and at 31 I am petrified to have kids despite that we are fortunate enough to have the financial means to raise them, mainly because I think it will be “too hard.” So I am definitely not putting myself in the “noble” category either.

    I do still think, though, that most married people, while acknowledging that marriages are difficult and some much more difficult than others, would shy away from the rather condescending notion that they deserve some sort of hero credit for keeping their marriage vows. People by and large seem to rise to the necessary challenges and do what they need to do when tough circumstances arise. (See my final statement below, I am NOT casting aspersions on divorced people, or saying they were “wrong” to get a divorce–regardless of their personal reasons–and I really hope this is not coming off that way.)

    Maybe a lot of my incredulity (and I admit, as a fat person I am totally biased here) is at the idea that someone deserves a medal for staying with a spouse who has gained weight. That is not even on my radar screen as a “difficult” situation to face. Stuff happens, bodies change, and I actually feel sort of sad for anyone who would be knocked for such a loop by their spouse gaining weight or getting saggy or getting gray hair or stretch marks or whatever, because given that people inevitably age and change, such a person is basically guaranteed never to be happy in a marriage. If the TMZ posters actually feel that strongly about this–sure, they marriage is cool, but only if their spouse signs a contract guaranteeing they will never become older, fatter, or uglier–then I sort of pity them because it will never happen the way they want it to.

    But, like I said there are a lot of reasons couples grow apart, and attraction is a very personal thing. So I wouldn’t presume to judge any individual situation since one usually doesn’t have anywhere near all the facts.

  60. If I ever looked that good I’d be thrilled. I saw these pictures somewhere else earlier this week and it definitely was a more positive angle than TMZ’s.

  61. The thing I love about them is how happy they look as a couple. You don’t see that often in the celebrity world. What I love about Keely specifically is her ease in being in her body — she doesn’t hold her body in that self-conscious unnatural way most women do when they know they’re being photographed. It’s more than that, really — she positively revels in it (and Pierce clearly enjoys it as well.) I hadn’t seen her in a bikini before, though — it’s something of a revelation to me to see a real-life goddess body of that size cavorting around in a bikini. She’s just simply awesome.

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