11 thoughts on “Another Heartbreaking Secret”

  1. And I’m sure that everyone tells him/her how good they look.

    I always read Postsecret, but I didn’t remember the other one. That one breaks me.

  2. I wonder if she’ll be so grateful to have been thin all those years when her doctor tells her that if she does one more line, she’s going to kill herself – a la Stevie Nicks.

  3. I’m on the LiveJournal postsecret communty, where users make their own secrets, and they are posted once a day for other readers to appreciate.

    The number of secrets like these is staggering, and heartbreaking. I catch as many as I can, I say kind words, I point them here or at TR or at some other FA blog, I TRY.

    My secret?

    Inside my heart are a hundred secrets about how I feel about my own fat, and what I would do to get rid of it, and how much it sometimes makes me hate myself.

    So, to the sentiment behind so many of them . . . me, too, I guess.

  4. I saw this secret on Sunday and it made me so sad. I wanted to find this person and hug them. I can’t imagine the feeling of being unable to love your own body enough to accept it and be comfortable with who you are.

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