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  1. Happy birthday, Kate! It’s my mum’s birthday today too. Hope you get lots of fab prezzies and someone arranges for Nick Frost to jump out of your cake!

  2. Happy Birthday :-D I hope it is a wonderful day, filled with joy, laughter, awesome presents, and baby-flavored cupcakes.

  3. Happy birthday! As a present to you, I’ve cleared out the moderation queue and deleted the trolls that were hanging around in there. They’re too boring to douchehound, and if we decided to, you have copies in your inbox anyway.

  4. As a present to you, I’ve cleared out the moderation queue and deleted the trolls that were hanging around in there.


    Well, neck and neck with my sister M’s present, which was, “I will resist the temptation to try to rhyme something with [thirty=] ‘third’.”

    Well dip me in shit and shoot me for stinking.

    That phrase is the next best present ever.

    Thanks everybody! And happy birthday to moms everywhere!

  5. “Happy Birthday!”
    (Said in vintage cartoon Frosty the Snowman voice, because that’s my favorite birthday greeting evah.)

  6. I’ve been meaning to ask, I assume I haven’t been a reader long enough to know… what the hell are baby flavored donuts. I’ve been trying to figure out the analogy all day… lol

  7. Incidentally, I said to Dan yesterday “tomorrow is Kate’s birthday, and her present is 25,000 hits from people who hate us.” But really I think your present is people who click on over from Violent Hatemongers and decide that self-acceptance is the way to go. There’s already been at least one, and that’s one more than we would have had without “her” help.

  8. LOL, Michelle. I obviously need to do a post on this.

    Short answer: they’re donuts, ’cause that’s what everyone thinks fatties eat all day long. And they’re baby-flavored, ’cause babies are what evil people eat all day long. And we’re evil fatties, so…

  9. Michelle, it’s actually been explained in the last two comment threads. The short version is that the donuts are because we’re gluttons, and the babies are because we’re evil. Baby-flavored donuts meet all our needs.

    Except our need for a FAQ.

  10. Happy Birthday Kate!

    Thanks to the three of you for the fabulous website!
    I love reading it many times a day, when i should be working in the lab or writing thesis!!

    My b’day is just around the corner on saturday, I get happy around January b’days :-)

    Happy B’day once again!

    Hope you Al and friends have loads of fun and do no work !!!

    Thesis can wait …..


    Too fucking funny! I especially enjoy the fact that the little bites are shaped like lips and asses. Brilliant!

    In your honor, I shamelessly (and admittedly ineptly) corrupt a birthday tradition:

    Baby donuts she ate
    Fat haters she did bait
    She’s so fucking great
    Happy birthday to Kate!

    …and many more!

  12. Happy birthday! I hope you do as little as possible, and it’s everything that you hoped it would be.

    (Ben-my-boyfriend’s birthday was 2 days ago. What did he get for his birthday? A couple of books, a family emergency [mine], and twenty-four hours straight at work. Joy.)

  13. Shamelessly ripped (and partially altered, maybe?) from Blue’s Clues:

    Have a happy birthday you…
    And you’ll have a great day too…
    Everybody play
    It’s Kate’s special day!
    Happy Birthday!

    Heh. My nephew (who just turned 5 a few days ago) loves this song.

  14. Happy Birthday!

    I send you a dozen baby flavored donuts with Alan Rickman sprinkles on top.

    Have a FANTASTIC DAY!!!!!!!!

    You’re the best.

  15. Happy birthday, and enjoy it since fat people generally don’t have many to celebrate. /sarcasm

    Seriously, you rock this world. Hooray to the day that made that possible.

  16. Happy birthday!

    Every baby-flavoured doughnut I eat today will be to celebrate Kate’s birthday. Even if by baby-flavoured I actually mean cinnamon-sugared or chocolate-iced.

  17. Happy Birthday!!

    What’s your favourite treat food/drink? (Apart from baby flavoured donuts and cocktails, that is.) Whatever it is, I hope you had plenty of it.

  18. Happy Birthday!!!

    And psst — I’d love to see you put together a Fat Acceptance FAQ. Does anyone know where I can find a current one that links to articles/blog posts discussing the tired & trite arguments against it? (I.e., “fat is unhealthy,” “fat is just lazy,” “fat is ugly,” etc..)

    I think that would be really helpful for potential trolls so they can stop asking the same fucking questions over and over. Just like if someone trolls a feminist thread with “but what about teh menz?!?!” they can be easily pointed to Feminism 101.

    This came up as I’m trying to put together my own comments policy and will be including several links to SP posts… :)

  19. Oh, I link people to that post ALL THE TIME (and now in my comments policy…). That + Babble’s collection of “Diets Don’t Work” posts are my go-tos for people unfamiliar with FA. As usual, thanks for being so awesome. :)

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